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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #179

Comic-Con Honolulu logoThis weekend I was having fun at Comic-Con! No, not the famous one in San Diego, and not even the New York Comic-Con, but the one here in Honolulu. It's the first one, so it's still just a small, local con. I had fun, though. I think they said there were a little over 5,000 people there, which isn't bad.

Conventions have changed a lot since I last went (in the 20th century). I don't remember how much the over-all tickets cost back then, but I know that you paid for the whole weekend (or just one day), and then most of the events within the weekend were free.  You could go to many panels, watch movies, play games, get autographs, and take photos, all for free. Maybe they would have a special dinner with the celebrities or something (that would cost extra).

Apparently, now you have to pay extra for autographs and photos. That'sStar Trek cast in the 80's ridiculous. I guess it gets them the better stars, but I don't know... I remember going to some great scifi conventions in the 80's where I got to see all of the Star Trek stars, including Shatner and Nimoy, as well as many others. You did have to get there early, though, and stand in a long line. I was very poor back then, so I feel bad for kids today that don't have that kind of money.

This convention was only $45 for all three days, which is not bad, but then each star charged about $30-$60 for an autographed photo, and then another similar amount if you want to get your photo taken with them. I'd have been happy to just get them to sign my program and take a photo of them while they signed it! Which is what we used to do "back in the day."

GH actorsThis newer setup reminds me more of when I went to the "General Hospital" weekend events in '99 and '01. Not quite, but almost. For that weekend, each event is separate, so there's no over-all price. They have one big event, though, that's a lunch or dinner with most of the show's stars, and it's around $75-100. Then you get in line with your favorite ones and hope the line isn't too long...autographs and photos are free, but you can also buy nice photos from them or their fanclubs.  Then they had many smaller events with just a few of the actors, more intimate and fun. Those went anywhere from $25-$75 depending.  Some have really fun events like ice cream socials or karaoke. One was even a prayer meeting! 

At least with their events, though, you can pick and choose who to see andBrian Preston and Kelly Monaco at PC fan weekendit's not too costly (although it can certainly add up).  But of course it's just one show (however, back then, they also included their spin-off show, "Port Charles", so it was two shows).  You wouldn't be interested in it if you watched a different show. Still, it seems like they could learn a thing or two from the way these fan events are run. But I know that the "General Hospital" events have a limit to how many people can attend, and it's not nearly the size of a scifi convention. I think they get 600 fans at most. Still, it's not the size of the convention, but how organized it is that should matter.

Adam Baldwin and Sean MaherI've been having a great time chatting with other fans and meeting some TV stars. You can see the photos of the stars and their autographs on our site.  It was expensive, but worth it, in a way.  Not sure I could afford to do that very often, though. There's another one in September, so I'm going to have to see what that one's like and who will be there. I love comics, but I haven't really read them regularly since the early 80's, so I'm not as interested in them as I am in TV shows and movies.

There's a great scifi convention over on the Big Island the weekend before, with plenty of TV actors, but unfortunately, I don't think I can talk my husband into spending the money on that one. It would require a plane ride, hotel etc. Plus the resort they're holding it at is a good half hour from the airport, which would be a costly cab or shuttle ride.costumes

Anyway....I noticed at the convention I went to that the TV costumes were mostly about Japanese anime, "Game of Thrones," "Star Wars," "Star Trek," "Doctor Who," and the "Jurassic Park" movies. I don't think I saw one costume from any of the Syfy, TNT or CW scifi shows, or "Once Upon a Time," "Sleepy Hollow", "Teen Wolf," et al. I did see a couple dressed up as Archer and Lana from "Archer," but I think that was it. I would like to go as Amanda from "Defiance" next time if I can get it together, or perhaps go as Katherine from "The Vampire Diaries."

Colin FergusonThere was one panel about Syfy shows, but it was terrible, so I left early. I guess Colin Ferguson (star of "Eureka" as well as recurring roles on "Haven" and "The Vampire Diaries") was supposed to be there and had to cancel, so they just found some writer guy who was a fan to fill in.

Other than the panels for the actors that attended, there were only a few "Star Trek"-related panels, and not many about TV otherwise. Hopefully they will have better panels next year.

I have to say that one thing I didn't like was when actor Adam Baldwin wasFirefly cast bashing FOX for canceling "Firefly". Sure, that's a good way to get fans to applaud, but it's not really fair. FOX was the only network to actually put "Firefly" on at all. If not for them, you wouldn't know about it, and there wouldn't have been the DVD's and movie. FOX takes a lot of flak for canceling scifi and fantasy shows too soon, but the fact is that they put them on in the first place when other networks won't take the chance. Now we do have Syfy and CW, and even the other broadcast networks are trying to put more scifi, fantasy and comic book shows on a bit, but FOX had the long-running hit with "X-Files" and ever since, it's tried to re-create that success with a long string of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles castshows. It had modest success with "Sleepy Hollow," "Futurama," "Fringe," "Sliders," and of course the action show "24." They have put on many great shows like "Millennium," "Lone Gunmen," "Terra Nova," "Almost Human," "Dark Angel," "Terminator,"  "Space: Above and Beyond," "Dollhouse" and a whole lot more. Now they have a hit show "Gotham," and will hopefully have a good one with the upcoming "Minority Report." These shows would not be on the air even for one season on most networks.  The fact is that most TV shows of any kind are canceled within the first year. That's a fact and you can look it up :)  TV networks are businesses, so if a show doesn't get good ratings, then they can't sell advertising, and that's why they have to cancel the shows. The people who work at the networks often love the shows as much as fans do if not more.

If you look at the other networks, you will find that they all have canceled many good shows, scifi and otherwise.  They tend not to be as edgy as the FOX shows, though.

It was hard getting back into working mode after the convention! My brain was still "on vacation." I did scan in all of the photos I took and uploaded the autographs. Hope you can check them out! I'm still waiting for some of the photos for this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

I did our week's news page as usual, except I didn't have time to put up video clips like I usually do, or look for appearances, or send out our soap opera newsletters. Next week's news page will be here; I'll be working on it ASAP. Can you believe it's August already? I sure can't.

I had to prepare to go out of town for a vacation, too, so that's the other reason my brain was not really working right. I hac a lot to do, but I did manage to do a lot of work on the site to catch up a bit, and I watched some shows. I managed to catch up on the latest season of "Teen Wolf" so far! Such a great show. I don't know if it makes all that much sense. Sometimes I'm confused, I admit, but I enjoy it, anyway.The Messengers cast

I was very sad to see the last episode of "The Messengers" on The CW. They had a great ending for it, though. The good guys won, kind of, and it left things open for a second season, but not so much that we're really upset that there won't be a second season.

B&B guysI also watched "The Bold & The Beautiful." They're on a roll lately. First they had all of that transgender storyline with Maya and Ric, then they brought in her parents. Her father is apparently only interested in Maya's money now and who she's marrying, which makes it fun. Then they slowly built what looked like another boring quadrangle with Wyatt, Steffy, Liam, and Ivy... but then they had Aly go all crazy and then BOOM! They killed Aly off, and made it look like maybe Steffy killed her, and Ivy was a witness. Now Wyatt and Ivy are sort of co-horts on that. Meanwhile, Liam broke up with Ivy and is now firmly on Steffy's side. It made their little romantic stuff way more interesting. I liked Aly, but they hadn't done much with her lately, so this was a good way to get rid of her. However, now what is Oliver to do? I really liked him and Aly together. They were a cute couple. I loved him with Hope, too. Poor guy. They don't give him, or Carter, much to do. They should put Brooke with Carter for a while, spice things up. Donna doesn't have much to do, either, for that matter. There are too many people with no storyline and nothing to do except occasionally show up for weddings, funerals, or the odd board meeting.  It was great to see Thorne back, though. I liked how they had Ridge quote a poem and kind of annoy people with its inappropriateness. It kind of reminds us that he's still a little strange and antagonistic since he fell out of that helicopter.Aly and Steffy

The only silly thing, as I said last week, was how Steffy cowered from Aly when she just had a rock in her hand! It made no sense. First of all, Steffy is a strong, athletic, confident person that should be able to handle herself. Secondly, she could have tried a lot harder to talk Aly down by reminding herself of fun times they had together, how they were family etc. Thirdly, she could have easily run away, or got in her car and locked the doors. It really made very little sense that she would cower on the ground from this young girl with a rock! LOL! And poor Aly, she died a virgin...Kat and Vincent

I have a lot of TV to watch when we get back from our trip. I still haven't watched last week's "Beauty & The Beast." We're going to have a ton of episodes of "The Daily Show" and "The Nightly Show" to watch, too.

We're in Philadelphia. I really haven't had time to watch TV! They showed movies on the plane out here, but I just listened to my iPod and slept.

Michael EastonThere were two big announcements in the past week about "General Hospital" - they fired head writer Ron Carlivati, and they're now writing out Michael Easton. I don't care about the first, but I'm upset about Michael Easton leaving. He is a great actor and has chemistry with everyone. They didn't do a very good job with him as Silas ever since he and Sam broke up. He was fabulous as John the cop, but there wasn't much for him to do as a doctor. He was good with Ava and Nina, but not very believable once they established him as a good guy. I hope he finds another good job somewhere because he's just an amazing actor and still very handsome.

I was reading a list of canceled shows, which made me annoyed becauseThe Returned cast two shows I really liked were canceled recently, and I didn't even hear about it: "The Comedians" on FX and "The Returned" on A&E.  They were both very good, and I will miss them.

Maybe if these cable networks sent more of their actors and other people to smaller scifi and comic book conventions around the country, instead of just to the big ones, more people would watch their shows. Who knows? It might have helped "The Returned" as well as "Allegiance," "Constantine," "Helix," "The Messengers," and others. I mean, sheesh, at least have a booth with maybe a PR person to distribute T-shirts. Something!

angelsThey haven't announced it yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be the last season for "Dominion," which is already a short-episode series (I think it's 8 per season). I notice that Syfy doesn't send out info about it to the press this year. Too bad because I really enjoy it.  It wouldn't surprised me if they did the same with "Defiance" within a year or two, either.  They just don't seem to get the audience they should on Syfy. Perhaps because they canceled so many good shows and put on so much crap (like wrestling, bad movies and reality shows). I know they're trying to do better, though, but once fans decide not to go there, what can you do? I don't know... I really enjoy both of these shows as well as "Haven". I'm behind on watching "Continuum," but I enjoy that one, too. It's on its last season already.  "Bitten" is good, too.Haven cast

I spent a little time working on the site while on vacation, but not much. Don't forget to check out our "What's New" Page to see all of the stuff that gets put up every day.

I wish I had more money for traveling. I would love to go to most of the conventions and fan events, and take photos, get autographs, and interview people for the site. That would be awesome. Then again, if I lived near L.A. again, I would get to most of them...we used to live there but that was before I worked full time on the site, so I didn't go to all of these events.

Hawaii Five-0 castI do love living in Hawaii, though. Perhaps this year I can try to get to the big "Hawaii Five-0" event they have for fans every year. I don't watch the show, but I like the actors in it.  It's a free event they have on the beach. Thousands show up and the actors arrive on a red carpet. They have musical acts play and the Ludacrisactors chat and sign autographs, and they show the premiere episode for the season. You have to get there early to get a seat, though, or to see the actors up close. We'll see!

The new Fall season is coming up soon! You can already see many promos for the shows on TV. It sure keeps me busy.

Monday I'm interviewing Ludacris, who's hosting the Teen Choice Awards. I have no idea what to ask! Hopefully I will some ideas...

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