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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #148

Sunday 11/2/14

For some reason, "Family Guy" was a re-run this week. And what's going on with "CSI"??? It's been pre-empted the past two weeks due to football. Boo!!! CBS needs to stop doing that. How many shows do they have to kill off that way? It's why we no longer see "CSI: Maimi" and "The Mentalist". Just put some reality show or re-runs on in that 10pm time slot and don't ruin our favorites.

We tried watching "The Simpsons", but it was pretty boring. What a waste of Jane Fonda.

Lately I've been having to watch "The Good Wife" On Demand because I've been recording "Masterpiece Theater" as well as "Once upon a Time".... too many good shows on at once! I know that a lot of reviewers didn't like "Death Comes to Pemberley", but I enjoyed it a lot. The ending was a little flat, but I was very relieved that it was happy and not tragic.

My favorite show is on Sundays, "Once Upon a Time".  Such a great show and always so wonderful.  The Frozen characters have been a good addition, too.

Monday 11/3/14

"Gotham" continues to be a great show! I can hardly wait to see what happens every week.  No new episode of "The Flash" this week, darn it...

I finally watched last week's "Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men", and the new "The McCarthy's". BBT is always great. Billy Bob Thornton was awesome as a creepy doctor. Glad to see him doing comedy. I love "Two and a Half Men", but the premiere episode was just okay. The best part were the Duckie jokes.  And where was Amber Tamblyn(Jenny)?? I hope she's still on the show.

"The McCarthys" is awful. I have to write a review still, but man....another really unfunny comedy. Too bad because the actors on it are top notch. The writing just sucks. Not only was it not funny at all, but they clearly know nothing about the area where the show takes place. First they established that the family lives in Boston, and then they had the son telling his parents that he got a job in Providence, Rhode Island, so he's moving. Well, first of all, it takes less than an hour to drive from Boston to Providence. Many people commute between the two places. Even if he did move away, it wouldn't be far, so they would still see him a lot. However, instead they acted as if he was moving to Florida or something.  So stupid.  These are two tiny little states right next to each other.  The California writers obviously know nothing.  They could have easily had the mother getting upset about his leaving, and then have him say, "But, Ma, it's only an hour away!" and that would have easily fixed it. Instead, they look stupid and make viewers feel stupid for watching.

Tuesday 11/4/14

There's a new "Hot in Cleveland" this week! Yay! And also "The Exes" if you watch that one. I love the TVLAND shows.

I don't watch "Days of Our Lives" regularly any more, but I think it's so great that Eileen Davidson is on both that show and "The Young & The Restless" at the same time (that almost never happens). She's also adding "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" as well. I believe she's leaving DOOL this week, though. Too bad.

Now that E.J. has left the show, and Kristen is leaving, and Stefano is almost never seen, the new Chad is the only DiMera left. That's a real shame. Time to bring Tony back, please!

Speaking of the soaps, I've been watching a little bit of "General Hospital" from October. It's a shame how they destroyed Carly and Franco's relationship, but I'm sure the reveal will be great.

This morning I was on a conference call interview with some of the new "Celebrity Apprentice" contestants. It was interesting because they didn't tell us ahead of time who would be on the call! Usually they do. If they had, I might have had some better questions prepared...but it was okay, anyway. They announced the list of celebrities this morning, but I didn't see it at first. Then on the call, they announced who was there, but I had trouble hearing it. However, by the time they got to my turn, I'd figured it out. Thank goodness! I was happy to talk to the three stars, Leeza Gibbons, Ian Ziering and Vivica A. Fox.  I asked about working with Donald Trump, and they gave really good answers. I wonder why Ian Ziering pronounces his name like Eye-in rather than EE-in?

Wednesday 11/5/14

Tomorrow I get to speak with Angela Bassett, star of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" on FX. Of course she's also a multiple award winner and Oscar nominee as well! That should be great.

There wasn't too much TV the past two days because of the election. I did watch tonight's premiere of "Hot in Cleveland"! Too bad Tim Daly was gone.

We did watch last night's "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report". They were okay, but it was hard to watch if you were a Democrat.  Too depressing.

Thursday 11/6/14

This week's soaps have been riveting...great reveals, especially on GH and Y&R. I'm not happy that they're making Franco so evil all of a sudden. I hope they back off from that, or at least I hope that Roger Howarth is not leaving the show.  Everyone on GH did such an outstanding job this week, and it was great to see the older people like Bobbie, Felicia, Mac, Duke and Anna, too! I could have done without the scenes between Ava and Nina - they went on way too long. But it was great when Sonny showed up on Ava's doorstep.

I saw some of the Y&R scenes. They would have been way better if Michelle Stafford still played Phyllis. I have no problem with Gina Tognoni, but she's too new in the role for us to care about her yet, and so it weakens the reveal of what Sharon has done. Tognoni needs to smile more as Phyllis. Part of what makes Phyllis sympathetic is that she smiles a lot. She's a little bit crazy sometimes and thinks she's in the right, even when she's not. Gina's playing her too much like a bitch, which doesn't work.

I caught up on some of the shows tonight; I watched "Bones", which was pretty good. "Two and a Half Men" was very funny, and it was great to see Jenny back! "Big Bang Theory" was awesome. As always, I enjoyed "Elementary". CBS has a great night of TV on Thursdays, but so do ABC, The CW and FOX.

Friday 11/7

My Angela Bassett call was pushed back until today, so I had to get Krista, one of our wonderful volunteers, to take the conference call interview with Christopher Gorham (Augie on "Covert Affairs"). Then I didn't get to speak with Ms. Bassett! Sometimes they have too many callers and not enough time, especially if it's a big star.

I have another call at 10 with the producers and writers of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago PD". They're promoting a new 3-show cross-over. Should be fun.

ABC announced this morning that "Selfie" would only get the original 13 episodes that was ordered, which is disappointing. That's a funny show. I always make sure to watch it.  It's the only sitcom I watch regularly, actually.  Some good news, they also announced that they would give "Forever" a full season. Yay! There is some concern on Twitter for the CW show "The 100". The ratings haven't been good.

Right now I'm watching "How to Get Away With Murder", which is always good. It has some unlikely coincidences, but otherwise it's very entertaining.

My second call went great! That 3-episode crossover sounds good.

I've been enjoying GH this week. I was worried that Franco is going too evil or crazy, but at least he backed off from killing anyone.  He has great chemistry with Nina, so I hope they end up together.

Check out this week's Primetime TV News and Schedule starting Sunday!

Have a great weekend!

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