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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #185

Friday, September 4

Supergirl on CBSWhat Fall shows are you looking forward to? I saw the first episode of "Supergirl" already, and I wasn't too thrilled with it, but I hope it gets better. I tend to like scifi shows, so "Minority Report" and "Blindspot" sound good, as does "Limitless." I'm really looking forward to "Heroes Reborn" because I loved loved loved "Heroes!"

The rest of the new Fall shows are medical shows, comedies and soaps. The only new "cop" show is "Quantico," although I'm sure some of theQuantico cast scifi/fantasy shows mentioned above do have police in them as well.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris!" I hope it's great and revives the variety show format. I grew up watching "The Carol Burnett Show," Sonny & Cher"Sonny & Cher Show" and so many others... I miss those.

Just a few more weeks until the new Fall TV season starts! Are you excited? I know I am.  Maybe not as excited as I would have been years ago because nowadays, they have new shows coming out all year round. "Fall" is not nearly as special as it used to be, especially if you're into cable TV more than broadcast TV.

Broadcast TV does get quite a bad rap. Traditionally, they have censors and advertisers that keep them from scheduling unique and interesting showsJane the Virgin (the type critics love).  They seem to pander more to the "average person." Also, each show usually has around 22 episodes, unlike cable (where most shows only have 8-12 episodes).  So, of course the shows can't be as good.

However, we're now in the Second Golden Age of Television, so even broadcast TV has some very good shows - arguably, shows as good as any of the cable shows, like "The Good Wife," "Empire," and "Jane the Bachelor in Paradise castVirgin."  Just to name a few.

During the summer, cable TV rules, while broadcast TV has mostly re-runs and reality shows.  Unless you're an avid viewer of "The Bachelor" or "Big Brother," you're watching cable shows, or catching up on your DVR or Netflix.

I started catching up on "The Originals" today...I had a few episodes of the 1st season left to watch, and then I can watch the Season 2 DVD and review it for our site.  It's such a great show, and so different than "The Vampire Diaries."  I think TVD is a lot more violent and sad than it used to be.

Saturday, September 5

I hope you're all having a great Labor Day weekend! We're not doingLate Show with Stephen Colbert anything very interesting, I'm afraid... there are lots of fun marathons on, though. I found a good list of them! Which marathon did you watch? Which is your favorite?

We never really think about how TV has become so integrated into our life. Last week, we had a lot of rain, and the bars lost their satellite feed. This one place I went into for lunch was completely deserted. Normally they would have a good crowd at lunch time, but since their TV's were out, they had no customers! I started noticing a few years ago how TV is almost everywhere now, especially during football season.

I'm most excited this week for the premiere of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!" I sure hope it will be great. So far, the promos for the show have been very funny.

The OriginalsI spent a good part of today working on our Primetime News and Schedule Pages, as I do every weekend! Angie sends me the press releases, edited, and after I double-check them and put them up, I find lots of video clips to add for each show. You can see this week's page here and next week's page will be here.Mikael

I'm really enjoying "The Originals".... I'm almost done with season 1. I love Klaus, Marcel, and Elijah, and the werewolves. They're all great. I love seeing Sebastian Roché as Mikael. I interviewed him that year he was on the show and was really enjoying his turn as the nasty Mikael. I love seeing Nathan Parsons, who was so great on "General Hospital." (Roché was also on GH!)

Sunday, September 6

I finished our 2015 Fall TV Premiere Schedule. That is a lot of work, but I'm so glad to be finished now!

I applied for the TCA today. That's the Television Critics Association. ItLady Gaga would be really great if I got in to that. Then I could officially say I'm a TV critic for a living. Even though I already am in practice, it would be so nice to have that validation. I probably won't get it, for whatever reason, but still...hope springs eternal!

I spent a lot of time this afternoon chatting with Jamie Ruby of I urge you to visit her beautiful site, too. She might be helping me with some design stuff on our site.

I was just reading in Entertainment Weekly about Lady Gaga's new role in "American Horror Story: Hotel" this season. I'm sure she's going to be great in the role. I can't really watch that show, though. Too extreme for me! Too violent, gory, horrifying and depressing.  I do love the writing and acting, and I really love Matt Bomer and the others, but...sorry! The first season was the only one I could follow regularly. It had a very bad ending, but it wasn't nearly as horrible as the others. There was no torture and not much bloodshed.

Our regular shows were not on this weekend, due to the holiday. It's okay, I always have plenty of DVD's to watch!

Monday, September 7

Steffy and IvyToday, "The Bold & The Beautiful" and "The Young & The Restless" both had new episodes. I believe this is the first time ever that they aired on Labor Day!  Wow! I was very glad to see Ivy apologize to Steffy and delete the video. I have to wonder if Lt. Baker will somehow end up with a copy, though? Who would do something like that...hmmm, Quinn?

I really don't like what they're doing with Ridge/Caroline/Thomas. That just all happened too fast. They should have had Thomas around for a while first, so we got to know and like him better.

I have quite a few shows on my DVR, so I was watching some old episodesMorgan with a comatose Sonny of "General Hospital" from February, so I can delete them. The early February episodes are great. I really already saw them, but I kept them to re-watch so I could see them in context of the other episodes before and after. These were the episodes where crazy Luke and Helena put a bomb on the Haunted Star, while Heather is threatening Nina with a gun, and Sonny, Julian, Ava and Franco escaped from jail. Very exciting episodes.  On the Feb. 5 episode, they think Sonny might be dead because he grabbed the bomb and dove in the water, and then they couldn't find him. They found him and the paramedics couldn't revive him. They gave up on him. Carly revived him a few minutes later (well, he's a mobster, so what's a few dead brain cells?).  Does that sound familiar? LOL!  I can't believe all of the GH fans that think Sonny must really be dead (in the more recent episodes). They aren't going to kill off their star any time soon, especially now that Tony Geary is gone.

I was glad to hear that the new GH writers intend to have more romance on the show and make it more character-driven. That's great. It's about time.  I'll believe it when I see it! I know that a lot of their fans (that are still watching) are not happy with how the show has been lately.

Tuesday, September 8

ArrowNow that I'm done with our Fall schedule, I'm trying to catch up on all these new shows and DVD's! It's taking up a lot of time. But I love it, so I can't complain. :) Make sure your check out our reviews!

I've just been watching tons of new shows and DVD's. I think my eyeballs might fall out!

I had really hoped to catch up on "Arrow" this Summer. Now I have to because they're sending me last season's DVD! LOL! That is lucky.

I really enjoyed watching three of the new episodes of "Longmire," thanks to Netflix. It's still a great show. I also watched a new FX show, "The Bastard Executioner."  It's by the guy who did "Sons of Anarchy," so of course it's very violent.

Wednesday, September 9Jeff Dunham

I was supposed to go to two interviews this morning, but I had been sick a lot yesterday, so I slept in, instead. Bad!!

Fortunately, Krista did go to one with Jeff Dunham, and she has one tomorrow with Mat Franco.

I was hoping I would like "Scream Queens," but no such luck. I do like "Blindspot," but it's not scifi, so I don't know if I'll keep watching it or not. Scream QueensI really don't have time for any new shows, but especially any that aren't scifi. I might keep watching "Minority Report" since it's not bad.

This year it's much easier to review the new shows, now that I can review all of the FOX and NBC shows ahead of time!  If only the other 3 networks would let me have their screeners, then it would be even easier. The CW used to send me some, but then they stopped. What a shame. Eva will be reviewing some, too, so that leaves even fewer that I have to do!Heroes Reborn

In the old days, I used to have to worry about how many shows I could record at once, to review them. I have 2 DVR's, so I can record 4 shows at once. I don't really need to, any more. Thank goodness!

I think the only new show I'm really looking forward to now is "Heroes Reborn," but we'll see...

Thursday, September 10

Nightly show keep it a hunnitWe've been watching "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," but we're giving up. It's just not funny. Too bad. His show on Comedy Central was so good, so funny.  Now we're just down to "The Nightly Show" (which is only sometimes funny) and the occasional airings of "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" for our political humor.

It looks like our site is doing okay now with Y&R update writers. Ellen is still writing them, and Carole is doing a great job keeping up with helping out when needed.  We have all of the soaps covered for you with short recaps and detailed updates as well as transcripts!Michael E. Knight

Ooh, speaking of Y&R, it's great that they're hiring Michael E. Knight! Too bad that Cady McClain already left the show...ah, well, lightening rarely strikes twice in these things, anyway. I might have to watch when he joins the show to see what kind of character he plays this time. I've mostly only seen him as Tad. I think he's wonderful. A very under-rated actor.

Don't forget, we put lots of new stuff up on our site every day, and we list it here on our What's New page.

Friday, September 11

LongmireI've been enjoying the rest of "Longmire" all day on Netflix! Such a great show. I've been glad to see all the great guest stars like Barry Sloane, Hank Cheyne, Callum Keith Rennie and more. I'm loving Henry as a vigilante. I wish I could get a "Hector Lives" T-shirt with his picture on it!  I'm sad because I've only got one more episode to go...I sure hope they do a season 5. The season finale was awesome.

We tried watching "Real Time" but something weird went on with HBO, so it didn't record right. I think I might have to reboot my DVR. It's been having lots of weird problems lately. The phone, tablet, DVR et al. are computers so they do have to be rebooted occasionally.

I'm excited because NBC is going to send me some DVD screeners, and also, "Heroes Reborn" is on their press site so I can watch it! LookingWilmer Valderrama forward to that. Woo hoo!

Also, next week I can to interview Wilmer Valderrama from "Minority Report" on FOX! You may recall him from "That 70's Show!"  He's also been on "From Dusk Till Dawn" and other shows, especially the great NBC scifi show "Awake." It will be great to speak with him.

Wow, "The Bold & The Beautiful" was great this week. That Steffy is such a bee-atch. We gotta figure that Ivy has another copy of that video somewhere... she's a smart person who would've kept one just in case. It's kind of strange that they said so quickly that Caroline isn't pregnant. At least they're not going the predictable rout with this Ridge/Caroline/Thomas triangle.

Hawaii Five-0 Fan EventThis weekend here in Honolulu, they have a big free event where the cast of "Hawaii Five-0" shows up, and everyone watches the first episode of the season on a big screen, outdoors. I was thinking of going, but I read that 8,000 people usually show up. Also, it's been raining a lot, so that doesn't sound too exciting. Too bad because I really love the actors on that show.Unreal

Which was your favorite Summer show? I loved "Unreal" (every fan of soap opera or good drama should watch it) and "Mr. Robot" (very cool good geek drama). I also loved "The Whispers," even though it was kind of dumb sometimes.


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