The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #158

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #158

Can you believe it's almost February? I sure can't. February sweeps just started, too.

Did you watch the "Parenthood" finale? I heard it was good. That's a show I didn't watch regularly, even though I know it was good. I saw the first few episodes. My brother Pat liked it.

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Yummy Michael Raymond-James!I hope you all got to see the HISTORY miniseries "Sons of Liberty". I have it recorded but haven't watched it yet... it looks awesome. I love some of those actors, especially Michael Raymond-James.  I loved his show "Terriers" on FX way back when. I already loved him before that on "True Blood" and then he was awesome on "Once Upon a Time", too. I'm still sad that they killed off Neal!

Just a reminder, This week's News and Schedule page is here and next week's will be here. ..

I don't normally watch talk shows. I used to watch them back in the 70's. The few times I've seen them in the past 30 years, the segments with the guests are really short. They seem to only care about sharing some amusing anecdote and plugging their work, and then they're gone. The shows used to be an hour and a half and now they're shorter. So I was really happy to see that Regis Philbin was filling in this past week at "The Late Late Show" because he had on some really great guest-stars, and they actually talked for quite a while. The night I tuned in, he had Martin Short, Alan Alda and Susan Sarandon. Wow! These are all people I grew up watching, so it was great to see them.  They should give Regis a show like that. Maybe TVLAND can do it, since they seem to care more about us older folks than the other networks do.

Speaking of TVLAND, I'm still sad that "Hot in Cleveland" is ending. It'sBob and Joy of Hot in Cleveland not always hilarious, but it's always at least cute and has great guest stars. Sometimes it's really funny. I thought this last one was very good, where Joy fell for Bob. McKenzie Phillips was on very briefly at the end of the show...I wish they'd done more with her. I used to watch "One Days at a Time" back when I was in high school and loved it.

This week's "Gotham" was just fabulous. Great ending but the whole thing was terrific. I thought it was funny when Bullock introduced Jim to Flass.  The dialogue was "Flass. Gordon."  Like "Flash Gordon"? LOL! Wrong superhero.

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Dynasty reunion of sorts: John James, Gordon Thomson, Al Corley, Pamela Bellwood and Pamela Sue MartinThe talk show "Home and Family" on Hallmark Channel had a "Dynasty" reunion this week. If you missed it, you can see it on YouTube. Their opening was cool, just like Dynasty. Then they interviewed some of the actors that they could get (no Joan Collins, though - too bad!). If you're a cable subscriber, you can watch the whole episode.

I was watching an episode of "General Hospital" the other day (I have it on in the background while I run the transcripts, with the sound down, but I can read the closed-captioning), where Luke and Helena are planning a big explosion to kill off their enemies. I had a sense of Déjà vu, and then I realized why. In 2001, when they brought back Stavros from the dead (the first time), he had planned a big explosion. It was supposed to be the end to this story where he was fighting with Luke and Laura. Well, they had to change that at the end because in real life, the 9/11 bombings of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon happened. They decided, I guess, that we wouldn't want to see an explosion on GH (maybe they were right, I don't know).  The whole story was pretty bad, anyway. I love Robert Kelker Kelly, but he hams it up a lot as Stavros. He was a great romantic character with Laura, but they made him crazy/psycho. I liked him a lot better on "Another World" and on "Days of Our Lives" as Bo.  Anyway, it struck me as odd now that they're doing another Cassadine massive explosion. Let's hope the current terrorists are not taking their cues from GH! LOL!

It's not as if we haven't had MANY explosions on GH, of course, but they're not usually involving Luke and Helena. It's usually Sonny and one of his other mobster people. Although, last year, Victor Cassadine did blow up Crichton-Clark, but only he and some day players died. Everyone else--Lulu, Maxie, Nathan, Dante, Helena, Robin, Anna, Obrecht (did I leave anyone out?) all got out alive.  That's GH for ya, lots of shootings and explosions. You'd think they'd realize by now that viewers don't want to see that stuff. It's not exciting when it's done all of the time. It's just boring. Show us more romance, please!

It's a shame that they had to find another actor to play Kevin this week on GH, too. It's good for Jon Lindstrom because he's filming the second season of HBO's "True Detective". It was supposedly a one-time thing, but they rarely have Kevin show up. If they used him more, he would be available.

I'm glad to see "The Americans" back this week on FX! I love that show. I have a bunch of episodes to watch that they sent me. I'm so far behind on everything, it's not funny.

I caught up on the last two episodes of "The Flash" this week, and they were great.  I just love it. I still need to catch up on "Arrow", too.

"Musketeers" (BBC America) came back and I'm still behind on that, too,Musketeers! although I've got it recorded on DVD. You'd be shocked if I told you how many DVD's I have to watch from shows I've recorded just in the past 2 years!

"Family Guy" has been pretty good this year, so far. Some episodes are better than others. It's always been an uneven show, but as long as there are at least a few good jokes per episode, we enjoy it. Last week's even had an "Ask Jeeves" joke, which was hilarious since I used to work for that company and our good friend David started it! I emailed him about it, and he got a kick out of that.

We've pretty much given up on "The Simpsons". They were funny for a while, but now they're back to being unfunny again. What a shame!

We still watch "The Daily Show" and "The Nightly Show" Monday through Thursday, and they're both funny, in varying degrees. We also watch "Real Time with Bill Maher" every Friday on HBO. Love his opening jokes and "New Rules".   We're glad to hear that John Oliver's show is coming back next weekend, too! Yay!

Kitty, Watson and SherlockThe second part of the "Elementary" two-part episode was really good. I'm sad to see Kitty go, though. She was an interesting element to this season. I'll be curious to see what happens now and what Joan does.

I've really been enjoying these "Grantchester" mysteries on Masterpiece Theater Sundays. I see there's another one on Sunday! Yay! I didn't used to watch "Masterpierce Theater", but I put it on my DVR last year and I've enjoyed most of the shows they have.

Since it's February sweeps, I expect that all of this coming week's shows will be new, and not re-runs. I'm glad that "Forever" will be back with new shows!

"How to Get Away with Murder" came back tonight, but I haven't watchedThe HTGAWM cast it yet. That one needs my full attention because it's so intricate and involved. I have to make sure I'm not trying to do anything else with my brain, like type on the computer, because I'll miss something important. Hopefully I can watch it tomorrow.

I did watch it the next night. Wow, it's just always so great. Great writing. Always unexpected and leaves you breathless.

I read a good interview with the actor who plays Cho on "The Mentalist". He couldn't really say too much about the ending of the show, of course. I hope they don't kill him off. Sounds like he's working on something else already that he'll be producing and starring in. He's so good. They all are. I'll really miss that show.

Gorgeous David TennantI read that David Tennant is going to play a villain in some Netflix Marvel comics show. Darn it, I guess I'll have to watch it. I love him. I hate watching shows online. I can watch Netflix on my Roku but then I have to move the HD cable from my DVD player to my Roku instead. That's a First Word problem, I guess! My TV only has two HD outputs so one goes from the cable to the TV and then I have to use the other one for the DVD player, the Bluray player AND the Roku. Next TV I get is going to have multiple HD inputs!  Hmm, maybe I just need to get a splitter...

Wow, Friday's "General Hospital" was fantastic, especially the ending. I'mLuke and Fluke jumping for joy because I guessed this (or part of this) back in early January! Read our GH Prediction & Rumors page to see what I'm talking about. Way to go, GH writers. Even though I predicted it, I didn't think they'd ever actually do it. For once, they surprised me! Great Friday cliffhanger.

Speaking of soaps, I noticed that this weekend, a lot of the Hallmark channels are featuring soap actors and actresses like Genie Francis, Rena Sofer, Allison Sweeney and Greg Vaughan. Check it out!

I was chatting with some friends on Twitter about "Young & the Restless", even though I don't watch it regularly any more. We all agree that the show's pretty boring.  Ever since they started recasting everyone, it got boring. I definitely lost interest. I had already mostly stopped watching (was far behind) and then they lost Billy Miller (ex-Billy) and Michael Muhney (ex-Adam). They did bring back the old Billy (David Tom), but then they didn't do a good writing job, and they recast him with someone who's not very charismatic, so I stopped watching altogether. I'd already lost interest because of all of the recasts and the boring stories.

I've seen it here and there as I run the transcripts for our site, so I can see how bad it still is. Having Devon sleep with Neil's wife is horrible (it was all contrived because Hilary and Neil never made a believable couple). I love Cady McClain, but she was just too different after Cynthia Watros and making her into a mean person didn't help. She did have some chemistry with Peter Bergman, though, but then they ruined that by having Phyllis return...with a completely different actress. All of the actors do an admirable job but the scripts don't live up to their talents.

Watch this great show!I'm looking forward to this week's "Constantine". Only two more episodes left after that! The guy who played Dickie from "Justified" is a guest-star!

I don't follow football (not a sports fan) but if you are, have fun watching the Super Bowl this weekend!

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