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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #184

Friday, August 28

Esther from Y&RWe need volunteers for our site!  We especially need someone to write Y&R Updates when our regular volunteer, Ellen, can't do it; as well as editors that know Microsoft Frontpage or Expression Web (or are willing to learn it).  Please visit our Jobs Page to see all of the help we need! Even if you don't think you know anything about web pages, or TV, or have any useful skills, please let me know if you're interested in helping out! We have some super easy jobs as well as ones that have skill requirements.

Wow, "Defiance" sure was great! What a season finale. If they don't renewNolan fighting Kindzi it, it is a great series ender. I sure do hope they renew it, though. If you haven't watched it yet, you want to skip the spoilers here. At the end, the heroes save humanity from the people-eating Omec. No one really dies, from what I can tell, aside from Kindzi, the bad villaness. Which is great because too many people have already died. However, Nolan and Doc Yewl are headed out into space in the Omec spaceship, hoping to find a new home for the Omec, and then hopefully to return to Earth. How they'll accomplish this, no one knows (not even them). It seems kind of like they did it on a whim at the end of the episode, without stopping to consider the fact that they have no food (just for one instance). It'll be interesting to see how they work out Nolan's return. In the first season, Nolan was killed and Irisa saved him and then seemed to die, or something (we weren't sure what happened). At the end of the second season, Nolan and Irisa are trapped in an alien ship and have to enter a pod to save themselves. So this season's ender is just as shocking as those other two. That's the problem with TV nowadays. If you have a show with a lot of shocking things happen (especially the season finale)-- the audience expects more and more, until eventually, the writers either do something ridiculous, or they repeat themselves, or they write something that's not good enough. So far, Defiance has been great.

Damon and Elena's final kissI have to watch last season's "Vampire Diaries" DVD, so I've been watching the episodes from season 5 that I hadn't gotten around to watching yet! That's the problem with always having too much to watch. I fall behind on those shows I really enjoy, and then something like this comes up where I have to suddenly catch up. Good thing I love TVD and don't mind binge-watching it. I'm not looking forward to seeing Elena die, though!Wil Wheaton on Dark Matter

I also watched the last two episodes of "Dark Matter" (for this season, anyway). I enjoy the show. It was great seeing Wil Wheaton show up! He makes a good bad guy. However, it does seem like they keep trusting that one guy, who gets them jobs, and he keeps betraying them, so that's kinda stupid. It sure had a shocker ending!

Saturday, August 29

AmandaEach weekend, I always update our Primetime News and Schedule Pages. This week's page is here and next week's will be here.

I've been slowly building a costume for this comic book convention I'm going to in a few weeks. I'm going as Amanda from "Defiance."  If I can fit into it. I might have to wait, not sure. Anyway, I got the boots at Amazon and they look really nice. They weren't very expensive, either. I couldn't find anything online to tell me what her gun is or what it looks like. She appears to be wearing one in some photos but not in others.  From what I read, Nolan has a special gun, but everyone else uses regular guns like we have today (since it's set in the near-future).  So I bought a BB gun that's made by Smith & Wesson. It looks very real. I have to make sure to keep it hidden when I'm not at the actual con, and they will no doubt have a table where you have to tell them about your gun so they can sign off on it. I don't like real guns, but I don't mind having a fake one if the character does.

Sunday, August 30

I spent all weekend catching up on "Vampire Diaries."  They sent me theGotham villains 6th season DVD to review for our site, so I had to watch some episodes still from the 5th season. Thank goodness for Netflix. After that, I also have to watch "The Originals" 2nd season DVD. I have a whole pile to watch: "Gotham 1st season," "Supernatural 10th season," "You're the Worst" screener (premieres 9/9), "The League" screener (also 9/9), "Big Bang Theory 8th Season," "Carol Burnett Show Lost Episodes," and "Aquarius 1st Season."  Fortunately, I watch a lot of those shows regularly so I only have to watch the extras on the DVD to write up the review. I also have a bunch of shows to watch on the press sites for FOX and NBC.

Doctor WhoI've been changing Ringtones on my phone. They have something called a Ringback as well (I know, they've been around a long time - I'm just slow!).  So you can not only set up a tune for each person who phones you, but the ringback means they will hear the tune as well.  There are a lot of cool TV themes that you can buy as a ringtone or ringback. Of course, if you have a smart phone, you can actually put ANY music on your phone for free. You don't have to buy a tune.  If you have a song you like on your computer or phone, you can easily assign it to anyone in your contacts list. Or you can find one you look online, download it and then assign it a ringtone. I haven't tried to do this yet with Ringbacks. I'm sure it's not hard, or there's a free app you canthe final 3 women from Unreal use.  I gave my doctor the theme "I Am the Doctor" from "Doctor Who!"

I also caught up on watching Lifetime's "Unreal." What a great show! Wonderful soap. I can't wait to see what they do in season 2!

 Every month, we pick 2 winners for our DVD giveaway.  Please enter now!

Monday, August 31

Gecko BrothersToday I was supposed to interview the Gecko Brothers (actros D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz) from the series "From Dusk Till Dawn," which airs on El Rey (I think you can watch it on DVD and Netflix as well).  They're great actors, and the show is really good (althoughMichael Emerson also very weird and violent).  Unfortunately, the call was postponed. I hope it gets rescheduled!

I did get to speak with Michael Emerson (Finch on "Person of Interest"), so that was very cool. He's an amazing actor and seemed like such a nice guy on the call.  WGN America is now showing older episodes of that show, as well as "Elementary" and "Blue Bloods."  I will put up the interview on our Primetime Articles & Reviews Page as soon as they send it to me. Steve and KaylaBoth of these were through a PR company that's new to me. I'm always grateful to get any TV interviews! 

"Days of Our Lives" will be pre-empted by golf on Monday, September 7. "General Hospital" will show a re-run (from July 27th when Tony Geary left the show).  "The Bold & The Beautiful" and "The Young & The Restless" will air regularly as scheduled. 

Tuesday, September 1

We really missed "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!"  He went onJohn Oliver vacation for a few weeks.  I believe "Real Time with Bill Maher" is also on vacation for a few weeks. Too bad! I guess they took off for Labor Day.

All week I've been working on the new Fall Primetime Schedule! I'm still working on it... the broadcast shows grid is done, but I'm still working my way down the list of cable shows. There are so many! I hope to have it done sometime next week.

Our site was moved to a faster server this week. I hope you guys can tell! It should be much faster. There were a few glitches (missing files), but I think they're all fixed now.

Wednesday, September 2

Longmire castScience fiction fans got some great news this week! Syfy renewed "Dark Matters" and "Killjoys"... I'm glad, but I hope they renew "Defiance" soon, too.

Next Thursday, September 10, "Longmire" season 10 premieres on Netflix! I can't wait!! Should be great. Such an outstanding show. Here's the trailer...

We have a page and a Pinterest page. Check 'em out!

Now I'm catching up on "The Originals." I just have a few first seasonThe Originals season 3 episodes left to watch, then I can watch season 2 on DVD and review it for our site. Yay! Great show. I have to say, though, that I'm not a huge fan of the binge watch. I mean, sure it's great that we can catch up so easily nowadays, but I hate watching a lot of shows at once. Most shows don't fare as well if you watch a bunch of them at once. You start to notice how they do the same things over and over...much less, I believe, than when The Whispersyou watch one episode per week. Ah, well.

I watched "The Whispers" season finale, too. It was really good. I hope they get a second season, but if not, then it ended pretty well. I thought the finale was the best episode they've had in a few weeks. No one acted too dumb for a change.  I have to admit that this show is always deliciously creepy, and having the little girl (who was really just the alien) explode was pretty cool.  However, it did remind me a little bit of "Falling Skies," which is both a good thing (that show is over!) and a bad thing (it's a bit derivative).

Thursday, September 2

Upcoming TV premieres! (Mostly fiction)

Let me know if you'd like to help review any for our site...thanks! We can use the extra help, especially now.Hand of God

"Puffin Rock" Netflix September 1
"Hand of God" Amazon  September 4
"Arthur & George" (miniseries) PBS September 6
"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" CBS September 8
"Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris" September 15
"The Bastard Executioner"  FX September 15
"Moonbeam City" Comedy Central September 16
"Life in Pieces" CBS September 21
"Minority Report" FOX September 21
"Blindspot" NBC September 21
"Border Town" FOX Fall 2015  
"Scream Queens" FOX September 22
"The Muppets" ABC September 22
The Player"Limitless" CBS September 22
"Rosewood" FOX September 23
"Heroes Reborn" NBC September 24
"The Player" NBC September 24
"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" Disney XD September 26
"Blood & Oil" ABC September 27
"Quantico" ABC September 27
"Indian Summers" (miniseries) PBS September 27
"Grandfathered" FOX September 29
"The Grinder" FOX September 29
"Code Black" CBS September 30

"Benders" IFC October 1
"Dr. Ken" ABC October 2
"The Widower" PBSC October 4
"Casual" HULU October 7
"Jay Leno's Garage" (non-fiction) CNBCC October 7
"American Horror Story: Hotel" FX October 7
"SuperMansion" Crackle October 8
"Billy on the Street" (non-fiction) TruTV October 8
"Red Oaks" Amazon October 9
Ash Vs. Evil Dead"The Last Kingdom" (miniseries) BBCAC October 10
"Truth Be Told" NBC October 16
"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" The CW October 19
"Supergirl" CBS October 26
"Wicked City" ABC October 27
"Ash Vs. Evil Dead" Starz October 31

"The Profit" CNBC (reality) November 3
"Angel from Hell" CBS November 5
"Master of None" Netflix November 6Chicago Med cast
"Flesh and Bone" (miniseries) Starz November 8
"Agent X" TNT November 8
"Donny!" USA Network November 10
"Into the Badlands" AMC November 15
"Chicago Med" NBC November 17
"The Art of More" Crackle November 19
"The Man in the High Castle" Amazon November 20

The Colony"Childhood's End" (miniseries) Syfy December 14
"The Expanse" Syfy December 14

"Colony" USA Network January 14
"Billions" Showtime January 17

"Westworld" HBO 2016?

See more at TheFutonCritic and TVGuide

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