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TV Blog

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #145

Wednesday 10/15/15

Welcome to the TV Blog's new home!

I really posted the TV Blog late last week! Whoops!

I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed "Supernatural". The first two episodes this season were awesome! I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of Crowley...

The second episode of "The Flash" was not quite as good as the first. It was a bit too childish and preachy. I hope it gets better.

I put up a lot more reviews on our site, so check them out! We usually put up a bunch every week.

This morning I interviewed "Grimm" star David Giuntoli in a conference call. I enjoyed speaking with him about the show! This is one of those shows I don't actually watch, but I'm sure I would love it if I did...just fell behind on it and never caught up. Thankfully, doing some research online helped me figure out some intelligent questions to ask!

When I phone into these calls, the publicity people always ask for my name, and the spelling of it, and the site's name. I'm pretty used to them mis-pronouncing my name, and often my site's name. Today was pretty bad, they did both and somehow my site's name because TV MegaCastle. LOL!

My husband is very super picky about what he watches on TV, so we only have a few shows we watch together. They're almost all comedy, including "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show". Both were so funny tonight! They usually are, but these were particularly good.

Thursday 10/16

I've been watching "Penny Dreadful" on DVD to review for the site. Great show. Sometimes a little slow, so I fast-forwarded through those parts (and through the sex scenes - nothing against them, but they're pointless). I was worried it might be too gross, like "American Horror Story", but it's not. There's a very fine line between being scary/creepy and gross/grotesque. I really don't like the latter, nor do I like horror shows or movies that are just depressing, where there is no hope or bright outlook. This one is much better than all that.

Now I'm watching "General Hospital". It's been pretty good lately. I have 3 more DVD's to watch, and then, hopefully, I can start catching up on other shows.

Tonight's "Colbert Report" and "Daily Show" were okay, not as good as yesterday.

I went to get my hair cut today, and I had to wait for a while, so I read an US Magazine. I didn't know half of the people they were talking about! I know about actors and TV-related people, and some movie people, but I don't care about celebrity gossip for the most part. I don't follow the Kardashians and all those other reality show people. Nothing against people who do! It's just not my kind of thing.

Friday 10/17

I had a nice interview this morning with Melissa Joan Hart, star of "Melissa and Joey"! It went great. She seems very hard working. She's directing a new Halloween episode that's coming out October 22nd.

Monday I might get to interview Jill Larson, who's most known for playing Opal on "All My Children". She's in a new horror movie "The Taking of Deborah Logan". Woo hoo!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I've been a little lazy this week, so I've got a lot of work to catch up on this weekend. This week's Primetime News is here   Next week's will be up at here.   I usually put up the new stuff on the weekend, so check back!

I wonder why "Haven" moved to Fridays? I hope it's still doing well. I really love that show. The last two weeks' where they switched bodies was fabulous, and the end of this week's with Audrey returning was so great! My only complaint - and it's a small one - is that the guy with the switching Trouble had the last name "Doohan" but they kept pronouncing it like Doo-HAN (rhymes with toucan) instead of DOO-en (rhymes with ruin). How odd!

Saturday 10/18

We watched Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher", but it was awful. Not funny at all. WOW. Usually we find him very funny. His timing was even off and he flubbed a lot of jokes. I wonder what happened? "South Park" this week was also bad. We couldn't even finish watching it.

I run our site's daytime soap transcripts. Check them out! New ones go up every weekday.

I pulled a couple of muscles in my legs somehow this week, so I've been sleeping a lot and trying to rest, and not working as much as usual.

Sunday 10/19

This week's "Doctor Who" was pretty good for a change. Not the usual episode, at least -- nice when it's a good one.

I really love "Once Upon a Time". and it's never been better. I love how they bring in new characters from Disney all of the time and poke gentle fun at the characters. This week's was great with "Fantasia" stuff, especially the broom and the music from "Sorcerer's Apprentice". Here's something to think about. When they showed Rumple back in time, he told Anna that he knew who she was already because names were his thing. Now that he's in Storybook with his powers, can he still do that? And if so, shouldn't he know that Henry is trying to get information out of him? But anyway, I love this show so much and could watch it every day...

I was looking at the shows we cover on our site and especially at the current shows, many of which I'm still building (it takes a long time). "Law and Order: SVU" is the only NBC show we cover. I tend to only cover shows I really like and watch, and unfortunately most of the NBC shows have not been ones I like too much. Or if I do like them, by the time I get around to thinking about building a page, they cancel the show. This happened last year with "Revolution". They have a lot of shows that I like ok but not enough to watch regularly, like "The Blacklist", and "Mysteries of Laura". I fear that this new one, "Constantine", won't last long, even though comic book shows are big now. It's okay, but the first episode was not nearly as good as "Arrow", "The Flash", "Gotham" or  "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." I like "Grimm" but never caught up on watching it. I like some of their comedies, but...not that much. We do cover quite a few shows on ABC, CBS, FOX, and The CW, as well as some primetime ones. I would have built a site for "Crossbones", but that one didn't last too long. Ah, well.

I didn't watch too much TV this weekend other than the few I've mentioned here... I slept a lot and otherwise did errands.

Monday 10/20

Well, I caught up on a lot of things on the site this weekend, and now I have to get back to this tedious job of fixing/changing the META tags in a lot of the pages... this is why people often give up making their webpages-- because they like doing the fun stuff but hate doing the boring stuff. Eventually, they either lose interest in whatever subject the website is about, or they hate doing the boring stuff and it makes them just give up on the site completely. I admit I hate doing that boring stuff, too! But I'm not one to give up easily. :)

I watched "The Good Wife" - it's always so great!  The way they weave the plots and character is amazing to watch. I love seeing all the great actors they have on there. Not just the regular ones but the visitors, like Michael J. Fox, Kyle MacLachlan, Jill Hennessy et al. I really loved "Crossing Jordan" and of course "Twin Peaks" so it was great to see those last two.

Earlier this morning I got to interview Jill Larson, who stars in the movie "The Taking of Deborah Logan". It sounds like a fun scary movie for Halloween. She's most known for playing Opal on "All My Children", and before that, she was also the psycho Ursula on "One Life to Live" (that's where I first saw her). It was wonderful to chat with her! Her movie's out tomorrow in some select theaters, I believe, and via download, and then in November it comes out on VOD and DVD.

We watched Sunday's "Family Guy", which was pretty funny. I also enjoyed "The Simpsons". Their tribute to Stephen Kubrick was outstanding! Maybe not the most laugh-out-loud funny thing ever, but it was brilliant in its way...

Today's "General Hospital" was good. I'm glad Lucas is finally getting a storyline! I don't know like how things are going with Franco and Heather. I prefer him as sane and kind, not crazy and vengeful (although Carly certainly deserves it).

Franco just said that tomorrow is Halloween, his wedding. They're dragging this out for ten days???  Yikes.

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