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Guy Fieri, Ted Allen, and Adam Gertler Host Three Series Premieres in January 2009

Press Release - Video

Go Guac on FoodNetwork.com for Super Sunday
Find the Best Guacamole Recipes, How-To and More at Guacamole Central

NEW YORK (January 21, 2009) – All the best ideas and recipes for a super bowl of guacamole can be found at FoodNetwork.com, the No. 1 food and cooking site on the Web.  Whether you’re a guacamole greenhorn or an avocado aficionado, FoodNetwork.com will help you guac your socks off for the biggest snack day of the year: “super Sunday.”  (http://www.foodnetwork.com/guacamole?oc=guac)   

Featuring guacamole recipes, guacamole troubleshooting, guac news and trends and a “Guac of Fame” contest, FoodNetwork.com is the one-stop-guac-shop for every party snacking need. Check out some of the great things FoodNetwork.com is dipping into:

  • Ask the “Guac Doc,” Guy Fieri: If your avocados lack bravado, just peruse FoodNetwork.com’s “Ask the Guac Doc,” with dip tips and more, including advice on speed-ripening avocados and preventing beautiful green guac from going brown. The host is Guy Fieri of Food Network’s hit series, Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

  • Nearly 200 guacamole recipes:  When searching for how to make guacamole, look no further than FoodNetwork.com, where guacamole recipes abound; from the quick, like Rachael Ray’s “Guac & Roll” recipe, to the easy, like Alton Brown’s version (FoodNetwork.com’s most popular guacamole recipe).  Ellie Krieger’s “Chunky Guacamole” offers a low-cal alternative, while Tyler Florence’s dip recipe includes onion and Serrano chiles for a unique taste.

  • Guac of Fame: Think you’ve got the hippest dip on the strip? Does your guac turn others to mush? Find out if your guacamole is holy or lowly by submitting a photo of your greatest guac and reasons why it reigns supreme to FoodNetwork.com’s “Guac of Fame” contest. Winners receive a signed copy of Guy Fieri’s new book Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

  • Guac in the News: Make sure you’re up on all the latest in guacamole trends, like luxe make-it-yourself guac bars and new dip blends like “guacamayo.”

Scripps Networks Digital
Scripps Networks Digital is a diversified, multi-platform programmer that delights millions daily with award-winning content in the home, food and living categories.  SN Digital’s Web sites -- HGTV.com, FoodNetwork.com, DIYnetwork.com, FineLiving.com, GACTV.com, Recipezaar.com, HGTVPro.com, FrontDoor.com and the newest Ecologue.com -- are powered by engaging content, interactive tools and social spaces that take fans of Scripps Networks cable brands further into the story and offer online users information and inspiration to fuel their passions.  SN Digital also distributes content to mobile and online partners, providing lifestyle solutions virtually anywhere, anytime.  

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The Guacamole Song - Food Network

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Updated 1/26/09  


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