The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #153

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #153

Wednesday 12/24/14

Merry Christmas! I've been so busy with holiday stuff that I haven't been posting in either of my blogs. So sorry!

I had typed this back earlier in the month:

I'm very behind on everything this week! I haven't yet started the new primetime news and schedule page. Ack! I was busy all week and weekend with other stuff like holiday stuff, cleaning, rehearsing with my band, and doing interviews, as well as social media and, admittedly, being sick.

I have a ton of TV reviews and interviews to put up. Hopefully no later than Tuesday.

Lately I've been tuning in to our cable music channels and listening to Christmas music, and sometimes 70's music (that's what my husband prefers), and not watching shows as much.

I have a new pile of DVD's to watch that PR people have sent me to review. More stress! But it's fun, and there are some great things on there.

We enjoyed "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" all week. It's sad that Stephen Colbert will be retiring his funny right-wing character soon.

Present:  I did get caught up on the interviews and all of the other stuff, eventually!

This week's news and schedule was put up pretty late, but it's all done now. Next week's is here and will be updated Saturday.

I've really loved having "The Mentalist" back on Sundays. I do miss Wayne and Grace, though. I wonder why they wrote them out of the series?

"Two and a Half Men" has mostly not been very funny lately. We're all wondering what happened to Amber Tamblyn (Jennie), too.  It's too bad that this is their last year. It was way better last year.

I keep hearing that this UK show "Black Mirror" is really good, and it's out now on Netflix. There's an upcoming Christmas episode starring Jon Hamm (Don Draper on "Mad Men"). That should be good. It's a Twilight Zone-type of show.

I think they stopped airing "Selfie", yet the episodes are On Demand, so that's great for us fans of the show!

I really loved the FOX show "Gracepoint", but it's been canceled. They finally show the last episode. Great ending, though! Now I can watch "Broadchurch".

What new DVD's did you get for Christmas? Let me know... My husband got a good comedy one, Lewis Black's "In God We Rust". So funny!

The new NBC show "Constantine" has been good, and getting better every episode. I guess there are only 10 episodes this season.

I'm bummed that "Haven" has finished for the season....

It seems like a lot of my favorite shows are ending, like "White Collar" and "Justified". Boo hoo! I was surprised to read that "Anger Management" is finishing its run, too. I thought that show was successful! I always enjoy it, although I don't always remember to watch it.

Do you watch any holiday movies? I've been watching a few on Hallmark, ABC Family, and Lifetime. I love them!!  The hokier the better.

Today I recorded this show "Too Cute". It's a show on Animal Planet that shows cute animals, mostly puppies and kittens. They had a marathon of the episodes all day, and then they showed a special Christmas episode with just Christmas music playing in the background, with videos of the cuties. So precious!!

I'm looking forward to the "Doctor Who" Christmas special this week! I hope it'll be as good as previous ones.

I hope you got to see the "Bones" 200th episode, that was like an old Hitchcock movie. They did a great job with it.

"South Park" has been pretty funny this year. I guess they finally had enough time off to come up with some good jokes for a change!

The holidays are tough for fans of good TV comedy. We're missing not only the shows that are on vacation like "The Daily Show", "Family Guy", and "Real Time with Bill Maher", but "The Colbert Report" finished. Also, I guess Craig Ferguson's show is finished now.... Letterman will still be around for about 5 months. I don't watch that one too often, though.

For Christmas, I got my husband tickets to see "Bill Maher" in person on New Year's Eve! That should be a lot of fun...

I hope you got to see "Ascension" on Syfy! I thought it was a pretty good miniseries. They also had a fun winter movie "IceTastrophre" starring four of the actors from "Continuum"! It still airs this month, so check it out.

I always enjoy getting promotional stuff from the TV network PR people, and at the holidays it's even better. Syfy sent Christmas icicle lights along with the DVD for "IceTastrophre"! ABC Family sent me a box of stuff for viewing their shows during "25 Days of Christmas" (they suggested having a party with it, but I don't know that many people here yet where I live--plus the few I do know, go away for the holidays). They sent red blankets, Christmas socks, hot chocolate on a stick (yum!), Christmas paper cups, a serving tray and more. Really nice!

Yesterday, Animal Planet had a marathon of this show "Too Cute". It's a great show if you're an animal lover. They show cute animals (mostly dogs and cats). I recorded the new holiday one they have, which has just Christmas music playing while puppies and kittens frolick. Too cute for sure!

I usually get a few Xmas-related gifts. This year I got a "Doctor Who" Christmas ornament (it features all of the doctors!) and a DVD of "Falcon Crest Season 1", so that's cool.

This week, all of the soaps are showing new episodes, except Thursday's "General Hospital" is pre-empted by football, and "The Bold & The Beautiful" is showing a re-run that same day.

Season's Greetings! See ya next year.

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