Tuesday Y&R Update 1/22/19

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/22/19


Written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Michael checked in with his office. Nick came in, chatted with Sharon, then Michael walked over. Michael played Fen's song for Nick and bragged on his son. Nick and Michael went to a table. Nick scheduled a meeting with Michael to discuss Victor's defense strategy. Sharon walked over with their order, and she overheard Nick say that he was determined to find out who was framing Victor. After Michael left, Nick asked Sharon if she saw his interview on the Milwaukee news channel. He said he was going to do everything in his power to combat the fake stories that the police were peddling. Sharon asked Nick to ease up, because Rey wasn't trying to convict an innocent man – he was a professional who was just doing his job, and he thought Victor killed JT. Nick asked Sharon if she thought Victor was guilty. She said nothing she'd seen or heard proved to her that he was guilty. He assumed that she hadn't shared her opinion with Rey. She clarified that she told Rey how she felt, and they agreed to disagree. Nick marveled that Sharon and Mariah were keeping an open mind over Victor. Sharon assumed he was surprised because they'd seen Victor at his worst. He said that not many people would be able to remain objective after that. She asked if that included Phyllis, and he was curious why she asked him that. According to Sharon, Victoria said that Phyllis was going around town telling anyone who'd listen that Victor was guilty. Sharon mused that it must lead to some awkward conversations at home. Nick said that Phyllis was looking at it from a different angle, and she had her own reasons for feeling the way she did. Referring to Phyllis, Sharon said she'd never seen anyone so skilled at justifying her own bad behavior. Nick mulled over Sharon's statement.

Cane asked why Charlie and Mattie weren't at school. It was Senior Skip Day. Mattie asked about the visit with Lily. He said things were fine. He offered them money, since they were going to the mall, but they declined. The twins left, and Cane called Jabot looking for Billy. Billy wasn't there, and Cane expressed surprise because half the day had already gone by.

At Jabot, Kerry showed Phyllis the Jack of Hearts cologne. Phyllis loved it and thought it'd be a big seller, but Kerry clarified that it wasn't for sale – it was just for Jack. Phyllis was pleased things were still going well between them. Kerry said it was new for her, being in a relationship that was fun and easy. Phyllis was sure Jack appreciated that after Phyllis put him through hell. Kerry stated that Jack never badmouthed Phyllis or any of his other ex wives. “All 850 of us,” Phyllis joked. Phyllis said she was good with her exes, once they became exes, and only had a problem with them during the relationship. Phyllis saw something on her laptop that upset her, and she called Ted and instructed him to send Billy in immediately. Phyllis told Kerry that Billy took the company jet on a joyride yesterday. She groused that he refused to accept that she was in charge. Kerry recalled that Phyllis had Billy had worked well together on the Barlow account. Phyllis explained that they'd recently clashed over a personal issue. She assumed he was misusing company assets to prove his point. Jack called Kerry and invited her to lunch, but she declined because she had to work. At Phyllis's request, Kerry asked Jack if Billy was home. Back at the Abbott house, Billy was just coming downstairs with his briefcase. Jack repeated Kerry's question. At Billy's request, Jack covered and pretended that Billy wasn't there. Jack ended the call and asked Billy if he was out late last night because he was with Victoria. Billy clarified that he was with a friend who got some bad news.

As soon as Billy entered the Jabot lobby, Phyllis appeared. He asked if she was lying in wait. She revealed that she asked security to alert her when he arrived. She showed him into her office, and she asked why he took the company jet without authorization. Billy was unrepentant. She asked why he did it. He said it was a personal matter, and he offered to reimburse the costs if necessary. She told him that the plane was not his personal taxi service, and if it was a real emergency, he could've asked to use it. She speculated that he did it without permission because he wanted to flout her authority. He told her to drop the conspiracy theory. He added that he wouldn't have had to go anywhere if she wouldn't have shot her mouth off to Victoria and set off a toxic chain of events. Phyllis had no idea what that meant, and Billy dropped that subject. She accused him of absconding with the jet, reminded him that he didn't run the company anymore, and warned him that he might be fired if he pulled another stunt like that again.

Jack entered Nick's office to talk about work, but Nick, who was sitting on the couch, said he was too immersed in the situation with his dad to talk about it. Jack heard that Victor made bail. Nick was concerned that once Victor was cleared, the person who was framing him would find another way to ruin his life. Jack noted that Victor had a long list of enemies. Nick wondered if Kevin Fischer was behind it. Chelsea, Luca and Ian Ward had also crossed his mind. Nick even wondered if JT might be behind it, if the police were wrong about him being dead. Jack commented on being left off the list, given his lifelong grudge against Victor. Nick admitted Jack had occurred to him too. Jack assured Nick that he had nothing to do with it. Nick wondered who he was missing. Jack had an idea, but he didn't think Nick would like his answer – he noted that if they were making a list of people who hated Victor and were clever enough to set him up like this, Nick didn't have to look too far from home. “Phyllis,” Nick said. Jack was glad that Nick didn't throw him out over what he'd said. Nick admitted it wasn't a new thought. He noted that Phyllis resented Victor, and she always would. Jack stated that the Marco thing was the worst thing that ever happened to Phyllis. Jack felt that what Victor did to him and Phyllis was repugnant. Nick noted that Jack could've been killed. Jack added that Victor only served a fraction of his sentence. Jack asked if it'd be a surprise if Phyllis would secretly be delighted to see Victor go to prison. Nick said it was hardly a secret – Phyllis had said as much, but he didn't want to believe that she could be framing his father. Jack asked if Nick didn't want to believe it or if he didn't believe it.

Phyllis came home and grinned when she saw Michael dancing around her living room with his phone. He'd been listening to Fen's song. She asked what he was doing there. He was waiting for Nick, and the housekeeper let him in. She mentioned his tough case, but he told her that the evidence against Victor was flimsy. She asked if he was going to ask for a change of venue. He didn't plan to. She thought it'd be hard to find an impartial jury after Victor threatened JT on live television. Michael thought that interview was highly prejudicial, and he was hopeful that he could get it thrown out. She asked how he was going to erase it from people's minds. He wasn't that concerned because his goal was to get the police to drop the charges before it went to trial. He noted that this wouldn't make Phyllis happy.

When Nick arrived, he found Michael and Phyllis both sharing the earbuds, listening to the song. Michael noted that Nick had wanted to discuss defense strategies. Nick asked Phyllis to give them some privacy. Phyllis left. Michael revealed that Phyllis had been less than thrilled when he told her that he was planning to get Victor out of this mess. Later, after Michael left, Nick fixed himself a drink. Phyllis returned and Nick apologized and said he hoped she understood why he asked her to leave. Phyllis didn't like being made to feel unwelcome in her own home, but she thought it might be best to keep that part of their lives separate and focus on what they had in common, like wanting the relationship to work. They kissed. Soon, their shirts came off as things started heating up, but Nick's mind was somewhere else. He remembered the things Jack, Sharon and Michael had said about Phyllis.

Jack went to Crimson Lights and ordered a bunch of food. He planned to surprise Kerry with a work picnic. According to Jack, Kyle had inspired him to up his game in the romance department. Sharon thought Lola and Kyle were cute. Jack thought this year would be good for the Abbott men. Sharon hoped that included Billy. Jack had reason to think things were looking up for him too. Sharon had noticed that Billy had been supportive of Victoria. Now that Phyllis was out of the picture, Sharon thought Victoria and Billy might have a chance to put their family back together. Jack arrived at Jabot with lunch and flowers, but a security guard explained that Kerry left about twenty minutes ago. Jack called Kerry and offered to bring her lunch. She was in her car, but she lied and said she was still in the lab and couldn't take a break. After the call, she called someone else and said she was on her way.

At the Abbott house, Billy heard someone at the door. When he opened it, Cane punched him in the face. Cane yelled about Billy telling Lily something that would break her spirit. Billy maintained that Lily had a right to know. He knew what it felt like to be left in the dark, and he did for Lily what he wished someone did to him. Cane snapped that he was going to go tell Lily. He believed Billy rushed to get there first so that he could put his own spin on it. Cane contended that it was none of Billy's business. Billy argued that he cared too much about Lily and Victoria to pretend nothing happened. Billy didn't blame Victoria, because he understood that she felt vulnerable after what Phyllis said. Cane reminded Billy that Victoria said she came on to Cane. Cane thought Billy ran to tell Lily out of jealousy. “You're just pissed at Victoria because she doesn't want you back,” Cane argued.

Billy mused that Cane's marriage would have a better chance of surviving if he were concerned about Lily's needs and not his own. Cane challenged Billy to explain how what he said to Lily was any different than what Phyllis had said to Victoria. “The two of you saw your ex with someone else and you couldn't stand it, so you went and threw grenades,” Cane contended. Billy asserted that he didn't throw a grenade – he warned Lily that a grenade was coming her way. Cane felt that was just like Phyllis saying she wanted to warn Victoria that Billy was on the rebound. Cane thought that Phyllis had done Victoria an act of kindness. Billy spat that no one cared what Cane thought. Cane felt that Billy and Phyllis were perfect for each other and he suggested that they should've stayed together instead of spreading the misery. Billy refused to apologize for telling Lily the truth, because she was classy and decent and deserved better than Cane. Cane said that his family might fall apart because of Billy, and he hissed that he'd make Billy live to regret it.

At their place, Rey wistfully dreamed of being able to attend the soccer finals in London. Mia told him she was having a blast researching vow renewals. She lamented that all the wedding planners were booked up, so they couldn't have a fancy renewal. He asked if she wanted to postpone, and she assured him that she wanted to do it soon as she could. He was glad because he didn't want to wait either. He offered to help her plan. He asked what made her come up with the idea of a vow renewal. She said it was because they weathered the storm and were on solid ground. She wanted to show the whole world that love could conquer all. Rey was caught off guard by the “whole world” mention because he thought they were having a small, private ceremony, like their little courthouse wedding. He asked if she didn't like their wedding. Mia did like it, because all that mattered to her back then was becoming his wife, but now that they'd weathered the storm, she wanted a public vow renewal – a real celebration.

Rey had concerns about the budget – they were still paying off Christmas. Mia assured him that she was great at making it a splash without making it extravagant. She'd reuse her wedding dress, and she was fine with the only attendees being them, Lola, Arturo and the friends they'd made. She was sure that the Newmans wouldn't attend though, because Rey arrested Victor. Rey thought that sounded manageable. They discussed the other things, venue, the officiants. Mia wanted a wedding party this time, and she thought Arturo should stand up with Rey. He was hesitant. She thought it'd be meaningful to show the family how far they'd gotten in the healing process, and she said she knew for a fact that Arturo was happy for them. Rey decided to ask Arturo. Mia wanted to go out and celebrate. Rey agreed, and he went downstairs to get a coffee while she got ready.

Sharon poured some coffee for Rey and made small talk with him. She mentioned that she'd never seen him so relaxed. He said that the pressure was finally off because he cracked JT's case. She asked if there was something else in his life that made him feel this good. He said that things were going well for him and Mia, and the last time it was like this, they were on their honeymoon. Sharon was glad to hear that. Mia arrived and saw Sharon and Rey together. Rey and Sharon told Mia she looked great. Rey decided to take Mia to the Top of the Tower. Sharon looked disheartened when Mia told her about the vow renewal and invited her to come and bring a date.

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