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By Suzanne

Madison Taylor Baez

Interview with Madison Taylor Baez of "Selena: The Series" on Netflix 5/14/20

I've never interviewed anyone this young before! She and her dad were very nice. She's a very straight-forward and articulate young lady.  What a pro! Especially for her age. I urge you to go to YouTube and listen to her songs, too. I can't wait for this show. I haven't seen the movie, but  I know it was a big hit. The series should be good.

Here's the audio of the interview. Below is the transcript. I did not transcribe this, and I haven't yet proofread it. I apologize in advance for any mistakes!

Suzanne: How are you?

Madison: Good, thank you.  I have my dad here.

Suzanne: Okay. Hi dad.

Chris: Hello, how are you?

Suzanne: All right. I'm glad you told me that your name was Baez. I thought it would be, but I was watching one of your videos when they introduced you for the Star Spangled Banner and they said "Bayz." And I was like, really? You'd think in LA they would know how to pronounce it a Latin name.

Chris: Yeah, we're going to change it to IA.

Suzanne: IA? That might help. Well, you've heard of Joan Baez, right? Famous singer.

Madison: Yes.

Suzanne: Yes. Right. So you'll be the second famous Baez.

Madison: Thank you. [inaudible 00:00:41]

Suzanne: So yeah, there you go. Can you tell me about your audition for the Selena: The Series?

Madison: Yes. Well, when I first auditioned, I had to do two songs and two required scenes. And then I got the callback about three months later and I had to do another two songs and another two scenes. And then I actually felt really confident and based on the reactions, I felt really confident that I was going to get it. And about three months later, I got the role.

Suzanne: Wow. That's cool. And let's see, how old were you when you first started singing?

Madison: Well, I started singing when I was two years old. And when I was three, I would get my dad's iPad and listen to all of his iTunes and his MoTime music, the sixties and seventies music, and me and him would have singing competitions. And I would always win and I never stopped singing from there.

Suzanne: Oh, that's fun. And do you take voice lessons on a regular basis?

Madison: No, my dad really coaches me at home.

Suzanne: Okay. That's good. And did they have you do extra training to sing in the TV series as young Selena?

Madison: No. They didn't have any extra training. I had to learn to sing in Spanish, which I've never done before, but it actually turned out to be something that I really loved and enjoyed.

Suzanne: Oh, cool. And did you do any acting before this series?

Madison: Yes. I started acting about two years ago. And I started out with commercials and from the past two years, I've done 11 national commercials, a short film, and I actually won the best comedy at the Hollywood short film festival. And I've also done a couple of music videos and Selena.

Suzanne: Okay, great. And did they give you any extra acting help for the show? Acting coach or anything like that?

Madison: No, they didn't give me any extra.

Suzanne: Wow. They just threw you out there, huh?

Madison: Yeah. I didn't really need it.

Suzanne: Oh, that's good. That's good. Wow. To be so young and so on and by the way, you speak very well and very confidently. That's great, especially at your age.

Madison: Thank you.

Suzanne: I'm sure your dad had a lot to do with that.

Chris: Yeah, I had a little bit.

Suzanne: Yeah. And do you know how many episodes of the series have been filmed already?

Chris: I know the first six, the first season is done. We're still finishing production. And then I think they have another 10 more for the second season.

Suzanne: Oh, okay. And have they said yet when the series premiers?

Madison: No, they haven't said anything yet.

Chris: Well hopefully before 2020, I think because the pandemic kind of pushed some things back.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Chris: But I think it's really going to be done before 2020.

Suzanne: Great, great, and...

Chris: Just so you know, usually I don't jump in on the interviews.

Suzanne: Oh, that's fine.

Chris: But I always say I'm just here in the background. If you have any questions that you don't think she can answer, I'm here to answer those.

Suzanne: Oh, that's fine. Whatever works.

Chris: I usually just let her do them.

Suzanne: And what is your name?

Chris: Chris.

Suzanne: Chris. Okay. Just trying to put in my, when I write this out. Let's see. Now you've sung the National Anthem at a lot of sports games. Do you usually stay and watch the games after you sing?

Madison: Yes. I usually watch the games after and they're just so competitive and I love them. And usually they're for my favorite sports team. So it's really cool to watch them.

Suzanne: Oh, you're a fan of all the LA teams?

Madison: Oh yes. I love all the LA teams.

Suzanne: Cool. And you play soccer, right?

Madison: Yes, I do.

Suzanne: That's fun. And what else do you like to do for fun?

Madison: Well, I love to play with my dogs. I love to go to the movies, hang out with my friends. I love to play the piano, rock out on my electric guitar, play the saxophone, play video games. I love to paint and draw and just have fun.

Suzanne: That's a lot. And what have you been doing since we all had to stay home because of the virus?

Madison: Well, I really have just been practicing my singing and making new songs and practicing my piano and electric guitar and saxophone and really relaxing. I always have to do schoolwork too. So, yeah.

Suzanne: And you said practicing your songs. Do you write any songs too?

Madison: Well, I'm kind of writing a song. I'm trying to make the lyrics up right now. I'm trying to write on the piano and saxophone. Yeah, so yeah, kind of trying.

Suzanne: That's good. Yeah. Songwriting's hard, I know.

Madison: Yeah.

Suzanne: And are you going to keep auditioning for other TV and movies or just concentrate on Selena for now?

Madison: No, I think I'm going to try to keep on doing both.

Suzanne: Doing both, okay. Yeah, I wonder if they, at some point I would think they would still keep you for flashbacks, but once she grows up there wouldn't be as much unless they just use you for a lot of flashbacks.

Chris: They're actually, she still has to do I think some flashback scenes. But she pretty much wrapped everything for her first season. But now, I think they will call her back for a few flashbacks, I think.

Suzanne: Oh, that's good. And besides being a singer and an actress, is there anything else that you want to be when you grow up?

Madison: Well, I think singing and acting is my main thing that I want to be, but I also really like to paint, so I might want to be a painter too.

Suzanne: Oh, cool. And are you going to college, do you think?

Madison: I hope so. I'm pretty sure I want to go to college.

Suzanne: Good idea. Good idea. And is there anything else that you'd like to tell people about your new show?

Madison: Well, I'm really excited for it to come out and...

Chris: Tune in, you sing all the songs.

Madison: Yeah, definitely tune in. I sing all the songs and it's really fun. And you'll get to know a little more about Selena if you don't know her.

Suzanne: That's great. Well, thank you very much for the call, both of you.

Madison: Thank you.

Chris: Thank you.

Suzanne: Have a good one.

Chris: You too.

Madison: Thank you.

Suzanne: Bye bye.

Chris: Bye.

Madison: Bye.

15. Anything else you'd like to tell people about your new show?

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Musical prodigy and multi-talented star, Madison Taylor Baez is set to take audiences and Hollywood by storm! Just under 10 years old and already a breakout star, Baez will be making her series regular television debut as "Young Selena," alongside Christian Serratos ("The Walking Dead") in the upcoming Netflix original, "Selena: The Series" slated for 2020.
The coming of age story will follow late Tejano singer, Selena Quintanilla's journey as her dreams come true, and the many life-changing choices on the singer's journey to success. Ricardo Chavira ("Desperate Housewives"), Gabriel Chavarria (THE PURGE), Noemi Gonzalez ("The Young and the Restless"), and Seidy Lopez (TRAINING DAY) will be starring as the rest of the Quintanilla family.
Not at all a newcomer in the spotlight, Madison has been making waves since she began singing the national anthem for the LA Lakers at just 8 years old. Since then, she has performed for the LA Dodgers, LA Rams, LA Galaxy, Harlem Globetrotters, and this past summer Madison was the first 8 year old in the history of the Orange County & LA Fairs to perform two 40 minute shows by herself.
A young girl, with an amazing soulful voice, Madison was introduced to music at the age of 3 by her father and began using it as a way to help her and her family cope as her father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer when she was just 4 years old. She continues to perform and donate her time all over California at charity, cancer, and sporting events as well as local fairs and schools. When Madison is not singing or performing, she is can be found hanging out with her friends or playing video games, soccer, and with her dog Jax.

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Page updated 5/14/20

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