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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #189

Saturday October 3

Trevor NoahI hope everyone is having a nice Fall! It's still very hot here in Hawaii. I don't have much energy today to watch TV or do much of anything else!

This past week, we watched the new "Daily Show" with host Trevor Noah. He's ok. We'll see if he continues to be funny. He's not THAT funny yet. So far it's like he's just copying Jon Stewart. We'll probably keep watching him for awhile...

"The Nightly Show" also continues to be pretty funny, most of the time. We also watched "Real Time with Bill Maher," but he wasn't that funny this week. Well, everyone has an off week.

I'm really enjoying the return of "How To Get Away with Murder," evencast of HTGAWM though it's kind of a silly, hyper show (not very realistic). Viola Davis definitely deserved that Emmy. Funny thing...I was in the grocery store and they played an ad for some charity, and right away, the voice in the ad was familiar. I thought, "Gee, that sounds like Viola Davis..." and sure enough, it was. I got it right! LOL! She has a very distinctive voice and acccent.

I can't wait for the return of "The Good Wife" this week! Another great show.

Heroes Reborn cast being sillyI'm really loving "Heroes Reborn," too. I'm so glad it's back! It's probably my favorite show now. I misspoke last week when I said "Once Upon a Time" and "Teen Wolf" were my favorites. They take second and third place. I hope it's a big hit so that they bring it back again next year.

Saturdays I'm always busy getting our Primetime News schedule page ready for the week.  This week's is here and next week's will be here. I couldn't do it without the great help of Danielle and Angie. Well, I could do it, but it would take up a lot more time and not be nearly as good.

Sunday October 4

I was working a lot on the site all day.... more writing and all that, thanArrow season 3 watching any actual TV.

I'm back to watching last season's "Arrow," trying to catch up on that. It's a great show! All of the CW shows come back this week, but I'm behind on all of them except for "The Flash," "Supernatural," and "Vampire Diaries." I still have quite a few episodes of "Reign" and "The Originals" to watch. I will do that once I finish "Arrow!"

Brian and StewieWe watched "Family Guy" tonight, which was pretty funny in parts. They usually have at least one great joke, usually from Stewie. Wouldn't it be great to see a crossover episode with Stewie and Cartman? I would love to see that.

We also watched "Last Week with John Oliver" as's so funny. He does these TV-spoofs sometimes that are excellent (they're usually making a larger point, going along with his commentary about police abuse or something).  This week he was talking about the new people-rating app, Peeple, so he presented one called Peebles, where Mario Van Peebles rates your photo (and of course, he had Mario Peebles on to do it). That was hilarious!Y&R cast

I live in Hawaii, so that means there are three hours between us and L.A. So sports events are earlier in the day.  This time of year, CBS now has Thursday night football, but they show it in real time, so that pre-empts "The Young & The Restless". However, they do show it Friday night after midnight, instead.  My DVR didn't record it this week, and it wasn't on the schedule. Apparently our local cable company, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, messed up. So we missed the episode completely here. Gisele and I will be transcribing it this week to make sure we have it. It's a real pain to transcribe by hand, and neither of us watches Y&R regularly so it's even more tedious.

Monday October 5

The StrainAre you getting ready for Halloween yet? :) I need to do that soon. I see that two shows this week are already Halloween-themed.

Tomorrow I have a conference call interview with Carlton Cuse about his show "The Strain."  Then on Wednesday, I get to speak with Tom Selleck (!!!!!!!) and famous director/producer Robert Rodriguez. Woo hoo!! (The Rodriguez call was postponed)

I don't really know what to ask Carlton Cuse yet...I don't watch his show. It's too gross for me. I doubt he wants to hear that! (Update: I was having back spasms so I didn't get up for the call - I took a muscle-relaxer and went to sleep)

I watched 3 episodes of "Bold & Beautiful" today, to catch up. I took someRidge and Caroline time out of catching up on "Arrow!" I have a lot of trouble with what's going on now on that show. I don't know why Caroline would tell Ridge that she slept with Thomas. Honesty is fine, but telling him that it was THOMAS just makes her look stupid and selfish. She had to know that it would destroy her relationship with Ridge, not to mention Ridge and Thomas' relationship. Sure, it's a great reveal and great drama for the show, but if it's contrived like this and out of character, then that lessens the drama.

I'll be very glad when these hair trends for men are over (especially on TV and in movies): shaving their heads (or buzz cut) and wearing beards. I know that the guys hate shaving, and they think it looks better if their hair is shaved close (especially if they're losing their hair), but I hate both looks.  Men look much handsome with their faces showing and hair! Justin HartleyEspecially handsome actors. Why hire a good looking guy and then let him cover up his face with a beard? Makes no sense. Especially on soaps! They know mostly women watch, and most of us don't like beards.

There's a rumor that Justin Hartley might be cast as the new "MacGyver!" That would be awesome. I'm sure Y&R fans wouldn't want that, though. Personally, I would love it if they'd bring back Michael Muhney. There were a lot of rumors about this leaving, but don't forget, they were only rumors and never confirmed.

There are two truths about the TV industry that I've learned in my long life of watching TV and reading about it. 1) People in the industry lie (I'm sure it's true of movies, too). Especially if legal matters are involved, like contracts.  Most of the time they will say nothing, but even so, they often lie (or their PR departments do).  Many rumors crop up in the absence of the facts, too.  2) Viewers may see TV, movies et al. as entertainment, but to the people involved in it (especially the "suits"), it's a business first and foremost.  It doesn't matter how much you like a TV show, or how many fans it has on the internet, or how good it is. All that matters is if it makes money for the network or not.  Low ratings have killed many great shows.  Sometimes a network will save a show if they think that there's something in it for them, such as demographics (younger people watch it).  Even though the ratings system is not perfect, and may be deeply flawed, it's all they have to go on, and they believe in it.

Strangely enough, though, most viewers seem to forget these facts, even if they know them in the first place. I'm sure that part of it is that we get very emotionally attached to our favorite shows.  It's hard to be logical in theGH cast face of cancellation.

If you watch "The Bold & Beautiful" or "Young & The Restless" or "General Hospital," we could use your help! We have two great forums for the soaps but no one to run them any more. Here is our GH Forum and here is our CBS Soaps Forum. It's not hard at all to run these forums. You just have to post stuff about the shows so that people will read it or reply to it.   You can post your opinion on the shows or stuff you find online on other sites, or both. Then the other part of the job is that you have to tell people about it so that they come visit and see what you've posted. It shouldn't take more than a few hours per week. Bettye used to run the CBS Soaps Forum, but sadly, she passed away a few years ago. The women that used to run the ABC Soaps Forum quit. Some people lose interest in shows or in volunteering... Anyway, we could really use your help with these forums.

Life in Pieces castI'm enjoying having my shows back. "The Good Wife" season premiere was awesome!!  I've also been loving "The Big Bang Theory."  I really enjoyed the show after it, "Life in Pieces," too. It's rare that I like any sitcom. This one makes me chuckle and laugh out loud. Most of the other sitcoms are there are just so awful and disappointing.

Tuesday October 6

Every weekday I use a program to capture the closed-captioning from the daytime soaps, which makes a transcript. A lot of people visit our site for those transcripts! I just wish I had more time to do them for primetimeGotham cast shows, too. I was planning to do them for "Arrow," "Flash" and "Gotham," but I'm not sure when I'll have time. It's not even running the transcripts that take very long, but editing them so that they have the names and look good. The daytime ones come out pretty good, even unedited, but the primetime ones are a mess. We have them for "Smallville."

Last night I discovered, much to my disappointment, that we were indeed still missing last Thursday's Y&R, so I just typed it up myself. Transcribing is not fun, but I got through it. It's much easier when the program does it for me, that's for sure.

I get lots of DVD's in the mail to review for our site. I have a bunch to write up. I hope to get to that this week because I have so many!!

Don't forget that you can always check our "What's New" page to see what we've put up this week! It's very handy.

Today I'm putting up lots of TV actor appearances, and then I hope to start on putting up many interviews that I've had in the past month.

Wednesday October 6

Hook and EmmaI love "Once Upon a Time," but it looks like they're kind of re-using ideas from previous seasons too much. Their memories are erased AGAIN? Regina has to prove herself AGAIN? Come on.

"Castle" is always fun. I hope they get him and Beckett back together quickly because it makes him look bad to have to win her back. I mean, she walked out on HIM. Have some pride. I don't mind a little humor, but the show's best when there's a good balance between the humor and the drama. I am enjoying Castle and Daughter working together, though!

I'm very happy to have my CW shows back! "The Flash" premiere wasFlash and Arrow great. I did find parts of it a little confusing and/or contrived. I didn't like that they opened up with a bank robbery and then flashed back later to the cliffhanger resolution. It sort of ruined the drama of the cliffhanger. I'm sure that Ronnie's not really dead, though. I hope not! I love that actor.  I loved seeing Jay Garrick at the end (and that it's Teddy Sears -- "Chad" from "One Life to Live!"), and I loved getting to see Tom Cavanaugh (Wells) back one more time. However, it made NO sense that Barry's dad would just leave town right after getting out of prison! I mean, come on. That was completely contrived. I understand that for story reasons they may not want him around much, and that maybe the actor is not available or they don't want to pay him to be a contract cast member (and heaven forbid they should have another "old guy" on a CW show!), but that was not the way to do it. They could have easily said that he was still around for the next few weeks, and just refer to briefly, or have him go on a trip around the world or something, or even just not show him too much. I mean, it's not like we see the other characters' families all the time. So that was lame.  Oh, and one other thing bothered me. With STAR Labs closed down at the beginning of the episode, what did Barry do when he caught Captain Dean and SamCold or other supervillains?  They'd already said that regular jail couldn't hold them.  Overall, I enjoyed the episode, though.

"Supernatural" is always fun to watch (and also, often heart-breaking). I didn't remember last season's cliff-hanger - why was Cass all red-eyed and doing terrible things? I searched online but couldn't find it, either. Unless it's supposed to be some kind of mystery. I enjoyed seeing the King of Hell in a woman's body - that was a lot of fun. The creepy zombie-like disease is creepy and's not zombie-like enough to make me stop watching, but I'm not happy about it. There are good reasons I don't watch "The Walking Dead!" It'll be interesting to see how Sam gets out of this latest dying thing...

Thursday October 7Haven scene

I think I just watched DVD's for the rest of the weekend! I'm very glad "Haven" is back on Thursday nights...even if it is the last season!

Make sure to check out our Primetime Reviews Page because we review every new show as well as many DVD's!

I'm very late putting this up...oh, well! C'est la vie...

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