The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #151

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #151

Lately I seem to be so busy that I can't even keep up my blogs. Oh, no! :)

With the holiday season coming up, things should only get busier. Are you watching any of the holiday shows? Which has been your favorite? Let me know.

Once Upon a Time promo picOnly 3 episodes of  "Once Upon a Time" left until March! There are so many re-runs now, and some of my favorite shows like "The Good Wife" won't be back for quite a while. Too bad! Not that I ever run out of things to watch...

"Castle" was very good this week, what with an Esposito-centric episode. That was a good one. I wonder if he and Lanie will get married now?

"The Good Wife" was so very sad! I hope things get better for Cary. I think I read that the actress who plays Kalinda is leaving the show, so I'm concerned that they're killing her off. It's so great to see David Hyde Pierce on the show, and he's doing a fabulous job. Not that I'm surprised!

It was great to see Zak Orth again (Aaron on "Revolution"), guest-starring on "The Good Wife" in a small role.Person of Interest ladies

I'm still way behind on "Person of Interest" and need to catch up. Also quite a few others, like "Arrow", "Vampire Diaries", "Reign", and "The Originals"...

This past week or so, I was catching up a lot on "Sleepy Hollow" - shows from last year! It's so good.

Both "Gotham" and "The Flash" are good, in their own ways. I think "Gotham" might have the slight edge. The dialogue is really sparkling with wit. I enjoy both shows so much!

The weird thing is that FOX's description of the "Gotham" episode said "Gordon is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum" but that didn't happen until right near the end of the episode! It wasn't about that at all.  I can't wait for that "Arrow" and "The Flash" crossover! Looks really good from the previews.

ConstantineI also enjoy "Constantine", another comic book show. Apparently NBC just ordered 10 episodes of it, which is what they usually do, but they're not ordering any more yet for this year. Fans are worried that this means that there won't be a second season. NBC says they're committed to the show, and the showrunner thinks the show is doing fine. NBC usually shows just a short season of Grimm and whatever follows it and then they show two other shows (or lately they've been giving Grimm more of an order). "Hannibal" is often what they bring back in the Spring.

However, fans have plenty of reasons to be worried. While "Constantine" is doing okay in the ratings, it's not exactly a huge hit. Also, Friday night is a bad one for TV, and aside from "Dateline" and "Grimm", NBC doesn't seem to want to keep the same show in that last hour slot. They canceled the previous two fantasy shows, "Dracula" and "Crossbones".  Before that, they  kept canceling the shows on that day, like "Law & Order" and some sitcoms. Ever since they made that idiotic decision to cancel "ER", "Southland" and other shows, to make room for five nights of Jay Leno, they've been struggling with their whole schedule.

Also, scifi fans are used to their favorite shows being canceled by the major TV networks after only a few episodes, dating back to the beginning of TV history (at least back to "Star Trek" - guess which time slot that was in!). "Constantine" seems to have a devoted internet following, which probably skews younger, so they'd be wise to keep the show around, but networks don't always do the wise thing. It depends on other factors, such as how much the episodes cost to make.  We shall see! I like the show, but I don't love it as much as I love the other comic book shows (probably because he's not a superhero and I didn't grow up reading his comic). It's a good show, but kind of odd, and I don't think it's really a mainstream kind of show. It seems more like a cable show. That's not a bad thing. It's great if a network decides to put more quality drama on. I just don't know if NBC is willing to do that. Anyway, I thought last week's episode was the best one yet.

If you want to help keep Constantine going, tweet with the hashtag , tweet about the show, tweet to the actors, remind people to watch it on Fridays, and visit their Facebook page. The actors: , , and .

It's hard to know what to say in the blog when I usually just love all of the shows. "Supernatural" seemed like just an odd little episode about a witch, but then it had such a shocking ending! Wow!Duke on "Haven" promo pic

I love "Haven" and it's great that there are two Audrey's now (sort of), and that new doctor lady is fun. I can't wait until the next episode. I wonder what she's up to? I still don't really buy that Duke has been taken in by Mara, though. That seemed too quick and easy, and he seemed blind to her manipulations. He's not usually that stupid. I keep hoping that they'll reveal at some point that he and Nathan are secretly working together and using Mara to stop the Troubles...

They announced that William Shatner will have a role on the show. That sounds very odd. He usually does comedy nowadays and "Haven" does have some comedy, but mostly it's pretty serious. I'm looking forward to see how that works. I guess it'll be sometime in 2015.

I can't wait until the return this week of "Major Crimes" (I haven't watched it yet, but it's On Demand) and "The Mentalist"!!! Two of my favorite shows. I'm very sad that "The Mentalist", "Justified", "White Collar" and "Longmire" are all on their last seasons!

12 Monkeys picI was watching the first two episodes of this new Syfy show debuting in January, "12 Monkeys". It's not bad... not as gross as "Helix". It kind of reminds me of "Continuum" to some extent. Read my review of this and other shows.

I started watching "The Missing", which is a Starz show. Wow, that one is really good. It's a little slow, but it's really well done. Fabulous writing and acting. Good drama, very compelling. You can watch the first episode for free on their site.Homer's cover band

I did enjoy "The Simpsons", since it was about a cover band, and I'm in a cover band! It was pretty spot-on from everything I've ever heard or experienced about bands.

I still enjoy "Forever", and that last one was pretty good (about a jazz musician). Sometimes, though, I feel like every TV series has their token stories, like "the black episode" or "the Indian episode" or "the Asian episode". Thankfully, we see less tokenism on TV as time goes by, but they still do that. A lot of the scifi shows I watch have "the zombie episode" so I guess that's better? LOL!

Next week's Primetime News and Schedule is here! Do check it out on the weekend.

The two LukesThere was a lot of speculation this week about who "Fluke" is on "General Hospital". They were hinting that it's Faison, but I think that's a red herring. I don't know who it could be, though. If it's not Faison, they've done a good job of keeping us guessing.

I happened to see this week that Sonny is having Duke run his businesses for him while he's in prison. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. First of all, Duke has never been successful at anything in his life! He spent many years held captive by Faison, and after that, he had trouble getting a job and only seemed good at getting revenge. Before he was presumed dead, he was a failed night club owner, a front man for the mob. He kept trying to get out of the mob, so I doubt he was very successful at that, either. And what an insult that is to Shawn, who's been helping Sonny run things for years now. Heck, even Morgan would be a better choice than Duke.

The soaps will all be pre-empted or running re-runs this week... Good, I can use a break!

I've also been watching "The Game" on BBC America (the first episodes are On Demand). It's a 6-episode British miniseries and it's very good! It's about cold war espionage between the British and USSR in the early 70's. Very good writing, intricate plot, lots of secrets, great spy stuff andDavid Tennant and Anna Gunn marvelous acting!

I watched episode 9 of "Gracepoint" on FOX, which airs Thursday, December 9. Don't miss it! It's such a great show. I'm so sad that they're only making this one season. Only one episode left after this one! After that, I'm going to watch the original British version, "Broadchurch".

Monday I'm all set to participate in another conference call interview with Tim Meadows and Dan BucatinskyTim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky from NBC's "Marry Me". It'll be great to speak with them, especially Meadows. I remember when he was on "Saturday Night Live"! Back when I was younger and watched that show...

Watching TV shows this week, I remember how they always sit at the table as a family on Thanksgiving and then everyone tells what they're thankful for. I don't think I ever did that - that's something to be grateful for, right there! That's way too hokey for me. IBuffy Happy Thanksgiving! didn't really have a "normal" family life growing up, though.... It was more like "Sanford & Son" than "The Brad Bunch".

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and watched lots of TV as well as spent time with your family. Time to start thinking about sending out my holiday cards and putting up the decorations....

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