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Amazing CGI Animation Brings

Prehistoric Natural History to Life Like Never Before in…


Premiering Tuesday, July 29 at 9pm ET/PT on History

Groundbreaking Forensic Evidence Leads to Breakthrough Discoveries in Understanding How Dinosaurs Battled for Supremacy

Jurassic Fight Club Tuesday July 29th 9/8 c History

New York, June 23, 2008 - A dinosaur’s life was not easy. Volatile pre-historic terrain, harsh climate conditions, insufficient food and water, as well as unrelenting enemy predators made survival anything but a given. With cutting edge forensics leading to new discoveries every day, researchers are gaining remarkable insight into the psychology and physiology of these ancient beasts. The new series JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB, premiering on History™, Tuesday, July 29 at 9pm ET/PT, brings the history of dinosaurs and their epic encounters to life like never before seen with astonishing CGI, illustrating the characteristics that made some the hunters and others the game.  

The latest tested evidence suggests that our planet’s first fighters were more than just brutes. CAT scans of fossils allow us to peer inside the bodies and minds of dinosaurs giving clues to their behavior, thought process, ability to strategize and work in groups, as well as their vision. It is even believed that Raptors possessed night vision. 

How dinosaurs lived and how they fought has never been clearer. Leading scientists and experts, offer play-by-play commentary to battles that occurred 70 million years ago and CGI imagery depicts the ancient beasts sizing up their opponents and flexing their prehistoric muscles. Jurassic Fight Club illustrates in fantastic detail the crucial evidence found and the scientific research conducted, illuminating the possible motivations for engaging in combat.

Each episode showcases thrilling dinosaur confrontations, all of which are based on recent paleontological findings. There is a potential mating situation between two Majungatholous that went awry; a gang of Raptors that stalked and killed a large herbivore; a pair of Ceratosaurus who ambushed a Allosaurus but soon discovered they were on the defense; a Nanotyrannus, a mini-version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, invaded a nesting area where two juveniles had been left on their own while their parents were on the trail for fresh meat; and more. 

JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB Executive Producer for History is Dolores Gavin, and is produced for History by 1080 Inc. Productions.

History™ and History HD™ are the leading destinations for revealing, award-winning, original non-fiction series and event-driven specials that connect history with viewers in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across multiple platforms. Programming covers a diverse variety of historical genres ranging from military history to contemporary history, technology to natural history, as well as science, archaeology and pop culture. Among the network’s program offerings are hit series such as Ax MenBattle 360, The Universe, Cities of The Underworld and Ice Road Truckers, as well as acclaimed specials including King, Life After People, 1968 with Tom Brokaw, Lost Book of Nostradamus, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed and Sherman’s March. History has earned four Peabody Awards, three Primetime Emmy® Awards, 10 News & Documentary Emmy® Awards and received the prestigious Governor's Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the network's Save Our History® campaign dedicated to historic preservation and history education. Take a Veteran to School Day is the network’s latest initiative connecting America’s schools and communities with veterans from all wars. History’s website, located at, is the definitive historical online source that delivers entertaining and informative content featuring broadband video, interactive timelines, maps, games podcasts and more.

 History (tm) Launches Minisite and Online Game to Support Premiere of Original Series Jurassic Fight Club

Arcade-style Game JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB: TURF WARS is Companion to New Series That Brings Prehistoric History to Life Like Never Before

History(tm) today announced the launch of the minisite for Jurassic Fight Club - live at - a new series that illustrates prehistory and depicts how dinosaurs hunted their prey, dissecting these battles and uncovering a predatory world far more calculated and complex than originally thought. Featured on the minisite is Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars, a visceral, no holds barred fighting game that is nothing less than a dinosaur fan's dream come true. This minisite launches two weeks in advance of the Jurassic Fight Club television premiere on Tuesday, July 29 at 9 PM ET/PT.

In addition to the game, the minisite will include a program synopsis, an episode guide for upcoming and archived episodes, a Dinopedia featuring an introduction to and stats for the featured dinosaurs, image gallery, discussion board, , , a multimedia gallery filled with wallpapers, posters and screensavers, and a three-tiered video player.

Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars allows players to take control of prehistoric creatures and assault their opponent with a wide variety of special moves and techniques, including ferocious lunges, vicious bites and punishing tail whips. The July15th pre-premiere debuts two dinosaurs. As the season progresses, the cast of characters will grow larger and larger. Following the television broadcast-premiere on July 29, new beasts are unlocked each week allowing players to recreate epic showdowns featured on air. The detailed 3D models and lush backgrounds, pulled straight from the Jurassic Fight Club program, will bring these prehistoric brawlers back to life for an epic gaming experience.

The game was developed by This is Pop, the company that developed the highly successful, award winning Bible Fight Club game for Adult Swim. The Jurassic Fight Club series producers' 1080, the production company known for providing creative and practical post-production solutions, created dinosaur animation assets for the game.

Both Jurassic Fight Club and Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars feature extensive live-action HD location production as well as hours of full-CG imagery recreating the dinosaur battlefields where the weak were separated from the strong. In recent years, archaeologists have gained new insight into a predatory world inhabited by cunning, quick-thinking, highly maneuverable dinosaurs. The game explores such ultimate fighters such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Majungatholus. Along with each new character, the game will present unique cheats as the season progresses.


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Updated 7/28/08  


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