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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #194

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wow, I don't know where the time went. I haven't posted here for over a month. My apologies! The holidays got in the way (what else?).  Happy New Year!

There sure were a lot of re-runs during December and January, and now we've got a lot of new Watson and Holmesand returning TV shows. Which shows did you binge-watch over the holidays? Which shows are you looking forward to?  Leave comments below!

It was nice having a new episode of "Sherlock" on PBS; that is probably my favorite show (even though it doesn't run very often and is more like a series of TV movies!). This one was very odd, more like a "Doctor Who" episode, with all of the back-and-forth between reality and dream. Still, I enjoyed it.

I caught up on most of the shows on my DVR, such as "Gotham," "The Flash," "Heroes Reborn," "Blindspot," "Minority Report," "General Hospital," "Life in Pieces," and "Best Time Ever." I'm still behind on "Arrow" and "Supergirl," among others.Tommy touching Luke

I'm still enjoying "Heroes Reborn," but the time travel sure does make it really confusing. Two things bother me. One is when Hiro sacrified himself to save his son. It seemed pointless. Why didn't he just escape with them? (Some other characters do the exact same thing in the pilot of the new show "Shadowhunters" and it bothered me there, too)  If there's some reason, they didn't make it obvious.  Secondly, they kept saying that Nathan couldn't get near his sister because his power is stealing other powers.  They were worried that if he touched or got near her, he would steal her power and lose Hiro's powers (both of which are needed to save the world). If that's the case, then how come he keeps going around touching other people all of the time (like Casper, and his grandmother, and Luke) without stealing their powers? That makes no sense.

I was sad to learn that "Minority Report" won't be back because I really enjoyed that one. Also, "Best Time Ever."

I finally got caught up on the DVD's and shows I had to review for our site, as well as putting up many interviews, so that's great. Make sure you check those out!

This week's Primetime News and Schedule is here and next week's should be here. We put this up every week for you guys.

My desktop computer, that I use for making our soap opera transcripts, crashed last week, and I just got it back, so I'm still catching up on those. I should be done within a day or two.

Teachers on TVLANDHere are the rest of the new shows that are coming up that we have yet to watch and review:

"Teachers" TVLAND January 12
"Idiot Sitter" Comedy Central January 14
"Degrassi: Next Class" Netflix January 15
"Just Add Magic" (children's show) Amazon January 15
"Angie Tribeca" TBS January 17
"Billions" Showtime January 17
"War and Peace" (miniseries) January 18 Simulcasting on Lifetime, A&E and HISTORY
"Baskets" FX January 21
"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" The CW January 21
"London Spy" BBCA January 21Beowulf cast
"Mad Dogs" Amazon January 22
"Beowulf" Esquire January 23
"Recovery Road" Freeform January 25
"The Magicians" on Syfy January 25
"Outsiders" WGN January 26
"You, Me and the Apocalypse" "NBC January 28

"American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson" FX February 2
"Madoff" (miniseries) ABC February 3
"Animals" HBO February 5
"Those Who Can't" TruTV February 11
"Vinyl" HBO February 14
"11.22.63" Hulu February 15
"Fuller House" Netflix February 26
Fuller House actors
"Real O'Neals" ABC March 2
"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" CBS March 2
"The Family" ABC March 3
"Of Kings and Prophets" ABC March 8
"Underground" WGN March 9
"The Catch' AB March 24
"The Path" HULU March 30

Later in 2016
"Containment" CW
"Westworld" HBO
"The Crown" NetflixContainment
"Flaked" Netflix
"The Get Down" Netflix
"Love" Netflix
"Marvel's Luke Cage" Netflix
"Marseille" Netflix (in French)
"The OA" Netflix
"The Ranch" Netflix
"Stranger Things" Netflix
"Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events" Netflix
"Las Leyendas" Netflix

"Edgar Rice Burroughs™ Tarzan and Jane™" Netflix

More Info here! Wyatt, Ivy, Liam and Steffy

I'm still watching "The Bold & The Beautiful" most weekdays, but it's not nearly as good as it was a few months ago. I don't like the Wyatt/Steffy/Liam/Ivy quadrangle. They've done a poor job with it. It's just contrived the way that Ivy is always injured, with Steffy nearby, and then the capper was Liam's pratfalls in the airplane bathroom. The water starts shooting out everywhere from the faucet, and somehow that causes him to fall and blackout? That's stupid and ridiculous. It just makes everyone look bad in this story. Ivy looks wishy-washy and clumsy, Steffy looks brainless, Liam looks like an oaf, and Wyatt looks desperate. It's just awful.  I still like the Rick and Maya storyline, but they don't get as much screentime as they used to, and it's all about Nicole having their baby. I don't like her friend, Sasha. I know we're not supposed to like her because she's a troublemaker, but I don't like the actress. I don't think she's very good, and she's not very pretty, either. Frankly, it seems like the only reason Nicole and Zende got together in the first place is because they were the only available African-America people around. And now Sasha's Cast of Mr. Robot winning the Golden Globein town, so he's suddenly attracted to her...? Makes very little sense.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? I don't usually watch that one. I pretty much stick to the Emmys, the Oscars, the Tonys, and the Daytime Emmys. I'm glad that "Mr. Robot" won, though, as well as Jon Hamm, Christian Slater, and Rachel Bloom. Most of the shows and movies nominated were ones I don't watch.

Have a great week!

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