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By Suzanne

Austin Basis

Interview with Austin Basis of "Beauty & The Beast" on The CW 12/10/12

Austin was quite chatty, and we had a nice long interview about his role on the show. I enjoy "Beauty & The Beast" quite a bit, and I hope it is around next year. Austin plays J.T., the nerdy scientist/professor friend of Vincent's.

Here are the sound clips of the interview. I hope to have a transcript of it soon!

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

More Information about Austin:

With a highly coveted lifetime membership to the ACTOR'S STUDIO, multi-faceted comedy actor, Austin Basis (CW's "Life Unexpected") is the hottest breakout star of primetime this fall! Starring on the CW's hit drama series, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Thursdays at 9 p.m. post-"The Vampire Diaries" time slot) alongside Kristin Kreuk ("Smallville") who plays a homicide detective who was saved from death by something or someone and Jay Ryan ("Terra Nova") as a doctor with a very dark side, Basis charms as JT Forbes, the hospitable comic relief and likable confidant of "The Beast" who has been helping Keller (Jay Ryan) guard his terrible secret.

Landing roles in some on TV's fan favorite shows like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Supernatural," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," and "NCIS," Basis is best known for his role as "MATH," the childhood friend and roommate of Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) in CW's "lifeUNEXPECTED" alongside Shiri Appleby. Basis also starred in the WB web series "Ghostfacers," a spin-off of "Supernatural." Fuelled by his passion for entertaining and performing, the Brooklyn native graduated from the Actors Studio Drama School and is a lifetime member of the Actors Studio, alongside legends like Al Pacino, Faye Dunaway and Estelle Parsons.

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a young age, Austin is an advocate for T1D research and awareness and works closely with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Traveling to Ottawa last week for JDRF's "Kids for a Cure Day," to educate parlimentarians on the difference between T1D & T2D, seek additional federal funding, and to put a face to the disease, Austin serves as a role model to children affected with T1D. In his free time he enjoys playing baseball and tennis, hiking with his wife and writing poetry.

Photo credit: Vince Trupsin

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