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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #182

Saturday August 15

A Wicked OfferWelcome to anyone who's reading this that's new to our site or my blog!

As promised, I've been catching up on watching new shows to review on our site. I thought "A Wicked Offer" on The CW was pretty good. It's a reality show in summer time on the CW, so my guess is that it won't last. They're not too good about bringing back their non-fiction shows, aside from "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and "America's Top Models." I guess not many people watch The CW in the summer. It's too bad because they have some good shows.

I tweeted about the show, and the show's host thanked me! That was very nice of him. :) I don't usually watch reality shows, but I'll probably record it to DVD and maybe watch more of them. I found the first one to be pretty fascinating.  When I told my husband about it, he was aghast. He thought the whole premise was kind of disgusting. Then again, he doesn't watch much TV and doesn't realize how lowbrow most reality shows are. Ah, well.

I spent a lot of time catching up on our Primetime News and Schedule Pages this week. Check it out! This week's is here and next week's will be here. Danielle usually gathers all of the press releases for me each day and sends them to me and Angie, and then Angie goes through the main ones and edits them for me, to put on the News and Schedule Page. I usually go through them as well and pick out other information that might be useful for our site.

Danielle is on vacation this week, though, so I've been trying to cover some of it for her...she's really amazing, so I can only do some of it. Also, she wasVictor and Nikki very good about doing a lot ahead of time before she left. I wish I had ten more volunteers like her and Angie! We have many great volunteers, but a lot of them can only do one thing or just work a few hours per week, so it's difficult with such a big site.

We really need someone to write Y&R updates for our site, especially backup ones for Ellen who's gone or sick a lot.  Email me if you can help out! It's not hard... you just watch the Longmireshow and describe what happened.

I can't wait to see "Longmire" return in September on Netflix! Such a good show.

I still have quite a few new shows to watch and review.

Sunday August 16

This weekend I caught up on watching "Rizzoli & Isles" for this season.Rizzoli & Isles cast That was fun. I wish there were more shows like it that were light and fun but without being stupid. Sometimes they're serious, too.  Both it and "Major Crimes" are good that way. They have a nice balance between fun and serious. It seems like a lot of the other shows I watch take a lot more of my concentration or they're just too serious.

Mr. RobotI was going through my DVD's and realized I only have a couple of episodes of "Unreal" left to watch, so I'll be easily caught up on that one, too. I also need to catch up on "Dark Matter," "Dominion," "Humans," "Wayward Pines," "Mr. Robot," "Impastor," and then we'll see from there. I have a few other shows that I don't like nearly as much that I may or may not watch.

We were happy as always to watch "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver!Rick Springfield

I'm going to go see "Rikki and the Flash" on Wednesday with a friend. I can't wait! It stars Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield. I loved him when he was on "General Hospital," and I read that he's really good in this. He's always been a great actor as well as musician. I hear he's very good this season on "True Detective," too.  Meryl Streep is always wonderful, of course. I usually only go to see scifi movies, but I really want to see this one. Oh, and Streep's daughter, Mamie Gummer, plays her daughter in the movie. You may remember her from the CW show "Emily GH actorsOwens, M.D." or from "The Good Wife."

We have some great volunteers and contributors who send us lots of photos at fan events. Today I put up a bunch from the GH Fan Weekend, the Bold & Beautiful Fan Event, and the Young & The Restless Fan Event, and some other events, so check them out.  We shouldsex&drugs&rock&roll stars have more as well, soon, from the GHFW from Nikky.

Tomorrow I get to interview Elaine Hendrix from the FX show "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll," which is great. I really enjoy that one.  Now if only the call weren't at 7am my time! LOL!

Monday August 17

Elaine HendrixIt was a great interview...I wasn't sure what to ask at first, but I came up with some good questions. Sometimes it's better if I hear what other people say, and then I get ideas. She seems like a nice person and very into animals. She's a vegetarian activist. I asked her about the style of music and also about what she wears on the show.

I have 3 months worth of "General Hospital" on my DVR. I only watch some episodes when I'm too lazy to find a DVD to watch, and there's nothing elseDante and Valerie new on my DVD. I watched one today from late January.

I know a lot of fans are upset about Dante cheating on Lulu. If you go back, though, you can see that they've been having problems that started when Johnny came to town, way back last November.

Significant Mother castNow I'm catching up on "Dark Matters," a good show on Syfy. It reminded me of "Firefly" at first, but now it's moved beyond that. I really enjoy it.

I watched the new CW show "Significant Mother." It's a silly show, but pretty funny.

I enjoyed seeing "Rikki and the Flash," but I wish it had more RickSebastian Stan Springfield, and I wish he got to sing more. Meryl Streep is the focus of the movie, and we barely see Springfield's character in the first half. She's the lead singer, so he mostly sings backup. Too bad. But they were both really good in it, as were everyone else. I noticed that Sebastian Stan played one of her sons. He was the first "Mad Hatter" in "Once Upon a Time!" He plays Bucky (AKA Winter Soldier) in the "Captain America" movies.

I had to write a Bold & The Beautiful Article. The show is just so good now.

Tuesday August 18

Nina SimoneLast night I did more catching up on TV shows to review! Whew! Only a couple more and then I'm caught up for a while. Just in time for the new Fall TV season! LOL!

Sometimes it's difficult to watch TV before bed because I have some really weird dreams or nightmares. I try not to watch anything too violent or grisly before bed. However, last night I had lots of weird dreams after watching the documentary "What Happened, Miss Simone?"!!!  I have no idea why. I guess because her story was just so sad, and she had mental problems, and her husband beat her, etc.  Still, I didn't expect such weird dreams from it.

Today I watched 3 episodes of the new show "Public Morals" that will airPublic Morals cast soon on TNT. It's a really good show, with great writing and a fabulous cast, but I don't like shows where they have corrupt cops or where the protagonists are supposed to be "good" yet they do terrible things. I really don't like mobster shows, either. 

I got a lot of work done on the site today. There's always tons to do!

Wednesday August 19

Teen Wolf castI'm still watching and enjoying "Teen Wolf," even though I find it very confusing at times.  Part of the problem is that there are a lot of new cast members and I have trouble telling them apart at times.Jason Dohring

I read that Jason Dohring (Logan on "Veronica Mars") is going to be joining "The Originals!"  That's awesome!! I love him. I wonder if he'll play a vampire, like he did on "Moonlight?"

I also read that Shannen Doherty (Prue on Shannen Doherty"Charmed"; Brenda on "90210") has breast cancer. I hope she'll be okay! It's so strange because a woman I know on Facebook, whoYvonne Craig lives in L.A., had mentioned a few months back that she saw Doherty at the hospital (her daughter works there or something). She must have been getting treatment at that time, or visiting her doctor.

It's very sad that Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) passed away, too.  So many of my childhood favorites are gone now.

Thursday August 20

Jason Gedrick as Liam on "Beauty & The Beast"I'm really enjoying Jason Gedrick on "Beauty & The Beast!" What a great character Liam is. I should have known that he wouldn't just be a one-note villain.  Tess and JT's romance is certainly taking a terrible beating this season. I hope they both survive, relationship intact. Great reveals this week, too.

For the second time this week, I noticed that my DVR didn't record a show that it should have! I hope it's not dying or something. I've had that happen before with DVR's. First it didn't record "Young & The Restless" earlier this week (thankfully I record it on my other DVR, too, as a backup).  Then I noticed that it didn't record "The Whispers" last week! I went to watch this past week's episode and realized that the "last time" part was unfamiliar. I had to find it On Demand and watch it there. Good episodes, though. I don't think Minx is really Drill. I think that Drill somehow faked it to make her look like she was the one.

I got some new blu-ray DVD's to review today for "The Originals" andPatrick Stewart "Vampire Diaries" -- those will be great to watch.

Saturday,  August 22, the new show "Blunt Talk" begins on Starz! It stars Patrick Stewart. Sounds like a great show. I can't wait to see it. I'm hoping Starz will give me access for my review. If not, I'll have to wait because I don't get Starz, only HBO.

I have a bunch of new interviews to put up this weekend, too.

Have a great weekend!

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