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By Suzanne

Ari Bellamar

Interview with Ari Bellamar of "Beverly Hills Nannies" on ABC Family 7/24/12

ABC Familyís Q&A Session with Ari BellamaróBeverly Hills Nannies

Moderator What would you say you were looking for? What was Ari looking for in a nanny, and do you think you got it?

A. Bellamar Well, itís kind of funny because what weíre looking for in a nanny, we did get. Amber is phenomenal. I happen to think sheís very cute. Nobody showed my rating. I gave her a nine.

But she just really fit into our family. I just really enjoyed her honesty and her ability to be herself as soon as she walked in the door. She just fit into our family.

Moderator Now, thereís a certain chemistry there with Emma. Was that instantaneous, or did they take some time to get to know each other?

A. Bellamar Emma loved Amber from the moment she walked in, and Amber was so easy going. She just has a way with kids. Sheís not intimidating. Sheís just herself.

I thought that there was a bit of a pretense with the other two nannies. I love Amanda, but she was new to the area. My heart would be in my throat if I had somebody new in LA driving Emma around. Iíd be terrified every second.

Then, Shayla just seemed to me just to be a little more self absorbed, which is fine because itís Los Angeles. Isnít everybody? But Amber seemed to be herself. She reminds me a lot of another girlfriend of mine. I think that we all connected, and I think she connected with Emma straight away.

Moderator We all see the glamorous side of being a Playboy Bunny, but can you talk about what an average day at the office, so to speak, would be like for you?

A. Bellamar Well, my office is more of a mansion. My day at workís more like hosting huge parties. But it gets a little stressful.

I was a very unattractive child, and thereís always a part of me that feels like that gangly 15 year-old again walking into those situations. Itís hard to keep your confidence up and to be who youíre hired to be. Youíre hired to be a beautiful, glamorous hostess and sometimes it can be a little unnerving.

Moderator if you could join the cast of any TV drama, what series would you like to be on?

A. Bellamar Hands down, True Blood. I am a True Blood fan. I know Iím blonde and not very vampire-like, but I just love it. I am addicted to True Blood.

Moderator You have cameras in your home. What is that like for you and your family?

A. Bellamar Itís a little unnerving. You learn to live around them, but you never quite get used to it. Iíve read a lot of comments about how I can come off ... or look like a robot, and itís because Iím terrified.

So, as the season goes on, you relax into the mode of being around everybody because you also get to know the crew, and the crew ends up being more like an extension of your family. But at first, when everybodyís new, itís quite the frightening experience.

Moderator How does that influence your decision-making on a day-to-day basis, maybe you wonít do something because the cameras are there?

A. Bellamar Iím honestly a pretty open person. I make fun of myself more than people can make fun of me. So, I do most everything that I would do if the cameras weren't there.

Moderator How much control do you have over what the audience sees on a weekly basis?

A. Bellamar Well, the only control you have is on the front end, and I think that itís important to know when filming this type of show, You can only control what you say at the time. Then, the rest is up to the editor. You could send the editor flowers and chocolates and bottles of Dom and hope it turns out nice.

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Page updated 9/6/12

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