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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #169

Dr. ObrechtI was very sick the past week or so with a cold or virus, and now it's a sinus infection, so I didn't make a new blog post. I've been keeping up on all of my shows (what else is there to do when you're sick?) and now I'm catching up on some DVD's for our reviews page.

While I was very sick, I looked up from my sickbed, and through my watery eyes, I saw what MUST be a dream, Dr. Obrecht on "General Hospital" singing "99 Luftballons"....LOL!

Our long-time volunteer Nikky went to a recent GH fan event, so we'll have her pics up soon. She goes to many NY-area events as well as the GH Fan Club Luncheon most years. We're so lucky to have her, and others who donate their time and photos!

This week's Primetime News Page and Schedule is here and next week's will be here. Besides the info about each show, I've been adding video clips, too!

I'm still watching the new British show "Tatau" on BBC America Saturdays.Tatau's Rangimoana Taylor and Joe Layton It's a fun little mind-bending diversion. I thought that the lead actor, Joey Layton, played a small part in this past week's "Once Upon a Time," too! But turns out it was just another actor that looks similar. Go figure.

Young Robert CarlyleSpeaking of OUAT, I'm sure enjoying that, still, and ICarlyle as Rush on SGU can't wait for next week's two-hour season finale. They really could have ended it last week and I would have been happy, but I guess they have to have their dramatic cliff-hanger instead. It looks very interesting (all of the show's villains becoming heroes and switching places with the real heroes). I really love the Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin (AKA Gold)actor who plays Gold, Robert Carlyle. He's my favorite, ever since "Stargate: Universe."  He's just a fantastic actor. If you get a chance, watch his big hit movie, "The Full Monty" (1997). He's so cute in that. I need to look for more of his movies to view.Charlie

I can't believe they killed Charlie off on "Supernatural!" That really sucks. Dr. McDreamy, Patrick DempseyOn the other hand, lots of people have been killed off on that show and come back to life, so there's hope... I heard they killed off Dr. McDreamy on "Grey's Anatomy," too. I hate when shows do that.Selena

There are lots of season finales going on this month! They've been pretty great so far. The "Gotham" finale was outstanding. It sure was shocking to see Selena turn evil so fast, and the way they killed off Fish was almost anti-climatic. All those episodes The late Fish Mooneyabout her being held captive, and her fighting her way back, just to kill her off right away? That was kind of lame. Sad that they killed Maroni, too, because I like that actor. I'm sure he'll get another good role somewhere. He was great on "Dexter," too.Charlotte Rampling as a young model

Speaking of "Dexter," I've been catching up on this season's "Broadchurch" as well, and Charlotte Rampling is in it. She Charlotte Rampling now in Broadchurchwas on the last season of "Dexter" as his psychiatrist. I didn't realize that she used to be a famous model and film actress back in the 60's and 70's. I probably saw her in some of her films and didn't notice.

I finally got around to watching the Daytime Emmy Awards. I watched themBetty White on YouTube and then realized they're also On Demand. I have Time Warner Cable, and we don't get the POP channel, but we get some of their shows On Demand. That's great news because I like to keep copies of certain award shows on VHS or DVD. They did a good job with the show. I liked all of the game show stuff, and the Betty White tribute was awesome. It even made me tear up a little. They only thing I didn't like was when they did the "couples" musical montage and had someone singing-- they showed us the singer more than the montage. I would have liked to have seen more of the montage (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this). 

Tyra hosting the Daytime EmmysCBS was very wise here to take on the awards, which have been searching for a good home for awhile since the ratings dropped. CBS owns POP as well as The CW and Showtime. They have two soap operas, so it makes sense for them to have the Daytime Emmys and to promote their shows. However, airtime on CBS is probably a lot more expensive, so by showing it on POP, and On Demand, they get viewers, and they promote their soaps, as well as their channel. It's all good for them. ABC and NBC should be kicking themselves right now that they didn't think of it first. ABC could have run the awards on ABC Family. NBC could have run it on USA Network.Grodd

I loved the "Grodd Lives" episode of "The Flash" (nice nod to "I am Groot" there, LOL!), but I can't wait for the next one when we see the showdown with Arrow and Wells, et al.  Only two more episodes left for the season! Poor Eddie, though...

Henry with the dagger in the sewerThe "Forever" season finale was AWESOME, just perfect. I hope it's not the series finale. I just love that show. Glad that he's finally forced to reveal his secret to Jo.Nina Dobrev

I wonder if Nina Dobrev's leaving "The Vampire Diaries" will affect the show's ratings? Or perhaps the viewers are already sick of the constant triangle and be glad to see Elena go? I don't know...

Melissas BenoistI was very sad to hear that "Revenge" won't be back next year. I don't know why they cancel shows that are still very good. I'm glad they renewed "iZombie", though.  I was also excited to hear that CBS picked up "Supergirl."  I wonder if they're thinking, we need a superhero show! All of the other networks have them.  I just hope they give it a chance in the ratings...  Seems like viewers only like these type of shows on The CW and ABC, doesn't it?  Anyway, I was a huge fan of Superman and all of his family in the comics when I was growing up, but especially Supergirl. I hope it's a good show!

Sounds like "Constantine" won't be on the NBC Fall schedule, but it's not canceled yet. They might bring it back mid-season.  Keeping my fingersCastle and Beckett crossed!

I enjoyed "Castle" the past two weeks, but did anyone else think it was very strange that Castle and Beckett just started dancing for no apparent reason, when they were backstage of the show? I don't know anyone who would do that.

stars of the showAs much as I like soap opera actors, I was hesitant to watch "Queens of Drama", but after watching the first episode, it did get pretty interesting, especially once they got bitchy with each other. Seeing Vanessa Marcil and Donna Mills argue is pretty fun.

I'm still watching the new show "The Messengers" on The CW. It's really more like "Heroes" or "Alphas" than any show I've ever watched with angels. That's a good thing! Last week's ending was shocking and great.

Okay, the series "Daredevil" on Netflix is fabulous, but I read ONE reviewMatt and Claire where they said, "good thing there was no romance to get in the way of the character, no having to protect his secret identity, blah blah blah". Then I read a letter in Entertainment Weekly where they said the opposite, that the show lacked any romance! Both are stupid!  He had sparks with the nurse,  Claire, but they decided not to pursue their relationship. Toward the end of the season, we can see Karen gravitating away from Foggy and toward Matt (just like in the comic books). It's only one season. It's good that they're taking things slow. Not every superhero has to be like Lois Lane and Clark Kent. I'm a soap opera fan, and even I don't want too much romance in my superhero shows. I would rather have realism and have them stick to what was in the comic book, than to try to put in some romance for the "girl readers" or whatever.

We watch "Family Guy", and this week's was their 250th episode. It was not very funny, although they had a really great joke at the very end. They need more great jokes. They have a lot of stupid, pointless jokes where Peter is Jerry and Dick Van Dykejust being stupid or infantile. I don't know why they think that's funny.

I don't normally watch "The Middle" (it's okay, I just don't have the time to watch everything!), but I might have to go find that one episode with Dick Van Dyke and his brother Jerry, On Demand. I love him! I watched all of his shows, growing up and beyond.

cast of The 100This week I was catching up a lot on DVD's, so now I'm almost over and can start catching up more on shows I'm so behind on. I have most of this season's "The 100" on my DVR, so I'll start with that. I made a list of which other shows I'm behind on, and which are out on DVD. So here are the shows I hope to catch up on (most of them I left off sometime last season):

1. "Arrow" 2. "Person of Interest" 3. "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." 4. "The Vampire Diaries" 5. "The Originals" 6. "Reign"  7. "Revenge" 8. "Ultimate Spider-Man" (cartoon) 9. "The Americans" 10. "24: Die Another Day" 11. "Falling Skies" 12.Arrow cast "Defiance" 13. "Bitten" 14. "Archer" 15. "Bletchley Circle" 16. "Devious Maids" 17. "Dominion" 18. "Suits" 19. "Rizzoli & Isles" 20. "Perception" 21. "True Detective" 22. "Extant" 23 "Tomorrow People" 24. "Sleepy Hollow" I've got a bunch more, but....who knows if I'll ever get to them!

I was surprised to find that some of the shows or seasons that have already finished are not out on DVD (and may never be), especially "Star-Crossed", "Tomorrow People" season 2, "Ultimate Spider-Man" seasons 2 and 3, "Devious Maids" season 2, and "Suits" seasons 5 (although I'm sure the last one will be out soon). Good thing I recorded most of them myself already on DVD!

M. Night ShyamalanLast week I got to interview famous movie director/writer M. Night Shyamalan about his new show "Wayward Pines."  That was very cool. He was so smart and interesting. In a couple of weeks, I get to interview Gethin Anthony, who stars in the upcoming NBC miniseries "Aquarius" as Charles Manson. The show also stars David Duchovney. That one sounds great.

Here's a list of new shows coming up if you want to catch them!

"Grace & Frankie" Friday, May 8 Netflix

"Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder Mystery" May 10Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in "Grace and Frankie" Hallmark Movie Channel

"Wayward Pines" May 14

"Between" May 21 Netflix

"Texas Rising" May 25 miniseries on History

"Aquarius" May 28 miniseries NBC

"Nightingale" May 29 HBO

"Impastor" TVLAND Summer

"The Jim Gaffigan Show" TVLAND Summer

"UnReal" June 1 Lifetime

"The Whispers" June 1 ABC

"Stichers" June 2 ABC Family

"Sense8" June 5 Netflix

"Odd Mom Out" June 8 Bravo

"Dark Matter" June 12 Syfy

"Clipped" June 16 TBS

"Proof" June 16 TNT

"Deutschland 83" June 17 Sundance

"The Astronaut Wives Club" June 18 ABC

"Complications" June 18 USA

"Killjoys" June 19 Syfy

Killjoys"Poldark" June 21 PBS

"Ballers" June 21 HBO

"Mr. Robot" June 21 USA

"Zoo" June 30 CBS

"Scream" June 30 MTV

"Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" July 16 FX

"Tut" July 19 miniseries Spike TV

"Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" Netflix July 17

"Significant Mother" August 3 The CW

"Mr. Robinson" August 5 NBC

"The Carmichael Show" August 5 NBC

"Public Morals" August 17 TNT

"Border Town" FOX Fall 2015  

"Scream Queens" FOX Fall

"Westworld" HBO ?

Jim Gaffigan"Blunt Talk" Starz ?

"The Expanse" Syfy ?

You can see all of the reality shows and many movies at

Remember, we review all of the new shows for you as well as many new DVD's.

Have a great week!

You can find my older blog posts at

Chronicles - My personal blog, which is not about TV.

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