The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #146

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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #146

This week I've been really busy and haven't watched as much TV as usual. Shocking, I know. Still, I've been keeping up with the site and some of my usual shows.

As always, I posted this week's Primetime News and Schedule. This week's was here and next week's will be here. I usually put it all together Friday through Sunday, and then I update it a bit during the week.

In case you're interested, these are the main things I do every week.

The BlackList on NBC!First, Danielle gathers the main networks' press releases and posts them on our Primetime Forum, and then she sends them to me. I edit them down to just the important stuff and put them in a file page in chronological order. Then around Friday or Saturday, I start putting that info in that week's news page. Then I also go in my mail and find the ones that are sent to me by USA, FX, TBS and TNT and add those in. During the week, I add in Syfy and a few others that are sent to me. Then I use the TV Guide page to add in any other cable shows I feel should be added (mostly fiction shows). This takes hours and hours.

Then I move the previous week's news to our older news page and delete the original page. I then go on Twitter and Facebook to let everyone know the news page is up.

Then I go through the file pages and look for any appearances that we might want to add to our show pages. I look for names I recognize from Castlethe soaps and other shows that we cover in depth. I send the daytime ones to Gisele, who puts them up. I keep the primetime ones in a file and put them up either Sunday night or Monday morning. I also add the news from the file pages to our specific current show pages. For instance, we cover Castle in depth so that week's episode description is put up on the Castle Spoilers Page

On Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, if I have the time, I gather the news and spoilers from various pages and post it to our soap newsletters and also to our Delphiforums. Michele and Cheryl do that with "Days of Our Lives" and I do the other three.

Monday through Friday, I run our site's Daytime Soap transcripts and put them up. Gisele proofreads them a little bit and then we have some other volunteers who do more intensive proofreading.

Some of the networks' PR departments send me DVD's to review on our Primetime TV Reviews Page. I get either screeners of upcoming shows, or I get full DVD's that are about to go on sale. I watch those while I'm doing other work on the site. I usually have a pile of them to watch, and I'm always behind. Also, whenever new TV shows come out, I usually try to catch the first episode and review it. Sundi and Eva also help me with this. Once I watch the shows, then I have to write up my review and put it up. I also have to find a photo to go with it and make a new page, and link to it.

We also get invited to do some interviews with TV actors, writers, directors and producers. I can't do them all, so I mostly do the ones I like, and a fewDavid Tennant and John Simms others. I don't usually bother if it's a reality TV star or someone I've never heard of (it really depends). Sundi and Krista help me with this, too. If it's a conference call interview, then they usually send us a transcript of the call. I then have to, again, find a photo of the person, make a page for it, and then put it up. They usually send it in Word format, so I copy it and paste it into Notepad to strip out all of the formatting. After I paste it into the page, I then go through and put the names in bold-face, to make it easier to read. If it's for a person that stars on one of the shows we cover, I then link to it from those pages and sometimes also post about the interview in social media or on Delphiforums.

Sometimes I get one-on-one interviews, which are a lot more work. I have to record the call and then transcribe it (Gisele usually does this for me). I have to come up with 10-15 more questions instead of just a couple. It's usually worth it, though, particularly if it's someone I really like. I have to transfer the recording to the computer and upload it to our site, and then I usually link to it until it's transcribed. In a particularly busy week, I'll get 4 or 5 conference calls and one one-on-one call, but usually it's just one or two interviews each week.

Haven!Syfy's PR company has not been very good lately about sending us the transcripts for calls. I did one September 30 that they still haven't sent! So weird. They're usually pretty good about it. The funny thing is, Syfy is also a part of NBC/Universal, and NBC sends theirs right away, like within 24 hours. I hope it doesn't mean that Syfy is cutting back too much or going under or anything. I really appreciate that they and the other networks invite us to these calls. It's awesome. I don't want to have to transcribe them, though. :) It's a lot of work.

I also try to type in this blog every day as well as my personal blog, but I don't always get around to it. I also try to post a few times per week on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Then there's also our Talkin' TV group on Facebook. I post or comment there regularly.

We have a monthly DVD drawing, so once a month I have to update that page by choosing the winners and letting them know via email. Then every couple of months, I send out those prizes at the post office.

Sometimes I'll see news and info on Twitter or Facebook and I add it to the site. Also, the TV networks and their PR people send me lots of emails every day, and I try to go through and read them as well as put the info up on our forum and our news pages. I'm usually very behind on that, though. There's just too much. I wish I had some help with all this news, but it's hard to find reliable volunteers for that, I guess. Right now I have about 1400 unread emails going back a few months.

Those are the main things I do on the site, and then if I have any more time, I'll add pages (content) for our pages about current shows. I wish that's all I had to do! That's the part I probably enjoy most. But it's lower priority than the rest because people read the other stuff more.

Gisele runs our daytime section and she does a lot of work each day, too. We have so many great volunteers who write things for our site. Go to our What's New Page and you can see it all.

For some reason, this week's "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" are all re-runs. Too bad! They really make us laugh.Daily Show cast

I enjoy the new shows "Forever", "Selfie", "Gotham", "The Flash", "Gracepoint" and "How to Get Away with Murder". Those are all on my DVR here in my living room, so I watch them regularly, along with "The Good Wife", "Once Upon a Time", "Castle", "Big Bang Theory", "Bones", "Supernatural", "Family Guy", "The Simpsons", and the two mentioned above, plus soon "Two and a Half Men", "The 100" and "Elementary" will return. I'm not sure yet about "Constantine". We'll see on that one. That doesn't include some other shows that I'm way behind on but also love, like "Arrow", "Reign", "The Originals", "Vampire Diaries", "Sleepy Hollow", "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Revenge", "Person of Interest" and a bunch of cable shows, most of which I record on my bedroom DVR and then record to DVD for later viewing. I'm trying not to stress about them, though, and catch up whenever I can.

What are your favorite shows to watch, especially any newer ones?

I was glad to see on "Supernatural" that Dean is back to being human. Yay! Great to see Cass and Crowley again, too. I just love this show.

The only shows on that list above that I'm not too keen on are "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy". They're not as funny as they used to be. My husband watches them, so I do. I would probably stop watching, otherwise.Forever!

I thought for a minute this week that "Forever" was going to add a long-running "Jack the Ripper" storyline, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Still, I always enjoy it. I hope they keep it around.

Gina Tognoni with red hairI have an online friend who watches "The Young & The Restless". I don't watch it regularly any more, but I know generally what's going on, and I see it on my TV screen when I run the transcripts. I love Gina Tognoni, and I hope she does a great job as Phyllis. She needs to smile more, though. Phyllis smiles a lot, even when she's not too happy. It's part of what makes her charming, likeable and vulnerable. Otherwise she's just a hateful bee-atch. Gina needs to smile more. Also, I don't know why they aren't making her a redhead again. That's part of the character. It should have been red from day one and it makes no sense. It would be fine if she started red and then later changed it as part of some kind of transformation, but having just come out of a coma, it makes no sense. Unless they're trying to say that she wasn't a natural redhead and her color grew out while she was in a coma! That's not good.  She had dark brown hair at first, and now they've lightened it, but it's still not red.  Here's a photo of Tognoni when she was a redhead previously. I think it was while she played Dinah, but I'm not sure. I think she looks great!

While I do enjoy the show "How to Get Away with Murder" it has flaws. First of all, to be very shallow, that kid that plays Wes has funny-looking hair, and he reminds me a lot of the character in "Soul Man" played by C. Thomas Howell! But beyond that, the show is far-fetched. I think that if Annalise is a high-powered, successful attorney, she would have a whole team of research lawyers and wouldn't need some students to work extra hours to do it (not sure how ethical that is, either). Beyond that, there are an awful lot of unlikely coincidences, like the fact that Annalise is defending a woman accused of murdering this student that slept with her husband, and one of her law students just happens to live next door to the defendant? I do love the show, and it's fun and has great dialogue. It makes you want to watch, despite some of the stupid stuff. That's really the most you can hope for with most TV shows.

Some friends have said that they find the show hard to follow. A good show is complex. You have to watch every episode and pay close attention.  The show has many layers and a huge cast as well as an interweaving plot line.

We usually go out on Fridays, so I don't watch "Haven" until Saturday. I can't wait for this week's!

Today is the last day to enter our October drawing! Enter now at

Bummer, they canceled "Manhattan Love Story". That was a fairly funny comedy, I thought.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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