Tuesday Y&R Update 11/13/18

The Y&R Update Tuesday 11/13/18


Written by Christine

Sharon ran into Billy at the Club. She mentioned she was there to get coffee. He was surprised, since she owned the best coffeehouse in town, and asked if everything was okay at Crimson Lights. Sharon said she was trying to check out the competition. He asked if he could join her since he was in no hurry to go to work and see Phyllis. Sharon told him that their exes shared a latte at Crimson Lights the other day. She thought she and Billy should face the truth, move on and be happy. Sharon told Billy to let her know if he found a way to deal with Phyllis, then he left.

Rey tried to slip out of his apartment, but Mia caught him and asked if he was sneaking out. He told her he wasn't avoiding her – he thought she'd want to sleep in. she asked him to have breakfast with her, but he told her he had to go to work. She noted that he fell asleep on her last night, and she sensed that he was avoiding her. He said he had a life and couldn't drop everything to spend time with her. She hugged him and tried to kiss him, but he pulled back and said he had to go. She told him that when he got home, she wanted to pick up where they left off.

Mia went to the GCPD looking for Rey. Sharon recognized Mia and explained that he was in a meeting. Mia noted that Sharon was Rey's landlord and partner. Sharon clarified that she was just a victim's liaison, and Mia told her not to sell herself short. Mia assumed Sharon was a mother too, and Sharon confirmed it. Mia said she was amazed at all the things Sharon could juggle. Sharon said the coffeehouse pretty much ran itself, her ex helped with the kids, and Rey was an easy tenant. Mia asked Sharon about her date. Sharon was confused, and Mia reminded her that she'd mentioned she had a date last night. Sharon said it was nothing big. Mia was surprised that a hot guy hadn't snapped up someone as beautiful as Sharon. Sharon said she'd been snapped up a couple of times and almost remarried her ex recently. Mia thought that had to be tough, and she mentioned that she and Rey never got a divorce – they separated, but they both knew it was only temporary. Sharon assumed it must be easier to get back together when you knew in advance that it was only a break. Mia was glad that Rey had a friend that he was close to. Sharon didn't think she and Rey were close. Mia pointed out that Sharon's desk was directly across from Rey's and said that they couldn't get any closer.

Rey returned and asked what Mia was doing there. She asked why he didn't tell her that Sharon worked there, and she asked if he got her the job in exchange for the apartment. Sharon said that he just told her that the job was available because he knew she'd just graduated. Mia said that was Rey, always looking out for his friends. Mia said Sharon had filled her in about this place and it sounded just as boring as Miami. Rey said he had to get back to work and he was sure Sharon did too. Mia kissed Rey on the cheek and left. Sharon asked how the JT investigation was going. Rey said finding the watch was a big break and he hoped to get another one soon. Rey felt compelled to discuss what happened last night. He believed that things might have been very different if Mia hadn't shown up. He felt terrible that Sharon was put in such a lousy position last night. Sharon thought it was good that Mia showed up when she did. Sharon stated that Mia was beautiful, strong and willing to fight for the marriage. Rey said he and Mia had a lot of issues to deal with. Sharon felt that Rey owed it to Mia and to himself to start doing that. Sharon busied herself with work, until Rey left, then she stopped and stared off into the distance.

Lauren and Kerry arrived at Phyllis's office for the photo shoot. Phyllis was dressed casually, with her hair in a pony tail, so she wasn't ready. She called Ted into the office and asked why she didn't know about the shoot. He showed her proof that he'd put it on her calendar. She asked if they could postpone, but the photographer had flown in from California just for the session. Phyllis and Lauren sent Ted to bring get a makeup artist and a selection of outfits from Fenmore's for Phyllis to choose from. Phyllis told Lauren and Kerry that the three of them – beautiful and confident women – were the new faces of Jabot. Ted returned with a rack of clothes. Phyllis quickly vetoed them all. Kerry gave Phyllis a pep talk about how well she was doing at Jabot, which gave Phyllis a renewed interest in choosing an outfit.

Mariah woke Tessa up by dumping the duffle bag full of money out on their sofa bed and demanding an explanation. As Tessa put the money back in the bag, she snapped that she told Mariah not to touch her things. Tessa didn't want to make this a big deal, but Mariah contended that this was a big deal, and she punctuated her point by throwing some of the money. Tessa yelled that Mariah would ruin everything if she didn't forget about this. Mariah couldn't pretend she didn't see hundreds of thousands of dollars stuffed in a mattress. Mariah wanted an explanation. Tessa said Mariah didn't want to know. Tessa asked Mariah to please let it go, then she took the bag and left.

Tessa tucked the duffle bag under the counter at Crimson Lights. Lauren placed an order, and Tessa was distracted and had trouble remembering it. Esther came in and made Lauren's order for her. Esther told Tessa that she used to work at Crimson Lights. Tessa went to clean up. Lauren found out the makeup artist wasn't available to do Phyllis's makeup. Esther offered to do Phyllis's makeup. Lauren appreciated the offer, but she needed someone with editorial experience because this was for a photo shoot. Esther was confused – Lauren needed a writer? Mia walked in and explained that editorial meant that the photos went with an article or an idea. Mia introduced herself and gave Lauren a card. Mia was a hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist. Lauren went to Mia's website and was so impressed by her work she hired her on the spot.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis was tense because the photographer was ready, but she wasn't. Lauren and Mia arrived, and Ted warned them to duck when they entered the office. Lauren assured Mia that Phyllis wasn't that bad. Mia said she'd been around the block and no one scared her. Lauren did introductions, and Mia said she heard a lot about Phyllis. Phyllis hoped it was all good. Mia said that would be boring. Phyllis laughed and predicted she was going to like Mia. Later, Mia did Phyllis's hair and makeup, and everyone marveled at her work. Billy came in and asked what was going on. Phyllis brought him up to speed, then she introduced Billy and Mia. Phyllis told Mia that Billy came with a warning not to touch unless you liked bad boys. Mia vowed to keep that in mind. Billy assumed he was going to be in the photo shoot, but Phyllis said she was sticking to the concept of women selling to women. Billy took issue with her rebranding the company without telling the VP of marketing. Phyllis told Billy not to get his male pride wounded – he was an important part of the team. She said she didn't have time to discuss the new direction of the company, but she was sure Ted would fill him in. Phyllis lead the women out. “Ouch,” Mia said to Billy, as she left.

Lauren, Phyllis and Kerry had their photo shoot and it went well. Billy showed up and asked to talk to Phyllis alone. Kerry and Lauren left. Billy didn't care if Phyllis hated him, but he told her that she wasn't going to be able to force him out of the company. Phyllis noted that there was a strong whiff of testosterone in the air. Billy asked if she felt threatened and she laughed until she realized he was serious. He told her that Jabotiques were his idea, and he didn't know why she thought he'd step back after he did all the work to make them happen. He wanted credit for what he did. “The embezzling? I can have a press release drawn up today,” she quipped. She stated that anyone could come up with a risky idea, but it took a leader, someone people could look up to, to make it a success – and that was her. She said Jabotiques would be a success, not because he was willing to chase a crazy idea with company funds, but because she was willing to drag Jabot out of the ditch he drove it into. She thought he should be thank her for not exposing him to the world or canceling the project like Ashley wanted her to. He accused her of trying to force him out to pay him back for sleeping with Summer. She said that becoming CEO, demoting him to VP of marketing, and excluding him from the shoot were payback. She didn't want to force him out, because she thought he was valuable to the company, and she liked him working for her. She added that she was bringing Nick to the party and told him to feel free bring whomever he wanted.

Mariah went to the cottage and wept, then she texted Tessa and asked if they could meet. They met up at their place. Mariah needed answers – yesterday she felt terrible for throwing away the mattress. Tessa asserted that Mariah shouldn't have followed her to the dumpster. Mariah clarified that she didn't follow her, and she told her to stop acting like Mariah was in the wrong. Tessa apologized and said that when people came at her, she fought back, because it was how she'd survived. Mariah grew up having to defend herself too, but she didn't think she and Tessa should interact that way. Mariah wanted the truth. Tessa said she sold a song. Mariah had counted the money, and she skeptically asked if Tessa got $230,000 for a song. Tessa stuck to her story. Mariah asked why Tessa didn't say anything when she knew how worried Mariah was about the smugglers. Tessa said that she'd paid them off. Mariah noted that this meant Tessa made $250,000. Mariah wanted to know why Tessa hid this from her.

Mariah said that if they were going to have a shot at making this work, she had to know everything, or she was going to leave and not come back. Tessa was silent, so Mariah walked toward the door. Tessa said that it was one of the songs she stole from Mariah's journal, and she didn't say anything because she thought Mariah was going to be angry, like last time. Mariah challenged Tessa to sing the song. Tessa noted that Mariah didn't trust her. Mariah felt that Tessa should prove she was trustworthy by singing the song. Tessa said she couldn't because she felt terrible about the plagiarism. Mariah exploded with anger and demanded that Tessa stop lying. Tessa bellowed that she wasn't lying, but Mariah didn't believe her. Mariah began to cry. “You were the first person that I let in. that I really let in and you knew how terrified I was to open myself up like that,” Mariah said. She recalled Tessa opening her hand to her and encouraging her to make the leap. Tessa was in tears too. Mariah thought this might be her fault – she grew up hearing so many lies that she couldn't discern between what was real and what wasn't. “Maybe I'm broken,” Mariah whimpered. Tessa was adamant that there was nothing wrong with Mariah or with their relationship.

Tessa stated that honesty was never easy for her, because she grew up lying to her friends and the authorities about her home life. Lying was a form of survival for Tessa. Mariah said she grew up having to defend herself too, but she changed for Tessa. Tessa said she really wanted to be honest with Mariah. Mariah told her to just do it. Tessa said she had to keep Mariah out of this. Mariah said it was too late for that. Tessa offered to take the money back, so she and Mariah could just live the life they planned. Mariah was adamant that she couldn't have a life with a lie like this between them. Mariah was sorry, but she thought moving in together was a mistake. She started packing, and Tessa protested. Mariah said that if Tessa wanted her to stay, she should tell the truth. Tessa tearfully asked why Mariah couldn't trust her. Mariah posed the same question to Tessa. Mariah said she'd she'd be back for the rest of her things in the morning, when Tessa wasn't there. Tessa grabbed Mariah's bag and wailed that she couldn't leave, because Tessa loved her. Mariah replied that if Tessa really loved her, she'd tell the truth. Mariah pulled her bag away and left. Tessa collapsed into sobs.

At their home, Mia told Rey about her day. She crowed that she was burning this town up, doing what she did best. He admitted he was afraid to ask what that was. “Taking charge, baby,” she replied. She was happy to be in Genoa City, the home of GC Buzz, Jabot, and plenty of billionaires, because there were lots of opportunities for work. He was glad she'd be busy because he would be too. She flirted, but he didn't bite. She thought he used his job as an excuse to avoid working on their marriage. Mia told him that it was time to solve their problems, and they kissed. Rey put the breaks on because he felt that this was another way of avoiding their problems. Mia agreed, but she noted that it was fun. He agreed, but he thought they should deal with what broke them up in the first place. She wanted to leave that in Miami. He told her they couldn't do that, because most of their problems followed them to Wisconsin. She assumed having Lola and Arturo around must be hard for him. He asked if she was going to be able to keep her distance. She said she came because she wanted him back, and she told him to give her one night to prove that. She kissed him again, but he pulled back and said he needed more time. She said she needed coffee, and she went downstairs. Rey opened a beer and drank it.

Downstairs, Sharon was about to close up, but she got the two black coffees Mia ordered. Mia mentioned that Rey asked her to move in, and she hoped that was okay, since she was his wife. Sharon said that was fine, as long as Rey paid the rent. Mia said this would give her and Sharon a chance to get to know each other, since Mia could use a friend. Sharon wished Mia and Rey the best of luck. Mia said they didn't need it because they were going to take care of things tonight. She hoped the ceiling was soundproof since their reunion could get a little loud. Sharon said she was about to leave, so they'd have the place to themselves. “Rey's mine,” Mia firmly stated. Sharon said she wasn't interested, but Mia thought it was clear that Sharon wanted Rey. Mia said Sharon couldn't have Rey, and she asked if Sharon understood. Sharon said that she did. Mia smiled and left.

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