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By Sara

Josias Tschanz

Different Steps For Breaking Into A Career In Acting 1/19/20

Josias Tschanz or "Joe" is an Acting class instructor for ILSC's Creative English. He has a true passion for acting, and it has allowed him to travel across the globe. At the early stages of his career, he traveled to Japan - acting in several different reality shows on TV. He followed this by appearing in feature films located in Europe and Argentina. While he might have found a second passion in teaching acting to students, he continues to take on roles in various commercial spots, movies, TV shows, voice-overs, and even video games. In fact, he recently took on a voice-over project for The Man in the High Castle.
Joe currently lives and is based in Vancouver. However, his 10-step program for budding actors is actually good advice for anyone. Below, we will be going over more about his 10-step action plan to break into the field.
1. Watch A Lot of Plays and Movies
For one, you want to continue to refine your craft by watching the best in their field. You want to learn from the best by watching the best. Take time to watch classic movies and plays. In a lot of the Western world, you will find cheap DVDs which can help you cut the costs associated with it.
2. Improve Your English
Study as much as possible. It is especially important to focus on your vocabulary and pronunciation. Both of these can be absolute deal-breakers when you are looking to get into acting. You need to be fully able understood while on screen.
3. Take Drama Classes
You should look to enroll in an English drama class or other related classes where you will be required to act. One of the best starting points is Creative English through Acting, English for Advertising Media, and Creative English through Film.
4. Practice, Practice, Practice
You want to practice as much as possible. Look to perform monologues in front of your mirror daily. That way, you will be able to see what you look like and notice what you do well and what needs more refinement. You can even record yourself on your cell phone while performing for better playback.
5. Take Acting Classes
Once you are fully comfortable watching yourself act, you will want to look to refine your skills by enrolling in a film acting programs  that has native English speakers. This will help you refine your acting skills and practice your English.
6. Headshots
Having a quality headshot is crucial to get an audition or even an agent. Therefore, you want to be certain you have a good headshot to land you new opportunities.
7. Student Projects
Having experience is key. However, getting experience can be difficult. By entering student projects, you should be able to land more opportunities to help you get your foot in the door.
8. Full-Time Acting Program
It's time to really get serious. By now, you should enroll in a full-time program from a reputable school.
9. Find an Agent
You have all of the groundwork laid out at this point. Now, it's time to find an agent who can find you work.
10. Work Hard
At this point, you've made it very far. Congratulations, but your work isn't over yet. Continue to work hard on your craft until you are able to find roles.
Joe has some other pieces of advice that you can use. For one, break out of your comfort zone. Don't stick yourself with specific roles or styles. Broaden up your horizons and you should be able to get more and more opportunities.

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Page updated 1/20/20

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