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By Suzanne

Jim Beaver

Interview with Jim Beaver (Bobby) of "Supernatural" December 9, 2010.

Suzanne: Did Bobby ever get to finish eating that pie he started in "Weekend at Bobby's"?

Jim: Nope. Bobby didn't even START eating that pie!

Suzanne: Okay, serious question. Sort of. Is this really the last season of Supernatural (as far as you know)?

Jim: I have no official knowledge, but I believe there will be at least 7 seasons. I don't believe this is the last one.

Suzanne: Anything you can tell us about upcoming episodes, especially as far
as Bobby?

Jim: Bobby gets into trouble with soulless Sam this week. After that, I don't know very much about what happens. They don't tell me much in advance!

Suzanne: Does Bobby live his life like each day is his last (since it might be), or do you think he at least tries to plan and hope for the future?

Jim: Good question. I think Bobby hopes, but doesn't count on anything. I think he's a realist about his world, and he knows it can be short and brutal. But hope drives him.

Suzanne: Do you think Bobby will ever find love again?

Jim: I sure hope so. I'd like to kiss a woman on the show for a change! I don't have any official knowledge, again, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up loving Bobby. I just hope it's a human!

Suzanne: You have been all over my TV screen lately! It's great! Any other upcoming projects or guest appearances you can share with us?

Jim: The only thing I have upcoming are two episodes of JUSTIFIED, with my old DEADWOOD pal Timothy Olyphant, and a guest shot on a new upcoming show, LOVE BITES. They both look like they'll be fun shows to watch.

Suzanne: Your book looks fascinating, albeit very sad. I know it is about your real-life tragedies. What made you decide to write it?

Jim: Initially, it was a series of emails to keep family and friends up to date on the difficulties my family was undergoing. It seemed to be helpful to a lot of people for some reason, and many people encouraged me to turn it into a book. I'm glad I did, as I hear wonderful, heartwarming responses from people every day now.

Suzanne: Was it difficult, and how long did it take you to write?

Jim: It was difficult in the sense that I was writing it during the time I was experiencing the events it describes, not afterwards, and those events were terribly difficult, though I gained great blessings through them. I wrote every night for a year. It took several months to edit that material down to book length.

Suzanne: I see from your bio that you were researching a book about George Reeves. Are you still writing that? If so, how is it going?

Jim: The George Reeves project is still on my plate, though I have very little time to devote to it these days. It goes very slowly, but I know that one day SUPERNATURAL will be over and I will probably have more time on my hands than I want, and if it isn't finished by then, I will use that time to finish it.

Suzanne: Related to that last question, do you watch Smallville and/or are you fan of Superman in general?

Jim: I was always a big Superman fan as a kid, and even as an adult. But I don't follow SMALLVILLE. I've never seen an episode. I became more interested in George Reeves than the character of Superman, and I haven't been a fanatical follower of the character in a long time. He's still a marvelous character, and I've seen all the movies. But I haven't seen SMALLVILLE and I haven't read a comic book in years and years.

Suzanne: By the way, I really loved "Harper's Island". Any chance of that coming back? Maybe your character is not really dead...

Jim: Well, pretty much everyone else is dead, so I don't see it coming back soon! Someone suggested the network follow up with a second season in which the ACTORS from HARPER'S ISLAND are stalked and murdered by a deranged fan of the show. I thought that was a cool idea, but apparently CBS didn't!

Suzanne: Do you still visit Texas and Wyoming very often?

Jim: I only visit Texas rarely now that I have no immediate family living there anymore. I was back briefly for the World Series (Go Rangers!), but nowadays it's usually business or changing planes in Dallas that gets me back there. I love Texas but see very little of it. I've only been in Wyoming three times since I was born. I have no family there, as I just happened to be born there while my dad was in graduate school in Laramie. It's never been home, except for the few months we lived there when I was a baby. I love Wyoming, though, and would love to go back there again.

Suzanne: What do you do for fun (hobbies etc.)?

Jim: Mainly I watch movies and write about them. Movies (primarily old ones) and reading are my two passions.

Suzanne: Do you like spending so much time up in Canada?

Jim: I love Vancouver and I miss the people I know there a lot when I'm not there. I like the city, though the weather is less enjoyable than the other aspects. I enjoy being away from home almost as much as I enjoy being at home!

Suzanne:  I love following you on Twitter. Do you spend much time online

Jim: I spend far too much time on line. I need a 12-step program for internet addiction!

Suzanne: What would you like to say to your fans?

Jim: I want my fans to know how much I appreciate them. I often say that I've been acting for 38 years and it's only in the last five years anyone cared. The SUPERNATURAL fans have been so pleasant, so gracious, so welcoming, and so encouraging to me, I can never express my gratitude enough. I don't know why they've taken to this crusty old codger the way they have, especially when there are slightly hunkier guys on the show, but I'm glad they have, and I'm deeply touched by their affection.

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