The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #176

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #176

Empire castWow, I've really been swamped lately. This blog is so late.

Can you believe that the Summer is half over already? Which show are you most looking forward to returning? "Empire?" "Big Bang Theory?" "How to Get Away with Murder?" "The Voice?"

Don't forget that we put up the daily Transcripts for the soaps! We all work hard on those, as well as our daytime Recaps, Updates and Best Lines. We have a lot of great volunteers on our site who help write these things and more, like News and Spoilers and Articles.Comic-Con sign

First I went on vacation, and that pushed everything back. I really fell behind. Then the San Diego Comic-Con happened. I don't attend (I live too far away), but I have to co-ordinate things between the network PR people and my associates that do attend. Then they take lots of photos that I have to put up. Well, I went to update our Comic-Con pages and then realized that I had never put up the 2014 photos! What an idiot. (In my defense, I was moving last summer, so I was even busier than usual, so I put it off, and then I just forgot) So I've been editing last year's photos, and then after that, I'll have to do THIS year's photos. Ack!

1978 Comic-Con coverThis is a hard time of year for me.  I really wish I could attend all of the cons, but especially the San Diego one. Maybe next year (it's difficult to talk my husband into spending the money, which is substantial).  I have three older brothers who started it back when I was little. My mom even typed up the first program. I used to go every year, after that, well into the 80's.  I went to a lot of cons back in the 70's and 80's. Then we moved away, and I mostly stopped going (I didn't live near any).  In the meantime, people I knew in San Diego started working on it every year, so now many of my friends and relatives work on it, including my sister-in-law's husband. As the con has grown and gotten more popular (no longer just about comics), just about everyone I know there, and their kids, goes to it!  And it's everywhere in the media, and so I can't even go on Twitter or Facebook without reading all about it.Meeting Kin Shriner in 1999!

Also, since my job is about TV, and I get many emails about TV, I also get all of the Comic-Con info that the TV networks send out. That's a good thing, though, as it gives us access to some of their special press parties and panels. Still, it's difficult for me, living far away and not being able to participate. They also have the New York Comic-Con, and Wondercon in Anaheim, and many other cons, but I don't hear about them nearly as much. Then in August they have the General Hospital Fan Weekend, which I've been to a few times, which is also a lot of fun. I really miss it. I know lots of "General Hospital" fans who attend, and I follow most of the cast, so I read a lot about it, too. Thankfully, our volunteer Nikky has been going every year, so she gets us lots of great photos.

The Whispers' Sean and ClaireLet's just say, I'll be glad when September rolls around! LOL! On the other hand, that's when the new Fall season starts, so I'll be super busy with more reviews....never mind!

Enough complaining... Ha! Yeah, sure.  I'm still enjoying the same shows: "Defiance" on Syfy, "The Messengers" and "Beauty & The Beast" on The CW, "The Whispers" on ABC, "Major Crimes" on TNT, and "Last Week Tonight" on HBO. The rest I'm behind on but hope to catch up soon, especially the summer shows "Teen Wolf" on MTV, "Wayward Pines" on FOX, "Unreal" on Lifetime, "Dark Matter" on Syfy, "Rizzoli & Isles" on TNT, and "Mr. Robot" on USA Network. I've been watching new shows to review, so I have to finish that before I catch up on the others. A reviewer's job is never done! It's so hard to keep up. I was really hoping to catch up on the past two seasons of "Arrow" as well...Bitten's Elena and Clayton

Don't forget that every weekend we put up our Primetime News and Schedule! This week's page is here and next week's will be here. Danielle, Angie and I put a lot of work into that, so please check it out.

I'm very happy to hear that "UnReal" has been renewed! What a great show that is. I'm glad that "Bitten" is getting a season 3, too. I'm also happy that "Aquarius" is getting a season 2. I hope the new "X-Files" next Spring does well, too.

Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott of Stalker!We only need a couple of more followers on Twitter to reach 500, so please follow us! We don't even post very often. We also have Pinterest and Tumblr. I just updated both!

Here's a great page that lists all of the current shows on the major networks as well as the ratings for the whole year, and which shows were renewed or canceled. It doesn't include cable shows, though. It's interesting that the top-rated canceled show was "Stalker" at #60. I know they used to cancel shows with higher ratings than that. If they're giving them more of a chance, great! Either that or they cancel them so fast that they can't possible show up higher on the chart. Hmmm.  It's weird that they renewed "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", which is far lower in the ratings than "Forever." I like both shows, but I like "Forever" a lot more.the original Dallas cast

Here's something else. The top show this year, "Empire," had an average of about 13 million viewers. NFL football last year had an average of almost 18 million viewers! 15 years ago, the top show was "Survivor" on CBS, which averaged almost 17 million viewers. In 1980, the top show, "Dallas," had an average of almost 28 million viewers! I have no idea, though, whether pc- or phone-viewing factors into that. I know they do take DVR viewings into account (within 3 days).

Adam and Chelse of Y&R!We still need someone to write "Young & The Restless" daily updates for us. We have someone who writes them regularly, but she has health problems and often has to take time off.  Please email me if you can help out! I used to love this show, but I haven't watched it regularly in a while. I do think they've improved it lately, based on what I saw the other day. Tad and Dixie on AMC!

It's a shame that Cady McClain was written out, though. Kelly was a terrible character, but she always did a superb job in that role. Although I loved her as Dixie on "All My Children," I think her best role was as Roseanna on "As the World Craig and RosannaTurns."  Roseanna had a nice edge to her, but she was still likable.

I'm still watching "The Bold & The Beautiful" daily, mostly because of the Rick and Maya storyline (plus it's only a half hour, easy to watch). Her sister is kinda boring. The new Zende is really cute, though. I'm not lookingZende forward to where they go with the crazy Aly story. I'm glad that Maya has made some peace with her parents, but it seemed to happen awfully quickly.

Let us know what your favorite shows are! Make sure to drop by our Talkin' TV group on Facebook, too! It's a small and friendly group.

Chronicles - My personal blog, which is not about TV.

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