The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #160

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #160

Monday 2/16/15

Arnold Schwarzenegger guest starsI've been working all weekend to try to catch up from the past two weeks! I finally got caught up on last week's Daytime Transcripts. Yay!

"Two and a Half Men" last week was really cute. It's not that funny, but at least it's heading towards a good ending. I can't wait for the season finale, which looks really good. I hope they bring back Charlie Sheen.

This week's news and schedule page is here. I'm so late on it and I never even finished last week's. Bad girl! Next week's page will be here.

"The Mentalist" was sure weird last week. I guess it will make a little more sense in the follow-up episode.

"Castle" was also weird, and overly dark for a show that's usually light and fun.

Please donate if you can at our page to help improve our website! I'm hoping we can get enough money here to hire some more workers to really improve our site. We use lots of volunteers on our site, but it's harder and harder to get any help.

Tuesday 2/17/15

I don't watch the daytime soaps regularly, but I catch bits and pieces whilePaul and Will I'm recording them or running the transcripts. On "Days of Our Lives", Hope has been dating this guy, Aiden, that has secrets and acts strangely. Well, when they first met, he was a jerk, but she was determined to make nice to him, so that worked, and then some woman said that she shouldn't trust him. So Hope clearly thinks that he may have killed his wife and this other woman. OK, so Daniel Cosgrove, who's gorgeous, plays Aiden. He has an adorable little boy. I hope he's not really a murderer. Hope saw a videotape of his wife saying that he's probably killing her by poisoning her with antifreeze. Let's hope the woman was just crazy and setting him up. It's a pretty lame story either way. Either he's just another crazy jerk that Hope's involved with (how many does this make?) or her judgment and detective instincts are REALLY bad! Not to mention, I was watching the end of yesterday's show when he closes the door of his cabin to keep her from leaving, and she looks all scared. Really? She's a long-time police detective, presumably with hand-to-hand combat experience. He's unarmed, from what it looks like. So even if he's a psychopath, why does she look like some scared, helpless woman?  Just kick him in the 'nads and get out. Better yet, kick him in the head, handcuff him, then call for backup. Why do cops on TV never call for backup? It's so stupid. Like on last week's Castle when Beckett is kidnapped, I'm thinking, why is she going alone? I'm used to the soaps being stupid and completely unrealistic, but primetime shows are usually better. It's no surprise when Dante on GH goes out by himself, either.

Speaking of "General Hospital," I thought it was very funny that Helena claimed to have implanted a chip inside Luke and Jason's heads to control them because that is what Stefano used to do on "Days of Our Lives"! Helena has brainwashed people before, but there was no microchip before when she did it to Lucky or whomever. Hmm.... So why does everyone on GH act like, well, he has to have the chip in his head. Do they not remember Lucky? LOL!

I guess now it looks like Luke is really Luke and he's claiming no one brainwashed him, but SOMEthing is wrong with him. He wasn't always like this. Psychotic break? I know that a lot of fans are pretty sick of this story. I hope they bring back Laura. It's funny because the whole thing reminds me of the story of Mr. Big back in the 80's when I first started watching GH. The kindly old police chief Burt Ramsey turned out to be the evil criminal mastermind Mr. Big. It was pretty silly, but it's not the same as Luke because Burt was a fairly minor character.

Paul and Chris of Y&RThen there's "Young & The Restless." They have a big airplane disaster this week, as well as someone being poisoned at a party. On Valentine's Day. Sure, this is what viewers want on the most romantic holiday of the year. It's exciting, I'll give them that, but so what? Give me love and romance any day, but especially on Valentine's Day. This show was never about the violence, action and general mayhem that GH is about, so this is so out of place. Plus, there have been so many characters recast, I don't even care about most of the people involved. I like Michael and Lauren, and Kevin and Mariah, and Jill and Colin... Sharon and Nick somewhat, Jack and Victor somewhat. I can take or leave the rest. It's hard to like the characters when the writing is so bad. That's why I stopped watching it regularly. No question that the action scenes are bringing lots of great drama, but I just wish they'd have more romance before the action.

I just updated our Credits Page to reflect the people who've donated to us recently and to add a few former volunteers that I had forgotten to add (who passed away). So sad that we've lost 5 people through death.

Tonight I'm also updating our Monthly DVD Giveaway page. I'm very behind on sending out the prizes.... I have them, just haven't gotten around to sending them out! But I will try to do that tomorrow. Thursday at the latest!

It's been hard to keep up on all of the holidays going on. I usually put an animated graphic up on our site, but these past few months it's been crazy, and particularly this weekend! Too many holidays at once.

We have a new giveaway for "Longmire Season 3" so don't forget to enter!Raylan and Ava It only runs until the end of this month.  We still have our monthly DVD drawing as well. Congratulations to our January drawing winners Heidi Kukta & Stephanie Galbraith! Woo hoo!

I spent a lot of time not only working tonight but catching up on some of my regular shows...I watched the last two episodes of "Justified". I just love that show so much. I'll be so sad when it's over. The scenes today with Raylan and Ava were awesome.

I also watched two episodes of "The Flash", which is just so great. I'm loving every minute of it, big geek that I am. It's like reading comics again as a kid. Yay!

Tonight I finally caught up on this week's News and Schedule page, and on contests. Hopefully tomorrow I can finally do my taxes. How exciting ;)

Wednesday 2/18/15

Aisha TylerToday's goals are to watch the DVD's they sent me recently, so I can review them, and to watch other new shows I'm behind on reviewing like "The Slap". Also, I need to start getting my tax information together.

This week we spent getting caught up on last week's episodes of "The Nightly Show", "The Daily Show" and "Last Week with John Oliver". It was helpful that the first two were on re-runs this week! Funny shows, though.

This morning I got to speak with Aisha Tyler, whom you may know from one of her MANY projects, like "The Talk" or "Whose Line Is It Anyway" or "Archer". I loved her role years ago on "Ghost Whisperer" as well, but she's always good and so often FUNNY. I asked her how she manages her time and energy as well as what Lana (her character on Archer) would say to her about it. She laughed and had a good response. I don't know how she does it, though. It was tiring just listening to her. She must have a really great metabolism.

I didn't watch any DVD's yet, but I did get my tax information together, so it's a relief to have that all done! If you have a business, tax time is March 15, not April 15. I always worry that I'll forget and wait until April. Oops! But our site doesn't make all that much money, and it's mostly done now by Paypal or direct-deposit, which makes it so much easier. I'm not very organized, so I'm glad that I no longer have to go searching for check-stubs! LOL!  Let's put it this way, I spend way more money on the site than we make. I hope that 2015 will be a lot better, though. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Email me if you want to know how you can help out. We can always use more help.

I'm not ready for the end of "The Mentalist" that airs tonight! Noooooooo!Patrick and Theresa's wedding I love that show so much.

We finally watched Sunday's "Family Guy" was pretty funny... the last few weeks have been good. I guess they saved all of their best jokes for February sweeps!

I was chatting with this guy Greg who's on my Facebook. He's an old Comic-Con fan and didn't realize, I guess, that I had most of the old programs scanned in on my site. I'm still missing some from the 70's that I need to get. I think my brother has them, but they might be in storage.

Gisele runs our daytime section, and she's going out of town. Uh oh! Well, hopefully things won't fall apart too much while she's gone. She deserves a vacation in a nice warm place.

I watched the first episodes of "Fresh Off the Boat" and "The Slap". They're both okay shows....I need to see more!

Lifetime sent me 3 episodes of this new reality show "Kosher Soul". It's actually not bad. Both of them are pretty funny. It's about a Jewish woman, Miriam, from New York, marrying a black comedian from the South, O'Neal. His friends are in the rap community, too. I guess they both have money, but still their cultures are clashing as they plan their wedding and future. I don't watch reality shows, but this one isn't bad. It's cute and the people in it are appealing. O'Neal does a great Obama impression, too!

Harrison WellsCan I just say that I hate that Harrison Wells on "The Flash" appears to be bad or evil. I just love the actor Tom Cavanaugh so much, and he's so great as Wells. I don't look forward to the day when they all find out the horrible truth.

I was thinking about why I love the Flash series so much. In part it's because I don't remember the Flash comics very well well. I grew up reading lots of comics, but especially Superman, Spider-Man and Batman, so those I'm very well aware of. So watching a show like Smallville or "Gotham" is a little tough because in the back of my mind, I'm always comparing them to the comics I used to read (although, to be fair, "Gotham" is SO different that it's hard to even remember, most of the time, that it's about Batman. Which is probably why we haven't met the Joker yet, either). I really don't remember too much about the characters in "The Flash" comics, so the fact that they changed them all doesn't bother me. Same with the old "Flash" TV series, which I loved. Now, with "Arrow," although I don't remember the comics too well, I remember them enough to see how different it is. But it's not like it was my favorite comic, and it's not like they call the show "Green Arrow," so it's not that big of a deal.

Thursday 2/19/15

Today I watched "The Mentalist" series finale. It was really awesome, butThe original Oscar and Felix I'm just so sad that it's over... Also, as much as I love Simon Baker, I would totally watch a spin-off with the other characters. Hey, it worked with "Major Crimes", right? And now "Better Call Saul"! If you're curious about where the actors can be seen next, I just updated our Mentalist Appearances Page.

I read a lot of bad reviews of the new show "The Odd Couple". I don't think it's all that bad. I watched the original show back in the 70's. I like how the current show has been modernized. For instance, they joked about Felix acting gay (which is what we all thought back when we watched the original show, and it's something that of course the characters might wonder). The actor who plays Felix does a great job and even sounds a lot like Tony Randall. I like how they made a joke about his initials being "F.U.", too. I laughed quite a lot while I watched it, and that doesn't happen very often. Now, I do love Matthew Perry, and I don't think he's wonderful as Oscar, but I hope he'll grow into the role. It sure would have helped if they'd chosen someone a little more believable as Oscar. Perry is a little too handsome, well-groomed, articulate and thin to be Oscar.

I also watched the series finale of "Two and a Half Men" tonight... I'm not upset about it ending, but I do like the show and generally find it funny. Lots of silly in-jokes, breaking the fourth wall. Great guest-stars, too. I love how they wrapped everything up. Of course, it could have been better... but it was pretty funny.

Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKeanI'm finally getting around to watching the special "Mel Brooks Live at the Geffen Theater" on HBO. It's On Demand if you have HBO. I love Mel Brooks...he's so funny! It's great listening to him reminisce about his past and tell great stories.

Now I'm watching "Better Call Saul". It's very good. I never saw the other show it spun off from, "Breaking Bad." I heard it's very good, but I didn't like the premise. There's a lot of humor in this one. It kind of reminds me of "Fargo" but it's not quite as quirky. The episodes do throw you for a loop, though, with many unexpected things happening. The actor who plays Julio on "Major Crimes" was a great guest-star on the second episode. Bob Odenkirk is wonderful as the star of the show, Jimmy. Jamie Luner guest-starred as well in a small role! It also has Michael McKean, who's always fabulous.

Friday 2/20/15

I haven't watched any TV today, but I did read part of this week's "Entertainment Weekly". They got a new editor who's a huge TV fan. That's good because they need better TV coverage in that magazine.

Weekends are busy for me, so I have to start working on next week'sHoward and Bernadette Primetime News and Schedule Pages. Since Gisele's out of town, I also have to make our new pages for all of our Daytime Transcripts, updates, Best Lines and Recaps. Also, since ABC still hasn't fixed the messed-up closed captioning for GH, I have to edit all of this week's GH transcripts. So much work!

OK, so later, after I typed that, I finally did watch some TV! I caught up a bit. I watched "Big Bang Theory," which was good, but sad at the end. The part with Nathan Fillion was great.

I watched last week's "Constantine," which was the season finale. I hope it wasn't the series finale! Good show. And wow, what a shocker ending!! I hope we get to find out what that means.

Now I'm catching up on "Supernatural," one of my favorite shows. Love it! This week's episode was a gut-wrencher.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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