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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #156

Saturday 1/10/15

This weekend I was still sick with a cold, so I didn't do too much. I watched some TV, mostly "Outlander" still...great show. I had forgotten that Ron Moore was behind it (he was a writer on most of the "Star Trek" shows, and developed the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot as well as "Caprica"). On the other hand, he has this other show "Helix" that I don't like because it's too gross for me. It's good, but just not my kind of thing.

Anyway, this weekend I just worked on our site and slept a lot.

If you're on Facebook, make sure to stop by our Talkin' TV group. Lots of news is posted there, and some nice discussions. It's a small, friendly group. The only rules are no bashing of the actors or each other, and no posting spoilers.

We've been discussing the whole "Fluke" situation on "General Hospital" a lot. I don't watch it regularly any more, but I keep up on what's going on. I had a brilliant idea - what if Fluke really IS Luke? He's not really keeping Luke hostage - that's all in his head. Luke had some sort of mental breakdown (perhaps from killing Jake?) so he's got DID and has split into Luke and Fluke. That sure would shock everyone! I doubt they'll do this, though. I don't think he's Bill Eckert, either, as I said before (or Patricia! What a silly idea). I think it's Damian Smith. But we'll see!

Sunday 1/11/15

I worked on our Primetime News and Schedule page for this week; next week's is here.

We got some very good news this week: The CW has renewed a lot of its shows already for next season. Yay! They renewed "The 100," "Jane the Virgin," "Supernatural," "Arrow," "The Flash," "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals". I guess it's too soon to know about "Beauty & The Beast" yet, since it hasn't yet returned for this season.

Monday 1/12/15

I spent a lot of time today catching up on work I should have done on the weekend! You can always check out what we're doing on our What's New Page.

It was great to see this week's "The Good Wife". They did an excellent job with their debate and the turmoil going on. Alicia showed what she's made of. When she wants to be, she can be fiery. I thought their discussion of race was interesting. Aside from the news, race isn't discussed much on TV. TV largely reflects real life, but oftentimes they get the "real" part wrong. They like to avoid topics that are too controversial. The censors don't help them in that regard, either. So you hardly ever see anyone smoking, even though plenty of people still smoke, for instance. Even if it's a show that takes place back when EVERYONE smoked, like "Marvel's Agent Carter." I've got "The Bold & Beautiful" on my TV right now. They have some prominent African-American characters, but no one ever mentions race. Race is a big issue in this country. It should be discussed more. Gender, too, for that matter. Maybe I'm expecting too much from TV... I just like it to be more realistic.

"Major Crimes" is always a good show to watch. I loved seeing Billy Burke (Stroh) back, and it was awesome to see Tuc Watkins as the judge! I didn't care for the way they wrote his character, though. He was incredibly stupid. I didn't like seeing him die, either.  Generally I enjoyed the episode, but I felt like there were many obvious parts. When they found the house with wires sticking out of it, you would think that AT LEAST they'd get the bomb squad there first to make sure there were no incendiary devices. It was pretty obviously a trap. Duh! It was pretty obvious, too, that Stroh was going to escape. The whole episode was somewhat anti-climatic. I expected that either it would end with Stroh attacking Rusty, or someone would get injured in one of the fires. I was kind of hoping it was Julio, actually... I hate that he seems to be back to his violent ways. He learned nothing from the last episode, apparently. Also, I didn't like the Uber reference at the end. I doubt they were around or operating back when Stroh went to prison, so it was stupid that they talked about it like he knew them and had used them before. Also, blatant product placement.  That's a minor thing, though.

"Castle" was great. They really shook things up this year. He's great as a PI. Fun episode. This seems to be one of the few shows that can have a happily married couple without ruining the show. "Bones" does it, too.

I put up a bunch of reviews for new shows. There are always so many now! It's hard to keep up.

There was a (very) slight chance that I would get to interview Sir Patrick Stewart, but it fell through. Drat!

No "Gotham" this week! And most of the CW shows are still re-runs. Boo!

Tuesday 1/13/15

We finally watched Sunday's "Family Guy". It was pretty funny for a change! We've pretty much given up on "The Simpsons," though.

Tonight's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" was very bad, not funny and disappointing. His jokes about that French newspaper that got bombed were just not funny. Then he tried to make a big deal out of the fact that Obama didn't go to the protest march with some other world leaders, and he didn't send anyone else, either. No one cares about that, aside from some right-wing idiots and FOX news. Although it's too bad people died, Obama should not be getting involved in defending this newspaper that, from all accounts, said many very racist things. Not to mention, it was not an important event. If he went to every country that had a bombing, he'd have time for little else. And as I've seen several people argue on Facebook, it might also have been a security risk for him to go.  It's very unusual for Stewart to jump on the anti-Obama hate train. Even worse - it wasn't funny. Whatsoever. Really, the whole episode was bad. Where's Stephen Colbert when you need him? I can't wait for Bill Maher's take on it this Friday.

This week's "General Hospital" seems to be about election tampering. How exciting! LOL! But I must admit that the ending was quite shocking. I wonder what Nikolas is up to, and what's really going on with the mayor and Sloane?

I'm so glad that Patricia Arquette won a Golden Globe, and I hope she wins the Oscar as well! Her show "Medium" was one of my favorites.  She has a new show, "CSI: Cyber," that's set to debut soon. Her movie "Boyhood" sounds good. I'm going to have to watch it on Amazon Prime.

Wednesday 1/14/15

I enjoyed "The Mentalist" as always. It was a nice romantic episode with the two main characters, and a cool episode with Lisbon's brothers.

It was a very funny episode of "Hot in Cleveland" tonight. Stacy Keach was awesome!

I wonder when the CW shows will be back with new episodes? I really miss "Supernatural!"

Thursday 1/14/15

I was supposed to have a conference call this morning with Finn Wittrock from "American Horror Story", but unfortunately it was canceled. I was so disappointed. He used to be on "All My Children!" Critics are really loving him on AHS. He plays a crazy serial killer on there.

Later, I had an interview call with Steven Weber and Kyra Zagorsky of "Helix" on Syfy. It was supposed to be a one-on-one call, but nothing went right for me! First of all, my recorder wouldn't work. It said "memory full" when I tried to record. I've never had to delete anything from it before, so I couldn't make them wait while I figured it out. Then, I'd misread the emails and thought it was only Steven Weber, so all of my questions were meant for him, so I had to re-word them on the spot. As if all that wasn't bad enough, I only had about 15 minutes with them (usually with the one-on-one calls, I get as much time as I need).  It all worked out in the end because I just typed up my article right after the call, relying on my memory and the few notes I took. It was all very stressful, though!  What a day...

TV celebrity deaths this month include Donna Douglas of "The Beverly Hillbillies," character actor/comedian Taylor Negron, and actor Rod Taylor (from "Falcon Crest" and other shows). It's always sad when our childhood favorites die out, but unfortunately, it's inevitable.

Friday 1/14/15

This week's "Elementary" was great! I'm glad they're going to do a multi-part episode about Kitty's attacker. That should be a good story. I guess February sweeps is coming on soon!

I'm still catching up on "Arrow" on my DVD's from last season. I hope to catch up sometime soon. I'm almost done with all of the DVD screeners they've sent me lately, yay!

I'm glad "Constantine" will be back tonight on NBC. It's a good show and fun!

I bought new DVD's: "Barbary Coast" and "Under the Dome" season 1. The first is a fun old 70's show that I loved back then, starring William Shatner and Doug McClure. So glad that it's finally out on DVD. I had to buy the other after watching some of season 2....

From what I'm reading online, there are still a lot of "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" fans hoping that the shows will come back on ABC, since the rights are reverting back to ABC in a few months. That would be great, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. It's very unlikely. TV networks almost never change their minds after they've canceled a show. They've never ever done it with a daytime soap, and they've never done it after so many years. Even if they did it, I doubt they'd be able to get much of the cast to come back because most of them have moved on to other jobs. Would it be "All My Children" without Erica, J.R., Ryan, Greenlee, Zach, or Dixie? They had to re-cast a lot when they did the online version, and it just wasn't the same. That was WITH Zach and Dixie, before they got new jobs. Then they'd have to decide whether to pick it up from where they left off with the ABC version and pretend the online one didn't happen, or they'd have to try to recreate the "five years later" online version.  The actor who played Pete, who was a main character, is on another show now, too. So, more recasts. I just don't think it would work.

I liked the online OLTL, but I think it was too risque for network daytime TV. They wouldn't have Todd, probably, this time around, and no Blair. No Natalie, and still no John. Starr could come back, though, if she wanted to, since she's leaving GH. I don't know...the problem with the shows is that they don't have great writers and the networks are willing to spend any money on the shows any more. I just don't think any of the networks are willing to spend the money you'd need to make the shows better and get more fans and keep the good actors around. There are a lot of viewers like me that won't watch as long as the writing sucks, and they won't get any newer (younger) viewers without vastly improving things, either. They won't bother bringing them back just for the same few million fans that were watching back when they were canceled.

I'm about to interview Rainn Wilson, who stars in the new FOX series "Backstrom" next Thursday, January 22. It's a pretty good show You should make sure to watch it. Give it a chance because at the beginning of the first episode, it's a little jarring at first, but then it grows on you. If you watched him in "The Office", he's nothing like that character in this show.

The interview went great! I got to speak with Rainn a lot, and he was SO nice to everyone.  Something funny happened. Someone asked him if there would be a crossover with "Bones", since Hart Hanson runs both shows, and he said that he didn't think there would be. So I went on Twitter and asked Hart Hanson what he thought. He replied that a crossover might be a problem, since the two shows are filmed in different cities, but that guest-stars might work. So Pej Vahdat, who plays Arastoo on "Bones", replied to both of us "I call dibs!!!"  That was cute.

However, I went offline after asking Hart Hanson that question, and when I came back, I had like 20 notifications (which I NEVER do) so I was like, "Holy ___!"  Not only had those two replied, but a bunch of people favorited and retweeted everything. LOL!

Have a great week, y'all!

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