The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #180

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #180

Saturday, August 1

Mad Men stewardess - they don't like this any more!Today was mostly spent on airplanes and in airports. I actually traveled back in time. For reals! I left Philadelphia around 2pm Saturday, and when I arrived, my computer said it was 3:30am Sunday! But when I set the laptop's clock to Hawaii time, it was not yet midnight Saturday. Woo hoo!

We got to pay a little extra to upgrade to first class (which was well worth it, flying from Phoenix to Hawaii!). I always look around to see if I see any celebrities, but I didn't recognize anyone this time. Too bad!

I did manage to do a little work yesterday on the first half of our flight, until my laptop died. I'm very dedicated! LOL! I have a lot of work to catch up on...

Sunday, August 2

I spent a lot of time working on the site today! Whew! So much to catch up on. We put up our Primetime News and Schedule for this week, and next week's will be here. Check the latter on Sunday as always to see theWyatt Cenac and Jon Stewart complete schedule.

We also spent many hours catching up on last week's "The Daily Show." Only 4 episodes left. Awwww! We even watched the special they had on tonight, which was basically a "Best of Jon Stewart" clip show. Too bad that Jon Stewart hasn't addressed what Wyatt Cenac said about him a few weeks ago. Oh, well. (Update: They made up on his last show!)

We also watched "Last Week Tonight" again. Yay! It's always good.

I'm slowly catching up our site's Daytime Transcripts, too. I was only gone 4 days, thank goodness.

Monday, August 3

AmandaI was sick a lot today, so I didn't watch too much TV. I just caught up on last week's "The Bold & The Beautiful," "Defiance," and part of "The Whispers."

I really love "Defiance"; I ordered a replica of Amanda's jacket so I could go as her! Probably at this convention in September. I have a friend on Facebook who's been catching up on the show from the beginning. She's still in early season two. She's about to get some surprises! LOL!

I didn't get to interview Ludacris after all because they didn't send me the call-in info until the last minute, and I had already gone back to bed, figuring they had left me out or canceled it. It's okay, though, because they sent me the transcript of the call, anyway, so I'll be putting that up this week.Corey Stoll

Next Monday I get to interview Corey Stoll, star of "The Strain," so that will be exciting! Not just because he's a great actor, and that show is very good, but because he was the villain in "Ant-Man," which I saw just a week ago. Woo hoo! I was reading an article where they talked about how they made him wear a wig for "The Strain." I'm glad they did because I think he looks much better with hair. To be fair, though, I don't really like bald guys or think they're attractive. I would much rather see a toupee, even a bad one, than a bald head. That's just me, though; my own personal preference. I don't like beards, either, or super-short hair. Anyway, what shall I ask him? Hmm.... I don't watch "The Strain" because it's too gross for me. It is a really good show, though. I wish they would come out with edited versions of shows like this and "The Walking Dead" so I can enjoy them.

John/Silas and Starr/KikiSomeone said on Facebook that there is a new rumor going around about ABC bringing back "One Life to Live," but you know, those rumors have been going around since the show was canceled. I doubt it will happen. They're still fighting with Prospect Park in court, too, so that could prevent it from happening, anyway. I wouldn't get your hopes up about either "All My Children" or OLTL coming back. They were very low-rated and cost a lot to make (compared to reality shows, talk shows or cooking shows). It would be great, though, now that Michael Easton is no longer working at GH!

If I were in charge of ABC daytime, here's what I'd do. I'd make a new soapRyan, Greenlee and Kendall that takes place in either Llanview or Pine Valley. I'd hire the 6 youngest and/or most popular actors from each show. So let's say the actors who played Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall from AMC, and John, Victor and Natalie from OLTL. Everyone else would be extras, fan guests, or recurring/guest stars.  Make the show very low budget, filmed on location somewhere, the way they did with "Guiding Light" (but with better lighting). No writers. They can do it like a reality show or have the actors improv. Make sure all of the show is current and relevant.  Film it months in advance, very fast, like they do with "Days of Our Lives."  Add in other actors as guest stars or recurring. The only prerequisite is lots of romance. Show it either one hour per week (cut back "The Chew" to four days) or Monday through Friday but only 15 minutes per day. Alternatively, do it as a web soap. Hey, the writing can't be any worse than what we see on "The Bachelor" or "General Hospital!" Seriously. And if they filmed it in the East Coast still, they could probably still get people like Erika Slezak to show up occasionally... Use lots of produce placement.  For instance, if they have flowers, mention the name of the florist.  They'd also have to make sure to really advertise the show to get people to tune in.  I think it would be a pretty big hit. But hey, if it wasn't... then at least they tried. Then if the show is a hit, they could add in more actors. Bring in gay and black characters, for instance. If it was a big enough hit, you'd have sponsors, writers and actors lining up to be involved.

Tuesday, August 4

The Whispers castI finished watching last week's episode of "The Whispers." It's a good show, but sometimes the people in it act dumb. The ending, though, was killer. A real OMG moment. They figured out how to kill the alien, but it means they have to kill a child! Oh, no!

Today I watched the two days' episodes of "The Bold & Beautiful."  ThatThomas and Caroline Caroline, she sure isn't good at keeping her lips to herself. Thomas is really cute, though, so who can really blame her, especially when everyone is telling her that Ridge is going to dump her someday?  Ridge should have known better than to take up with her because she cheated on Rick with him, so why would she stay faithful? Duh.

Maya and her parentsMaya's dad on "The Bold & Beautiful" is fun to watch. Is he just a dork, or a horrible person? Is he just hoping to get some of the Forrester money for himself, or does he also have a grand plan for revenge?  I want to see how he interacts with Ridge. Ridge has been very ornery lately, too, so maybe the two of them will hit it off.

I also watched "Major Crimes," which is always good. The woman theySally Pressman arrested in tonight's episode (Sally Pressman, whom you may recall from "Army Wives") kind of reminded me of Kyra Sedgewick, who used to star in the show as Brenda before when it was "The Closer."  I wondered if it was Kyra's stand-in for a minute!

Wednesday, August 5

My back was hurting (recurring problem), so I didn't watch too much TV today. I did catch up on the shows mentioned above.

We've been watching this last week of "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart waving goodbyeToo bad, only two more shows left! We also watch "The Nightly Show," but it's not quite as funny as "The Daily Show." I hope it gets better! I hope the new Daily Show host is good, too.

Don't forget that we have a great TV group on Facebook. It's a small, fun group.

Thursday, August 6

This week's "Teen Wolf" was great as always! I admit that I find it kind ofdead girl confusing at times, but I guess we're supposed to think the weird stuff is real, and then we realize later it's not. That ending was quite shocking. Who is that dead woman? I can't wait to find out.

I've been working hard to catch up on stuff. It never ends and there's always too much!

Brad, Lucas and FelixiI was chatting with a new online friend I made on Facebook...another person about my age who's watched a lot of soaps. She said that, according to one of the actors on "General Hospital," they were planning to do a transgender storyline, but B&B beat them to it. Really? Wow. Well, I'll believe that when I see it. They have a hard time enough just making their gay characters interesting. Maybe the new writers can do better.

I can't believe that somehow it didn't register in my brain that "CSI" wasCSI cast canceled this Spring. I guess I just didn't pick up on that. I knew that they said that they were going to finish it this Fall with a movie, but I didn't realize they were saying there were no more episodes besides that. So much information comes out in the Spring. It's hard to keep track of it all! I think I also read that Ted Danson will be joining "CSI: Cyber" but I'm not sure I can trust my memory on that one, either. I don't know...15 years is a good long time for any show, but I think the show was still good and could have hung around longer. I guess now they're spinning off a new "Criminal Minds," so that should be interesting.

Tomorrow I'm going to update my Primetime Reviews (I've been really behind) so make sure to check it out over the weekend. After that, I'mDWTS going to make our new Fall Schedule. 

The first show of the new Fall schedule will be the return of "Dancing with the Stars" Monday, September 14th! Here's a good calendar

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