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By Suzanne

Interview with Jean-Luc Bilodeau of "Baby Daddy" on ABC Family 6/1/15

The first two questions were mine! He was very nice as always. Great guy and so kind and friendly.

ABC Familyís Q&A with Jean-Luc Bilodeau
Baby Daddy

Moderator: Has your character, Ben, being a father, affected your opinion at all about wanting to have kids in the future?

Jean-Luc: Yes, definitely. Iíve wanted to have a big family so this drove it into my head that itís not an easy process like I thought it would be. Iím just one of two, so, my family is pretty small and when I think of family life, Iím just used to having one other sibling around. My parents didnít have too hard of a job raising us, but Iíve always wanted to have a big group, a little army of children [laughs].

So, just raising one child on the show, itís difficult even though I donít have to do any of the hard work like change diapers or calm them down really. I just get them when theyíre happy and then when theyíre not, we just change them out for the other twin. Itís still difficult, and itís fun, but Iím still very interested in having a big family one day.

Moderator: Do you think people keep watching the show over the years is because itís really funny or because they want to see whether Ben and Riley get together?

Jean-Luc: I think people fall into a routine. Our show is funny and I think thatís what brings most of our viewers. They want to see where this love triangle ends up. They want to see how my relationship with Emma grows and how our relationship changes over time as she gets older and I become more mature.

So, I just think itís a routine. I feel like for the same reason people watch Friends. You tuned in every week not because you necessarily needed to see where the storyline was going, but you just wanted to laugh a little bit for half an hour and watch people you enjoy and watch likable, happy people. I think our show is very happy, and people like to see that. Itís easy to turn it on every Wednesday and laugh a little bit.

Moderator: What do you think about Rileyís decision?

Jean-Luc: You know what? Sheís got to pick someone. You know what I mean? [Laughs]. Sheís got to get some decisions made here because itís getting to the point where I think fans start turning on her because sheís played with Ben and Dannyís feelings a little bit. Itís not her fault. She likes who she likes and she loves who she loves, but I think that whoever she chooses it should be soon, and Iím glad sheís choosing someone. The character she doesnít choose will leave him up to some future and fun storylines of dating and kind of separating himself from the love triangle. So, Iím excited to see what happens in this coming season for sure.

Moderator: Are you team Ben or team Danny?

Jean-Luc: Iím team Ben 100% and I used to say I was team Danny, but Iím growing and maturing with the character as well. As Ben has gotten older, heís making wiser decisions and heís turning into a good man, and I think Ben deserves a great girl like Riley and I think that sheís the perfect mom figure for Emma and she would definitely step up to the plate.

So, I think Ben deserves Riley. I obviously have a more emotional connection with Ben than I do Danny. I just think heís got a good head on his shoulders. He doesnít play professional hockey, but he works at a bar and makes good tips. Heís a good guy. Iím definitely team Ben.

Moderator: Do you have Benís bartending skills?

Jean-Luc: Yes, I do. No [laughs]. Well, for the show, they got me a Flair Bartending coach. So, I had to learn all those crazy moves you see in the show. And I practice once in a while in some of my free time. Itís actually really fun. I would love to actually go and bartend somewhere just for the weekend or something and do some cross promotion with Baby Daddy. I think it would be cool.

Itís interesting to me. I donít know how to do many drinks. Iím not good with mixology, but I can definitely throw the bottles around. So, I can make a killer vodka soda because itís two ingredients [laughs].

Moderator: So, what it was like to work with the guest stars on Baby Daddy and what do you think they added to the season?

Jean-Luc: Reba McEntire is probably one of the sweetest, professional, cool, all-around amazing woman. Sheís a sensation. Sheís a superstar and sheís friends with Melissa. So, we had an in there.

When she got to set, it was just incredible how normal she is. It was a very pleasant surprise working with such a huge superstar and she turns out to be this really great girl. I think sheís funny. She was hilarious on Reba and she brought that same kind of twang to Baby Daddy. Itís good for the show and for our viewers. Sheís a great person to work with and made the week of work really awesome.

Any character that we have is great for the actual show on TV, but itís nice to work with people you like. Eddie Cibrian was a very, very sweet man and working with him on a few episodes was really cool too.

Itís always fun adding another person to the mix. Peter Porte will be back again this season. Heís amazing and our cast loves him. Weíve been very blessed with very cool, nice, respectful and professional guest stars and people. So, itís been great.

Moderator: Are there any guest stars in particular you enjoy collaborating with?

Jean-Luc: Peter Porte is brilliant. I love Eddie and Reba, but they were only in for a few episodes. Peter is becoming almost like a series regularóbeing in almost every episode. Heís a new guy, heís really great and heís hilarious.

Whenever I get scenes with him, theyíre going to be great because he can hold the weight really well of a show going into its fifth season. I definitely like scenes with Peter for sure.

Moderator: Would you support a relationship between Bonnie and Tucker?

Jean-Luc: No, I wouldnít. Itís funny, but itís also justó itís funny. I get it. Weíre making a funny show, but comedy stems from reality. Looking at the situation in real life, if I were to see my best friend dating my mom, I donít think it would be appropriate or cool at all [laughs].

Itís funny to think about and theyíve got that weird, sexual relationship chemistry sometimes. Itís funny because itís short. If they were actually together, that would be the season where we completely jump the shark because that is just so abstract. Itís funny, but I donít want to see it, no [laughs].

Moderator: What is it like to film in front of a live studio audience?

Jean-Luc: I love it. Our first episode of season one, I didnít know how I was going to complete the season. The actual night was perfect, but leading up to that Friday night was so nerve-wracking. I didnít know how I was going do it because I never did theater as a kid. I did one play which was Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat and that was in front of around 150 people.

I never really worked in front of a live audience so I was nervous. Going into season five, Iím more nervous walking onto a set where there isnít a live audience laughing at my jokes. The silence terrifies me [laughs]. Iím now used to getting that instant gratification. When a joke lands and works, Iíve got 200 people laughing at it. You know what I mean?

Now, itís reverse for me. Whenever I go onto a set where there isnít laughter and there isnít a loud audience, I shutdown. It takes me a while to get back into it. I love it. If we didnít have a live audience, my job would be much more low key and boring. But, man oh man, that Friday night makes it all the better.

Moderator: Whatís it like generally to be on set?

Jean-Luc: Itís awesome. We rehearse three days a week, Monday through Wednesday. Itís a very relaxed environment. We come in to work in whatever we want, wearing sweatpants and sneakers. It doesnít matter. Weíre not required to look a certain way. We just have fun all day.

We get to play with the script, tell some jokes and we love the people we work with. Our crew is amazing, and itís a fun little environment. I didnít know what multi-cam was before I got here and I didnít realize how amazing it is. Thatís why they say this is the best job for actors because we get to rehearse; we get to play around with our work, and then we get to perform it and thatís the actorís medium -- performing in front of a live audience. So, itís amazing. The whole thing is incredible and Iím so fortunate to be here for sure.

Moderator: Is there anything that you havenít had a chance to do on the show that youíd want to do?

Jean-Luc: Thatís a really good question. I havenít really thought about it. I think that the writers have a really good way of surprising us with different storylines and different episode points, with the dancing stuff or if its singing or what have you. I donít think I want to do it until itís in the script. Iím like, ďOh, this is going to be fun.Ē

Iíve got the Flair Bartending stuff. Iíve done a lot of funny dancing things. Generally, Iíd love to do more physical comedy. I always enjoy that the most, when Ben can just walk in like Kramer and freak out a little bit. I love that kind of stuff. I love falling. Pratfalling is always fun. I just love the physical comedy [laughs].

Maybe we can write some more of that stuff in. Iíd definitely enjoy that. But honestly, weíve covered a lot of bases and now itís just letís just have some fun and weíll just see where this next season takes us.

Moderator: What was it like auditioning for Baby Daddy?

Jean-Luc: It was tiresome. It was like any other audition process really. We had to pre-read with the casting director and our executive producer. Then from that point on, we knew that I was going to test for it and testing is always a really nerve-wracking long process. The next step is to test in front of the ABC Family network which is a lot of people. Thereís a lot of tiers you have to get past.

A lot of coaching, as well. I did a lot of acting coaching with my coach, Stan Kirsch, and we just did a lot of prep. It probably took about eight days in between the first audition and me getting the call that I booked the job.

So, that whole week youíre a little stressed; your nerves are a little higher, and youíre just working hard at making sure every choice you make in that audition room is perfect and youíve got every line down and youíre able to throw the script away and perform and just be ready to take whatever gets thrown at you.

It was fun though. Actually, the director session with Michael Lembeck was probably the scariest hour and 20 mints of my life. If you donít know his personality, then youíre going to be super terrified of him, but heís just a sweet man when you get to know him. Itís just at first, when he gives you a ďNo,Ē he walks right up to your face. Youíre only about an inch away from his face and he tells you a ďNoĒ and he speaks real quietly to you. Itís really, really scary because the minute you mess up again, heís right there again. Heís giving you the same, ďNo.Ē Heís going, ďNo. Do it again. Youíre not doing it.Ē

So, it was really scary to audition for him, but Dan, our executive producer said, ďJust listen to every single thing Michael Lembeck tells you to do and you will book this part.Ē So, I tried to do that and I booked it. Overall, it was fine, but itís a very stressful week and Iíve been in that situation a couple of times. It doesnít get any better. Itís always nerve-wracking. Iím just glad I pulled through and booked it.

Moderator: If you could be on any other ABC Family show, which would you want it to be and why?

Jean-Luc: I know the girls from PLL since Iím friends with Lucy, so I would say Pretty Little Liars just to play around with some friends, but itís always nice to be part of the new generation of a network and ABC Family is doing a really interesting change. Iíd love to be part of that curve and jump on one of their new shows and be a guest star. That would be cool. Stitchers looks pretty cool.

Moderator: Who is the most hilarious out of your whole cast?

Jean-Luc: Tahj Mowry. Heís just funny. Heís such a sweet kid. Heís always happy. Heís never in a bad mood. Even when heís in a bad mood, you can just give him a smile and heíll smile back and laugh at you. Heís just a good guy and heís funny. I donít know what makes him so funny. Itís just his personality. Heís so brutally honest itís awesome.

Iím very close to Tahj. Heís an amazing kid. He makes me laugh all day long -- heís just one of those people and heís great. Theyíre all funny. Melissa can crack the entire set up all day long because sheís just like a stand-up show 24/7, but, yes, theyíre all great and funny.

Moderator: Do you hang out with any of them off set?

Jean-Luc: Yes. We get together every once in a while. I probably see Chelsea more than anyone -- sheís my little travel buddy. We go on trips together all the time and sheís easy to hang out with.

I would say I see Tahj probably the second most just because he lives near me. We go to the same bars and restaurants a lot. Itís a little harder with Melissa because sheís got a family but, yes, we all try to get together.

Moderator: What should we look forward to this season of Baby Daddy?

Jean-Luc: A lot of people are looking forward to see what happens with the love triangle for sure. Thereís definitely some advances taken by our good old Chelsea Kane, Riley. Sheís narrowing down her search between the two boys and I think people are really interested to see whatís going to happen with that.

Our show is day-to-day. Itís like Seinfeld where itís really about nothing. Itís about this family who lives together and fights and loves together and raises a kid. What weíve been doing for the last four seasons is just making funny jokes, telling true stories and showing great relationships and chemistry on screen.

Itís going to be another funny season. Like I said, thereís going to be a huge turn in the love triangle. Emma is still alive, which is good. Sheís growing up and getting older which is fun to see that transition and watch her mature along with her father, Ben. So, itís still Baby Daddy [laughs].

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Page updated 6/4/15

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