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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #177

Tuesday, July 13

Jon StewartWe're kinda bored here without our "Daily Show" and "Nightly Show" to watch during the week! LOL! I guess they take a 2-week break during the summer that I always forget about. On the other hand, since Jon Stewart's retiring from "The Daily Show," I guess he can do whatever he wants!

Last week was the San Diego Comic-Con,Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamil and Harrison Ford at Comic-Con and so I went to update our page for that and discovered, to my horror, that I had forgotten to put up the 2014 photos! Yikes! So I've been working a lot on editing those to put up. Then I have to put up all the great 2015 photos we got.  Our photographers Zina and Karl got some great photos again this year!The Simpsons on the 1994 Comic-Con cover

I was also trying to get photos of all of the past years' covers, but I couldn't find any cover art anywhere on the Web for 1979, 1982, 1983, 1987, or 1988. That's so weird. Why is it that you can get 1970-1978 but not the ones after?? Strange. I have many of the older programs scanned in, too, but I'm still missing quite a few, and I have three more of my own to scan in.

Yesterday I figured out that Tumblr had taken our Tumblr site down, so I had to rebuild it. That took me a lot longer than I'd planned! This is why I'm always so behind on everything... things pop up unexpectedly and then it takes me a long while to deal with them.

Jake on GHI see that Jake is back on "General Hospital." I think there's now LITERALLY no one else they can bring back from the dead on that show that hasn't already been brought back...except maybe for actual dead people like Edward and Lila. Soaps shouldn't kill our favorite stars off so often (it makes the deaths seem meaningless after a while), they should almost never kill off children (too sad), and they should DEFINITELY almost never bring back people from the dead.  Just stick to the history and have some dignity. Admit your mistakes but go forward. Stop pandering to the fans. Oh, and never bring back an actor as another character because that rarely works. Franco is no Todd, and Silas is no John. Rebecca was no Emily. Bill Eckert was no Luke. Recasting is bad enough.

I have a bunch of new TV show reviews to write up, so make sure to checkMr. Robinson those out. There are always new shows coming out now! Here are a bunch of new shows coming out in the next month or so (I don't usually bother listening reality shows, sorry):
"Tut" July 19 Spike TV (miniseries)
"Significant Mother" August 3 The CW
"Mr. Robinson" August 5 NBC
"The Carmichael Show" August 5 NBC
"Kevin From Work" ABC Family August 12
"Show Me A Hero" HBO August 16 (miniseries)
"Public Morals" TNT August 17
"Blunt Talk" Starz August 22
"Fear the Walking Dead" AMC August 23
"Public Morals" TNT August 25
"Narcos" Netflix August 28
"Puffin Rock" Netflix September 1

This week's Primetime News and Schedule page is here and next week's will be here. Check 'em out! We work very hard on those all week.

We watch the music channels on our cable when we're bored. What channels or shows do you watch when you're bored? Or do you flip around until you find something you like, or watch a DVD? Or turn off the TV altogether? (The horror!)

Jo and HenryLast week I looked at this page that had the season's ratings. It's such a shame that there are so many great shows that no one watches. I really loved "Forever," "Battle Creek" (not at first, but I grew to love it), "American Odyssey," "Backstrom," "Constantine," "Revenge" and more. It's sad to think that these companies create these great shows, with all of the writers, cast, crew, sets, et al. and sell the show to the networks, and then, suddenly, they all lose their jobs and they're on to the next things. That must be a weird life, to always be changing jobs like that. I know it's very disconcerting to the TV viewers as well.

Wednesday, July 14

I found out that on this week's "Rizzoli & Isles," they killed off Susie (TinaTina Huang Huang). That's a real shame. She's a very good actress. I interviewed her a few months ago. She said nothing, of course, about dying...  I hate when shows get unrealistic. I mean, last year they already lost one regular character, now another? Cops just don't die that often, and she wasn't even a cop so it's ridiculous. The writing on this show has always been a little weak, to be honest. They write the characters way better than they do the stories themselves. Kind of like "Castle" when it first started, although their stories have improved.

I wish one of the other networks would come out with a good female buddy cop show with even better writing than "Rizzoli & Isles."  One that's a bit less dumb with their nice combination of light humor and occasional tragic drama, with two stars that have great chemistry.  (Technically, Maura is not a cop, but you get the idea)  How about those guys who write "Royal Pains?" They could definitely do it. Hey, how about hiring Tina Huang to star in it?  None of this nonsense, either, about how the woman cop has to have a lot of brothers or something in order to be tough. Women are plenty tough in real life when they need to be. They don't need men to show them how. There are lots of women who are cops, firefighters, soldiers, doctors, construction workers and more, and they're not lesbians or women who act like guys. Make them interesting, yet real.  How about watching "UnReal" on Lifetime, to take some tips on how to write interesting and realistic female characters? It's so rare on TV.

Some of the Mad Men castA friend sent me an interesting article. It was mostly about sports, but it said that if you pay for cable or satellite, you pay for ALL of the channels, even though you may only watch a few. This is good because it gives all of the networks money in order to produce quality programs (even those with a fairly small audience, like "Mad Men").  However, so many people nowadays are opting to cancel their cable or satellite and instead watch online (or they stop watching altogether). Those that watch online, or on Netflix, or ROKU et al. don't realize that by not paying for all of the channels, they may eventually end up with far fewer shows to watch, or lower quality shows. It'll be interesting to see what happens and how TV will save itself in the long run.

Every weekday, I run the daily soap transcripts for our site. I have a special computer card in an old pc, so that I can hook it up to the cable box, and use the software to grab the closed-captioning off the daytime soaps.  I've been doing this since 2001! I used to have some help with it, but the few people that had this type of thing stopped volunteering, after a while, and it's old hardware and software, so it's hard to find new volunteers that would have it. I don't mind, though, since there's only 4 soaps left. It would have been tougher back when we started with the 9 or 10 soaps that were on the air!Lucky and Nikolas

Since early this year, ABC changed the way they do the closed-captioning, so now there are no names on the dialogue, and no line spaces between each, so poor Gisele has to edit it every day and fix it up. Fortunately, she watches "General Hospital" anyway, but what a pain it is. We're so thankful to have her! She does a lot of other things on the site, too.

Thursday, July 15

David Rasche and Michael RosenbaumLast night I caught up a lot on writing reviews of new shows for our site, so please check it out! I hope that you got to see both "Impastor" on TVLAND and "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" on FX. They're both very different shows but both are so funny.

I enjoyed this week's "Royal Pains." It was a good story, and the whole thingRoyal Pains cast with the dove was cute. Lightly spiritual without being preachy. I hope they're not heading toward pairing Hank and Divya. At this point, they almost seem like brother and sister. On the other hand, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that they never even considered getting together, since they're both single and looking for someone. They have so much Teen Wolf castin common.

I've been slowly working my way through DVD's of shows I recorded to watch, catching up on "Rizzoli & Isles" and "Unreal." I hope to also watch "Teen Wolf" soon. That's my favorite show right now.

Speaking of watching "Rizzoli & Isles," Jane's mom was on a health foodJane's mom with gluten free cupcakes kick, so she made cupcakes with cricket flour. This is very gross. I have to eat gluten free, but I don't think I would ever try cricket flour. No. Not even if it tastes and works exactly like wheat flour. I'll stick to my almond and coconut flour, thank you! You can even buy it on Amazon. Wow. Those poor little crickets. I'm not an animal rights person, and I have no problem eating animals, even some very cute ones like veal, lamb and rabbit (I try not to think about how cute they are). But I do like crickets, and I don't see the point in eating them. It's one thing if you live in a third world country and that's all you have to eat, but otherwise, it seems pointless. No thanks! What's next, eating ladybugs? Ick. I don't even want to know what's in this TigerNut Flour!

Rosewoods Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee OrtizI was also watching some new shows on the FOX press site. They said they're not for review yet as they're not finished and might be changing before Fall. I thought "Rosewood" was okay, but I have to see it on TV because the sound was pretty bad. The lead guy mumbles a lot. Hopefully they will fix that a lot. I enjoyed it and found it to be entertaining. Nice to see another show in Miami again. I loved both "Dexter" and "Burn Notice."  Here's an odd thing, though. Anthony Michael Hall has a small role as a police detective. I wonder why he would have such a small role (he was great in "Dead Zone!").  I thought, maybe he's going to turn out to be the murderer or they'll kill him off, or something? But no. And also, I checked around the internet and there's no mention of him being on this show, anywhere. So that's very strange. I emailed FOX but haven't heard back from them yet. I hope it's not a big secret that he's on the show! You heard it here first, if it is! LOL!

John Stamos and his little grand-babyI watched another new FOX show "Grandfathered," starring John Stamos. It was pretty good. There were some laugh-out-loud moments and it was generally very enjoyable. He plays a vain, 50-year-old restaurant owner that's never settled down; he finds out he has a long-lost son and grand-daughter that he never knew about.  Thing is, John Stamos just went into rehab in real life. I hope he's okay and getting the help he needs. I hope that doesn't affect this new show, either.  Paget Brewster plays his old girlfriend in the show. She's always really good.

I also watched this Lifetime movie "The Bride He Bought Online," whichAnne Winters and Alexandra Paul was much better than it sounds. It airs on Saturday. Tomorrow morning I get to interview Anne Winters, the star of the movie, and possibly Alexandra Paul as well (she plays a cop in the movie, a small but pivotal role). There was some confusion between me and the PR person, so I'm not sure if it's both ladies or just Anne. Anyway, should be interesting to chat with them. It was a fairly suspenseful movie.

Friday, July 16

The MessengersI'm looking forward to tonight's "The Messengers" and "Defiance!" I guess "Real Time with Bill Maher" is on hiatus until August 7. Bummer.

I watched last night's "Beauty & The Beast." It's always a good show! They've found an interesting way to have them plan their wedding and still have plenty of action and adventure.Vincent and Cat

Willy has been writing some Fan Fiction for our site. Check it out!

I had a great chat with both Anne Winters and Alexandra Paul. I put some other interviews up that were late. I hope you can read them or listen to them! They are awesome. We should have more soon, so check back.

By now I'm sure that most of you know that the stations you get on your TV set, even with cable or satellite, are no longer 3 great Amazon seriesthe only places to find original TV programs. Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo, and Amazon Prime are four major sites where you can find original programs as well as many re-runs or DVD shows.  I've watched quite a few of these. A lot of them also now have music. Amazon Prime seems to be trying to compete with other services, such as Pandora. They now have free streaming music (free if you're a Prime member). Tonight we've been enjoying a lot of 70's albums on there.

You can find my older blog posts at

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