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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #159

Saturday 1/31/15

If you like to know what's going on in the TV and entertainment world, don't forget to visit our Primetime TV Forum, where Danielle posts lots of info every day!

Lately it seems I spend all of my time just doing a few things: gathering information for our Primetime News Page (and the weekly schedule), running soap transcripts, finding TV appearances, doing interviews, watching and reviewing new shows, writing in my blogs, and then sometimes if I have time, something else, whether that's updating our contests page or putting up some news I happen to come across, or updating something. I don't know where the time goes! I definitely waste a lot of time, though, especially on my personal sites for Facebook and Twitter! We also have The TV MegaSite's Facebook Page and our Talkin' TV Group and The TV MegaSite's Twitter.

I don't even have the time to waste on other sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram et al. Sheesh.

Weekends I usually spend running errands and doing other things, at least during the day. At night I sometimes watch TV.

Tonight I started catching up on "The Americans" on FX. They sent me 4 of the upcoming episodes. Always a great show! Basically a soap opera, like most dramas nowadays, but very well written and acted. Tons of drama packed into each episode.

  Sunday 2/1/15

Everyone's watching the Super Bowl today...we're Chargers fans, and IJon Stewart of The Daily Show don't really care for football, so...  he's watching the end of it right now, but he doesn't care about either team. It appears to be a close game, though, so I guess that's good. I have friends in both Washington state and Boston so, someone's going to be disappointed!

Huh, it's Super Bowl 49, so next year is Super Bowl L.  L is for....LOL!

I've just been doing my usual work this weekend and getting a lot done!

I'm catching up right now on some older episodes of "The Daily Show" and "Real Time with Bill Maher".  My husband mainly likes the jokes, not the interviews or panel discussions, so I go back later and watch those.  The "Real Time" with John Cleese, in November, was hilarious. Not just his part, but the discussion afterwards.

I do think that Bill Maher is funny, but I think that he's wrong in a lot of what he says about Muslims. There are plenty of Muslims in the world that are not terrorists nor violent. I wish he could distinguish more between the terrorists and just regular Muslims. I'm not religious at all, but I don't think it's fair to blame the whole religion, and all of the people who follow it, for the extremists.  But, you know, he's a comedian, so his main goal is to be funny. I don't agree with some of his other views, either, like about marriage. I wish he weren't a support of PETA, either, because I don't like them or agree with their methods. I don't agree with his support of guns, either.  But it's ok, he's entitled to have his own beliefs.

By the way, the episode last Friday 1/30 with Mel Brooks was hilarious!! I'm going to have to make sure to watch his HBO special.

  Monday 2/2/15

Today I watched the movie "Christian Mingle" that's going to be on UpTV this Sunday. It's not a bad little romantic comedy. I spent quite a bit of time linking to it, promoting it etc. I really like Corbin Bersen, who wrote and directed it, ever since he was on "L.A. Law" back in the 80's.  I've seen him in lots of things over the years, and I also follow him on Facebook. He seems like a really earnest and sincere guy. He's been more religious since his mom passed away and I guess that's part of the reason he made the movie. He even came on my Facebook page to discuss religion with me, which I thought was very kind of him. I'd made a comment on something he said and he felt like he should discuss it with me. Very nice of him. He seems to really cater to his fans. Of course he was wonderful on "Psych" as well! I get to interview him on Wednesday, so I'm really looking forward to it! Should be a blast.

I'm going to be receiving the third season DVD of "Longmire", so that's awesome! I love that show. I can't wait for the 4th season on Netflix.

I have the soaps on while I run the transcripts, with the sound down. I don't actually watch them regularly any more. "General Hospital" is not a particularly realistic show, but this whole storyline with Fluke has been great, and since it's February sweeps time, there are lots of fascinating things going on. I just wish it wasn't all about guns and explosions; it should be more about romance and family. It's still a cartoon, to a large extent.

  Tuesday 2/3/15

For the past two days, the closed-captioning has not been good on GH, forBackstrom some reason. It's annoying because now we have to go through and add in the names and some other extra work. I hope they can fix it!

For the past two days, I've had to go through and make all of the changes, which means sitting there and listening to the show a couple of times. I like it ok, and right now it's exciting, but....certainly not something I want to do every day. I still hope that "Fluke" is not really Luke...

I watched last night's "Gotham" and it was awesome as usual. I also watched Sunday's "Grantchester", a fun old timey-style mystery. And then I watched "Castle", which was a fairly serious, but really good, episode. And then later, I watched "The Flash". Great show!

Tomorrow morning I'll be interviewing Rainn Wilson in a conference call interview again about "Backstrom". Then later in the afternoon, I have a one-on-one interview with actors/director/writer Corbin Bersen. I have to write those questions up tomorrow. I was supposed to have an interview on Friday with Annet Mahendru of "The Americans", but now it's next Tuesday. So busy!!

  Wednesday 2/4/15

Tamala JonesThe call this morning with Rainn went fine..I didn't really have anything interesting to ask him. I love the show, but I have no questions. I got to talk to him a lot last time.

I'm waiting right now to talk to Corbin Bernsen...he's supposed to call me any minute after his audition. He's supposed to call between 3 and 4pm my time, and it's 3:57... hopefully it won't be too late.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to interview Cody Christian of "Pretty Little Liars" unless Krista does the interview instead, and then Tamala Jones of "Castle". She's promoting this Lifetime movie "Megachurch Murder". Busy busy busy!

  Thursday 2/5/15

We had a great call with Tamala Jones. There were only a few of us on the call, but it was a lot of fun. You can hear it or read it with our other Interviews. I have quite a few others I need to put up, too.

I don't watch many commercials, but this one is so cute!

I never did get to speak with Corbin Bernsen, which is a real shame. I always enjoy his work. This is the second time I was supposed to interview him and it fell through!

I enjoyed watching "How to Get Away with Murder", but it seems like the characters are not going to actually "get away with it", so maybe they should change the name of the show.

  Monday 2/16/15

Nathan and Maxie of GHI'm way behind on posting on my blogs... I had a friend visiting this past week, so I didn't watch much TV or do anything online! Or do my laundry or anything else :) Now I'm catching up.

I had posted this on Twitter: "I'm very annoyed... ABC did something to turn off part of the closed-captioning to "General Hospital". There are 2 different types of CC, one that I can turn on or off via the TV, and one that I can turn on or off via the cable box/DVR (HD). The first one puts all of the characters names in and is very accurate and formatted well. The second is not. It's the first one that's not working. It's ONLY for that one show as of Monday so they changed something, whether on purpose or inadvertently. I emailed them and they don't seem to even understand the problem. I called and left a message, so hopefully someone can figure it out... it's maddening. I have a program/device that captures the closed-captioning via computer and turns into a transcript for our site. I do this every day since 2001 for all of the daytime soaps. It requires minimal work on my part. Now since Monday I have to go through and put in line spaces between all of the dialogue as well as the characters' names and edit out the commercials. I have to sit through the show to do this, too. Very time-consuming."

I finally did hear back from someone at ABC, who then said they would let the relevant department know...of course, I haven't heard back from anyone since then, and the transcripts are still coming out messed up. Gisele, who runs our daytime section, has been helping me out with them, since I was very busy. It sucks!

While I was watching GH last week, I noticed this: "LOL! I guess JohnnyHoward Stern fan Brandon Barash Zacchara is a Howard Stern fan. He yelled "Baba booey!" on Thursday's "General Hospital" when Sabrina took his bullet out... " Apparently Brandon Barash is a Howard Stern fan, so Johnny is, too. :)

I watched "Justice League: Throne of Atlantis" on DVD last week and it was really good. It was the origin story of Aquaman, along with the Justice League. Fabulous!

I've started catching up on stuff. Sorry for being so far behind on everything! Have a great week. I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day! Happy Chinese New Year and Presidents' Day Weekend.... And then Happy Mardi Gras this Tuesday!

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