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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #171

Friday 5/15/15

Holmes and WatsonI watched last night's "Elementary" and enjoyed it as usual. I hope that last shot of Sherlock was not supposed to let us know that he had taken heroin! He looked a bit drugged up.... it was quite a clever and subtle season finale cliff-hanger.

I still like "The Messengers," and this week's was very good. That guy whoCastiel of "Supernatural" plays the devil is really creepy! Handsome but creepy. Maybe the show would have done better if they'd had a big name as one of the stars. I don't know. I guess part of the problem is that it seems to be doing so many themes we've seen in other shows, like "Supernatural," "Sleepy Hollow" and "Constantine," among others. Angels, demons, the devil, the Apocalypse, the Four Horseman... it's just too familiar now, even though the story and the characters are different. Maybe they need to find some other mythology to use for stories next time they develop a fantasy show.

Rick and MayaEven though I don't watch the soaps regularly, it bugs me when I see them doing things I wouldn't like. Take "Bold & The Beautiful." Okay, first, kudos to them for having a transgender character, with good story. Did it have to be someone who had already had story years ago about her child being taken away? That makes no sense because they acted like she had given birth to it. Also, it makes no sense that all of these people found out about Maya's big secret before she had a chance to tell her fiancée about it. I mean, how stupid are they to talk about big secrets in loud voices where everyone can hear? That's a soap opera cliché by now, so they should know better. Now, I have nothing against transgender people, and it's nobody's business what Maya used to be, how she was born, or her medical history. Sure, she should have told Rick that she can't have kids. Other than that, it's none of his business, either, at least until they get engaged (which they just did, I gather).  You don't owe your boyfriend or girlfriend anything. Then again, he has gone on and on a lot about how Caroline lied to him.  Maya should have said, "Okay, well, I haven't lied to you, but that doesn't mean I don't have my own secrets and personal history and things that are none of your business."  Or if she worried so much about him finding out about her secret, she should have asked him before how he feels about transgender people, to sound him out.

I really hope that on Monday we see that Rick is totally fine with Maya being transgender and not having told him.  My guess, though, is that he will be very upset, if his past is any indication. Look how he reacted when he found out his last wife just kissed another guy. He's very insecure, so I'm guessing that he will be very upset. Too bad.

There's lots of stuff happening on "General Hospital." They just killed offDuke and Anna Duke...again! I hate that they turned him back into a mobster, but I also hate that they killed him off. Now I read that they're going to get rid of a bunch of other characters, including Lucy. Also, Anna is going away for a few months while Finola Hughes directs a movie.  I think they do this every year after the Nurse's Ball, right? They get rid of a bunch of people.  I also hate what they've done to Elizabeth (having her lie about Jason). Now she's as bad as Ric, so they might as well put the two of them back together.  The live episodes should be interesting.  Not that we get it live here in Hawaii! I saw a few minutes of past clips they did with Anna and Duke. That was great!

Thaao PenghlisI heard that Tony (Thaao Penghlis) will be coming back to "Days of Our Lives," so that will be great. He's always good. I guess he's coming back to help out either Chad or Stefano, now that Kristen is dead (if she really is).

For some reason, my DVR was planning to record some shows next week that are re-runs, like "The Mentalist," and many episodes of "The Daily Show" and "The Nightly Show" (both are on hiatus next week). So I had to go through the DVR schedule and cancel a bunch of stuff. It was so sad to cancel so many of my favorites like "The Mentalist," "Justified," "Backstrom," "Forever," and others. Boo hoo!

Saturday 5/16/15

We watched last night's "Real Time with Bill Maher" and it was fun, likePeter Cushing usual. However, he did this silly diatribe about how Americans put on fake British accents in movies, but then he mentioned the characters in Star Wars. Trouble is, all of THOSE examples were British actors, not American actors, and the Star Wars movies were filmed in England, and had an  international team of actors and crew! So that wasn't funny and just made him look ignorant.

I didn't watch much TV today, otherwise. I did a lot of work on the site, though. This week's Primetime TV News and Schedule is here and next week's will be here. Check it out because we now put lots of video clips in there as well. I can't believe it's almost June!

Sunday 5/17/15

Don Draper on the season finaleToday we watched the "Mad Men" series finale. So sad that it's ending. The finale was great. I might write an article about it. We both enjoyed it a lot. They sort of tied up everything, but not too neatly for reality's sake and left some things ambiguous. Apparently many assumed from the ending that Don wrote the Coke ad that they played. That was a huge assumption on their part. Nothing we saw really hinted at that.  Silly, really. Anyway, I'm just glad they didn't kill anyone else off, especially Don. I'll really miss all of the characters. Now I have to wonder if everyone else also assumed that Sherlock on "Elementary" is on drugs because that was much more heavily hinted at in that season finale than what happened in "Mad Men." Then again, it wasn't the series finale, so that may be why people were more inclined to read that into the other.

We also watched the "Family Guy" season finale, which was not very funnyFamily Guy season finale at all. They need to improve that next year or don't even bother with it any more. Then again, look at "The Simpsons" -- it hasn't been very funny in years. Even "American Dad" is still around, albeit on TBS.

I read that Anna shot Carlos on "General Hospital," in retaliation for his killing Duke. UGH. This is not why we watch soap operas, first of all. There's still way too many killings and too much violence on this show. Secondly, that is so out of character for Anna.  It was bad enough that she kept Faison captive and tortured him. At least there, she was protecting her family, since he'd busted out of all of the other prisons. They never said there was any actual torture, except for the bad conditions. To have her just shoot someone out of revenge is horrible and not something a heroine should do. I won't miss Carlos because they never did much with him, either. I've heard that Shawne is also leaving. That's another one I won't miss (although, he and Jordan had great chemistry), and they were never good at writing for him.

Marlena and Kristen fightingI heard that Finola Hughes is taking some time off to direct a movie. Good for her. If she's smart, she'll stay far, far away from GH until they get back to being a better show.  They should learn from "Days of Our Lives."  That show kills people off sometimes, too, but it's not overly violent and no one has to compromise their integrity to do it. Marlena pushed Kristen out of a window, but it was in self-defense. They were fighting, and Kristen was trying to kill her.  Marlena just pushed her to get her to back off.  Marlena is still a heroine and has not had to become a killer. Good use of old clips with Stefano and Marlena, too!

Soaps need to follow these simple rules: 1) keep the stories realistic, 2) stop doing the same old clichés over and over, 3) hardly ever kill anyone off, 4) don't kill off fan favorites, 5) don't bring anyone back from the dead, 6) keep the violence to a minimum.  If you can't write good stories without shootings, stabbings, kidnappings, and explosions, maybe you need to find another line of work. These are soaps. They should be full of romance and fun, with drama brought about by relationship issues. It's not "Game of Thrones!"

This is why people like me have stopped watching the soaps regularly.Victor and fake Jack being chummy They're cartoonish and boring. "Young & The Restless" has a few really stupid stories going on right now... the younger people in the show are dealing with some mysterious murderer.  Michael has cancer and is pushing away his supportive wife. Worst of all, Jack has been kidnapped and is being kept captive by his crazy ex-girlfriend, while Victor has an exact replica in his place.  You know, this replica thing was outlandish when they did it on "One Life to Live" in the 80's, but now it's just tired and stupid.  Not only that, but Y&R has never been the kind of soap to do those kind of crazy stories regularly, so it doesn't work at all. This is just as stupid as when we found out that Brad had a secret past hunting Nazis (or whatever that story was; I've purged it from my brain). Yes, it's good to give Jack more story, but this is not the way to do it.

Speaking of "Young & The Restless", we really need a new writer for our daily updates. We have some people writing them, off and on, but we need more that are reliable and can write them at least once a week. Please email me if you can help out!

Monday 5/18/15

Geffin Anthony as Charles MansonI interviewed Gethin Anthony this morning. He was on "Game of Thrones" before and will now star as Charles Manson on the new NBC show "Aquarius." It sounds like a great show. He was so very nice and polite in the conference call interview. He made sure to thank each of us by name, and he was just so eloquent. I'm really looking forward to the show. NBC is supposed to send me some episodes to watch soon. I hope it's a big hit, but they've canceled so many shows that I like, over the years. Just in the past few years: ER, Southland, Law & Order, Revolution, Dracula, Crossbones and Constantine. Ah, well. "Aquarius" is only a short summer show, and they'll bring it back if it's a hit. It's kind of like a miniseries, I guess. Nowadays it's hard to tell because they use that word "miniseries" a lot, but it doesn't mean the same as it used to. it used to mean a multi-part movie that aired every night for a week or two. Now it usually means either a 2-part movie or a 8- to 10- part series that runs once a week. It's so confusing, especially since there are plenty of series that only have 8-10 episodes per year now (especially on cable). They also call them "event series" or "limited series" etc.

David Duchovny stars in it, and he'll also be in the new "X-Files" on FOX,David Duchovny as Hodiak which is only 6 episodes. I also read that he's going to have an album out. I had asked Gethin if he'll be singing in the show, since Charles Manson was trying to be a rock star, and he said that we would hear him sing, but it wasn't clear from his answer as to whether he meant we would hear Gethin singing, or if someone else would be doing the singing (perhaps old recordings of Manson?). I wonder if he and Duchovny compared singing notes...

Stitchers sceneI watched the first episode of "Stitchers" on ABC Family. I enjoyed it. They don't have the best track record when it comes to sci-fi shows, though. I like the ones they make, but they usually cancel them fairly quickly. You can watch it, too, in this sneak peek!

This week is tough because most of the shows are finished until the Fall! No "Castle" tonight.

Tuesday 5/19/15

Early this morning, I was in a conference call interview with the two starsHarris and Ishta of "Stitchers," Emma Ishta & Kyle Harris! They seemed very nice. Then later, I was in one with Debra Messing. Her show "Mysteries of Laura" just got picked up for a second season. She was very professional, but easy-going and nice.

Marilyn Monroe (Kelli Garner)I've been watching DVD's they sent me to review, so check them out. I watched this new Marilyn Monroe movie that's going to air on Lifetime. Everyone in it does a good job, but of course Susan Sarandon is the best as her crazy mom.

The new NBC show "Aquarius" is really good. I saw the first episode today. Wow!!! It starts next Thursday May 28. You don't want to miss this one.

I've been trying to catch up on everything. There's always too much to do!

Wednesday 5/20/15

This morning I was supposed to have an early conference call interviewThe Island with Bear Grylls and Executive Producer, Holly Wofford from NBC'S "THE ISLAND." I don't like reality shows and don't watch them, but this sounds like it's more interesting than the usual one. But, anyway, the call was canceled. Bummer! I wanted to ask him about some of the interesting celebrities that are going to be on that show.

Now I've gotten hooked on "Bold & The Beautiful"! I really like the way they're handling Maya's story and how it's all been falling out. Very good soap opera story. Why can't it always be that good? :)

Matthe Weiner, creator of Mad MenI spent an hour today listening to a video of Matthew Weiner talk about "Mad Men." It was really interesting, too. Apparently it was only the second part of the interview, so I'll have to watch the first part, too, sometime.

Tonight's "Hot in Cleveland" was really funny! I hope there are some more funny ones coming up as the show ends...

Wow, both the season finales of "Supernatural" and "The Flash" were fabulous! Great world-ending finales. I'm so glad Dean didn't kill Sam. AsSam, Death and Dean for Flash, I'll miss Harrison Wells. Tom Cavanaugh is always such a likable guy, whether he's playing a good guy or a bad guy. When they erased Harrison, though, I wondered, if he's erased, then why isn't everything he's done erased, such as the Flash, Barry's mom being killed, his father in jail, and everything that the particular accelerator did? That made my brain hurt. I so hate having to Guiding Light castwait until the Fall to see the rest!

I'm still working on the "Guiding Light" section, updating it. I had to update the links on all of our actor birthday lists. I made new Cast and Birthday pages for our "Castle" and "Being Human" sections, too.

Thursday 5/21/15

This morning I had two conference call interviews. First I spoke withBryan Fuller with his show's two stars Bryan Fuller, who runs "Hannibal" on NBC. He seems very nice and really knowledgeable and smart. I tried watching the three episodes they sent, but I hated them. I mean, it's not a "bad" show in the sense that it has really good actors, and the photography is very beautiful, and the writing is very intelligent. However, it moves very slowly, and it's a very violent and gory show as well as pretentious. Fuller actually said in the interview that he likes pretentiousness. So, okay....guess that's what they're going for, then. Not my cup of tea.

Kellan LutzThen we spoke with Kellan Lutz, who's hosting a new reality show called "Bullseye!". He's most known for the "Twilight" movies. I guess he's done a lot of action movies and is really physical and into extreme sports, so he's very enthusiastic about the show. Apparently after I got off the line, one of the other people asking questions was flirting with him in a kind of embarrassing way. LOL!

This is very strange. Wednesday's "Bold & The Beautiful" ended with RickRick and Ridge coming up behind Ridge to attack him as he left Rick's room. Wednesday's episode started with the next day, and only brief mention that Rick attacked him. That's so odd. I hate when soaps do that. You would never get away with that crap on a primetime show. Other than that, I've been enjoying watching it. Oh, and also they should get rid of the beard on Rick. I hate that!

Here's a really interesting interview I've found with Lee Daniels (co-creator of "Empire") and other TV showrunners. They talk about race and other issues.

American CrimeLast week I noticed that we have tons of TV shows called "American" such and such: "American Dad," "American Ninja Warrior," "American Crime, "American Horror Story," "American Odyssey," "American Idol," "The Americans".. and now I read that the people who do "American Horror Story" are also going to do a new one on FX about the O.J. trial called "American Crime Story" (even though there's already a show on ABC called "American Crime"). That's not confusing or anything!!!???!!! LOL! And then of course we have tons of cable reality shows like "American Pickers" as well. Enough already! We know what country we live in! No need to keep reminding us/pandering to us.

I'm sorry that this blog is so late, and I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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