The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #200

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #200

Saturday, October 7th

This is my 200th blog post! Woo hoo! Thanks to any readers.

Star Trek Discovery cast

I've been a fan of "Star Trek" as long as I can remember. I have three older geek brothers and a geek mom, so we watched it when it was first on the air in the 60's. I watched it later on in the 70's in re-runs. I just loved it. I recorded it on audio tape and played it over and over. I collected the books and anything else I could get my hands on. Later on, I recorded all of the newer Star Trek episodes on VHS, and then I bought the DVD's. I have two Star Trek uniforms. "Star Trek" was one of the first shows I started here on my TV website.

I read a lot of message boards, forums, and groups (especially on Facebook), many about Star Trek. I'm getting really tired of all of the people complaining about paying for CBS All Access (to watch "Star Trek: Discovery"). This reminds me of all of the people who complained about "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" moving to the internet (after they were canceled on ABC). Wait, wasn't it better than being canceled? (It was!) Then they had people complaining because there were some bad words in it. GMAFB. It seems to be mostly older people complaining, in both cases. There were even complaints about the newer "Star Trek" shows when they started, too, but they were drowned out by the rest of us fans. Now with the new "Star Trek" series, there are even some young people complaining. OK, sure. There are always complainers, or "haters" as they're called. I get that. It just gets to be too much for me.


Listen up. TV is not faring well financially, which has been the case for the past 20 years. There are a lot of great shows on TV that either no one is watching, or they're watching for free somewhere. The broadcast networks - particularly ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The CW - are scrambling to figure out how to make more money and still be able to put on great shows for us. They're not just entertainment. They're businesses. They will die if they don't figure it out. We all hate commercials, and we fast-forward through them if we can, but they pay the bills for these networks (and for many cable networks as well).

FOX has invested in HULU for their shows, so they can make money that way. NBC tried a new online network called Seeso, but it died. ABC is owned by Disney, so it will probably be okay, for a while. They're all facing competition, not just from HBO and Showtime, and gaming, and the internet in general, but also from online streaming services like Netflix, HULU, Amazon, Crackle, YouTube et al. You used to be able to watch ABC shows for free online, but now you have to first prove that you have a cable or satellite account. Otherwise, you have to pay for them separately. CBS has done it differently. They require you to pay $6 a month for CBS All Access. I believe it used to be free (you just had to login), but that hasn't been true for a long time. You can watch NBC, ABC and FOX shows On Demand with your cable company or DISH Network, but you can't get any of the CBS or CW shows there. You can only watch those online with CBS All Access, or with ROKU on your TV. It's really no different than having to watch a show on iTunes or HULU.

Star Trek cast

Those people who are balking at paying for "Star Trek: Discovery" are being unrealistic. They're stuck in the early part of the century. This show is only available on CBS All Access, just like "Orange Is the New Black" or "House of Cards" or "Daredevil" are only available on Netflix. Some people are complaining that they're paying for one show. Well, that's just not true. CBS All Access has tons of older and current shows from CBS, Showtime and The CW. They also have an online version of "Big Brother" and a great drama called "The Good Fight" (which is technically a sequel to "The Good Wife", but you don't have to have watched that show to enjoy it). "Star Trek: Discovery" is their second original show. They're hoping that it will be a big success, so they can then put out more original shows. This is exactly where Netflix was in 2013 when they first debuted "House of Cards," their first original series (can you believe that it was only 4 years ago?). There were probably people complaining then, too. "I don't watch to pay to watch TV shows on my computer!" Well, they were wrong, too, and Netflix and Amazon are raking in the big bucks.

CBS was smart to do this. Most scifi fans have money. I'm basing this entirely on people I know. This article seems to confirm it, though.  Scifi fans tend to have jobs as computer programmers, engineers, etc. They spend tons of money on collectibles, DVD's, costuming, and going to conventions. Asking them to pay $6 a month to watch new episodes of "Star Trek" is not a bad idea. It's cheaper than Netflix, HULU, or Amazon, too. So far, CBS's gamble has paid off. The first episode, which aired on CBS TV, got them 10 million viewers.  Subsequent episodes air only on CBS All Access, which has already doubled the number of subscribers. They had 1 million subscribers in 2016, so that means they have at least 2 million now (probably more). Apparently, that doesn't even include the people who signed up on the CBS website (just those who use their app, I guess).

I enjoyed the episodes so far, and I'm glad they're successful. I hope they continue to be successful and that CBS All Access comes out with more great shows. Without being ruled by the FCC regulations (like broadcast networks are), they can make more high quality programs that match up with what cable and Netflix has to offer. They can attract better writers and actors, too.

The only thing I don't like about the show is the name. Really, no one realized until it was too late that the abbreviation is STD? SMH!

For those who complain about other things having to do with the show, suck it up. Watch it or don't watch it. Quit your complaining! No one wants to hear it. That's my two cents, anyway...

Star Trek animated ship GIF

I enjoyed the return of "Once Upon a Time", but I don't like the new Henry and new CinderellaHenry, and I didn't like that they got completely different actresses to play Cinderella and Alice,new Alice too. I read that the writers said that no one watched "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," so they figured it was ok to change Alice. Hey, I watched it!!! I was very glad to see Hook and Rumple, and at least there was a photo of Emma (and she showed up in the previews, too).  It was a little slow, though, so I hope it gets better.

Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Belfry

I barely recognize Gabrielle Anwar from "Burn Notice" as the new wicked stepmother! Wow!

BruceI'm very glad to have "Gotham" back, too.  The only thing I don't like is that Bruce is about 15, I think? I find it hard to take him seriously. The actor is 16, but we're used to seeing actors in their 20's playing teens, so he looks even younger. I love Alexander Siddig, so I'm glad to see him as Ra's al Ghul, but I'm kicking myself. How did I not recognize him at all last season? Wow!

So far I'm also enjoying "Marvel's Inhumans" on ABC and "The Gifted" on FOX. They're the only new Fall shows I'm watching besides "Star Trek: Discovery," "Liars" on Sundance, and "Will & Grace."

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