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By Suzanne

Keegan Allen

Interview with Keegan Allen of "Pretty Little Liars" on ABC Family 11/20/14

ABC Familyís Q&A with Keegan Allen
Pretty Little Liars

Moderator: What are your plans for your upcoming album? When will it be released?

Keegan: Iím working on my first photo book, and in there I have lyrics, musings, photography Ė it centers around photography. The album will probably come out sometime next year. Iíve been working on music with many different people, but as of right now my main focus with anything outside of acting would be the book. And that does have all of my songs in it, as far as the lyrics and poetry.

Moderator: What can you tease for the Christmas episode in regards to Spencer and Toby?

Keegan: The Christmas episode is really, really well shot and really fun. I can definitely tell you that the fans for all of the relationships, not just Spencer and Toby, will be very happy with it; that Christmas element, that holiday element. Itís going to be really fun. Itís a really cool episode.

Moderator: What have you learned most from being on the show and what was the most important lesson to you?

Keegan: What Iíve learned the most from being on a television show this long, is to be grateful for every moment, not just for having a job, but also being able to work on a character for this long. I guess itís been a learning experience through the layers of the character, the objectives of the character and the writing.

Just appreciating that, appreciating that process has been the most exciting thing. As far as what Iíve learned, itís just to appreciate every moment of it.

Moderator: In this upcoming Christmas episode is there anything you can tell us specifically about your character or any new things for him?

Keegan: Itís an homage in true Pretty Little Liars fashion to paint a world from classic cinema. So, weíre nodding to a couple of classic cinema pieces in it and itís really, really wonderful and Iím sure the fans are going to love it!

Moderator: Will your background in photography ever show up as a personal interest of your characters on the show?

Keegan: In the Christmas episode there is a moment in which Toby is using a camera for something. And me, myself, I was fascinated with it between takes and just loving every second of it. I think I do share an interest in a craft, similar to Tobyís with his carpentry and I doodle, just like he does. There are a lot of similar traits between myself and Toby in that realm of creativity.

You can see it in the Christmas episode. Maybe it shines through a little bit how Iím having way too much fun with that camera.

Moderator: What did you enjoy most about filming this Christmas episode?

Keegan: It tells a story thatís so different from anything that anybody would expect, but it also explains a lot in the process and itís a story being pulled that everybody can understand at any point in the storyline.

People that have never watched the show before can step into the realm of Rosewood and understand that universe for the first time or fans of the show that have been watching since Season 1, Episode 1 will get an amazing experience as well.

Moderator: Was Tobyís car accident in fact a car accident? Or did someone purposefully crash into him?

Keegan: Thatís probably a better question for Marlene King [laughs]. I am assuming that it was, I have my theories. Everything in the show has a linear point that itís trying to make so I always have paranoid conspiracy theories about everything.

But as far as the actual fact of what that was, I have no idea actually. I canít give you a real answer except that I have my own crazy conspiracy theories just as much as the next fan!

Moderator: Do you know who ďAĒ is?

Keegan: Yeah, I do -- I found out! It was pretty mind-blowing.

Moderator: What was your reaction when you learned?

Keegan: I think itís genius. I think itís 100% incredible. Itís mind-blowing and in the way that it comes to form, the whole storyline of this and itís explained. It explains everything in such a classy way and also in a way that makes it feel like history in the making.

I can just promise that everyone who loves the show for what it is will not only appreciate what Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty have come up with from the very beginning essentially, but what they plan to do and how they plan to execute it is just phenomenal.

Moderator: Did you have any idea how big the show was going to be when you first auditioned for Pretty Little Liars?

Keegan: No, I had no idea it would be at this caliber! I was just happy to be auditioning as an actor, happy to get an audition like this. I went in, I skateboarded to the audition with a hat on and very much showed them this character that I read about. Someone told me Pretty Little Liars is a huge book series and I started reading the book series and it sucked me right in.

Sara Shepard wrote an incredible series. I think it was halfway through Season 1 airing that I started to recognize that people outside in everyday life would turn and immediately proclaim their existence hinged on Tuesday nights. I was pretty blown away by the caliber of this show from the beginning and still to this day.

Moderator: Do you have a favorite episode or scene that youíve filmed so far?

Keegan: There are a few now! I would go back to one, but now there are a few episodes. I loved ďShadow Play.Ē I loved it for the cinematography aspect of shooting in black and white. As far as favorite scenes, I like all of the scenes where thereís a lot happening at once. I filmed a really fun scene just recently and there are so many to choose from. I think for sure, ďShadow Play.Ē That episode was just really fun to work on.

Moderator: What would you say were Tobyís highest and lowest points for his hair game?

Keegan: Itís looking at myself, so I never really think Iím on top of any so-called ďgame,Ē but as far as what the fans were expressing to me in person is that they like my hair shorter apparently. I had my hair really long for a little while and the network was completely understanding of why I was doing it --- it was for Locks of Love.

My mother has breast cancer. Cody Christianís mother has breast cancer. Everybody has a story of somebody they know that has cancer and one of the hardest things to deal with is, and itís not so much a vanity thing as it is just a human thing, of losing your hair and feeling completely powerless.

So I grew my hair out as long as I could, 11 inches, and I cut it off. During that period of time I think there was a little bit of an uproar of people saying, ďoh my gosh, what is he doing with his hair?Ē It was for a good cause and, hopefully, I can do it again sometime in the future.

Moderator: If you werenít playing Toby on the show, which character would you want to try out for?

Keegan: It fluctuates from time-to-time. Right now, Ezra has been having some pretty cool scenes. Iíd probably want to dip my feet into Ezra Fitzgerald and maybe some Caleb Rivers sometimes.

Moderator: If Toby wasnít dating Spencer, which girl would you want him to be paired with?

Keegan: I recently did this convention in London where all these fans were asking me questions and this fan asked me if I would have gotten the role of Wren Ė because I originally auditioned for the role of Wren Ė do you think Marlene would have changed the storyline so that Wren and Spencer would have been together? So I asked Marlene and she said that if I was Wren, yes.

As far as what character I would want him to be with, I really donít know because itís something more of a storyline rather than personal preference because if we start talking personal preference then Iíll get punched in the gut next time I walk into the set [laughs].

I would date all the girls! I think Toby is like pretty much paired perfectly with that polar opposite fire that Spencer is and him being this very calm person. It balances itself out. I feel like if you pair him with anybody else it might be a little bit volatile.

Moderator: Who do you tend to hang out with on the set? Whoís your go-to person, guy or girl?

Keegan: Usually whoever is on set working with me! On set, itís whoever is working with me. Most of the time itís Troian [Bellasario], but off set Iím really close with Ian Harding. Iím really close with Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian and Lucy [Hale]. It fluctuates on set, but as far as off set, weíre all really close. Itís unlike anything; most of the time when you hear about casts going into their fourth, fifth year, they all hate each other [laughs]. This is completely not the case.

Weíre all really, really close friends and very supportive of each other. Even with my upcoming photo book, they are all just extremely supportive and in a way thatís just overwhelmingly kind. It hits me in a really soft spot in my heart because they all want me to chase my passion and they always are posing for photographs or letís go on photo shoots or letís go on photo journeys. Itís been great growing up with them and a total honor to support them in all of their things.

Ashley with her movies, Troian writing her own movies and starring in them, Shay doing her new blog and product lines, Lucy with her music, Ian with his charity work, itís incredible. Heís incredible. Itís an honor to support them and be part of their world, too. Weíre all really close.

Moderator: What other ABC or ABC Family show would you like to cross your character or maybe even take over another character on?

Keegan: If Ravenswood was still around, I would want to work with Brett Dier and Tyler Blackburn. That would have been fun to do that because Iím really close with Brett in real life and, of course, Tyler and I are really close. So that would have been a fun world to step inside of.

Also, Young & Hungry with Emily Osment, thatís a show that I would love to do a cross-over on. That would be so much fun to do that because I love doing comedy as well.

Moderator: Which character change of Tobyís has been the most challenging? The serious loner, Spencer's boyfriend or the bad guy on the A-Team?

Keegan: When he was the mysterious person there was this cloud around him at all times, so that was a little bit hard to sometimes translate to the audience.

Moderator: Does your personality in real life match Tobyís personality at all?

Keegan: No, not at all! Weíre totally two different people. Starting out on the show and being a young actor with a character that I knew would have a strong hold on me because Iíd playing it for so many years, when I step into his shoes I kind of recognize even more so, even to this day after all these years, how completely different he is of me.

Heís very much this side of me that I never really bring out and Iíll sometimes look at; I actually envy him. I envy his personality and how theyíve written him. Not so much envy as I do admire it because there are times where I will ask myself, ďwhat would Toby do in this because heís such a moral compassĒ, heís such a good guy. I will sometimes go to that extreme because of how well he handles huge situations with such like calm.

Moderator: What was your favorite part about filming the Christmas episode?

Keegan: I love that I got moved around without having to move the whole time because Toby is in a wheelchair throughout the whole episode. I didnít have to really do anything, which for me sucks, because Iím a super active person. They put me in this full leg cast so I couldnít even get myself a cup of coffee if I wanted one.

I guess that looking back in retrospect itís nice because Troian would pretty much just wheel me around everywhere, which is fun [laughs]. Another element of it, I took a lot of fun pictures and it was just a really fun episode to shoot, mainly because everybody was in really great spirits.

We were in the middle of summer shooting Christmas, so there was that element as well of we got the Christmas spirit and everything smelled like Christmas trees and everybody was happy and then we went outside and it was the middle of June or July -- so we get double holidays!you nee

Moderator: If Toby were going to buy Spencer a Christmas gift, what would he buy her?

Keegan: I think he would make something for her. I donít think he would ever really buy her something. He would make her something because theyíre both sentimental, thatís their whole realm is sentimentality. He might build her something thatís beautiful, craft; he would sit and he made her a chair once. He might make her something super nice, just with his hands something beautiful.

Moderator: What are some of your own holiday traditions that youíre looking forward to?

Keegan: My own holiday traditions are probably really boring compared to a lot of other peopleís. I just like to be around people that I love and run around with my camera and take pictures of everything that is the holiday-ism. I really love watching Nightmare Before Christmas, thatís my favorite movie --- and A Christmas Story.

I think both of those were on ABC Family recently! Iím going to be watching ABC Family over the holidays. Even before I was on an ABC Family television series I was watching 25 Days of Christmas as a kid. Thatís what my holiday tradition has always been is watching those classic Christmas stories and just littering the couch with junk food and drinking lots of hot cocoa.

Moderator: Do you have a favorite holiday song?

Keegan: I guess all of them just get me really emotional. I guess any holiday song is fun Ė I love ďGreensleeves,Ē thatís a good song.

Moderator: Where do you get your inspiration for your photography?

Keegan: I draw my inspiration from the fact that I have an obsessive need to capture moments on film and it started when I was as young as nine years old. My dad let me borrow his camera and I got into the idea because he was so obsessive about taking photos because the idea of keeping a photograph is keeping an actual memory and being able to step back into it as itís a time machine.

You, yourself and others can live vicariously through that photograph and share it and the inspiration has always been rooted in the idea of sharing my photography because I am normally a very introverted person and I say that sweating as I say that [laughs] My way of branching out socially and feeling comfortable with the world is to take these photos sometimes of people, to be able to go to them and say ďlook, I took this photo of you and I think itís beautifulĒ and for them to experience that, which I think is beautiful, sometimes of them or sometimes of architecture or nature or sometimes of abstracts.

The book has been a photo journal that Iíve had for as long as I can remember with musings and poetry and Iím urging people now to grab the last few copies of the signed copies from Barnes & Noble and the hard copies because I personally designed them and itís just exactly how my photo journal is. Iím just really, really excited for people to share that photographic journey with me.

Itís also an interesting thing when it comes down to it --- film versus digital -- because Iím shooting a lot more digital than I normally would, but most of the book is film. If anything, I hope that it inspires others, not just fans of the work, but anybody to pick it up and be inspired to share their moments of their life similarly.

Moderator: Is there a dream storyline that you would like to see the writers write for your character Toby?

Keegan: I think theyíve written me every dream storyline, to be honest. Iíve gotten to play every single element that ever could be played by a character in the history of television [laughs]. Iíve played the super villain, the best friend, the boyfriend, the moral compass, the insecure, the craziness; every element is in there so as of right now, I canít even formulate what a dream storyline would be. I think Iíve already kind of gotten one!

Iíve been very lucky and the writers are extremely generous in the way that they write this character.

Moderator: What was it like not filming your usual Halloween episode this year?

Keegan: We did ďWe Love You To DeAthĒ for the fan special and in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, thereís always some major something going on. So, the special this year we decided to do the Christmas episode.

It wasnít weird at all not to do a Halloween episode. I think thereís still the creep factor and itís actually cooler in a time where everything around the holiday season, is so nice and warm and comfortable and we add a little element of discomfort and terror to that, so I think that itís a little more unexpected.

Moderator: What was your reaction when you found out that Mona was going to be killed off the show?

Keegan: My initial reaction was that I wanted to hug Janel [Parrish] and I didnít understand what was going on [laughs]. Of course, thereís always some kind of alternate plan. I was really upset, but I do know that sheís going to be in the Christmas episode and itís going to be pretty amazing.

Like I said, we pay homage to classic cinema and this time the genre is falling into the Christmas spirit.

Moderator: What can we expect from your character Toby in the new season of Pretty Little Liars?

Keegan: Heís going through a lot of turmoil, as usual, but in a way now that he is questioning himself and his choices that heís made. We get to see that struggle internally and I think thatís going to be really interesting for the fans to see.

As weíre all growing up with the fans, the fans are growing up with us and the problems become a little bit more relatable now.

Moderator: What was it like filming for Christmas so far in advance?

Keegan: Thereís a lot more production going on, everybody is running around, a little bit crazier, the hours are a little longer, things are a little bit more intense as far as the shooting schedules go. I think thatís the only difference because when we shoot the specials, thereís just a little bit more. The stakes are a little higher than normal and thatís always more exciting.

It feels more electric and everybody is a little more excited and weíre creating something new and different. Itís cool to step out of the norm, that routine of shooting even though it doesnít feel routine because the show is very diverse in the way that it highlights itself. There are the times when we shoot these episodes and specials it does feel like weíre shooting a different show sometimes, so thatís exciting for all of us to experience.

Moderator: What has been your favorite gift that youíve ever received?

Keegan: My favorite gift I ever received was from a fan in London and it seriously made me cry. Iíve gotten so many amazing gifts from fans, but this girl did her own photo journal and it was based off of the idea of what is based off of. She did her own version of a photo journal and it was incredible.

One of my favorite fans did an entire documentary of her traveling to see me in my play in New York that I did and coming to my first concert that I did in Binghamton and doing a whole documentary style movie of it. Iím a sucker for romance. When someone gets me a flower, Iíll cry.

I donít think so much of itís the gift, but itís actually the thought and why. Someone could give me a card and itíll be the best gift I ever got. Sentimentality, there you go!

Moderator: Who will be targeted by ďAĒ the most in the Christmas episode?

Keegan: Thereís really never any way to tell. When somebody looks like theyíre being targeted, it could be a chess move, which is brilliant to me. I love that the writers do this because it does the bait and switch, where someone is thinking ďoh, this person is going to be targeted.Ē Or they think ďoh, theyíre screwedĒ and it turns around and it has nothing to do with that person and itís somebody else.

I donít want to ruin any surprises, but I can tell you everything is in a chess move and everything may not be always what it seems!

Moderator: How is Tobyís new role as a police officer going to play into the upcoming season?

Keegan: It is baffling to me sometimes when I look as Toby as a police officer. Doing that work and understanding I did a ride along and I saw what itís like to be in a police car, what itís like to be a police officer. It is so stressful and completely takes a special human being to be able to do that.

Itís a life choice that heís made to protect Spencer and get his own answers Ėall to act as somebody who felt completely powerless to be in control a little bit more. I think it comes back and haunts him in this existential way of him like ďdid I make the right decisions in life?Ē I think we get to see that struggle a little bit more, even in the Christmas episode and going forward.

He is still Spencerís; he still loves Spencer and heís also trying to honor the force, we get to see that struggle.

Moderator: Will we see any Rear Window/Jimmy Stewart references in the Christmas episode?

Keegan: Itís already out there a little bit! That reference is spot on. Itís really, really beautifully done in a way that nods and pays homage to it, but at the same time itís its own creation. Iím really excited about that.

Moderator: As you just wrapped the upcoming spring finale, how does that compare to other finales?

Keegan: This one really, really does! I canít say anything except we all read it together in the room and every single one of us, you have to understand weíve been doing this, weíve been creating this world for so long now itís hard to surprise us with anything. This surprised us all and itís something that is incredible. Itís so tremendous. I can just promise that it will go down in history as crazy. It will be totally mind-blowing.

Moderator: Would you be on board for a big screen Pretty Little Liars movie?

Keegan: I would love to! That sounds great. I think it would be cool. That would be fun.

Moderator: What kind of plot do you think there would be for a PLL movie?

Keegan: I have ideas, of course, just like anybody would have ideas! It would be cool to sum it all up and do a huge movie so everybody collectively could go to the theater and experience the answer to the entire show essentially. That would be cool -- To do one big, grand movie.

Moderator: Did you expect to have so many people following you on Snapchat?

Keegan: No! My friend is a Viner and she was like ďIíve got to help you do Vines correctly.Ē So, I started learning about Vine and she told me about Snapchat and I thought Snapchat was only a risquť way of showing photos and sheís like, ďno, no, itís an incredible direct way to connect with fansĒ and she showed me how to use it and I put it out there and itís just been a crazy wild fire.

Iíve gotten millions of views on this thing, itís really fun and I think the fans love it because itís very personal. Itís not out there, not everybody can see it unless they follow it. Itís fun.

Moderator: If ďAĒ were to send a Snapchat, what would it be?

Keegan: I think ďAĒ over Snapchat would just be a blank screen with captions over it --- with an emoji A and/or it would be pretty scary. Snapchat being incorporated into the show would be scary because you only get to see it for a certain amount of time and maybe you can replay it, then you canít. Itís like the clue is gone. That would be a fun element and add to the anxiety of the show.

Moderator: What is your favorite Disney Park?

Keegan: Iíve only been to the one in California, so I would have to say Disneyland!

Moderator: What is your favorite Disney ride or attraction?

Keegan: I love Space Mountain. Iíve always loved Space Mountain. I love the Matterhorn because when I was a kid there was a Yeti in the Matterhorn and my parents amped it up so, so much that the first time I rode it I kept my eyes closed the whole time because I was so scared. Even to this day when I ride it, thereís a small amount of fear.

Moderator: Whatís your favorite Disney food or restaurant?

Keegan: The French fries at the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Moderator: What is your favorite Disney character?

Keegan: Aladdin or the Genie from Aladdin are really great; theyíre all so amazing because they all have these elements of incredible lessons within them. The Beast in Beauty and the Beast, any of them, you can name any of them and theyíre all my favorites.

I guess if I had to choose one Iíd say the Genie from Aladdin. Heís definitely my favorite.

Moderator: Is there a scene in Pretty Little Liars that has surprised you the most?

Keegan: Yes, definitely. Iím someone that doesnít get shocked very easily, so this one Ė that hasnít yet aired Ė was a little bit disturbing. Iím excited about it because I like that the show is going to that element of darkness. Itís fun!

Moderator: Do you have any New Yearís Eve plans or goals for 2015?

Keegan: My New Yearís plans have to do with the book Iím going to Dubai to shoot a photo project that was part of my photo journal for there. Iím also doing a book tour throughout February. Iím hitting every city and starting in New York and going to Los Angeles and everything in between, book stores and such.

My New Yearís resolution is to be there for the fans and experience and share this experience of making with all these photos.

Moderator: Is there anymore on the horizon for the detective agency of the Liarís significant others?

Keegan: Yes, I can definitely tell you that Toby and Caleb will cross paths again very soon. Youíll definitely see more of that!

Moderator: What can fans expect to learn from your book?

Keegan: I hope that everybody pre-orders the book because I feel like this is something that needs to be held in your hands. Itís available electronically, which is cool, but thereís something about having the paper.

I went through and selected all the paper. Itís all emulsified film scans, so itís made to be held and seen and felt and the topography on the casing. I worked for a long, long time -- months and months and months on this with my designers at St. Martinís Press. I really hope they can see that and they can learn first and foremost my attention to detail of something like this because Iím a crazy design freak.

I love beautiful things and I love creating beautiful things, I find beauty in imperfections. I hope they are able to see and learn that about me, but also to learn about themselves is what Iíd really like them to learn from this book.

Itís not so much about me, even though itís a book that circles around my experiences, itís all about these esoteric experiences that we all go through as human beings. I tried to stitch these images and these words to a real beating heart, not so much just my own, but to anybody.

I tried to give these images a voice that anybody could pick up the book, just as itís like a Tumblr blog. There are people that go on Tumblr and they sit on Tumblr for six hours and theyíre looking at other peopleís lives and other peopleís experiences, but yet feel so completely rooted within them.

Moderator: Are there any types of projects that you have yet to be involved with, but youíre very interested in getting into?

Keegan: Music, Iím working on music as well, writing, but not for the means of actually putting something on a sheet. Iím writing a play, but mainly just focusing on acting and photography. I would love to start getting more into the professional photography realm as well as acting.

I just did a film with Megan Fox and James Franco called Zeroville. That was fun and I guess just continuing to work on the craft and work on the art.

Moderator: How will Tobyís new career as a copy affect ďAísĒ game?

Keegan: I think itís more of a strategy changer. I donít know if ďAĒ maybe knew that Toby would have done this or not, so I canít say that it really affects any game other than weíre looking at something that, ďAĒ is an extremely intelligent character. Ttís just another pawn chess move, which is even scarier.

Moderator: Can you tease any motivation behind the attack expolsion on Toby and Jennaís house explosion?

Keegan: I think it was a caution, a warning shot of ďIím capable of things that you canít imagine.Ē Theyíre dealing with something thatís very dangerous and this is the voice of this entity, so to speak.

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