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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #165

Saturday 3/28/15

I spent the weekend catching up on last week's shows and working on the site. That's pretty much what I do every weekend ;) I started watching some DVD's, too.

I found this fun photo on the CBS site of Michael Weatherly (Tony Dinozzo) of "NCIS" and a young Robert Wagner (who plays Dinozzo's dad). Love it!

We were out late on Friday, so tonight we watched our news/comedy shows from Thursday and Friday, which are always funny.

Every week Danielle gathers all of the press release and show information and posts it on our Primetime Forum . She sends it to me, and I edit it down to put on our Primetime News and Schedule Pages. This week's Page is here and next week's will be here so please check them out! There's a lot of info as well as video clips and photos.

Danielle could really use some help posting articles, so please let me know if you can help out! It's pretty easy.

I have a new helper, Angie, that's learning to edit the PR for me and help me post it to the site, so that's great! Woo hoo!

Sunday 3/29/15

"Once Upon a Time" is always fabulous. I love it. It's probably my favorite show on TV. It's just always so enjoyable. My only complaint at all is that sometimes Snow and Charming act a bit dumb, and their daughter seems to be a bit na´ve for someone that was a bounty hunter (I mean, really, how can she live as long as she has, with multiple foster homes, and be surprised that sometimes parents lie?).  She's known enough fairy tale characters now to know that they're still human beings. I mean, heck, if Regina can be a complex person that's sometimes bad and sometimes good, why not know that your own parents are the same way?  However, I loved the reference to "a guy named Walt."  That was really cute. It was just all so great.

Speaking of Disney, I watched the DVD's that FX sent me for the new show "The Comedians" starring Billy Crystal and Josh Gad. Gad was the voice of Olaf in "Frozen," which they make many jokes about in that show. The show is really funny and you can read my review of it. I tweeted to those two guys how much I enjoyed the show and got a nice reply from Gad, so that was thrilling! No matter how many actors I get to interview via the phone, it's still always exciting to hear them, and to have them reply on social media. I don't know why! I guess because I'm such a big geek! ;)

I've got about 6 other DVD's to watch now...I'm so busy!

I also watched "The Good Wife."  It's so great. Again my only complaint is that I find it hard to believe that a seasoned lawyer like Alicia, who's been running for office, still didn't know that it was a bad idea to tell these guys no and that Eli had to point it out to her. Those are not very good political instincts. I enjoyed all that about their hacked emails, though. That was hilarious. Again, lawyers should know better because they tend to be paranoid and worry about litigation. That did happen in real life, though, with the SONY executives, so I guess there are still educated people in this day and age who don't realize that you shouldn't put something in an email that you don't want the whole world to see.  Especially at work! I mean, really, that's just crazy.

Monday 3/30/15

This morning's conference call with H. Jon Benjamin went really well. I was the first called, which is great.  He's always very thoughtful but also funny. Next week I have a call with Bitten's Laura Vandervoort and Greyston Holt (on Syfy)! That should be great.

Not that I'm really complaining, but there are so many now, all of the time. I have about 6 more interview transcripts to put up. That and the reviews are really keeping me busy.

I apologize for not sending out the daytime soap newsletters this morning for "General Hospital," "Bold & The Beautiful," and "Young & The Restless." Sometimes I just don't get around to it on Sundays and  Mondays. I will next week for sure!

I guess Wally Kurth is leaving "General Hospital" because "Days of Our Lives" is giving him a contract. Good for them! You would think that GH would have learned, after what happened with John Ingle, to give their good people a contract. They always try to have their cake and eat it, too. They give contracts to the younger people and then expect the older ones to work without a contract. Well, this is what happens...they get grabbed up by other shows that value them more. It's a shame because he has good story with Olivia, Alexis and Julian. Maybe they should see if Kurt McKinney is still around. He was playing Ned before Wally did, and he's very cute. He still is, too. Or at least he was a very years back on "Guiding Light" when he reprised his role as Matt.

Speaking of DOOL, I just read that Paul has turned out to be John's son. That's great! I love John and Marlena. I hope this gives them more story. It seems like the show has a thing lately about older women and younger men. First Eve and J.J., and now Adrienne and Lucas (there's a good ten years between them). I have no problem with it, but I'm not sure how realistic it is (especially Eve and J.J.). Now, Eve and Lucas, that I can see. Sorry, but young/good-looking guys don't go after older women. J.J. is a stud and wouldn't find Eve attractive. She looks good for her age, but not for his age. Adrienne, sorry, she's way past it and Lucas is still great looking. I don't see any chemistry between them.  I'm not trying to be mean or sexist here. That's just the way the world works. People judge each other on looks, and they date based on attraction, which is also largely about looks (especially for guys). I mean, years ago when Tad the cad slept with Marian on "All My Children," we knew he was doing it to get her money, not because he was attracted to her. It just makes no sense with J.J.  If he were 16, then yeah, maybe, because horny teens an have bad judgment and will sleep with almost anyone.  He's no virgin, and he's in college. It just makes no sense.

I enjoyed this week's "Castle" as always. It's such a fun show.

Tuesday 3/31/15

This is sure a tough night on TV. The new TVLAND show "Younger" premieres and also FOX's "Weird Loners."  CBS has this miniseries, too, "The Dovekeepers". So much to watch!

The Daytime Emmy nominations came out today.

I have another new volunteer, Alison, who might help with posting articles. That will be so helpful!

I'm hoping this other volunteer works out. She had volunteered to do transcribing, and she was interested in "Days of Our Lives", so I'm hoping she can do the newer ones that are so hard to do now. We usually just use this program that grabs the closed-captioning, but now ABC and NBC have changed the CC so that it doesn't separate each line of dialogue into a separate line (they're all clumped together) and they leave off the actors' names. It's very annoying. Gisele has been fixing up the GH ones, but we don't have anyone for the DOOL transcripts. I've been doing a little bit of editing on them but haven't had time to really do them right.

I'm excited that I also get to speak with Ben McKenzie ("Gotham") and Josh Gad ("The Comedians") on Monday! Woo hoo!

I spent a great deal of time tonight watching a bunch of new shows to review. I've still got 4 more DVD's to watch, and 2 shows online.

Wednesday 4/1/15

Happy April Fool's Day! Funny message from John Oliver

I mostly stayed off Twitter and Facebook today, so if there were a lot of April Fool's jokes, I missed them! And that's fine, LOL!

I watched this new upcoming NBC show "American Odyssey." It's name is too vague and not that great (especially when you consider that there's another new show called "American Crime," so people are bound to be confused), but the show is really good.  It's very intense and full of action and adventure as well as political intrigue. I only watched 2 episodes so far...I'll have to watch the rest later. NBC had 5 episodes up for us to watch, but that's just too much. I have a lot of other things to watch and review, and I'd rather wait and watch them on TV, not my laptop.

Today was the 52nd anniversary show for "General Hospital." It was a good episode. They did a very good job with it (it had a lot of flashbacks to the past, and some of the current cast played well-known characters from the past). I don't like the story, though, and I don't watch the show regularly any more because it annoys me too much, and there are many other shows I'd rather be watching.

Thursday 4/2/15

I'm still waiting for my Nielsen survey... I hope it doesn't come after all of the shows are done with for the Spring.

I try to put up an animated graphic on our site every time there's a major holiday... sometimes it's tough. Tomorrow is Good Friday, and Passover starts. Sunday is Easter! I couldn't find a graphic that had all three, but I did find a few that had Passover and Easter, so I just added the "Happy Good Friday."  But it was just a regular graphic, so I had to go on and add some glitter. Thank goodness for that site and ones like it, and also thank goodness for Google images!

Tonight's "Big Bang Theory" sure was funny! I especially loved all of the "Doctor Who" and Star Wars references...

"Backstrom" was awesome. I'm glad that we finally learned that Valentine is his brother. This show is up against some successful shows, but it does well in the demographics, so that's good. I'm afraid that it might be too quirky for some viewers or that he's too obnoxious. Gregory House was obnoxious, too, but he was also handsome and roguish, so it made him more likable. Also, the dialogue was very funny. I enjoy "Backstrom," but it's not as funny as "House."

Now I'm watching the DVD for "Book of Negroes," which was a miniseries on BET. It's pretty good, kind of like "Roots" for today. Of course, this is 40 years later, so it's a lot more graphic than "Roots" ever was. It's also very detailed and a really good drama, and probably more historically accurate to the period than "Roots" was, just because in the 70's they didn't take such care for a TV show.  The acting is great, too! Check out my reviews.

I watched "Elementary" as well. It's always a good one to watch. I loved the ending when he said, "What kind of ice cream?"  That was so cute.

Tonight was a busy TV night for me. I also watched last night's "Hot in Cleveland." William Baldwin is just hilarious on that show. They should give him his own comedy. I really love that little dog on the show, George Clooney, too! Maybe he should get his own show, too! ;)

Now I'm watching "Supernatural" which is always great. Glad to see Bobby back! Great episode.

Sometimes even I get sick of watching TV or typing online, and right now I've reached that limit. Thankfully, it doesn't happen too often.

Friday 4/3/15

I watched last Sunday's "Battle Creek," which I still mostly enjoy, although it's not exactly my favorite show. I'm not sure I'd watch it if Josh Duhamel weren't in it. I try to watch all TV shows he's in (and movies, too, if I can).

Also, I watched a few episodes of "General Hospital" from back in November. This whole Luke story is just so stupid. Pardon my ranting! If he really is just Luke then what about all of that stuff that happened back in November? Why would he be in a strait jacket in the asylum (and they should have left him there)? Makes no sense.

I finally got around to watching "Younger" on TVLAND. This is a fun female show. It's by Darren Star, who's done a lot of soap operas like "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Sex and the City." It's about a woman who's 40, whose husband just left her, and her daughter is in college, so she goes back to work in the publishing field after taking off 15 years. It's cute, funny, and has fun characters. It's not terribly realistic. She seems to have lived in a cave for 15 years. I find it hard to believe that anyone who has a teenager in this day and age wouldn't be full aware of what Twitter and many other things are. She seems close to her daughter, so she would have picked up some of the pop culture and youth-oriented references that she doesn't seem to know. I mean, I'm 53, and although I don't have kids, I'd like to think that I would still keep in touch with what's going on in the world. She ends up lying that she's 26 to get a job, which makes very little sense because she looks at least 30, IMHO, and also if you do that, then you truly have to start at the bottom. I mean, if this older woman she got a job with hates the younger women so much, why wouldn't she just tell her that she's older, and that way she'd have her experience and get an even better job?  Some of the old versus young things are very funny and real, though, like not understanding tattoos. I just love Sutton Foster, who stars in it. She was wonderful on "Bunheads." I hope she gets to sing or dance in this one, too, as she's a great Broadway star.

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