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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #160

How to Get Away With Murder cast!Tonight is the last night to enter our Longmire Season 3 DVD giveaway! Please enter!

This week, I caught up on a lot of my shows that I normally watch...we had a visitor last week, so I was way behind on some of the shows like "How to Get Away With Murder". Such a good show!

The only thing that bothers me is that they keep referring to Sam's death as murder when really it was self-defense. He was strangling the girl (Rebecca?)! A bunch of law students and a law professor covering up his death is just ridiculously stupid. I understand that people sometimes panic, but ALL of those people acting so stupid at once when they KNOW the law? I'm not sure I buy that. The rest of it is good, though. NOT that I liked the way the season finale ended. Fooey. I liked Rebecca and Frank.

This week's Primetime News and Schedule page is here! Next week's is at here. Check it out! I put a lot of work into it.

The "Castle" astronaut episode sure was fun... even though, honestly, I don't think I'd ever go to space. I think the zero gravity thing would beCastle and Beckett on Mars...sorta interesting, but otherwise I wouldn't want to risk. Maybe if it were more advanced, like "Star Trek", with very little risk, then I might do it. I'm just not that brave, I guess! I like how they had a sort of "Murder on the Orient Express" ending to it, too.

They were also discussing space travel on "The Nightly Show" this week and talking about people who volunteered to crew this mission to Mars flight. Apparently, it's a one-way flight. I don't care how messed up your life is--why would you want to throw it away like that? I guess I'll never understand.

I was also catching up on the Masterpiece Theater episodes of "Grantchester" which has been really great! I love a good old-fashioned English mystery.

Forever heroesThey did a 70's-themed episode on "Forever". That one made me feel old. I was in high school during that decade. It's always a good show, though.

Our regular February DVD drawing ended on 2/25. I still have to pick a winner. Make sure to enter the next one that starts 3/5.

The only CBS shows I'm caught up on are "The Good Wife," "Elementary,"Sheldon and Penny and "Big Bang Theory". This week's episode with Penny and Sheldon was cute. They have great chemistry. I'm glad to see TGW is coming back soon. I'm still in mourning about the end of "The Mentalist," though! I so loved that show. None of the other remaining CBS shows are interesting enough to watch...

I also caught up on the past few weeks' episodes of "Gotham" and "Arrow", to great new comic book shows. I hope Alfred will be okay!

Besides "Gotham," the only other FOX shows I watch are "Bones," "Family Guy," "Backstrom," and "Sleepy Hollow." I hope that FOX gives "Backstrom" a chance because it's so enjoyable.

Justified's Boyd, Ava and RaylanAnother great show that's ending is "Justified" and I really hate to see it go. This week's episode with Boyd down in the mine was epic. Jeff Fahey is always terrific, too. They always have an amazing cast.

I have a few DVD's to catch up on: Syfy's "12 Monkeys" and the new USA Network show "Dig" as well as some other DVD's that you can buy in the store soon. I review them for our site. I also have some new shows to watch. It never ends! LOL!

I still have a few more interviews to put up, too. Tomorrow I get toPatrick Adams and Gabriel Macht of Suits interview Gabriel Macht (Harvey on "Suits"); he's always very nice.  Next week, it'll be Vera Fargia, Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse from A&E's "Bates Motel." I don't watch that one regularly, but I'm sure I'll come up with something to ask!

Our Daytime Manager Gisele was out of town last week, so I had to do a little of her work as well as glad she's back! I depend on all of our volunteers so much. If you have a little free time, we can really use some more help.

We're getting a new writer who'll be writing some recaps for "Once Upon a Time" and perhaps some other shows, so that'll be awesome!

The Oscars were great to watch... I watched them a few days late, but I felt Oscar winners Simmons, Arquette, Moore and Redmaynelike if I didn't watch, then I would hear or read about all of it within a week. I would rather watch it then read other people's interpretations or SPOILERS of it. I think it was an interesting year because there were a lot of good films, but not too many great ones. Nothing to sweep the awards. I don't know why so many critics blasted the awards show and particularly Neil Patrick Harris' hosting. I thought he did a fine job. The show always drags a bit and is always way too long. I thought the songs were mostly very good, and I liked a few of the speeches. I thought most of his jokes were funny. I thought the only bit that didn't work was his so-called predictions. Otherwise, the rest was hilarious. His singing was good and I thought the first number was good. Last year's were hosted by Seth McFarlane, who offended a lot of people, so I think this year's were definitely an improvement!

Anyway, it was a great year for TV fans because so many former or current TV stars won! Best Actress winner Julianne Moore did a lot of TV and was a regular on "As The World Turns". Even after she struck it big in movies, she was on "30 Rock" quite a bit. Best Supporting Actress Patricia Arquette starred in "Medium" and is now starring in the new series "CSI: Cyber", which premieres March 4th on CBS.   Best Supporting Actor J.K. Simmons has been on many TV shows like "Law & Order," "The Closer," and "Oz," not to mention many commercials. Best Actor Eddie Redmayne also did quite a lot of TV, especially miniseries. Even Oscar-winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu has created a new TV show for Starz called "The One Percent" (It will probably debut in 2016 or later).

I don't watch the soaps regularly any more, but I see parts of them in passing. Judging from what I saw of today's "The Young & The Restless," Hilary told Neil that she's been playing him all along, that everything that's happened was part of her revenge against him. It was quite shocking, but I have to think that the whole reason she's telling him this is actually selfless - so that he and everyone else will forgive Devon and just blame her instead. Devon overheard what she was telling Neil, so I hope he already understands that what she's saying are lies...

Good news, they've announced that there will be a season 3 ofBroadchurch "Broadchurch" and that both David Tennant and Olivia Colman will return! Yay! I can't wait for season 2, which starts March 2 on BBC America.

There's a bunch of new shows coming up in March. Which ones are you looking forward to? I saw "Last Man on Earth" and it's not that funny, but it IS an interesting idea. I'm really looking forward to "Battle Creek" and "Dig".

Well, time to catch up on "Suits"! A great show but boy, am I behind. I've only got a few hours...LOL! Hmm....

We could really use some new volunteers, especially in our Primetime section, so please email me if you can help out!

Have a great weekend!

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