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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #205

May is a difficult month for TV fans, particular those of us who still watch broadcast network TV.  This is usually the time when ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The CW announce their Fall schedules, or at least hint at them, and tell us which shows are being cut. We can get emotionally invested in TV shows, so it can be painful.

I used to get really upset about the cancelations. They're never fun, even now. I stopped trying to watch every show I liked, for one thing. It was just too much. I try to only watch superhero shows and a few others. I just had to weed out the more mundane shows or the ones that were not a top priority for me.  Let's face it, shows like "NCIS" will be around forever in re-runs and other formats. No need to try to watch it every week or get upset if it's canceled.  That's true of so many shows.

Barbary Coast and Beacon Hill, two shows from 1975 that I loved!

Perspective is another thing that helped. If you do a little research online, you might discover that most TV shows don't make it past the first or second year.  Very few make it more than 5 seasons.  Some shows barely make it past a few episodes. That's just the way it's always been.  Everyone thinks that it's a recent phenomenon, but that's just not true. I remember being very upset in the 70's when they canceled some shows I liked after a few episodes. If you look at the Primetime TV schedules going back to the 40's, they've always changed, constantly. We just hear about it more online.  So I just try to enjoy my shows as long as I can, assume that each season finale is the last, and try not to get too upset if it really is the last.

That said, I'm still upset that "Once Upon a Time" is almost over. I love that show so much. Even this season, which is drastically different and is missing many characters I liked.  Also, I still miss "Major Crimes" and hate the way it ended.

Blindspot cast season 3

So far I've been very lucky that most of my shows are being renewed. All of The CW shows I watch were renewed last month.  "The Resident" and "Blindspot" were renewed this week! Yay!  I'm still waiting to hear about "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World," though. I hope that "Elementary" and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." are renewed, too, but I won't be too surprised if they're not. Same with "Instinct." I know that many people are upset about "Designated Survivor" and "Great News" being canceled (among others).

Lucifer on FOX

People always say that their favorite shows get canceled. That's because everyone's favorite shows get canceled. That's because they all do.   It's not just you. It's all of us. There are only so many slots on the network schedule. Even today, when they basically have three times as many slots to fill as they used to. You may remember, when you were younger, that they had Fall shows that ran for most of the year. A few were canceled and replaced mid-season. Then they had summer replacement shows and many re-runs. Nowadays they have Fall shows that run half as long, and then mid-season they're replaced by more shows that run half as long. And they rarely show re-runs in the summer any more. However, they do have a lot of reality or game shows for filler.

Legion on FX, my favorite show!

Of course, there are also many shows on cable and streaming networks.  That's part of the problem. There are just too many good shows to watch, and you can't possibly watch all of the ones you want to watch. You can't even hear about them all, unless you're looking for new shows out there every week.  I do that, and I still miss some.

Patrick Melrose - new series on Showtime

Whatever shows you enjoy, I hope you have plenty to watch and enjoy this summer! Don't forget, we will be here covering for you. We have our Primetime TV News and Schedule that Angie and I update every week with all of the original shows, some re-runs, some news and sports, and now we've also added new streaming shows as well.  Danielle posts daily on our Primetime News & Chat. Check it out!

Don't forget - our site covers all of the soaps, and we have daily short recaps, detailed updates, transcripts, and best lines, among many other things like fanfic, trivia quizzes, puzzles and much more!

Come join our team if you have a little free time...we really need more help!

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