Tuesday Y&R Update 6/19/18

The Y&R Update Tuesday 6/19/18


Written by Christine
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Sharon was caught off guard when Nick proposed to her. She told him that she needed to think about this, then she rushed out of the cottage.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Mariah tried to discuss the upcoming show with Hilary, but Hilary was overwhelmed by morning sickness. Hilary told Mariah not to mention her nausea to Devon. She grumbled that the pregnancy was supposed to be perfect. Mariah offered to host tomorrow if Hilary wasn't feeling up to it. Hilary accused Mariah of trying to take her job. Phyllis walked in, just as Mariah left the table. Hilary griped about Mariah undermining her, and Phyllis suggested that Hilary was overreacting because she didn't feel well. Hilary was adamant that she wasn't the type of woman who got morning sickness, and she didn't want Devon to see her like this. Phyllis noted that Hilary and Devon weren't together 24/7. Hilary revealed that she and Devon were back together, and Phyllis was happy to hear it. Hilary wanted Devon to see her glowing, not turning green. Phyllis understood that Hilary was a perfectionist, but she felt that Hilary had to accept things as they were. Phyllis opined that it was okay for Hilary to ask for help, especially from the baby's father. Hilary agreed to ask for help if she needed it, then she left. Phyllis texted someone.

Hilary heard Devon coming home, so she hid the club soda she was drinking for nausea. Devon said that he wanted her to move in so that they could experience the pregnancy together. He asked why he learned about her morning sickness through a text from Phyllis. Hilary admitted that she didn't want Devon to see her when she was sick; she wanted this pregnancy to be idyllic, sacred and intimate. She wanted every moment of the pregnancy to be romantic, like they were on the night he asked her to move back into his bedroom. Devon told her that was silly. Later, he hovered while she sipped a drink, and he told her about other remedies for morning sickness. Devon said he wanted to be part of every moment, even the unpleasant ones – he wanted to bring her soda crackers, pickles and ice cream and hold her hair back when she got sick. He understood that pregnancy could be messy. He noted that they'd be changing diapers one day, and he said he was looking forward to that, because it'd be their mess, from their baby. Devon said he wanted to look out for Hilary, if she was in a good mood, scared or upset. “Or a bitch on wheels?,” Hilary asked. Devon said yes. He told her he'd be there for her, right up until the day their baby was born, and afterwards, when they became parents. They kissed.

Inside Crimson Lights, Sharon told Mariah about Nick's proposal. Mariah started to congratulate her, then she stopped short and wondered what Sharon was doing there. Sharon said she hoped her relationship with Nick would eventually become permanent, but she wasn't sure he was proposing for the right reasons. Sharon explained that losing Christian changed Nick, and he'd become determined to take control, protect everything that was his, and not let his father beat him again. Mariah thought it was good for Nick to stand up to Victor. Sharon countered that she (Sharon) had gone to war with Victor, and it was a miracle she'd survived. Sharon said that Nick was focused on getting Christian back, and he thought that having a wife would look good to the courts, but the trouble was that she'd be the wife. She felt that Nick was ignoring the fact that the arbitrator didn't think it was in Christian's best interest to be around her. Mariah stated that Nick loved Sharon and wanted her to help him make a stable home for his kids. Mariah pointed out that the ruling was temporary and that the social worker would be interviewing Mariah and Faith, which would help Nick's case. Mariah advised Sharon to trust her instincts and her heart and go for it. Sharon recalled that Mariah hadn't approved of Nick moving into the cottage. Mariah explained that she was afraid Sharon would fall for Nick and that he wouldn't reciprocate. Mariah said that Sharon seemed happier now than she'd been in ages, and for the first time in her life, Mariah felt like she belonged to a family. Mariah hoped to nudge Sharon in Nick's direction, especially if it helped their chances of getting Christian back.

Sharon made a pro/con list, but it didn't help because she could come up with a negative for every positive. For example, the engagement would make Faith happy, but what if the courts wouldn't give Christian back? Sharon said that her life was already complete – she had what she wanted – a comfortable home and loving family. Mariah said that Sharon had Nick, who wanted to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Sharon wasn't sure that this reunion would go well. She thought about how Victoria's second chance with JT ended. Mariah was positive that Nick was nothing like JT; he'd never abuse or intentionally hurt Sharon. Mariah noted that she took a giant swing with Tessa, and although she missed and it hurt, at least she tried. Mariah said she was proud of Sharon for transforming herself from a victim to a heroine. Sharon smiled as Mariah said that Sharon was not only her mom, but her best friend. Mariah said that if marrying Nick would make Sharon happy, she should grab him and not let go. They hugged.

Nick went to the Club, hoping to catch Victoria on her break, but he ran into Phyllis instead. He brought her up to speed. Phyllis noted that Nick and Sharon had been down this road before and it didn't end well. She wondered why he thought it would be different this time. Nick said that he and Sharon had matured, and he wouldn't let anyone, especially Victor, tell him who he could marry. Phyllis pointed out that Nick lost Christian because of Sharon's emotional instability. Nick clarified that it was temporary, and he assumed that the social worker would reverse the decision after interviewing the family. Phyllis questioned whether Nick should be making such a big change in the middle of the custody battle. Nick reasoned that an engagement could show the courts that there was a commitment to the family. Phyllis asked Nick if he was trying to convince her or himself. Phyllis said that if Sharon was taking time to think about this, Sharon was smarter than Phyllis had given her credit for. Phyllis suggested that Sharon was hesitant because she was afraid Nick would cheat on her again, like he did the last time they were married. Nick asked if Phyllis meant with her. Phyllis said she wasn't talking about Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis noted that all three of them had a history of stepping out on their partner. She admitted it was hard to be faithful, but when your spouse found out, it was catastrophic. Nick stated that he wasn't going into the marriage expecting to cheat, and neither was Sharon. Phyllis countered that things happen. She said this was why she and Billy hadn't rushed into marriage. She was crazy about Billy, but she was afraid she'd mess up something good, and she thought that Nick should have the same concerns. She urged him to take a step back and think about this huge decision that would affect a lot of people.

At the Abbott house, Jack told Ashley about the picture of Phillip Chancellor standing next to Dina that he found in the safe deposit box. Ashley asked Jack if he really thought Dina would sleep with her best friend's husband. Jack clarified that there was a date stamped on the back of the picture, and at the time it was taken, Katherine would've been married to Gary Reynolds, making Phillip free for Dina to date. Abby walked in and got caught up to speed. Jack didn't think anyone would hide the picture in bank vault unless it was significant. Ashley encouraged Jack to be discreet about his suspicions because it would affect the Chancellor family too. She stated that if he was right, he'd be Phillip III's brother and Chance's uncle. Jack talked about the differences between his situation and Ashley's – she'd found out that Brent was her father, but Jack still had no idea who his father was. Ashley could see that the lack of answers was weighing on Jack. Jack thought that a talk with Dina might make him feel better. He went upstairs.

Ashley was happy when Abby said she wanted to move back in so that she could spend more time with Dina. Abby said it'd be nice to leave the ranch and get some distance from the Newmans, especially Victor. She explained that Victor had been treating Nick badly, and he'd been harassing Arturo. Jack returned. He explained that Dina didn't remember anything, and she was back to mistaking him for John. Ashley told him Abby's news, and Jack was pleased to hear that she was leaving the ranch. Ashley suggested that Jack move back in too, but Jack declined. He mentioned figuring how who he was so he could move forward.

After Abby left, Jack asked how Billy was doing at Jabot. Ashley said that Birthday Suit was selling so well that they had to add a third production shift. Jack admitted he never would've thought of a nude stunt on live television, and he suggested that it might be good that Billy was in charge. Ashley admitted that she'd probably bet against Billy having long term success, given his history. Jack wished Billy luck. Jack went outside and made a phone call. He invited someone to join him for a drink.

Back inside, Abby and Ashley discussed Dina, who'd been sleeping more than usual. Abby was glad that she'd be around to keep things cheerful for Dina. Ashley asked about Arturo. Abby wasn't sure where the relationship was going, but she liked him and wanted to give it a shot. Abby asked Ashley to come to the Club today to meet Arturo. Ashley agreed, then she suggested that Abby's desire to make introductions meant she was more serious about Arturo than she thought she was.

Abby, Ashley and Arturo met at Dive Bar. After a short chat, Arturo went to get drinks. Ashley said that he made a good first impression, but she couldn't forget about the arrangement he had with Nikki, who was old enough to be his mother. Abby reminded Ashley about her situation with the much younger Ravi. Ashley asked if Abby was sure Arturo wasn't after her money. Abby admitted she'd been leery at first, but the more time she spent with him, the more she began to feel like he was one of the good guys. Arturo returned, and Ashley mentioned that she'd been taking Latin dance classes. Abby urged Arturo and Ashley to dance. Arturo was hesitant, because last time he danced with another woman he got a drink poured on his head. Abby said it was a misunderstanding. Nikki arrived and scowled as she saw Arturo and Ashley having fun out on the dance floor.

Later, Abby complimented Arturo and Ashley's dancing. Ashley called Arturo a keeper. Abby went to get more drinks, and she was accosted by Nikki, who speculated that Arturo was going to make Ashley his next conquest. Abby clarified that she encouraged them to dance, and she accused Nikki of being jealous. Nikki stated that she and Arturo were more than a fling – there were feelings on both sides. Nikki said she wouldn't have minded if he'd moved onto a woman he didn't know, but to date her stepdaughter, then to dance with Ashley like that was too much. Abby was adamant that there was nothing Nikki or Victor could do or say to make her stop dating Arturo.

Jack met with Esther at the Club and told her about Dina's Alzheimer's. Jill had already told Esther about it. Esther was glad that Katherine wasn't around to see her friend Dina's decline. Jack said he and Ashley were trying to chronicle Dina's life and were having trouble sorting fact from fiction. Jack lead Esther to believe that Dina recently suggested that she had an affair with Phillip II. Esther didn't know anything about that. She explained that she didn't come to work for Katherine until after Phillip died. Jack lied and said that Dina was fixated on Phillip and that any facts Esther could give him would help calm Dina down. Esther suggested that Phillip III or Chance might know something. She was about to give Jack their contact information when she remembered that they were on a father/son trek in the Himalayas and would be out of contact for the next two months.

Phyllis joined Jack after Esther left and asked if he wanted to talk. He told her about the photo, with the date stamped nine months before he was born. Phyllis suggested doing a DNA test with Phillip's descendants, and Jack explained that they were off the grid. Phyllis said it wasn't like he could swab Phillip II's cheek, since he'd been dead for forty years.

When Sharon came home, Nick told her about his conversation with Phyllis. He said he was convinced that proposing was the right thing to do, despite Phyllis's attempt to dissuade him. Sharon asked why now. Nick stated that he could list off all the practical reasons, but he'd speak from the heart instead. Nick said he loved Sharon and couldn't imagine his life without her. He believed they were supposed to be together, and he wanted to honor that by marrying her. Nick wanted to make some big changes in his life, and he wanted Sharon to be by his side. She was the most important person in the world to him, and he wanted everyone to know that. Nick wanted to make Sharon feel special and loved and to be with her when amazing things happened to her, or when she was having a hard time. Sharon smiled and asked what he'd do if she said no. nick said he'd consider it another obstacle and he wouldn't stop until he overcame it. Nick intended to go after what he wanted in life and to make it happen. Sharon asked Nick if he was sure he wasn't doing this to spite Victor or Phyllis. Nick assured Sharon that he'd never been more sure of anything in his life. She accepted the proposal, and they kissed.

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