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One Way Out on The Discovery Channel

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--Original Series Premieres Monday, January 26, 2009, 9 PM (ET/PT) --
(Los Angeles, CA) The science of escape and the art of ingenuity gets put to the test as escapologist Jonathan Goodwin attempts to break out of bizarre and dangerous homemade contraptions in Discovery Channel’s new series ONE WAY OUT, premiering Monday, January 26 at 9 PM (ET/PT).
Tied to his kitchen table with a live scorpion trapped inside his mouth or locked inside a box on top of a shaking washing machine with his body covered in 200,000 agitated bees, Jonathan is always on the lookout for new and extreme ways to test the art and physics of escape and find that ONE WAY OUT. He is joined by his best friend and chief collaborator Mikey Nelson and master builder/engineer Terry Stroud.
“Jonathan is captivating to watch. ONE WAY OUT mixes science, fun and risk and will keep viewers riveted to the television as Jonathan puts his body to the test and uses his smarts and physics to find a way out,” said John Ford, president and general manager, Discovery Channel.
For ONE WAY OUT, Jonathan approaches each escape with a theory in mind and an audacious stunt to back it up. For example, in order to test what the body can do with minimal movement, he has himself locked inside a box on top of a shaking washing machine with his body covered in 200,000 agitated bees.
In order to illustrate how the force of spinning affects the body, Jonathan attempts to escape from a locked barrel pushed down a large hill and rolling at 126 revolutions per minute. Next, he tests his ability to maintain focus as he is spun on a chair at incredible

speeds and has to then navigate barefoot through piles of broken glass. Finally, he straps on the Water Wheel of Doom and experiences two G’s of force on his body. And to explore the science and the pain associated with projectiles; Jonathan is chained in a standing position as six tennis ball cannons pummel his body with balls flying at 45mph. He then tests his ability to jump into just 17 inches of water, mud and hay from a height of almost 20 feet. To finish it off, he becomes a human projectile himself by getting placed in a giant slingshot and launched over 65 feet in the air.
ONE WAY OUT is produced for Discovery Channel by North South Productions. Mark Hickman and Rich Brown are executive producers for North South. Brooke Runnette is executive producer for Discovery Channel.

About Discovery Communications
Discovery Communications is the world’s number-one nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in over 170 countries. Discovery empowers people to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity through 100-plus worldwide networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery and HD Theater, as well as leading consumer and educational products and services, and a diversified portfolio of digital media services including Discovery Communications is owned by Discovery Holding Company (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB), Advance/Newhouse Communications and John S. Hendricks, Discovery's founder and chairman. For more information, please visit

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A Biography of Jonathan Jonathan Goodwin

Hello, I am Jonathan Goodwin and this is a brief biography of me. I should warn you that it is entirely un-British to write this kind of thing and try to make yourself sound awesome, there is something I find hugely embarrassing about it, so bear with me. Also, most people write this kind of thing in the third person, and pretend that it is someone else writing it when everyone knows they wrote it themselves…I’m not going to do that.

Ok, so I was born in Pembrokeshire in South West Wales (the bottom left part of the UK) in 1980. This was an amazing place to grow up because it is packed full of mountains and forests and beautiful coastline. I spent most of my childhood either up a cliff, or jumping off of one into the ocean.

When I was seven years old I read a book about Harry Houdini. I thought he was an extraordinary character, and was truly inspired by the things he did. I decided I would try and be an escape artist, but beyond the desire, I had nobody to learn from. I started to teach myself the mechanics of locks and types of rope that are best to escape from.  I practiced holding my breath in the bathtub, (something I advise you never to do, as its dangerous) and basically put all of my efforts into emulating Harry Houdini. As I grew up, I realized that Houdini was a magician, and the “skills” that he purported to have were cleverly disguised tricks. I felt a little bit like I had wasted my time. I had learnt how to pick locks and escape from things when, in fact, the guy I modeled myself after had used trickery. I gave up wanting to be an escape artist.

I moved to London when I was 18 years old and acquired a degree in Drama and Theatre at Middlesex University. After my degree I went to work in television, primarily as a producer. It was during this time that the production company I worked for made a one-hour special with an Escape Artist. This reawakened the desire in me to perform, and I started to devise and film my own escapes and post them on YouTube and other similar websites.  These quickly became popular, and I ended up filming many more of them for broadcast on British TV.

Since becoming a full-time Escape Artist, I have had the opportunity to attempt lots and lots of different escapes. I have been hanged, (not fun) buried alive, (wicked!) and locked in a box with 200,000 bees (painful).  I do everything for real and without trickery; sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. That said, I never risk death……that would be stupid.

So how do I spend my time when I’m not busy escaping? I enjoy reading books while riding trains. Going to the movies by myself is always fun.  I love learning things from new people I meet. I’m partial to blowing bubbles underwater (scuba diving) and looking at fish. I have to scratch my itch to travel as often as I can. When I’m not somewhere else, I live in Santa Monica, California with a large collection of handcuffs. I also date a mermaid, but that’s another story.

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Updated 1/22/09  


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