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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #14

Sunday 10/26/14

Too much sports on lately! LOL! They pre-empt some of my favorite shows for that.

I enjoyed this week's "Doctor Who", even though it was a bit confusing. They never explained, for instance, why the wolves and tigers were acting so weird (or why they were out of the zoo). I think that Peter Capaldi is a great actor, but they need to have him smile more and be a bit more madcap like the previous Doctors. This doctor is not very likable. He's the hero and needs to act more like someone we care about.

We've added John Oliver's "This Week" to our TV watching schedule. He's usually pretty funny!

  Monday 10/27/14

I just watched last week's "Haven" - I was so busy over the weekend! I loved it (I always do). I can't wait to see what happens next week.

I was happy to hear that they're turning the "Librarian" movies into a series; plus, some of my favorite actors will be in it: John Larroquette, Christian Kane, and Matt Frewer! As well as the ones from the movie, Noah Wyle, Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart! I love those movies. If you haven't seen them, they're great fun. Sort of a cheaper, funnier version of Indiana Jones.

I've been so busy today, doing the appearances for our site and also sending out our daily soap newsletters....

  Tuesday 10/28/14

I only did a little work today because I was sick. I did watch "The Good Wife" (always great!), and "Supernatural" (love it), and the usual comedy news shows with my husband.

I don't watch the soaps any more, but I see parts of them and I hear about them on social media. I guess fans are upset that Michael has cancer on "The Young and the Restless". I'm pretty sure that they're not planning to kill him off. It's great that he has such a meaty storyline for a change, and he's doing a fabulous job of it from what I can tell.

It was fun seeing Larry Ashton on "General Hospital", although he's gotten so old now!

I've been reading Sci Fi Magazine that I picked up in the store, and it has some great coverage of all of the TV shows and movies. Great in-depth reporting and interviews. I wonder, though... is it still connected to the channel Syfy? They have different names now. Odd.

  Wednesday 10/29/14

I don't know what cable you guys have, but I have Oceanic Time Warner Cable, which is some sort of version of TWC here in Hawaii. For the most part, I can't complain. We live in a condo building, so the basic cable (plus one DVR and HBO) and internet comes free. We just pay for an extra DVR, slightly faster internet, and a phone land line, which is cheap. I haven't had too many problems with any of it in the year or so we've lived here.

A few months ago, I noticed this weird pop-up notice that comes up now. It happens whenever a show is about to record on my DVR. It asks "Record as Planned?" and the it lists the show(s) I have on there and I have to press the select button or wait for it to go away. It's really annoying. You know, I set up the recordings on the DVR. I just set them up and forget about them. I can check them, if I wish, any time, so why is it telling me this??? It's completely unnecessary and obnoxious. I record shows a lot from the DVR in our bedroom to DVD, so that I can watch them later.  So now that annoying popup is all through my recordings.  If I'm watching a show, the popup comes up, disturbing my viewing. Today I was fast-forwarding a show and it came up, so I had to press Select and then stop the fast-forwarding and rewind since it got way ahead of where I wanted to be.  So I phoned the company, and they were completely clueless. I asked them on Twitter and finally, after many hours, they're telling me that it's a "feature" and it can't be disabled. Grrr! I'm so angry about this.  Why add something that is useless and annoying??

I've had cable for a long time, since the 80's, and I had DVR's as soon as they came out with the cable company. I also had DISH network for a while. I've experienced Comcast, COX and now TWC.  They all have their own drawbacks, pluses and minuses. Comcast was definitely the worst. I like TWC okay, but this is bad. I wish I could go back to DISH, but it's not allowed in my building. The TWCE tech support people are very polite and tried to help, but....they couldn't fix the problem.  :( They're sending someone out on Monday to see if that person can help me, but I have my doubts. The TWC Twitter Help person seems to think that it's an inherent feature in the Navigator software, and it can't be turned off.

Today I watched a bunch of shows...I was falling behind, so I watched "Forever", "Gotham" and "The Flash". "Forever" looked like it was going to be predictable, but then it wasn't. Very enjoyable episode. "Gotham" was outstanding as always!! Such a great show. I really enjoyed "The Flash", too. I loved seeing "Captain Cold". I just wish they'd stop calling the Flash "The Blur" because that was what they called Clark on "Smallville".  "The Streak" isn't much better, for obvious reasons! I'm very glad that they gave The Flash a costume right now away. Smallville could be very annoying that way, and it took Green Arrow a long time to get his real costume together, too. Do they still call him "The Arrow" or are they calling him "Green Arrow" yet? They really should...

I've got a lot of new interviews coming up. Most are conference calls. Friday I'm interviewing Matt Ryan, star of NBC's "Constantine"! That should be great. Then I have a one-on-one interview with veteran actor Sebastian Roché who plays mostly bad guys but is so smooth and sexy when he does it! He's on "The Originals" right now and also has a movie out with Liam Neeson. Last week he was on "General Hospital" again as Jerry Jax. He was also on "Scandal", which I don't watch.  Such a busy guy! I've seen him on so many shows like "Vampire Diaries", "NCIS", "Fringe" and "Supernatural".

Next Tuesday we get to talk to "Celebrity Cast Members" from NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice". I mean, come on, how can I interview them if we don't know who they are ahead of time? That should be interesting! Should I ask them just how obnoxious Donald Trump really is? LOL!

Then on Friday November 7, I get to chat with Christopher Gorham of "Covert Affairs" again! I love him. He's so nice on the phone. And then also that same day, we get to chat with the producers/writers for "Law & Order: SVU" and "Chicago Fire"/ "Chicago PD" because they're doing a three-way crossover. I'll be tempted to say: Bring back Munch!

And then on November 18 I'll be in a call with John O'Hurley and David Frei, who're hosting "The National Dog Show" on NBC. You may know O'Hurley from playing Peterman on "Seinfeld", or from "All My Children" or one of his other many great cartoon voices or character roles.

They're awesome, I can't wait!

Still waiting on two transcripts from Syfy...I have no idea what's going on with them, and I hope everything's okay. I can't wait for their new show "Ascension" - sounds very interesting.

  Thursday 10/30/14

Almost Halloween! I'm very excited.

Right now I'm watching the first part of "Death Comes to Pemberley". Good cast and an intriguing story. I don't think I saw "Pride and Prejudice"; if I did, it was very long ago and I don't remember it. Or perhaps I only saw some of it.

Next week's news page is at here. It'll be all caught up by late Sunday evening, I hope!

  Friday 10/31/14

I also watched "Bones" this week, which is always fun and a solid show.

I had interview calls this morning. It was tough waking up for the first one with NBC's Constantine, Mark Ryan. He was very nice and fun to talk to. I've only seen the first episode so far, but I enjoyed it. He's another Welsh actor! But his accent is not as thick as, say, that of Matthew Rhys ("The Americans"), probably because he's been acting since childhood and spent a lot of time in England.

My second call was a one-on-one interview with Sebastian Roché,. We had a nice chat and he seems like a really gracious person.

I watched this week's "Haven" - love that show!! Good 2-part episode. They keep us surprised and on our toes! I wonder if Duke is falling for Mara?

We were out a lot this weekend for Halloween stuff, so I didn't spend too much time watching TV. I did watch some of the "From Dusk Till Dawn" DVD - great show if you don't mind gore and violence. Very good acting, lots of humor and some supernatural stuff. It skips around a lot, time-wise, which makes it even more interesting.

  Saturday 11/1/14

I had a party Saturday night, so I really over-decorated our apartment with Halloween stuff, including putting out some Halloween DVD's. I had a few already and then picked up some cheap ones as well. I had our TV set up on the music channel for "sounds of the season", but for some reason the sound went out and I couldn't get it to come back (for ANY of the music channels). It's okay now, though.

Two of the people we invited had kids, so I suggested they watch some DVD's in the bedroom when they got board (two girls, one 9 and one 12). Out of all of the DVD's I had there, including "Frozen", "Catching Fire" and many more, they chose last season's DVD of "The Big Bang Theory"! Go figure. Smart girls. I had also recorded some cartoons and Harry Potter for them just in case.

In one of our bathrooms, I had my Kindle Fire set up with spooky sounds and music I had downloaded to lend some atmosphere :)

Among all of the other Halloween decorations, I had some Buffy The Vampire action figures set out, too. I had Buffy, Angel, Spike, vampire Willow and The Master.

A few weeks ago, I had read an article about how movie star Seth Rogen had run into Garth Ancier, who's a TV network programming executive (he's worked for NBC, FOX, The WB et al.), who canceled his 2000 show "Freaks and Geeks". So I found Garth on Twitter and tweeted "I read the fuss about your canceling "Freaks and Geeks". I'm still upset about the cancellation of "Savannah" in 97! :)"  I didn't expect a reply, but on Halloween he tweeted me back: "Me too...Loved that show!"  LOL! Now, such a nice guy...I can't really reply to that! I guess TV executives are not heartless, soulless bastards like we all like to they are, huh?

I hope you all had a nice Halloween!

Now I have to make up for lost time...I fell really behind on work this week because of the party and all the preparations. Back to work!

This week's News and Schedule Pages are here and next week's will be here.

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