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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #198

Friday, April 1

Big Bang Theory cast as superheroesI took a little break from this blog....I just got really busy during February and March!

Things have been crazy.  Anyway, every week I do just about the same things. I work on our primetime news pages daily. This  weeks page is here and next week's will be here. Mondays through Fridays, I run our Daytime soap transcripts and put them up. I sometimes will do TV interviews or reviews, but I've fallen behind on both of those as well. I hope to catch up this week. I've been trying to start some new sections for our site for other shows I want to cover.  In the meantime, I'm always putting up more actor appearances, and show news and spoilers for the shows we already cover.  That keeps me pretty busy!

This week I want to talk about critics and superheroes.  Many critics, that are employed bcast of Heroesy newspapers and magazines (print media) as well as many online blogs, were trained in journalism or they got film degrees. I was a liberal arts major, and I started out first as a music major, then later I took English lit courses, where I did learn about literary critique (which is similar to TV and movie critique).  I'm guessing that art and music critique are similar.  Critics are trained find the "best" works, the ones that not only entertain us but also move us or leave some sort of great impression on the world that may last for centuries.

In truth, taking literary criticism courses nearly ruined reading for me.  Since I was trained to read a novel or story from that point of view, I couldn't just read for enjoyment. Also, I found that a lot of the so-called classic literature is really sad and depressing. I'm glad that I didn't Lois and Supermanhave to continue along that track because I really love reading for fun, almost as much as I love going to the movies or watching TV for fun.

So as a TV critic here on my site, I watch shows for fun. When it comes to review them, I don't care about whether the show has any great art or historical value. It's TV, ok? Yes, it's literature of a sort, but it's meant for the passes. It's not great art. I'm not saying that some TV can't be great art, but that's not really the point of it. The point is entertainment.  So when I write a review, it's to tell you whether I think it's worth watching or not. Is it entertaining? Did the jokes make me laugh? Is it fun? Do you care about the characters?

Now, personally, I tend to like scifi, fantasy, and comic books (especially superheroes), so I'm very happy that there are so many of these now in movies and TV shows. When a film or TV critic watches these things, they rarely give them good reviews. If they do, then often I findClark on "Smallville" that the movie is trying so hard to be artsy or a "great film" that they're not good for those of us who love to just go to the movies and have a good time.  I usually watch all of the superhero movies and ignore the critics because I usually love the movies regardless because they remind me of when I was a kid, reading comics, or watching old shows like "The Adventures of Superman" or the old "Superfriends" cartoons. They make me laugh, and I enjoy watching people in costumes fly through the air and beat the bad guys. This is why movies like "The Avengers" are great.

Nowadays it seems like the anti-heroes are bigger than the heroes, so you can't just have Superman. You have to have a conflicted Superman. For instance, in "Smallville," Clark was afraid to fly, and he became dark for a while, almost like Batman. I hate when they do that Daredevil castcrap. I enjoyed "Smallville" -- don't get me wrong. I also loved "Lois and Clark" and the current "Supergirl." I just don't like all that angsty silly stuff.  Heroes need to be heroes, not screwed-up jerks. I only want to see villains lose, not get their own movie.

Now, don't get me wrong because I really love "Daredevil" on Netflix, and he's pretty dark. However, they did such a great job of capturing the character from the comics that I grew up with, that I don't mind that it's dark. He was always kind of dark, anyway.  I do love "Arrow," too, but he's certainly nothing like the "Green Arrow" comics I grew up with.  I much prefer "The Flash" because it's brighter and more fun.  I can enjoy darker shows like "Gotham" and just remind myself that this is an alternative "Batman," not the one I used to enjoy (which is also how I enjoyed "Smallville.)X-Men

I just read a really scathing review of this season's "Daredevil" in Entertainment Weekly. Well, I haven't finished watching it yet, but so far I'm enjoying it. I seldom agree with EW's reviews, especially when it comes to superhero movies or shows because they are not fans. They review from their own point of view that has nothing to do with what I enjoy, or what you enjoy.

The people making the superhero TV shows and movies just want to make money. Luckily, they don't care too much about the critics, either.

I love all of the superhero TV shows, so I hope they keep coming up with more.Captain America

Although I was mostly a DC fan growing up, I also read plenty of Marvel comics. I've loved all of the "X-Men" movies, even though I don't like their costumes. I'm so sick of all the muted-colored leather they wear now instead of the bright colored costumes I enjoyed in the comics. The stories and acting were great, though. I love the Iron-Man and Captain America movies, and about half the Spider-man movies. I liked the first Avengers movie okay, but the second one was better. Ant-Man and Deadpool were perfect. I enjoyed the Fantastic Four movies and didn't hate the recent one as much as everyone else. I didn't mind Ghost Rider or Green Lantern, either, even though both bombed.  The critics and fans alike loved "Guardians of the Galaxy," but I was not thrilled with it. It was okay. It reminded me of "Star Wars," not superheroes.Ant-Man

The DC movies are hit-or-miss, except for the great animated movies they do that usually come out direct-to-DVD. Those are fabulous. I don't know why their live action movies can't be as good.

Now, perhaps my standards are just low because I seem to enjoy almost any TV or movie version of superheroes. Some I like better than others. I really haven't enjoyed most of the recent version of Batman or Superman, but then again, I wasn't too thrilled with the Christopher Reeves version, either.  Part of that is because it was really the first good superhero movie to come along, and I didn't like how they changed so much from the comics. I also didn't think Reeves was a great choice because his voice was too high. Superman needs to have a deep, authoritative voice. However, over time, I've grown up a bit and realized that the movies and shows will never do things exactly like I want them to, so I just have to enjoy them Batman V. Superman castfor what they are. (Comics change all the time, too, so even if a movie were exactly like the comics of any particular year, it would not be the same as the ones from another time period)  I loved the first "Batman" movie and most of the others since then have not really measured up to it. Tomorrow I'm going to see "Batman v. Superman," and my expectations are low. I really hated the last two Superman movies because they were too dark. (I didn't mind "Superman Returns" nearly as much) I'll let you know if I hate it or not, but I'm fairly sure, judging from criticisms I've seen, that it's not great art. But who cares? Not me, and I'm guessing, not most fans.

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