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"Alice in Wonderland" Contest Page!


Alice in Wonderland poster

"Alice in Wonderland" New Era caps!

With the much anticipated release this weekend of Alice in Wonderland, New Era Cap has designed and manufactured five Alice in Wonderland caps for the debut of the movie. These five caps; All Over, Cheshire Cat, Eat me Drink me, Mad Hatter, and Off With Her Head commemorates most of the significant characters in the motion picture.

The Winners:

Lisa Richards
Jerard bell
Nikky DiPietro
Lorene Palmer
Tim Hudson

Updated 4/6/10

Please make sure that you check your spam folder regularly! Or make sure that this address is in your address book so your spam filter will not put it in the wrong place: (click on the link and type in the words to see the whole address)  We will contact you two or three times via email and then send you our choice if we do not hear back from you.

Contest starts 3/8/10


Enter to win our contest.  Fill out the form and you will be entered into a drawing.  Five lucky winners will get one each of these caps:  The winners will be drawn from all entries.  Please read our privacy policy regarding your entry.  This contest is for U.S. residents only.  We will not ship your prize if you live somewhere else. Only one entry per person or your entry will not be valid! 

Prizes will include one of these great caps from new movie!

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger photo of the prize!

  All Over cap

The All Over cap is a white 59Fifty style cap with a 360 degree sketched portrait which features Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare, White Rabbit, Mouse, Caterpillar, and the Red Queen. On the top of the cap brim features the Cheshire Cat, and TweedleDee and TweedleDum on the inside of the brim.

Cheshire Cat cap

The Cheshire Cat Cap is a black 59Fifty style cap with the Cheshire Cat's highlighting his grinning expression. His eyes are bright blue giving the hat to stand out with his detailed white grin. For the rest of the cap it displays strategically detailed designs which make the hat look like the Cheshire Cat's fur. On the back of the cap there is a spiraling saying "Most everyone's mad here. You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself."

Eat me Drink me cap

This black 59Fifty style cap has the slogan "Eat me Drink me" on the front of the cap with a sketched table set as the background behind "Eat me" and a sketched whiskey bottle with a cork set as the background behind "Drink me". On the back of the cap, there is a skeleton shaped key hole displayed.

Mad Hatter cap

The green 59Fifty style cap has "The Mad Hatter" in white and orange text on the front of the cap. On the back of the cap features a scroll like design with the text embroidered "Mad asa Hatter." The bottom of the brim is where the real art work is. The detailed sketched design of the Mad Hatter is seen with several of sketched hats placed around him.

Off With His Head cap (we do not have a photo of this one, sorry!)

This black 59Fifty style cap has the Red and White knights jousting with their spaded shaped spears (on front). On the back of the cap, splattered blood is seen with the slogan "Off With His Head!" with the Queen of Hearts referenced.

Each cap has an SRP of $35

Contest ends March 31st. 

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