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The saga of The 4400 continues with the Season Four Premiere on Sunday, June 17 at 9/8C on USA! Get caught up on where we last left The 4400 by watching the Season Three Finale here on the Official Site in the week leading up to the Season Four Premiere.

Missed the premiere of The 4400 this past Sunday on USA Network? No worries! Watch the debut episode in its entirety on the USA Network website. Check out more here...

Visit the three Promicin sites to learn more:
Promicin Info
Promicin Terror
Promicin Power

Watch for the fourth season of THE 4400, the critically-acclaimed series that chronicles the reappearance of 4400 people previously reported missing or dead. The new season begins on Sunday, June 17 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on the USA Network.

THE 4400 follows 4,400 people who are abducted, taken away and then returned to planet Earth. After their return, many of them discover they have superpowers. As the fourth season begins on June 17, the plot follows the development of a drug called Promicin and its ability to give its users superpowers, if it doesn't kill them first. Three different factions have emerged around the drug: pro, anti- and neutral.

To help spread the word and create debate about Promicin, a wide-ranging interactive faux world consisting of unique videos, characters and websites have been specifically created for fans to discover. Each faux site and video is devoted to explaining the drug, the advocacy groups for and against the drug and the characters who populate the world. Many of the videos offer a look into the show's world from a "what if" realistic perspective.


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Jordan Diana Tom Kyle Maia Isabelle Shawn Meghan
Shawn & Isabelle Tom & Kyle 4400 men 440 women



Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Advertising

NEW YORK, NY – May 21, 2007 – In support of the fourth season of their critically acclaimed hit series, The 4400, which chronicles a world changed by 4400 people abducted and then returned with extra-human abilities, USA Network has tapped ElectricArtists ( to spread a multi-tiered marketing experience created by agency Campfire that extends the show’s unique storyline and uses it as a creative inroad to drive viewer advocacy and participation. The campaign, set to kick off May 21, picks up from the season three finale, wherein a lead character, Jordan Collier (played by Once and Again star, Billy Campbell) distributes Promicin, a substance that either kills you or gives the user a superhuman ability. The “Battle for Promicin” is the central theme of the campaign, which constructs a national debate over the substance. The elaborate extension of the 4400 universe is brought to life through a series of seven websites, 70+ original web videos, live events nationwide, and an intricate mobile marketing platform all supported by intensive user generated participation.

The 4400, whose first season ranked as the highest-watched new series in the history of basic cable, averaged 2 million viewers last summer and was named the #1 original scripted series for the 25-54 demographic. Season four is set to launch on June 17, 2007 at 9pm/8c. The series picks up on its exploration of the lives of 4400 previously abducted people who, without any sign of aging, reappeared equipped with a range of extraordinary abilities. In season four - much to the chagrin of NTAC (National Threat Assessment Command), the government agency enlisted to monitor ‘the 4400’ - 4400-like abilities become available to the general public through Promicin, but not without potentially deadly repercussions.

“The 4400 is a fantastic show with a great fan-base. For season four, we really wanted to do something special for the fans; something that would get them excited about the new episodes and act as a base for pushing The 4400 back into national awareness,” says Alexandra Shapiro, vice president, marketing and brand strategy for USA Network.

A teaser video is currently live on the show’s home page, and will ultimately serve as a rabbit hole into the campaign’s initial launch consisting of 3 websites: – an informational hub covering all aspects of the ‘Battle for Promicin’; – an anti-Promicin site; and – the site of a group that supports Collier’s distribution of the substance. The full campaign rollout will continue through the premiere episode and will follow the evolution of The 4400 storyline as it unfolds.

The 4400 was created by Scott Peters and Rene Echevarria. Ira Steven Behr, Scott Peters, and Maira Suro are executive producers. The 4400 is produced by CBS Paramount Network Television in Association with Sky Television, Renegade 83 and American Zoetrope for USA Network.

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Updated 6/20/07  


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