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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #199

Friday, September 22

GarfieldHi, everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting on here lately. I just never seem to have the time.

I started taking classes part time last Spring to get a second B.A. in Mass Comm/Mass Media. This is basically what they call "journalism" now. I'm hoping that the classes I take will help me improve the website (and perhaps even make it profitable).

I want to get into the Television Critics Assocation, too, and I think that having this degree and writing for local newspapers will help with that goal. I'll also be taking some marketing courses as well as speaking with someone in the business center. I'm going part-time, but it still takes up a lot of time.

Gisele used to do a lot on our site and helped me run it (mostly the daytime section). However, she had to really cut back on what she did because of family obligation. That means that even less gets done on our site now. I'm doing some of what she did, but there's just not enough time for me to do it all.

Hopefully, one day we can find some more volunteers to help out. For now, I have to just do this major juggling act. So please forgive us if you come to this site and the pages aren't updated!  If you have a few hours per week free, please do volunteer to help out...How to Get Away with Murder cast

I spent this summer catching up on some TV shows (clearing off my DVR) such as "How to Get Away with Murder", "Westworld" and "The Good Place." I also enjoyed two summer shows, "Battle of the Network Stars" and "Murder, Texas." I hope both are renewed next year!

Big Little Lies sceneI'm watching the Primetime Emmys right now. It's always hard for me because I don't watch most of the shows nominated.  I think everyone feels that way because there are just so many shows to watch now, and you can't possibly watch them all. I did watch "Big Little Lies" and I do always watch "Last Week Tonight," both big winners. I know that "Atlanta" and "Veep" are both very good.

The shows I like and think are great don't get nominated at all! Where are the nominations for "Legion", "I Love Dick" or "13 Reasons Why?" Harummph!

I'm glad that they had an African-American comedian as the announcer forChristopher Jackson the Emmys show, but I think they should have chosen someone with a deeper voice, whom we could understand. Also, for the "In Memoriam" I had trouble reading the names. The lettering was hard to read, and they went by too quickly. Also, the closed-captioning covered up some of the names and photos. I also had trouble understanding Chance the Rapper at the beginning of the show (the closed-captioning didn't have it, either). Maybe it's just me and I'm too old!  ;)

Stephen Colbert and dancersI thought Stephen Colbert did a great job and most of the jokes were funny. I miss the old days, though, when they showed clips from the nominated shows. I would rather see those than comedy "bits."

I know some people were unhappy about all of the political comments, but awards shows always have those. You can't have a host like Stephen Colbert and not expect it to have political jokes. You can blame the president, though, for attacking Hollywood all of the time on Twitter andDonald Glover with his policies. Hollywood has many women, LBGTQ people, African-Americans, Latinos, Jewish people, and yes, liberal Democrats. These are all groups that he's attacked, so it makes sense that they would bash the president when given the chance.

I know that many were upset that Sean Spicer was on the show (just for a few minutes, for a comedy routine with Colbert).  I guess more people on both the left and right need to realize that these shows are about broad-based humor and entertainment.

I'm looking forward to the new Fall season. I hope you can check out our schedule! I worked hard on it. I have some cable shows to add, still.

Right now on the site I'm mostly running the daily soap transcripts (the most popular pages on our site!) and fitting in everything else when I can.

You can find my older blog posts at

Chronicles - My personal blog, which is not about TV.

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