The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #188

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #188

The MuppetsI hope you're all enjoying the new Fall season! I've just been watching show after show, and writing lots of reviews. I like "The Muppets" on ABC and "Life in Pieces" on CBS, but neither one all that much....I'll probably keep them on my DVR for awhile.

We have a monthly DVD giveaway, but not very many people enter. Your odds of winning are very good! We used to get thousands of people entering, but now we only get about 50. I know that DVD's are not as popular as they once were, but still...I know many people still watch themVicious stars and buy them. These are free! Plus we have TV books and more. You get to choose your prize from our great selection. So enter! October's giveaway starts Monday! I don't always send the prizes out right away, but usually within a few months. We pick 2 winners every month. I have about 4 months' worth to send out tomorrow.

Last week's episode of "Vicious" on PBS was the season finale. I hope you The Doctor and Claragot to see it because it was hilarious!

I'm very glad to have "Doctor Who" back on BBC America, even though the show is not as good as it used to be. It's still a fun ride.EJ and Sami

This weekend's "Last Week with John Oliver" was hilarious.  They did a great bit for "Days of Our Lives" viewers. Watch it now!

I have a pet peeve - I hate when someone on TV mispronounces a word or says something wrong. I notice two this week. Thorsten Kaye is British, but he's playing Ridge and Carolinean American on "Bold & the Beautiful."  He had a line this past week where he says, "I'm sterile."  Well, he pronounced it like it rhymed with "peurile", not like it's supposed to be (rhymes with "peril"). I know they film the soaps quickly nowadays, but you'd think someone would have caught that.  I do LOVE Thorsten, though, no matter what!Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

On Tuesday's "Nightly Show," Larry Wilmore said that Kahlua (the liqueur) is Hawaiian! It's not, at all. It's Mexican. Perhaps he (or someone on his writers' staff) was mixing it up with the Hawaiian dish Kalua Pig, which is a Steffy being a bitchcompletely different thing. Ah, well.

Back to "Bold & the Beautiful" -- I really hate Steffy. They've just made her very mean. (To be honest, I've never really liked her--the actress does a wonderful job, though) I'm also not thrilled with the secrets between Ridge and Caroline. I kind of figured she'd end up pregnant by Thomas, though.  I haven't seen all of this week's episodes yet...I'm kind of worried that I'll hate it.

Speaking of soaps, I watched an episodes of "The Young & The Restless"Ian Ward this week. I gather that Ian Ward has a twin out there? I'm surprised no one on the show thought of that, especially considering what happened with that guy Marco. Soaps really should get rid of the whole "evil twin" idea, anyway. It's almost always stupid. The thing that soap writers don't seem to understand today is that the audience likes SOME fantasy. We're happy to suspend disbelief for some things, like the characters waking up wearing perfect make-up, and the guys walking around with their shirts off all of the time, with perfect abs.  However, if you're going to do something outlandish, it has to make sense and be consistent.  They do way too much contrived stuff that's just annoying and makes fans tune out.

South ParkDon't forget that we put up content on our show daily, and you can find it all on our "What's New" page!

The first "South Park" episode this season was not funny. The second one was funny.  The third one was okay. It used to be a very funny show, but now it's inconsistent. I read in Entertainment Weekly where they were complaining that by the time they write up a show about today's news or other topics, then it's old by the time it airs.  Well, the trouble is that they should stop trying to be topical and just be funny! That's all we care about with a comedy.

The second episode played the song "Safety Dance," so I had that stuck in my head for a day or two! Don't you just hate those ear worms?Brian Gaskill

We're all so glad that soap veteran Brian Gaskill is okay! He and his girlfriend were caught in a high speed chase when a car crashed into them, but they ended up unscathed.  Brian is very kind to his many fans and chats with them on both Twitter and Facebook. He's had a lot of roles, and I loved him as Bobby on "All My Children," but my favorite role of his was Rafe on "Port Charles."  He was so great on that. He's going to be on an upcoming episode of "Castle," so that will be great!

Becket and CastleSpeaking of "Castle," I didn't like this week's episode. It's completely unbelievable to me that Beckett would suddenly leaving her job and husband. (I know she's already had some therapy, but clearly she needs more!)  I do understand that they want to shake things up, and they're afraid that having them married and happy means the fans will get bored. However, this is not the way to go about it.Bones

Each weekend, we put together a page that has the week's Primetime News and ScheduleThis week's page is here and next week's will be here. Hope you enjoy it!

FOX and some of the other networks let me watch their shows ahead of time. "Bones" has always been particularly good about letting us watch their shows ahead of airing, and letting us interview all of their people. Tuesday morning I got to interview Emily Deschanel (Brennan) and Executive Producer Michael Peterson. It was a great call. I Josh Casaubonenjoyed the 2 episodes, and I loved the guest stars, particularly Josh Casaubon, who was on "One Life to Live" as Hugh Hughes. He was also nice to me on Twitter when I asked him this week if he was going to be on more than one episode. Alas, he is not. You'll see why on next week's episode! Funny thing, though. I was watching the episode and said to myself, "WhoRon Melendez is that impossibly-handsome guy? He looks familiar..."

It was also fabulous to see two "General Hospital" actors on "Minority Report" this week.  One was Ron Melendez, who played Dr. Andy Archer, and the other was Bradford Anderson, who plays Spinelli. They were also both in "GH: Night Shift." This is one of the few new shows I'm watching because I do love scifi.

Jaimie AlexanderI'm also still watching and enjoying "Blindspot," even though it's not scifi. It does star Jaimie Alexander, who was so great on "Kyle XY" and the "Thor" movies, as well as "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Funny because for the longest time, I also thought she played Morgana on "Merlin," but that was a completely different actress. Now that I see a photo of her, I can see that! I have no idea why I thought they were the same. Ah, well.Matt Murray

Getting back to the interviews Tuesday, I also got to speak with Matt Murray (from "Kevin From Work" on ABC Family), who was very nice. You may also recognize him from the show "Rookie Blue."  He's a very good actor but has a comic appeal that makes sense because he's kind of got that type of face.

I mentioned before that FX is no longer transcribing our conference calls (which is a big pain in the butt). Basically, it means those of us who run small sites Lee Jones and Stephen Moyerwill no longer do most of their calls. I don't know why they don't see that. Anyway, I had totally forgotten that I did the call with Lee Jones (star of "Bastard Executioner") back in early September. They do put the recording of the call up for us, so we can phone in and get it, but apparently they only leave it up for 24 hours, so I totally missed it. Fortunately, I did find some other sites that put up the transcript of the call, so I just linked to them. It's kind of annoying, though. Then to make things worse, they did a last-minute call with Stephen Moyer from the same show, and I really would have loved to talk to him, but by the time I saw the email, it was too late. D'oh!

It's so weird how people worship celebrities. I mean, I certainly understand it because I do get nervous when speaking with some of my favorite actors when I interview them (and on the few occasions that I've met them). It'sBill Cosby and Robert Culp hard not to gush. I really don't know how I'd react if someone like, say, William Shatner, turned out to be a really horrible person the way Bill Cosby has.  Still, I would like to think I'd believe the women who came out and said they were raped by him. I mean, over 50 have now come forth. They're not lying. They don't each other. Some of them have been trying to get justice for many years. When a celebrity is that rich and powerful, they get away with a lot.  Most predators try to choose victims they think won't fight back or report the assault.  Most rapes are done by people the victim knows (that's true of most violent crimes, actually).  Yet still people think some terrible things automatically about rape victims and about celebrities. I know because I keep finding these people online and having to argue with them about it. It's maddening. Bill Cosby is no saint. He may not be prosecuted, but he's definitely guilty.  There's no question. Yet still some idiots defend him. Go figure.

We need to be able to separate the actor/director/musician from their work. I grew up listening to Cosby albums and loving shows like "I Spy," and his movies with Sidney Poitier.   I also loved a lot of the work done by Stephen Collins.  Oh, and I'm certainly not going to stop eating at Subway just because of Jared. (I did, however, stop eating at Chik-Fil-A, but that's a whole different issue)  You can enjoy the work and despise the person who did it. That's why millions of people love the music of Richard Wagner, even though he was kind of a racist and was favored by Hitler. It's how you can love "The Dukes of Hazzard" but wish they hadn't put the confederate flag on their car.

Dominion's Michael and GabrielTonight was the last episode of "Dominion" for the season. I sure hope Syfy is going to renew both that and "Defiance." I still have a few episodes of the former to watch... I'm very glad that there's a science fiction channel, but I wish they would give more seasons to the shows I love. In general, they aren't much better than FOX in that sense. I do think that FOX is attacked way too much by scifi fans. Sure, they canceled "Firefly," and lots of other great shows. Yet you hDexterave to remember that they also put them on in the first place. Without FOX, there would have been no "Firefly" at all. These networks are businesses, so they have to care about making profit over anything else.  Still, being a science fiction channel should mean that you have more science fiction on your channel than anything else, too.

I have a huge pile of DVD's here to watch. I can't wait, really. I'm excited Haven's Duke, Audrey and Nathanbecause I got the complete set of "Dexter!" That's one of my favorite shows ever. Also "iZombie", "Jane the Virgin", "Reign" many good ones.

I can hardly wait for the return of "Haven!" I got to watch the first two episodes of the season. I was supposTommy Chonged to interview the stars on Tuesday, but I had a dentist appointment that I couldn't cancel, so my associate Krista did it, instead. I just love that show and the people on it.  I'm really sad that it's ending.

I had hoped to chat with Tommy Chong (I got an email invitation to do so), but the PR people never emailed or called me back. I hate when that happens.

Tom Selleck as Jesse StoneNext week I do get to interview Carlton Cuse (about "The Strain") and Tom Selleck (about his latest Jesse Stone movie), so that will be awesome! I might also get to interview Robert Rodriguez...still waiting to hear the time on that one.

It was really great to see "Once Upon a Time"Once Upon a Time back, too! I so love that show. It's probably my favorite show besides "Teen Wolf."

I can't believe some people actually like the new show "Scream Queens." I just don't get that. It's stupid, not funny. I guess it just depends on your sense of humor. I loved "Glee," Scream Queens posterwhich was written by the same people. Oh, well.

"Family Guy" is back, so that's good...I think! LOL! My husband and I watch that one together. He doesn't like most TV shows.

I don't normally watch "black-ish," but I thought the one last week about the N word was pretty funny. I don't know if I said this last week or not, so please forgive me if I did

I think "Code Black" and "Quantico" are pretty good, but probably not good enough for me to find room in my already-too-busy schedule to watch them. I have to save room for the scifi/fantasy/supernatural/comic book shows.

Code BlackFrom what our site's stats are telling me, it looks like we get over 43,000 pageviews per day, which is not bad. Apparently we get about 240,000 unique monthly visitors, which is really great!

I'm trying out a few new ads on the site, so let me know what you think, good or bad...

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