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Discovery Channel's "Inside the Twin Towers

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-- Program Includes PSAs for 9/11 Memorial Funds--

(Silver Spring, Md.) – Using a definitive, minute-by-minute timeline of rarely seen and heard events, Discovery Channel brings viewers inside the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, in INSIDE THE TWIN TOWERS, premiering Sunday, September 3, 9-11 PM ET/PT.  The tragedy unfolds through the eyes of more than 15 people living through it -- including office workers, emergency personnel, Port Authority engineers and firemen.  Personal stories, interviews with survivors and family members, archival footage, CGI and dramatic recreations place viewers inside the confusion, horror and heroic acts that shaped that day.

INSIDE THE TWIN TOWERS is a world premiere of the WHAT HAPPENED WHEN program initiative, created to provide perspective about recent historical events,” said Jane Root, EVP and GM of Discovery Channel.  WHAT HAPPENED WHEN specials will focus on events in the last thirty years, giving viewers the opportunity to relive the urgency, immediacy and emotional significance of the key stories of our time.” 

INSIDE THE TWIN TOWERS reveals little known facts and knowledge about the twin towers disaster, including:

·         Some people trapped inside didn’t realize that the walls around them were sheet rock, which they could have easily broken through to get out.

·         Stairwells were not continuous throughout the building – people had to navigate smoky, destroyed floors to continue their evacuation.

·         Security in the lobby of the south tower told people who were evacuating to go back up to their offices because it was safer there. (expanded fact sheet available)

- more -


The broadcast of INSIDE THE TWIN TOWERS will include public service announcements, urging people to support the World Trade Center Memorial Fund and the Flight 93 National Memorial Fund.

INSIDE THE TWIN TOWERS is produced for Discovery Channel by Dangerous Films.  Richard Dale is the executive producer for Dangerous and Bill Howard is executive producer for Discovery Channel.

Discovery Communications, Inc. is the leading global real-world media company.  Discovery has grown from its core property, the Discovery Channel, first launched in the United States in 1985, to current global operations in 170 countries and territories with nearly 1.4 billion cumulative subscribers.  DCI’s over 100 networks of distinctive programming represent 27 network entertainment brands including TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Kids, Discovery Times Channel, The Science Channel, Military Channel, Discovery Home Channel, Discovery en Espańol, Discovery Kids en Espańol, Discovery HD Theater, FitTV, Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivir), Discovery Home & Health and Discovery Real Time.  DCI’s other properties consist of Discovery Education and Discovery Commerce, which operates more than 100 Discovery Channel Stores in the U.S.  DCI also distributes BBC America in the United States.  DCI’s ownership consists of four shareholders: Discovery Holding Company (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB), Cox Communications, Inc., Advance/Newhouse Communications and John S. Hendricks, the Company’s Founder and Chairman.



Premiering Sunday, September 3, 2006


  • The emergency voice recording in the North Tower tells people to remain at their desks, causing confusion about whether to evacuate or not.


  • The stairwells are not continuous throughout the buildings – people evacuating had to cross smoky, destroyed floors to continue their descent.


  • After the plane crashes into the North Tower, security officers in the lobby of the South Tower intercept people trying to evacuate, telling them to go back up to their offices where it’s safer.


  • Some people tried to evacuate to the roof thinking they would be rescued by helicopter. They didn’t know that pilots determined early in the rescue operation that smoke and fire made it too dangerous to attempt.


  • Many people were trapped in offices whose doors had warped from the heat throughout the building. The walls that many of them thought were solid concrete were actually sheet rock, easy to cut through with rudimentary tools.


  • Receptionist Dianne DeFontes was still making appointments on the phone in the North Tower when a group of businessmen covered in dust and coughing terribly, burst into her office. She followed them to safety.


  • The towers were designed to survive the impact of a commercial airliner,

but inside the gaping hole, the heat of the burning jet fuel is over 1200 degrees… enough to soften the unprotected steel that was holding the towers together from the inside.


  • Firefighters carried more than 70 pounds of gear walking up the more than 100 floors of stairs during the search and rescue.


  • 412 rescue workers died in the world trade center towers, including 343 firemen.



    Premiering Sunday, September 3, 2006


    8:45 AM

    ·         Window cleaner Jan Demczur and Port Authority mail room worker Al Smith step into an elevator in the North Tower.


    8:46 AM

    ·         Flight 11 hits the North Tower of the World Trade Center.


    8:48 AM

    ·         CNN is the first major network to show footage of the crash site.


    8:48 AM

    ·         MetLife tax lawyer Rick Bryan calls his father and begins searching for exit.


    8:50 AM

    ·         May Davis trader Hong Zhu tries to contact 911 emergency operators.


    8:50 AM – 9:30 AM

    ·         Windows on the World assistant manager Christine Olender contacts the Port Authority Police Department four times.


    8:50 AM – 9:03 AM  

    ·         Alayne Gentul, the director of human resources at Fiduciary Trust, and Ed Emery help co-workers leave the South Tower.


    8:56 AM

    ·         Jay Jonas with his men from FDNY’s Ladder 6 arrive in the lobby of the North Tower.


    Prior to 9:00 AM

    ·         MetLife tax lawyer Rick Bryan and a group from his company take refuge in the law offices of Drinker, Biddle & Reath, in their search to get away from smoke. There they find main receptionist Dianne DeFontes. They are eventually rescued by Frank DeMartini, just before the smoke in the office becomes unbearable.

    ·         Fire department advice to evacuate WTC Tower fails to reach people inside.

    ·         Shortly before 9:00 AM fire department commanders at WTC Tower One advise Port Authority police and building personnel to evacuate Tower Two.  However, there is no evidence that this advice is communicated effectively to the building personnel in Tower Two.


    9:00 AM

    ·         Fuji Bank loan manager Stanley Praimnath returns to his office in the South Tower after trying to evacuate through the lobby. He is told by security guards to go back to his office where it is safer.


    9:00 AM

    ·         A public announcement is broadcast inside the South Tower of WTC saying that the building is secure and that people can return to their offices. Such announcements continue until a few minutes before the building is hit.


    9:02 AM

    ·         An announcement is made in the South Tower to evacuate one minute before the building is hit, but it does not direct everyone to evacuate, and advises only that everyone may wish to start an orderly evacuation if warranted by conditions on their floor.


    9:03 AM

    ·         Flight 175 hits the South Tower of the World Trade Center.  Seismic records pinpoint the time at six seconds before 9:03 AM.


    9:05 AM

    ·         May Davis head trader Harry Ramos leads a group of co-workers down North Tower stairs.


    9:06 AM

    ·         Brian Clark, an executive vice president at Euro Brokers, leads a group of co-workers down the South Tower stairs.


    9:06 AM

    ·         President Bush is told that the WTC was hit again and that America is under attack.


    9:10 AM

    ·         FDNY Captain Jay Jonas receives orders to start search and rescue, and passes them on to his men.


    9:10 – 9:15 AM

    ·         Brian Clark helps to rescue Stanley Praimnath, one of the few survivors from the heart of the impact zone in the south tower.


    9:20 – 9:40 AM

    ·         Alayne Gentul and Ed Emery struggle through heavy smoke on the upper floors of the south tower where they were trying to help people evacuate. They call loved ones and 911 emergency operators. They are not heard from again.


    9:28 AM

    ·         CNN Reports that U.S. officials think that the attacks are caused by terrorists.

    CNN quotes the Associated Press as reporting that a U.S. official believes the attacks have been carried out by terrorists.


    9:37 AM

    ·         Flight 77 crashes into a reinforced section of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and approximately 125 people on the ground are later determined killed or missing.


    9:40 AM

    ·         Probably by this time, everyone in Windows on the World, including Melanie de Vere, a publisher with Risk Waters Group, and Christine Olender, has died.


    9:45 AM

    ·         Window cleaner Jan Demczur and Port Authority mailroom worker Al Smith manage to force open the elevator doors where they are trapped and chip through a sheet rock wall that leads to a bathroom. From there, they make it outside to safety.

    ·         Senior Federal Aviation Administration Manager Ben Sliney, on his first day on the job, orders all planes nationwide out of the sky, shutting down the entire nationwide air traffic system down.  All flights at U.S. airports are stopped, while around 3,950 flights are still in the air.


    9:56 AM

    ·         President Bush departs Sarasota, Fla., on Air Force One without a fighter escort.


    9:59 AM

    ·         The south tower of the World Trade Center collapses.


    9:59 AM

    ·         Victor Wald, a stockbroker at Avalon Partners who has been helped down the stairs by Harry Ramos and Hong Zhu, reaches the 36th floor of the North Tower. Victor is really struggling to continue the evacuation so Hong decides to continue on his own. Shortly thereafter Hong makes it outside. Unfortunately, Victor and Harry do not.


    10:10 AM

    ·         Jay Jonas and the rest of Ladder Six find Josephine Harris on a stairwell in the North Tower.


    10:28 AM

    ·         The World Trade Center’s North Tower collapses. It was hit by Flight 11 at 8:46, 102 minutes earlier.



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