Wednesday Y&R Update 3/21/18

The Y&R Update Wednesday 3/21/18


Written by Christine
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Victor hired a private investigator to keep tabs on JT. He cautioned the P.I. to be discreet, since JT was in the security business.

JT and Victoria were at home, and she was getting ready for work, but she wasn't looking forward to everyone finding out about her embarrassing demotion. She suggested that they carpool, but he told her that he wasn't going to work because he had an offsite meeting. Victoria hoped he could delegate, because she could really use his support at the office today. JT replied that she was Victoria Newman, and she didn't need him or anyone else. He added that it was better if he wasn't there holding her hand. He encouraged her to show people that they couldn't mess with her.

Cane and Billy had a work meeting at the Club. Talk shifted to Billy helping Lily judge male models yesterday at Hamilton-Winters, and Cane asked if Hilary was there. Billy said she wasn't. Cane opined that Hilary wanted to undermine Lily. Charlie walked in, explaining that he was going to work because school was out today. Charlie thought that it was weird to work with Lily, but he enjoyed working with Hilary. Charlie revealed that Hilary asked him to be her personal intern. He was eager to get experience working on a television show, so he wanted to accept, but he didn't think Lily would allow it. Noting that Cane and Hilary had bonded after Sam's birth, he asked Cane to talk to Lily about it. Cane agreed, but he warned Charlie that there were no guarantees.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon and Hilary looked at the contract that Michael had sent over, while Lily eavesdropped from across the room. Hilary's doctor's office called to reschedule the appointment that her assistant canceled. Hilary rescheduled it for the same day. After the call, she wondered to Devon who canceled her original appointment; she didn't even have an assistant. Devon thought it was probably a mix up. Hilary thought it was time that she be given an assistant. Devon thought they should focus on the parenting contract right now, but Hilary noted that they'd have to balance business and parenting in the future. Devon told Hilary that being the mother of his child would not entitle her to special treatment at work. Lily burst out laughing and tried to mask the laughter with a cough.

Cane arrived and announced that he wanted a word with Hilary. He told Lily about his conversation with Charlie. Lily was furious. Cane asked Hilary if she was the reason that Charlie had lost interest in going to college. Hilary informed Cane that she was proud of her degree and that she'd never discourage a child from pursuing an education. Devon attempted to defuse the tension by telling everyone that Charlie would be his personal intern from now on. Hilary suggested that Cane and Lily pay more attention to their kids instead of making her the scapegoat. Cane didn't appreciate Hilary lecturing them about parenting. Lily stated that she pitied Hilary's future children. Hilary had a realization, and she accused Lily of canceling her IUI appointment. Lily denied it, and Cane pointed out that Hilary had no proof. Lily felt that she had the right to an opinion on her brother's life. Devon told Hilary that Lily knew that he wanted this, so it'd be pointless for her to try and stop it. Devon added that the appointment had been rescheduled, so the problem was solved. Lily and Cane left.

Victor went to the Abbott mansion and told Ashley that Victoria accepted the demotion. Ashley reminded him that she wanted Victoria to be fired. Victor said Victoria had contributed too much to the company to fire her. Ashley thought that Victor didn't fire her because she was his daughter. Ashley wanted to be the new COO, but Victor said that the position would remain vacant. He planned to give Victoria senior executive role. Ashley wanted Victoria's new position to be subordinate to hers. Victor agreed, although he noted that Ashley and Victoria would rarely work together. Victor told Ashley that there would be no publicity about her return, or Victoria's demotion, with the exception of an internal memo. He didn't want Newman dealing with any more bad press.

At the ranch, Victor let Victoria know that Ashley would be her superior. He instructed her to take Ashley to lunch and make peace. Victoria said that she was receiving this treatment because Victor was afraid of the bad PR. Victor told Victoria that it was in her best interest that the world didn't know she'd been demoted. Victoria started to protest, but she accepted what he'd said. Victor felt that Victoria had acted out of character when she'd framed Ashley, and it made him take a second look at some of her other choices, like moving in with JT so quickly. He asked if she really knew what JT was all about? What had he been up to in Poland? Victoria admitted she didn't have all the details. Victor thought it was uncharacteristic of her not to know what she was getting herself into.

Victoria and Ashley met at the Club for lunch, as Victor dictated, but Victoria made it seem like it was her idea. Ashley approved of the meeting, because she wanted Victoria's transition to go smoothly. Victoria pointed out that her responsibilities hadn't changed, but Ashley countered that Victoria would be answering to her from now on. Ashley said she'd always admired Victoria's competitive edge, up to the point that it became a weakness. Ashley hoped Victoria would address that, for the sake of her career and of Newman. Ashley compared Victoria's recent stunt to her childhood efforts to break up Victor and Ashley's marriage. Victoria said she was not an insecure child anymore. Victoria thought it was important to know why Ashley had left Jabot, and what caused her rift with Jack. Ashley felt that it was irrelevant. Victoria said she wanted to look past Ashley's carefully composed exterior and get to the heart of what was going on. Victoria believed Ashley was a bitter woman who wanted to use Newman and possibly take it over. Ashley noted that Victor had no plans of retiring. Victoria warned Ashley that she was watching her. Ashley invited Victoria to watch – and to learn. Ashley coolly gave Victoria an assignment to complete for work, then she requested a menu from the waiter.

JT arrived at the ranch under the guise of retrieving a toy Katie left behind. The housekeeper left JT to search the living room while she went upstairs. He sprang into action, scouring the room for the lock that fit the key he'd stolen from Victor's safe. Nikki came home just as JT was trying to open a locked compartment in the chessboard. JT gave Nikki the cover story, then he conveniently found the toy behind a pillow on the couch. JT started to leave, but Nikki stopped him. She told him that Victoria was more sensitive than she let on. Nikki hoped that JT was giving Victoria the proper support. Nikki gently explained that she'd noticed that JT had been overly critical of Victoria. Nikki assured him that she was just trying to help, as one person who loved Victoria to another. JT thanked Nikki for voicing her concern, then he left.

Lily and Cane had lunch at the Club. Lily admitted that she canceled Hilary's appointment, and she was sure Devon knew it too. Lily acknowledged that it had been stupid, and petty, but she explained that she'd been trying to buy time so that Devon would realize that Hilary hadn't really changed. Cane believed Hilary was planning to use her baby and that she'd used Sam as well. He thought she'd taken an interest in Sam in order to curry favor with Cane in case he found out she knew Juliet made up the sexual harassment claims. Cane offered to help Lily make sure Hilary and Devon didn't have a baby.

Back at Hamilton-Winters, Hilary told Devon that she didn't try to talk Charlie out of going to college. Hilary was offended that Lily thought she'd be an unfit mother. Devon stated that while Lily was entitled to her opinion, this was his decision. Devon noted that their contract covered insemination and childhood, but not the pregnancy. He wanted to be there throughout the pregnancy, to attend Lamaze classes and to be her birthing partner. Hilary didn't want Devon to feel obligated, but she appreciated it. Hilary wanted to make it clear that they'd be co-parents, nothing more. Devon agreed that this would be a friendly, platonic relationship. They signed the paperwork. Hilary had a feeling that she'd get pregnant on the first try.

JT entered his home, and unbeknownst to him, a hidden camera was inside and recording him. He opened his mail – court papers about the custody hearing for his younger children. JT was annoyed when Billy arrived. Billy was there to pick up the kids, but JT told him that they were out with Hannah. Billy elected to wait for them. Billy brought up the class reunion at Walnut Grove. JT didn't see the point of spending time with people who hadn't grown in fifteen years. He announced that he loved his life now, and he had more goals. Billy didn't care about JT's dreams. JT accused Billy of hovering over Victoria. They argued, with JT noting that Victoria was with him now, and Billy stating that he and Victoria shared kids. JT spat that Billy and Victor were what was wrong with Victoria – they were holding her in the past. Billy noticed the court papers. JT maintained that it was none of his business, but Billy felt he had the right to know if JT was being accused of being unfit. Billy thought it was concerning that JT had quickly moved in with Victoria and she'd given him a job. Billy felt that if a sweet person like Mac thought JT was a deadbeat, she must be right. Victoria arrived, and Billy covered and told her that they were discussing the reunion. Victoria said she'd encouraged JT to go, then she added that no one at the reunion was keeping score. Billy decided to have Hannah drop the kids off at his place, and he left. JT took Victoria to task about the score keeping comment. She insisted that it wasn't meant as a put down. JT relayed what Billy said about her giving him a job and a place to live. Victoria didn't understand why JT cared what Billy thought. JT told Victoria that Nikki lectured him, and he thought Nikki was repeating something Victoria confided in her. Victoria swore she never said anything like that, but JT didn't believe her, because she'd lied to him before, about teaming up with Jack.

Victoria changed the subject and told JT about her rough day. JT went back to the original topic and said he couldn't forget about her lies and deception. Victoria was convinced she was right about Ashley. JT asked if Victoria wanted him to comfort her. Victoria asked if he didn't want to. JT said that whenever they had problems, they jumped into bed, but nothing ever changed. JT accused Victoria of sharing an intimacy with Billy, that lead Billy to believe every other man in her life was temporary. He also alleged that she failed to draw boundaries with her family. Victoria argued that she'd defended JT to her relatives and accepted everything about him. She added that she never pushed him to answer her questions. JT asked what she wanted to know. Victoria asked what happened to his old job and his marriage. Why was Mac pursuing full custody? JT suspected that it was Victor who wanted these answers. They had a tense debate about whether there was any point in rehashing JT's past. Victoria contended that she had a right to know. JT snapped that she'd look at him as a loser. Victoria shot back that he was acting like an insecure, pathetic loser right now. JT said that her insults meant nothing, because she lacked self awareness. He began to degrade Victoria, adding that he was telling her how the rest of the world saw her. He stated that she couldn't hold onto a screw up like Billy, she ran her company into the ground, and she'd face-planted on live television because of some cheap product she produced.

Victoria tried to walk away, but JT jumped in front of her and continued to berate her. He said that after Victor bailed her out, she tried to frame Ashley, and she couldn't even do that right. He added that she lost her title, threw him under the bus and made him look like a moron. JT also blamed Victoria for Reed's DUI. “Failed executive, bad mother, even worse wife, and that's not even to mention all the daddy issues you have,” he snarled. Victoria yelled that she didn't want to hear one more word, and she tried to push past JT, but he grabbed her arm and insisted that they continue to hash this out. Victoria ordered JT to let her go and struggled to get away, so he grabbed her other arm, too. She slapped his chest, and clawed at his face, but she couldn't break out of his grip. JT grabbed Victoria by the neck, propelled her backward and pinned her against the wall. He made a fist with his free hand and drew back, while Victoria stared helplessly at him with wide tear-filled eyes. He punched the wall next to her head.

After the show, Amelia Heinle, who plays Victoria did a PSA informing people affected by domestic violence that they could find help at:

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