The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #167

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #167

Saturday 4/11/15

Criminal Minds castWhat is your favorite show of the Top Ten Nielsens this week? I don't watch any of those, although I used to watch all of the "NCIS" shows and "Criminal Minds."

There was a great interview this week in the magazine "EntertainmentCandice Bergen Weekly" with actress Candice Bergen.  When asked what TV shows she watched, part of her answer was that she doesn't watch any network TV. Yikes. She only watches things like "Homeland."  That's a shame because network TV has some really great shows now. Cable shows are not all better than network shows any more. She has a new autobiography out, "A Fine Romance."

I spent all weekend working on the site! Like usual. I have no life. LOL! Just kidding.

We have a new volunteer, Angie, who's helping me out a lot on our Primetime News and Schedule pages. This week's is here and next week's will be here, but it's not complete yet. We update these pages every weekend.

Bill Maher Real TimeWe (my husband and I) always watch "Real Time with Bill Maher" on Fridays (or the next day, depending on how late we stay up). It's always funny, but sometimes Bill's anti-Muslim rhetoric is a bit hard to take. He doesn't seem to understand that Muslims are no more violent than any other religious people. It's just a small group of them that do violence. He's a smart guy, so I hope he figures out how prejudiced and unfair that is, one of these days. We think he's very funny, generally.

Otherwise we just listened to music on our cable's music channels. We like to listen to oldies and sing along...

Sunday 4/12/15

I spent all day today watching "Daredevil" on Netflix. Great show! As IDaredevil cast think I said last week, it's very violent. It works, though. It's a very gritty and realistic show (for a comic book). I keep waiting for him to put on the costume, though. I'm on episode 7 and he's still just wearing the black outfit. Yet he wears the costume in the opening credits!

The show is a little confusing to me because I read the comic in the 60's and 70's. Apparently they changed the comic quite a bit in the 80's. The show is mostly similar to the ones I read, but the character of Stick is new to me.Mad Men's Don and Roger with ladies

It still amazes me that there are all these non-TV channels, like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube, some of them doing this fabulous original programming. I sure wish they'd had all of this when I was growing up. I'm very glad I have my ROKU so I can watch all of these on my nice flat screen TV instead of my computer or phone, too.

I took a break from watching that to take a nap, and then we watched "Mad Men."  We always enjoy that. I'm sad it's almost over! Not as sad about it as I am about "Justified" and "The Mentalist," though.

Don't forget to check out our What's New page to see all the stuff we put up every day!

Family Guy GriffinsWe also watched "Family Guy," which wasn't very funny. It was just okay... not one of their best.

We really need another person to help us with the interviews. I get lots of requests for interviewing actors, and Krista and I can only do so many. I really need someone who can do one-on-one interviews with reality show stars and other minor actors as well as fill in on some of the others. I'm surprised more people are not jumping at the chance to do that, quite frankly.

Monday 4/13/15

I actually got most of my usual weekend work done a day ahead of time, for a change! So that was nice.  Usually I'm playing catching up for the next few days into the week... Having Angie helped a lot.

One of our volunteers is having a baby. Another one just had corrective surgery for an ongoing problem. Another one had surgery and has cancer. It's just always something! Like any office type of environment, I suppose (even though ours is a virtual office). Good luck to them all! We have the very best volunteers on the Web. Most of these men and women have been with the site for many years. Like me, only their love for TV keeps them devoted to their work every day.

Speaking of our devoted volunteers, Michele and Cheryl just celebrated a birthday. These twin ladies started with us when they were in high school and now are well into adulthood.  They do a lot of work on our "Days of Our Lives" site. We would truly be lost without them!

Okay, time to get started on our weekly daytime soap news and spoiler newsletters for GH and the CBS soaps... I also had to summarize this week's Soap Opera Digest for our daytime news pages, since Mandy is indisposed.Cary and Diane

This morning while I was doing all this, I watched two of my favorite shows, "The Good Wife" and "Once Upon a Time." Both are so great. They have tons of twists and turns, and storyline shockers. I just love the characters, too. I can't believe that they're going to toss Alicia out!

Josh Duhamel and Candice BergenI also watched another episode of "Battle Creek." This one had Candice Bergen guest-starring as Russ' mom. She was awesome! She should get another series.

I'm back to watching "Daredevil." It's really good but still so violent! Makes it kind of hard to watch at times. Yet I can't stop watching it... I finally finished it late tonight. Loved it! Glad to see he finally got his real costume and billy club, too.

We're watching "This Week Tonight with John Oliver."  It's always funny. He's great!

Tuesday 4/14/15

I guess there were a lot of rumors flying around about whether "Constantine" is canceled or not, but no decision has been made yet.Zoie Palmer and Anna Silk If they do renew it, I'm definitely going to start a section on our site devoted to it. I'll add it to the list :)

This morning I had a conference call interview with Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer of "Lost Girl", and then I had a one-on-one interview with Daphnee Duplaix, who stars in the movie "I Really Hate My Ex." I also watched both before interviewing them on the phone...

I always love watching "Lost Girl," even though I don't always understand what's going on. That's my fault for not watching it regularly and from the beginning. I watched two episodes that Syfy sent me on DVD. Zoie Palmer had to leave the call early, but Anna Silk was very nice on the call and gave very good answers.

The call with Daphnee Duplaix went very well, but she gave very short answers to my questions. It was over very quickly. I guess that's better than being long-winded! Especially when I have to transcribe. The low-budget movie was kind of a weird premise, but it was enjoyable.

I've been putting our older Primetime Articles and Interviews pages into the newer design when I've had more free time. Between interviewing and transcribing! It takes a long time because I have to copy the template page, paste it, open the old page, copy just the photo and info, close that page, open the template copy, paste into that page, adjust anything that needs adjusting, save it and close it. Whew! Almost done. Yay!

Law & Order: SVU castWe watched our usual "The Daily Show" and "The Nightly Show." They always give us a few chuckles, at least. I also watched some of the December episodes of "General Hospital."

Looks like I have another interview next week with the producers of "Law & Order: SVU," "Chicago PD," and "Chicago Fire." They're having another crossover with the shows. I stopped watching SVU and don't watch the others, but I'm sure I'll come up with something to ask!

Wednesday 4/15/15

As I look through all of the interview pages, it reminds me of just how many people I've interviewed over the past 7 years! Wow! It's 600+ people. I forget some of them. I had totally forgotten I spoke with Curt Smith, lead singer of "Tears for Fears!"Tim, Rachel and Raylan

I'm watching "Justified" now. I hate that it's over. So sad. Such a great show with wonderful writing and fabulous characters. I'll really miss it! They had a great ending, though. I'm glad Raylan, Boyd and Ava all survived, and Raylan didn't kill Boyd or send Ava to jail. It was perfect! Well, no perfect that Raylan was not back with Winona in the end, but it was great that Jason Gedrick played her boyfriend. My only regret at all about the show is that I always wanted to see Raylan have a relationship with Rachel, but I guess they decided to go with Ava as the woman he had a thing for, besides Winona.

Other than that, I just watched some more episodes of "General Hospital" from December.

There's a new CW show called "The Messengers" starting on Friday. I hope it's good. I like most of their shows, but I don't have time to watch any new ones...

People are always asking me what shows I'm watching. That's why I keep this "What I Watch" Page updated.  Check it out!

Thursday 4/16/15

I watched last night's "Supernatural," always a great show. So glad Cass gotSam, Dean and Charlie in "Book of the Damned" his grace back! It was wonderful to see Charlie back again, too. I loved seeing Jeff Branson as a bad guy, but I wish he would get another good regular gig. He's such an awesome actor.

I was reading a post on Facebook by Brian Gaskill (who played Rafe on "Port Charles" as well as many other soap roles). Brian GaskillHe was discussing at length his resume and how Hollywood treated him after he worked on soaps, like he had done damage to his career by starring in them. That's so terrible. He's an amazing actor. I don't know why they don't realize that many fantastic movies and TV actors got their starts in soaps, like Julianne Moore and Morgan Freeman. Those are just two examples; the list is very long.

There are many good shows on Thursdays... so hard to keep up on everything. I watched "The Big Bang Theory," "Elementary," "Backstrom," and "Bones." I have 2 DVR's, so I can record up to 4 shows at once. Thank goodness! I always enjoy those four shows, but none of them are my very favorite shows. They're good, solid, enjoyable shows, though. BBT could be a lot funnier than it is.

I've been arguing with ABC about their closed-captioning on "General Hospital."  In February they changed their CC from what they call a rollingJake and Elizabeth CC to a pop-up CC. They took off all of the character names. That's bad enough! But now they also leave out huge chunks of dialogue. They're always trying to pass the buck, trying to claim it's a local problem, even though they already admitted to me that they changed the CC. It's very aggravating because we use this to post our Daytime Transcripts. We used to just have to slightly proofread them, but now we have to really edit them a lot, which takes a lot of time. Gisele does GH, thank goodness. I don't have anyone to do "Days of Our Lives", though. We really need a new "proofreader" who can watch the show and fix up the dialogue every day.

Have a great weekend and week, everyone!

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