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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #187

Stan Lee and meThis has been such a busy month! Last weekend I went to the Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, so that was a lot of fun. It was mostly about comics, not TV, but I got some cool TV-related photos and stuff that I'll be putting up soon. You can see a lot of the photos on, or you can wait until I upload them here to the site after I editDeadpool them. The biggest thrill was getting a photo with Stan Lee and then getting his autograph and hearing him speak.  Without him, we wouldn't have all of those great superhero movies; but also, we wouldn't have had the great Marvel TV series like "Daredevil," "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," or "Agent Carter," or the 70's "Incredible Hulk," (not to mention the great animated shows about Spider-Man, Bob's BurgersThe Avengers, X-Men and more).

I also got to meet the creator of the popular "Deadpool" comic, which will soon be a movie. Deadpool has also appeared on some of the recent Spider-Man and Avenger cartoons.

Also, I got a photo and autograph with Devin Roth, who designs and draws many of the characters on the FOX animated show "Bob's Burgers." He also has drawn the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" season 8 comic book.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon

Lastly, I got to meet Kevin Eastman, who created "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!"  As you may know, this was/is a comic book, and a few movies, as well as a cartoon series. I saw the movies and enjoyed them.  He was a very good speaker, and I also got to speak with him and get his autograph.

So, anyway, it was a lot of fun! In some ways, it wasn't as much fun as the smaller convention I went to in July, which had TV stars, but this one had 30,000 people! Wow! It was crowded.

Doctor Who and ClaraAfter spending 3 days at that convention, I had a lot of work to catch up on. I did somehow manage to find time to put up our Primetime News and Schedule pages as always, thanks to the help of our volunteers. This past week's schedule is here and next week's, starting Saturday night, will be here.

This past week was the official start of the new Fall season for the broadcast TV networks, so there was a lot going on. We've been reviewDonal Trump South Parking shows like crazy for the past few weeks. I also have some new interviews to put up.  Things have been hectic!

"Doctor Who" came back on Saturday, and it was so good! I can't wait to see this week's episode. I hope Clara and Missy aren't really dead...  The old Davros reminds me a lot of the Emperor NCIS castin Star Wars!

"South Park" started last week... I hated the first episode, but the second one was very funny. I hope the rest of the season is more like the second episode.

Which of the new shows is your favorite? There are so many new ones,Arthur & George and so many returning ones. I know all of the "NCIS" fans were glad to have their favorites back.

Last Sunday was the end of the 3-part "Arthur & George" miniseries on PBS. I sure enjoyed that. I have the DVD now, so I get to watch the extras and review it for you.

CSI finaleCan you believe that "CSI" is ending on Sunday? It's so sad. I'm glad Ted Danson will be joining "CSI: Cyber" as well as the cast of "Fargo" this year. I'm very glad that William Petersen and the others will be back for the finale episode, too.Castle

It's great to have "Castle" back. They sure started off with a bang! I guess since they didn't have a cliffhanger season finale, they decided to have one on the premiere. I'm glad to see Toks Olagundoye joining the show. She was great on "Neighbors." It was also great to see Jack Coleman back. He's sure busy this year! He stars in "Heroes BlindspotReborn" as well. I hope you're enjoying that show as much as I am.  I worry that this is Castle's last year. I hear it didn't do that well in the ratings this week against the new show "Blindspot" and tied with "NCIS: Los Angeles." Too bad because the writing is even better than ever.

I got to interview the creator of "BlindsLeonard and Pennypot" this morning. He was really great to speak with.

"Big Bang Theory" also came back. It was a bit sad but also funny. I can't wait to see what happens next!

It's always tough for me to decide which of the new shows I want to Minority Reportwatch regularly. "Minority Report" will definitely be one. I enjoyed "Life in Pieces," "Limitless," "Blindspot," "Rosewood," and "The Muppets," but I'm not sure yet which ones I will watch after this week. I have too much to watch already!

Oh, and lest I forget, the Emmys were last weekend, too! I didn't watchBosch them for a few days, but once I did, I enjoyed them. The problem with the Emmys is that there are too many shows and not enough categories. Especially now when there is so much quality TV.  If shows like "Game of Thrones" are going to start winning Emmys, then they need to create a "fantasy and Scifi" category. It's just not fair otherwise. It's bad enough that soaps and scifi usually get shafted at the Emmys.  "Daredevil" should have been nominated, too.

I really don't know why "Bosch" didn't get any real Emmys. That show is fantastic. I think it's probably one of the best cop shows ever. I hope Andy Samberg"Longmire" gets nominated next year because it really deserves it.

I really did enjoy the Emmys' opening song where Andy Samberg sang about having to watch all of the shows...I think we can all relate to that! There are too many good shows on to watch. I thought the Emmys were pretty good. He was funny and had a lot of good jokes. I liked the one he made about Jon Hamm doing a prequel to "Mad Men," and also that he noted that previous Emmy hosts included Robert Blake and Bill Cosby! ThereJon Hamm were a few other good ones, too, that I can't remember. I thought he did a good job. He was much funnier than anything on his FOX show "Brooklyn Nine Nine."

Oh, and I was SO GLAD that Jon Hamm won the Emmy! Yippee! I love him.

Apparently "General Hospital" actress Nancy Lee Grahn made some offhand comments on Twitter after Viola Davis won her Emmy for Best Nancy Lee GrahnActress in a Drama Series. Now, NLG has always been very outspoken on Twitter, and she's a strong liberal woman. She should have known better than to say ANYTHING, but you know...she's kind of the type that says what she thinks without considering how it might sound.  So there was a big backlash to what she said. She wasn't being racist, but that's how some took it. She apologized, of course, because she was mortified that her comments were taken that way.  Then soap fans started rumors that she was being fired for what she said. Of course that's really stupid. They wouldn't do that, especially to such a great actress as NLG.Scott and Ava

I'm way behind on watching GH, but I see bits and pieces of it. I'm not thrilled that they made Scotty a real bad guy now, from what I can tell. He was always kind of sleazy, but to shoot Sonny? If I'm understanding that he's the one.  All he needs is a Snidely-Whipslash-type mustache when he's blackmailing Ava...that kind of over-acting and Ben on Days of Our Livescartoonish behavior is why people don't watch soaps any more (I'm not blaming Kin Shriner, who's a fine actor). I hope the new writers can do better.

I think I also saw that Ben is the killer on "Days of Our Lives." I wonder if I'm right about that? He seems way too obvious. Someone was asking me how many times someone on the show has attempted to murder Marlena. The count has to be pretty high. Unfortunately, with the increase of violence on soaps, that's probably true of most characters on all of the soaps.Noah and Willmore

This time of year I have to go through my DVR and schedule all of the new shows to watch for review (at least once). One thing that's difficult is that I record "The Daily Show" and "The Nightly Show", and they come on around 8pm and then re-run again around 10.  Primetime TV here runs 7-10, so when the new shows start, I have to figure out how to tell my VCR not to Bonesrecord those Comedy Central shows when there's a conflict (this year it's only Mondays). The problem is that Comedy Central's schedule changes so the shows come on at 11:07 or 10:35 etc.  I can either set it to record ALL of the shows or only new ones, but if I set it for only new ones, then I have to figure out how to tell it not to record until later on Mondays. If I record ALL of the shows, then I have to tell it not to record during the other airings. Fortunately, I think I finally figured out that the DVR knows that if I set it up for only new shows, it will let me cancel it on Monday and then it will automatically record on the later airing. I *THINK* I got it right,Haven cast anyway....LOL!

Which night is toughest for you? For me it's usually Thursdays. I watch "Vampire Diaries," "Bones" and "Heroes Reborn."  Thank goodness I have 2 DVR's, or I'd be in trouble.

This coming Tuesday, I'll be interviewing the stars of Syfy's "Haven." I can't wait! They're always so nice to chat with, and I so love that show.

For years, we've used a program called Microsoft Frontpage for our site. It's been very handy. However, I'm looking into using a program called Joomla instead. It's what's called a Content Management System. I don't really understand all this technical stuff :) but I have a new helper that might be able to set it up for me so even I can use it. Keep your fingers crossed for us! It might make updating our site a lot easier.

Blood & Oil castDon't forget to check us out on Twitter  and Facebook, too!

This week I believe it's only "Quantico," "Blood & Oil," and "Code Black" that are the new shows debuting. That second one sounds a lot like "Dallas!"Fall shows

Have a great weekend and enjoy all of the new and returning TV shows...

You can find my older blog posts at

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