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Starter Wife on USA!

New television event from the USA Network, The Starter Wife. Starring Debra Messing, the six hour event premieres May 31st at 9/8C on USA.

The story of one woman's journey to find herself after a dysfunctional Hollywood marriage, the Starter Wife is a glance at what it is to redefine yourself.

Overview: If having it all in Hollywood means being married to an ambitious movie studio exec, having an adorable daughter, owning a flawlessly decorated McMansion in Brentwood, belonging to the most exclusive clubs and always getting the best table in the hottest restaurants, then Molly Kagan has it all.Until she gets the one phone call that changes everything. With that call, not only does Molly's husband Kenny inform her of his intentions to divorce just shy of their ten year anniversary (coincidentally before their pre-nup expires), but also he revokes her status as "Wife Of," instantly transforming her into a "Starter Wife"-a decided step down, if not out-in the Hollywood pecking order.

See clips here: 

The Starter Wife premieres with a special two-hour episode Thursday, May 31 at 9/8C on USA Network. The Starter Wife is a sexy, savvy and wickedly funny tour de force about life after divorce and one woman's quest to redefine herself after years of marriage to a Hollywood studio head. After being blacklisted from premieres to pilates, Molly Kagan (Debra Messing) searches to rediscover life after divorce. A brief respite in Malibu and some oh-so-Hollywood friends prove to be the perfect cocktail for her transformation from "Starter Wife" to her new life.

Based on Gigi Levangie Grazer's New York Times best seller of the same name, The Starter Wife also stars Judy Davis, Joe Mantegna, Miranda Otto & Anika Noni Rose.



Molly Kagan (Debra Messing): At first blush, the smart, beautiful, savvy and wryly funny Molly, 41, may appear to be leading the charmed life as a prototypical Hollywood “Wife Of” and mother of the adorable four-year-old Jaden, but her life is about to become anything but typical. When her husband and the President of Production of Durango Pictures, Kenny, announces that he is divorcing Molly, he manages to instantly render her a “Starter Wife” and social pariah with a single phone call. Once she realizes that she has been given a do-over, the question for her becomes: what to do now?


Kenny Kagan (Peter Jacobson): Kenny, Molly’s soon-to-be ex-husband, is a man on a mission. He’s currently President of Production of Durango Pictures but has even greater ambitions to take his boss’s spot and will do anything—including dumping his smart, beautiful wife via phone and dating a pop tartlet half his age—to succeed. What he doesn’t realize is that it was Molly’s success at being the consummate Wife Of that helped him get to the top. Now that he is left to his own devices, the game is about to change.


Joan McAllister (Judy Davis): Molly’s oldest, wisest and perhaps snarkiest friend, Joan, is the Wife Of a much older man, whom she fondly refers to as "Pappy.” Joan’s other affections are torn between her love for martinis, cigarettes and spending her husband’s money. After Molly is dumped by her husband, Joan comes to the rescue by offering up her Malibu Colony home while she spends the summer in France—or at least, that’s where she has told her friends she is going. 


Lou Manahan (Joe Mantegna): The formidable, powerful Lou Manahan, 50-something, runs Durango Pictures, is “Boss Of” Kenny and has a soft spot for Molly. After he hears about Kenny and Molly’s split, Lou, shirking Hollywood social protocol—because he can—befriends Molly and the two develop a relationship that becomes mutually beneficial in the most unexpected ways.  


Lavender (Anika Noni Rose): This 20-something, no-nonsense woman is the security guard who everyone reckons with to get past the Malibu Colony gate. When she’s not refereeing parking disputes and keeping out the riff-raff, she attends UCLA and cares for her feisty grandmother. Buried underneath towering student loans and being on the brink of eviction from her apartment because of her grandmother's dog, she is at her wit’s end but is surprised to find a sympathetic ear from Malibu’s newest resident: Molly.


Sam (Stephen Moyer): Sam, Malibu’s mysterious handsome stranger, is the quintessential loner. He has always kept to himself, opting to ride his bike around the neighborhood or play Frisbee on the beach alone with his dog at sunrise over any of the typical Malibu activities. But when Molly Kagan moves in, he finds himself breaking his own rules, quickly unraveling the quiet life he has worked so hard to create.


Cricket Stewart (Miranda Otto): Cricket, one of Molly’s best friends, is also the Beautiful Wife Of Big Director, Jorge Stewart, and possesses both the managerial skills of Martha Stewart and the adopted brood of Mia Farrow. When Kenny dumps Molly, Jorge, who is trying to sell his new movie to Durango, asks Cricket to remain loyal to her Wife Of duties—even if that means sacrificing her friendship with one of her closest friends.


Jorge Stewart (Aden Young): Cricket's husband, a big-time director, is also friends with Kenny, Molly’s ex. Eager to sell his new movie idea to Kenny, he is not about to have his wife side with Molly after she gets demoted to Starter Wife. Despite Cricket’s reluctant compliance with his wishes, Jorge soon learns that the balance of power can shift in—and just as easily out—of his favor at any moment.  


Rodney (Chris Diamantopoulos): Rodney is Molly’s dashing, loyal friend and gay interior decorator extraordinaire. Rodney remains steadfast by Molly’s side during her ugly divorce, is the only one who’s there for her while she suffers her otherwise thorough social ostracizing and always has something wise, comforting or at the very least distracting to say when she needs it most. Now, if he could only figure out how to solve his own problems…

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Updated 11/5/06  


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