Tuesday Y&R Update 1/16/18

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/16/18


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At the Club, an appalled Nikki told Victor about the conditions Kathy used to live in. It seemed she'd been renting from a slumlord who didn't maintain his property and who raised the rates until his tenants couldn't pay and ended up on the street. Victor stated that the landlord sounded like the type who only cared about money. Nikki felt that she and Victor should give back since they'd had the good fortune to overcome their humble beginnings. Victor said that they couldn't take care of everyone, but Nikki thought that they should help the people in their town. Victor enjoyed seeing Nikki be so fired up, but she told him not to flatter her. Victor denied doing that; he said he was just stating the obvious. He offered to help, but Nikki said she needed to do more research first. Victor noted that this project would be her baby, not theirs, and she agreed.

At the Chancellor mansion, JT and Billy worked on something for Chancellor. JT discreetly texted Victoria that he wanted to see her. She was in her office with Devon. She replied that that could be arranged.

After the call, Victoria and Devon discussed his idea. She asked if he wanted her to give a speech. Devon clarified that it would be an informal talk, in which she'd outline her plans to make Newman Enterprises integral to the audience's everyday lives. Devon thought that Victoria was aspirational and accessible, so she was the right choice to deliver the message. The purpose of the talks was to distance Newman from the recent scandals. They agreed that they should do them while Abby was keeping a low profile and out of the country. Devon asked about Nikki and Victor's relationship. Victoria thought they were faking their romance but that their teamwork was genuine. She talked about Reed and confided that his anger made her afraid for him. She hated that she'd given up control and let him go to live at Victor and Nikki's. Devon thought it was smart for her to let Reed get discipline from life at the ranch. He asked if she and JT were together. Victoria tensed until Devon continued and asked if they were on the same page regarding Reed. Victoria said yes. Devon left, and Victoria texted JT and invited him to her place.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, JT lead Billy to believe he was heading to a business meeting, but in reality, he left for Victoria's.

In Paris, Cane told the cab driver that he had to find Lily and save his marriage. He checked into a hotel and entered his room. A short time later, Lily left her room, which happened to be across the hall from Cane's. Lily arrived at the photo shoot, where Abby rapidly talked about how wonderful Paris was. Lily enjoyed being back in Paris too – it held so many memories. Abby suspected that Lily was thinking about her wedding. Lily admitted that she'd been trying to focus on work, but all she could think about was Cane. Abby felt that Lily should enjoy the moment because she and Cane would have plenty of time to sort things out once she got home. Lily decided to enjoy her time at her dream job in her dream city and stop worrying about the future. She realized her phone was at the hotel, so she and the kids wouldn't be able to reach each other. Abby assured her that the kids could just call Abby's cell to reach Lily and that Cane had everything under control. Abby asked if Lily hoped Cane was waiting by the phone. Lily said yes, then no. Back at the hotel, Cane called Lily, and it went to voicemail. Abby loved Paris so much that she considered moving there for awhile to help Brash and Sassy's expansion, but she was concerned that it would look like she was running away. Lily assured Abby that it wouldn't. Abby asked if Lily wanted to join her, but Lily said everything she needed was back home.

Cane checked in with Billy by video chat. Billy insisted that everything was fine, and Cane warned him not to drop the ball. Billy floated the idea of Chancellor buying a chain of amusement parks, then he abruptly ended the call with the now alarmed Cane. Cane got JT on the line and to ask about Billy's plan and to remind JT that he was supposed to be keeping an eye on Billy. JT said that Billy was messing with Cane to get him to back off. Cane was starting to have second thoughts about his grand gesture of flying to Paris. He worried that Lily would think it wasn't respectful of her career. JT told him to stop thinking and go find Lily and tell her how he felt.

After the call, JT and Victoria started to kiss and undress. She thought they were taking a risk by sneaking around, but neither one of them wanted to stop. JT had Victoria up against the wall, and Victor suddenly walked in. He stepped out while Victoria and JT put their shirts back on, and when he returned, Victoria asked why he didn't knock. Victor clarified that he did knock, but she didn't answer and the door was unlocked. He added that she'd let herself into the ranch on occasion. Victor apologized for barging in and explained that he was there for Reed's textbook. Victoria let him know that Reed usually needed some downtime between getting home from school and starting his homework. Victor thought Reed needed structure, and he planned to have the teen start his homework as soon as he arrived. Victor took Victoria aside, and she admitted that the scene he'd walked in on was unseemly. Victor advised her to focus on her family and her job and not to waste her time on JT. He left. Victoria was embarrassed that Victor walked in on them, but JT thought it was funny and joked about making Victor speechless for once. They began to kiss again until Cane called and asked Victoria how to contact Lily. She let him know. Billy called JT. He was irritated because he'd shown up for the meeting only to discover JT had canceled it. JT said he'd postponed it because he wanted to do more research first. Billy accused JT of lying. JT said Billy sounded paranoid, and he ended the call. JT and Victoria agreed that they should both get back to work, but seconds later, they were locked in a kiss. Victoria pulled back and said they were being irresponsible and they had to go to work. She promised that they could meet again soon.

Cane went to the photo shoot, but Lily and Abby were already gone.

Nick approached Mariah at Crimson Lights. She thought he was there to criticize Sharon's decision to let Kathy stay with her. Mariah admitted she thought it was a crazy idea at first, but she didn't think Nick should judge. She noted that it was Sharon's house and Faith was staying with Nick right now. Nick revealed that he supported Sharon and wished he could do something to help Kathy too. He thought it was great that Sharon showed the family compassion. Mariah knew how important that was because Mariah didn't have anyone to lean on until she met Sharon. She was moved that Sharon took her in after everything Mariah had done to her. Nick said that Sharon was being the change she wanted to see, which was something he didn't have experience with. Mariah pointed out that he donated his trust fund and helped save the park. Nick noted that Sharon gave him 100% support when he wanted to save the park. He felt the least he could do was help again. Mariah offered to assist if he needed her. After Nick left, Devon arrived and joined Mariah. They talked about Neil – Sofia's recovery was going well, and Neil was happy to be in NY with Moses. Next, they discussed Devon's business, and Mariah could tell something was off with him. She asked about it and he admitted that the music label was bleeding money. Mariah thought that he could just use the profits from the other divisions to offset the losses. According to Devon, the rest of the company was fine, but that wasn't good enough. He wanted his entire company to thrive and to have happy well-paid employees who could be proud of what they produced. He wanted to rival Jabot and Newman while having a more compassionate mission statement. Devon wasn't going to give up; he was committed to figuring out a plan.

At the Club, Nick told Nikki that Kathy wasn't a threat. He was surprised when Nikki agreed with him and said that Sharon did the right thing for once. Nikki was frustrated because she'd tried to arrange a charity dinner to raise money for people like Kathy, but most of the donors had already committed to funding other projects. Nick had the idea to use the insurance money from the Underground fire, since Noah didn't want to use it to reopen the Club. Nikki approved. Later, Nick and Nikki told Victor that they were going to buy a building and turn it into low income housing. Victor wondered if they were prepared for the realities of being a landlord, like late night repair requests. Nick said he could handle it, then he left. Nikki hoped Victor was being sincere when he said he'd support her and that he wasn't upset that she'd partnered with Nick instead of him. Victor said he'd support Nikki, but there was something she needed to know. He told her about JT and Victoria. Like Victor, Nikki thought JT and Victoria were making a mistake. They speculated about how long this had been going on – maybe that was the reason JT returned to town. Nikki didn't think JT was doing right by Victoria, Mac or Reed.

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