Tuesday Y&R Update 4/16/19

The Y&R Update Tuesday 4/16/19


Written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Summer prepared to go on a shopping trip. Kyle was worried that she wasn't up to it, and he offered to drive her, but she insisted that she was fine. Jack came in and Summer promised to give him her ideas on the Jabot Collective when she returned. Kyle told Summer to call if she needed him, then she left. Jack surmised that Kyle didn't come clean about nearly sleeping with Lola. Kyle said he told Summer everything, and she said she understood why he'd want to see if there was still something between him and Lola. Jack asked if Kyle confirmed that there was something there. Kyle said he couldn't admit that to Summer yet. Jack groaned. Kyle thought he was worried about Phyllis using the photos to hurt Jabot. Jack was more worried about Kyle, but he said he convinced Phyllis not to leak the photos. Jack revealed that Lauren was fully on board with the Jabot Collective.

Kyle acknowledged that he had to break Summer's heart. Jack noted that Summer was Phyllis's daughter. “Which means she's going to be thinking about payback,” Kyle stated. Jack said she could make things very difficult for Kyle, Lola and Jabot. Kyle decided to try and convince Summer that she didn't want to be with him. After Kyle left, Summer came home and talked to Jack about her business ideas. She'd put together a list of potential social media influencers for Jabot to use to promote the Collective. He was very impressed because she covered things the marketing and PR department didn't think of. She asked if he could help her with a problem she couldn't avoid anymore. He assured her that she could talk to him about anything, and he was caught off guard when she said it was about Victor. She wasn't sure how to tell her grandfather that she was leaving Newman for Jabot without jeopardizing her relationship with him. She said she'd always be a Newman, but she was part of Kyle's family now. He encouraged her to say that to Victor. He couldn't believe he was the one saying this, but he thought Victor loved her and wanted her to be happy. He was sure there would always be a place for her at Newman. She believed her future was at Jabot, with Kyle.

At Society, the new restaurant, Arturo told Abby that he went away for awhile to figure things out. She didn't look up from her paperwork, and she said she was glad. He started to say something, but she told him she had nothing to say to him. He convinced her to give him five minutes. He apologized and said he had no excuses. It pained him to admit it, but there was some truth to her assertion that he was more in love with the idea of her than actually being in love with her. She told him that if that was supposed to make her feel better, it failed. He said he'd never been with someone like her before, and it was hard not to get caught up in the high class lifestyle. He said he was never in it for the flash – he loved Abby and he still did. The cheating with Mia meant nothing to him. She noted that he threw away what he had with Abby for no reason. He said he didn't want to be the sort of person who only cared about himself and who hurt people he claimed to love. He apologized from the bottom of his heart for any pain he caused her. She believed he was genuinely sorry, and she'd been doing a lot of thinking about mistakes she'd made. She'd been on the wrong side of a cheating scandal, and she'd been given a chance to prove she changed. She thought he deserved that too. He swore he wanted to get things right this time. Mia stormed in to talk to Arturo. Abby told her to get out, but Mia aid she wouldn't leave without Arturo. Arturo refused to go. Abby's temper flared and she kicked them both out.

Kyle met with Lola at Society. They hugged and then he admitted that things didn't go as planned. He told her about Phyllis's threats. She wondered what kind of mother would threaten to publicly humiliate their daughter. He explained that he told Summer everything. She asked how she took it when he broke up with her. He said he couldn't. She thought he still loved Summer. He assured her that he didn't. He said that a pissed off Phyllis was one thing, but Summer and Phyllis together could cause a lot of damage. He was worried about what would happen to Lola. She was sure she could take care of herself, but he told her that Phyllis once brought Victor down. He planned to stay married until he could find a way to end things without causing Summer to seek revenge. She asked if he was sure that was the only obstacle. He insisted that it was. He said she worked so hard to make her dream a reality, and he'd never forgive himself if he caused her to lose that. She was disappointed because it was supposed to be the start of their new life. He promised that it would be.

“You married Summer to save my life. I can deal with you being with her for a little while longer,” Lola decided. Lola asked Kyle not to sleep with Summer anymore. He understood the request. They said they loved each other and kissed goodbye. Lola left. Just after this, Summer appeared. She she saw his car when she was on her way to lunch. He lied and said Jack asked him to tell Abby about the Collective. Summer was surprised he didn't email her. He said he wanted to use a personal touch to make Abby feel valued in case they needed her for a board vote. Kyle suggested he take Summer out instead of her going to lunch on her own. She accepted.

In another part of Society, Abby told Lola that she had a good talk with Arturo until a dark cloud blew in and ruined everything. Lola figured it was Mia and suggested that Abby have security ban her. Abby said it didn't matter, because Mia was always between her and Arturo, even if she wasn't physically present. Lola served Abby a drink called Hot Revenge, inspired by Mia. Abby apologized for venting to Lola about Arturo, since they were siblings. Lola said that Arturo was a total mess. The drink had a kick to it, and Lola said it was bad-ass, like Abby. Abby wasn't sure about day drinking, but Lola felt that it was fine since they were celebrating their success. Abby said it was the best revenge ever. They toasted. Abby asked how Lola stayed so positive. Lola said she reminded herself that no matter how much yesterday sucked, tomorrow could be better.

Summer and Kyle went to Crimson Lights. She talked about her meeting with Jack, but he wasn't paying attention. She assumed he was thinking about Lola. She felt like he was holding something back. He told her about Phyllis, the PI and her attempt to use the photos of him with Lola to blackmail Jack. Summer was appalled, but not surprised that Phyllis was putting her wants ahead of everything else. Kyle recommended letting it go, but Summer refused. She said her mom tried to trash their marriage. She was adamant that what she and Kyle had was real, and she refused to let anyone try and come between them.

Arturo and Mia went to Chancellor Park to talk. He was furious that she interrupted his conversation with Abby. She insisted that this was more important. He demanded to know why she'd tracked him down the minute he came back to town. She asked him to say that he was with her the night Lola was attacked. He asked if she attacked Lola. She lied and said no. She explained that the police were looking at everyone who had a feud with Abby. He remembered that Lola was wearing Abby's coat that night, and he accused Mia of attacking her. Mia denied it again. He wasn't sure whether to believe her, but he didn't know why she would think he'd help her. She revealed that she could be carrying his child. He accused her of faking a pregnancy, so she showed him the sonogram picture. He said it didn't mean the baby was his. She believed the baby was Rey's, but she was three months along, and she told Arturo to do the math. He walked away without telling her what he was going to do.

Christine and Paul were at Crimson Lights on the patio. She thought it was risky for Paul to put Rey in charge of Lola's case when he'd already proven he couldn't be trusted. Paul said he was giving Rey the chance to prove otherwise. Paul hoped Rey passed the test, but he thought it was odd that Rey backed off when Lola's case went cold. He got the feeling Rey knew more than he was saying. He told Christine how Rey said Mia got in a fight with Abby, but she couldn't be Lola's attacker, because she was having sex with Arturo at the time. Christine suggested that Arturo might be the one who was lying. Paul sensed that they were both in this together. He vowed to keep a close eye on all three of them. Nikki walked in and asked for Paul's help with Victor.

Paul texted Rey asking for an update on Lola's case by the end of the day. Rey promised he was working on it. He went to Sharon's and worked up the nerve to tell her that Mia attacked Lola, thinking she was Abby. He explained that Mia claimed she didn't mean to hurt anyone – it was a prank gone wrong, and she didn't know Lola hit her head and fell unconscious. He was going to arrest her when she told him she was pregnant. He kept quiet to protect the baby. Sharon understood that. If the baby wasn't his, part of him wanted to let the truth come out, but the other part of him felt that the baby didn't deserve to be born in prison. He told Sharon that Paul put him on the case. He knew it wasn't a coincidence – he thought Paul knew something was off and that this was a test.

Rey admitted he was asking a lot of Sharon. “What's covering up one more crime?,” Sharon reasoned, with a sigh. He hated asking her to do that, but he couldn't stand lying to her. She knew it was difficult for him to keep this secret. He confided that sometimes he didn't recognize himself in the mirror. She assured him he was the same man he'd always been, but he didn't think Paul would agree. She said Paul didn't know him as well as she did. He was worried that this would blow up. She promised to be by his side no matter what, and they kissed.

Back at on the Crimson Lights patio, Nikki told Paul about Victor's mysterious trips to Nevada, while Christine looked on. She asked Paul to use his contacts to figure out what he was doing. He said there wasn't much the police could do if there was no crime. She offered to pay if he'd help unofficially. He didn't have the time, and his PI days were behind him. He was sorry. Nikki went inside the coffeehouse, where she ran into Rey. She thanked him for helping clear her and Victoria's name. He said it had to be done. She confided in him about Victor and she offered him a job looking into what Victor was up to. He promised to consider her offer. She left.

Back out on the patio, Christine told Paul that she was glad he turned Nikki down. He said he'd learned, years ago, that it was never a good idea to come between Victor and Nikki. Christine had to go back to work, but she suggested they have a hot date tonight. He liked the idea and suggested pizza and bowling. She agreed, and they kissed, then she left. Arturo arrived at the coffeehouse, and Paul observed him interacting with Rey. Arturo apologized for sleeping with Mia. Rey said they had bigger problems. Arturo revealed that he knew about the baby. He said he sucked as a brother. Rey said they had a situation, and Arturo had better be prepared to step up. They went out to the patio, after Paul was gone. Arturo said he'd be there for the baby if it was his. Rey said they had to take care of its mother and Arturo needed to do whatever Mia asked. Arturo said Mia already told him what she needed, and he vowed to do whatever it took to protect the baby. Rey was glad to hear that. Then, he told Arturo to get out of his sight.

Later, Sharon and Rey were going to leave Crimson Lights together when Paul appeared. Sharon stepped away. Paul and Rey went to the park, and Rey said that Arturo confirmed he was with Mia during Lola's attack. Paul asked if there were any other suspects. Rey said no, and he suggested that Lola just slipped and fell by accident and that a cop or paramedic inadvertently stepped on her phone and broke it. Paul asked about the footprint and earring. Rey said there were tons of footprints on the ground and no one knew how long the earring had been there. Paul said he still thought they were missing something.

Arturo went back to Society, but then he looked at the sonogram photo and left.

Jack told Dina about his new idea for Jabot. Unimpressed, she accused him of ruining his father's legacy.

In Victor's office, Nikki read the billing statement from Dr. Calhoun, the Nevada psychiatrist that Victor apparently had ties to. She stared at Victor's portrait on the wall and vowed to figure out what he was up to.

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