The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #162

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #162

Saturday 2/28/15

Suits castCan you believe it's March already? Wow!

I spent most of the weekend working on catching up on stuff for the site...

I watched a bunch of "Suits" episodes to catch up before I got to speak with Gabriel Macht (Harvey) yesterday on the phone, but I'm still behind... Great show, though! I'll be putting that up on our Articles and Interviews Page.

I've been trying to find someone to help me out with our weekend primetime news and schedule, but so far, no luck.  This week's is here and next week's is here. I'm hoping to find someone who can do it gradually all week and then it wouldn't be such a chore. It's hard for me because I have too many other things going on with the site and other stuff. I usually start on it on Saturday and the earliest. Email me if you can help out!

I also spent a lot of time this weekend catching up on DVD's that Syfy and others sent me to review.

Sunday 3/1/15

For some reason, "Real Time with Bill Maher" wasn't on this past Friday. ILast Week Tonight with John Oliver guess he's on vacation or finished for now? I hope not. We always enjoy that show and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver." I hope you got a chance to see the one this week because they did this hilarious movie ad parody  "Infrastructure" starring Ed Norton and a bunch of very recognizable TV and movie faces, including Steve Buscemi, Vincent D'onofrio, Hope Davis, Campbell Scott, Dan Hedaya, Michael Gaston and others. I would definitely see that movie!

I got a chance to send a Tweet to Michael Gaston about it, and he replied, so that was nice! I also got a nice tweet from Kathleen Gati, who plays Obrecht on GH. I'd read that she likes turtles, so I asked her about them. Since I live in Hawaii, turtles are big here. I mean, popular but also BIG! Giant sea turtles ;)

The Nightly Show with Larry WilmoreAnyway, back to the shows...unfortunately, Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show" has not been nearly as good as it was the first week. I think he wants to tackle big issues, which is fine, but it's got to be funny, too.  I think the problem is that he's relying too much on his panelists and being funny on the fly. If you look at the other comedy news shows, the funniest parts are when they do their monologue, skits, news stories, or other prepared jokes. Writing the jokes ahead of time means they're funnier. Some of "The Nightly Show" is written ahead of time, but most of it is not.

You can see all of the latest stuff that's new on our site!

Monday 3/2/15

I also really enjoyed the return of "The Good Wife!" It's such a fabulousThe Good Wife's David Hyde Pierce and Ed Asner show. Now if only it had Simon Baker... It did have Dylan Baker this week, but they are NOT the same! LOL! Ed Asner was great as a creepy old rich bigot. I guess he would have made a good Archie Bunker back in the day! Ed Asner's always great, though.

Now I've got to watch some new shows. No rest for the wicked! :) I've got to watch the new shows this week like "Battle Creek, " "American Crime," "The Good Witch," "Secrets and Lies," "CSI: Cyber ,"et al. Too many!

No "Castle" this week? Boo! There seem to be a lot more re-runs this week.... I guess sweeps month is over.

Don't forget to help us improve the site! Seriously, please share this link with your friends!

Tuesday 3/3/15

Forever castI watched this week's "Forever", which is always very good. I just love that show. I enjoy the actors, the vaguely-scifi aspects of the show, the flashbacks to different times in the past, and the Sherlockian-murder mysteries. It's all good. Even if "computer hackers" is a really-overused plot device now.

One of the fun things about my job is having our drawings/giveaways. I wish it were more than just the occasional DVD or T-shirt! But anyway, we just had our "Longmire Season 3" DVD giveaway, so it was great to make 3 people happy with that. Right now I'm choosing our February drawing winners, too, for our monthly DVD giveaway. Enter now because there aren't tons of entries, so your chances are good! Look at our winners list - the same people win all of the time! Because they enter every month.

Wednesday 3/4/15

Tonight I watched "Justified," a fabulous show. Ava and Boyd are so great together. Just great stuff.Once Upon a Time villainesses

Now I'm watching "Once Upon a Time" - probably my favorite show, or at least one of the top. It's always so fabulous. We live in such a wonderful time where they can make a fantasy show with such awesome actors, writing, and special effects. Just so amazing! Not to mention, ABC owns the rights to such wonderful characters that they can use.

Here's a funny coincidence. I just watched that "Good Wife" episode where Alicia has to deal with the creepy old bigot that wants to give her money.  Today I met someone that I want to do a project with, and he's not as bad as Asner's character, but he did make a bigoted joke. Now, if it had been a social situation, I would have said, "Don't say that. That's terrible" or something to that effect, making it clear that I disapprove. But like Alicia, I mostly held my tongue. I did say "okay...." in a somewhat disapproving way and changed the subject. Hopefully at some point, if I do work with this person, I can find a way to set them straight about their comments without pissing them off too much. Who knows, maybe it will be out of my hands and we won't work together...

Thursday 3/5/15

Big Bang Theory gangToday I finally was catching up on some episodes from the past two weeks. I always love "The Big Bang Theory." It's so funny! The characters are just so good. There aren't too many comedies I like on TV. I guess I'm picky.

I really really enjoyed this week's "Backstrom." For one thing, it was the first episode I hadn't seen in quite a while. FOX let us watch a bunch of episodes at the beginning of the season, and I devoured them then. I love Robert Forster, so it was awesome seeing him as Backstrom's dad. Wow, what a great character. If the show survives to a second season, I will be creating a section for it on our site! Probably "Constantine," too, and maybe "12 Monkeys" and "Empire."

I watched the new series "Secrets & Lies," too. Good show with a lot ofSecrets and Lies suspense. Ryan Phillippe is always good. He was on "One Life to Live" years ago as Billy, a gay teen. A lot of people have been saying that they don't like Juliette Lewis as the police detective, but she's not supposed to be likable.  The actress is doing an excellent job as a bulldog-like detective. I think people are just uncomfortable seeing a woman that way.

Netflix has the first episode of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," a good comedy from Tina Fey. You should check it out! It's very silly and farcical but fun. It also has Fey's "30 Rock" co-star, Jane Krakowski, in a small role.

Bree Williams and Jason DohringThere's an upcoming Hallmark movie that looks good, "Portrait of Love" starring Bree Williamson (formerly of "Haven" and "One Life to Live"), Corbin Bernsen (of "Psych," "L.A. Law," "General Hospital," etc.) and Jason Dohring ("Veronica Mars" and "Moonlight"). I had gotten an email about possibly interviewing them, but now I'm told that Hallmark doesn't think our site gets enough traffic to bother with me. That's very sad. Who do they think they are? LOL!  Well, their loss. Somehow NBC, FOX, Lifetime and other much more popular channels think my site is worthy... I like their movies, but, wow, what a bad attitude.  It's one thing for, say, ABC, to say that, but who watches Hallmark? Not too many people, in comparison... But I am looking forward to that movie, anyway!

I'm going to try very hard this week to start catching up on the shows I'm so behind on that I really like, like "Arrow," "The 100," "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Perception," "Rizzoli & Isles," "Reign," "Sleepy Hollow," "The Vampire Diaries," and "The Originals."  First, I need to watch these new shows that are airing this week.  Too much to do!

Sundi, who used to volunteer for our site, is an English professor in Georgia. She tweeted today that one of her students wrote a paper (something to do with "General Hospital") and cited me, as well as the site, and GH EP Frank Valentini. That's very cool!

Friday 3/6/15

I just had an exciting chat on the phone with "Bates Motel" star VeraBates Motel cast Farmiga, plus producers Carlton Cuse ("Lost") and Kerry Ehrin! Can't wait for the Monday premiere on A&E! Plus it's followed by "The Returned," a new show, also run by Cuse. Very nice people on the call, and I got some great answers.

Netflix has the first episode of this new show "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."  It's pretty cute, and the premise is interesting, but it's not that funny. I wish that comedy writers would realize that they need to actually write jokes and not just have fun, quirky or cute characters and situations.  Since it's on Netflix, you know it's not going to be as good or it would be on a real network. Sorry, but that's true of comedies.  There are tons of great dramas on Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. but comedy is a lot harder to get right, I guess.

I also watched this week's "Elementary," which I always enjoy. It may be CBS's best show after "The Good Wife," now that "The Mentalist" is gone. It was a particularly good episode about Sherlock having to face his past while he was addicted. Great stuff!Empire cast

I don't watch too many new shows regularly (no time!), but I'm glad to see that "Empire" is doing so well! It's a good soap and has amazing acting and writing.

Speaking of soaps, I happened to see part of "The Young & The Restless" this week. Wow, lots of whiny women like Chris (who just lost her baby) and Summer (who just found out that her dead husband was sleeping with her aunt). There was just too much weepin' and a wailin' for my taste. Neil also just found out that his wife slept with his son. Perhaps he and Summer should have revenge sex? ;)

I saw the end of "The Bold & Beautiful" where Brooke is telling Quinn thatQuinn and Deacon there'll be no wedding and that she won't allow it. Okay, I know Quinn is a bit crazy and insecure, but if Brooke said that to me, I'd just laugh. Especially now that she's a drunk.

Wow, today's "General Hospital" sure had a great cliff-hanger! No, not Ava! This whole thing between Sonny and Michael is sure ridiculous and childish.

Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney)I'm enjoying "Gotham", too. Last week's shocker with Fish Mooney scooping out her own eyeball was a real OMG moment! Yikes. Speaking of "Gotham", I'm annoyed at Entertainment Weekly because they had an article about the show where they said that the character of Bruce wasn't very interesting. I mean, first of all, all of the other characters in the show are extremely interesting, weird, quirky, extreme etc. so of course he'll pale by comparison to that wacky group. Secondly, that kid who plays Bruce, David Mozouz, does an amazing job. Thirdly, he's just seen his parents brutally murdered, so of course he's not going to be all that animated and excited. Fourthly, he's the future BATMAN in a show aboutDavid Mozouz (Bruce Wayne) Gotham City, so of course that makes him inherently interesting. But he is just a boy, so I think people are being unfair.  The whole point of the show is to see how it all leads up to Batman's adulthood and how he has to save the city. You can't expect him to be Batman right now! FYI it looks like Jada Pinkett Smith won't be back next season, but my guess is that either she's going to die in this season's finale or they'll just write her off for a long while. I love her character, but she's not really an important part of the Batman universe.

Don't forget we have daily best lines, recaps, updates and transcripts of all of the soaps!

Have a great week, everyone....

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