Tuesday Y&R Update 2/23/21

The Y&R Update Tuesday 2/23/21


Written by Christine

Billy came into Lily’s office in a good mood because he thought he’d nailed his presentation. He wanted to leave early, and he swiped a piece of her chocolate. She said she’d read his presentation, and if it was good, he could have the chocolate and leave early. She read it and admitted it was good. He said he knew how to share and who to share with, and he gave her back the candy. She ate it and said it was chocolatey goodness. He enjoyed watching her eat it, but he said he’d want dessert after dinner. He mentioned that Cyaxares Media was up for grabs. She heard – that was Ashland Locke’s company – the billionaire from back east. He said only someone that pretentious would name their media company Cyaxares – he had to look it up, but back in 500 B.C., Cyaxares was a king, and his kingdom was named Media. He thought they should buy it. It’d put them on a level playing field with some of their competitors. She said she wanted to see hard numbers. He grinned and said not to doubt him because they had experience making things work. She asked for an example and asked what was with the smile. He said they’d worked, and he hadn’t stopped smiling since she said she loved him. Billy said falling in love with Lily cleared his head. He thought this deal would be good for them, and if they didn’t jump on it, someone else would. She said she’d do her research. They made plans to meet for dinner, and he left.

Victoria was surprised when she walked into her office and Victor was there. He said he was in the neighborhood – was that a problem? She said he was always welcome – his name was on the building, after all. She did note that he’d been visiting a lot lately, and she doubted he was in the neighborhood all the time, so what was the real reason? He replied that he owned the place. He noted that he had an official role as her adviser. She knew, but she thought that he seemed to trust her to run the place in the past, and something had changed. He had issues with her selling the media division. She suggested that was because he didn’t like to see Billy succeed with a business Newman spun off. He felt Newman should have a media division to communicate with the public. He knew of a company that they could acquire. He wanted to buy it to stick it to Chancellor. She told him to just admit he wanted to go after Billy.

Victoria didn’t want to go after Billy’s business, because they had kids. Victor reminded Victoria that it was vital to keep business and family separate. She thought it was ironic for him to say that. She told him that wasn’t what she meant, and he knew it. He said Nikki told him Victoria was fond of Billy again. She asked if that was why he was so interested in getting back into the media division. He said he’d told Billy that he had to pay for the article on Adam. “And if it drives a wedge between Billy and me, all the better. Right?” she assumed. Victor said that being CEO required making hard choices, even if they affected people in her life. She refused to use Newman to help him in his vendetta, and she thought it’d better serve his energy if he let go of what Billy did and acknowledged Adam did more to damage the family. He didn’t want her telling him how to expend his energy, and he said that this conversation wasn’t about Adam. She said it wasn’t about Billy either.

At Society, Billy sent a lovey-dovey text to Lily. Victoria walked in, and he said hi. He noted that she seemed tense. She said she’d just gone to a meeting that didn’t go well. She commented that his mood was the opposite of hers. He was in a good mood because Lily was meeting him, and he finished work early. He asked about Katie’s arm. She was better, but she was using her injury to get Johnny to do things for her. Victoria let Billy know he hurt her feelings when he suggested she didn’t want him to be happy, as karmic payback for hurting her. She asked if he really thought she’d be that vindictive after all this time. He apologized for saying something without thinking and for hurting her feelings. She wanted him to be happy. He thanked her. She warned him that Victor was still angry about the Adam article, and he was determined to come after him. He thanked her for the warning. Lily walked in and saw them together.

Back at Newman, Victor was on the phone. He said Victoria was doing a great job. He mentioned that Ashland Locke might be selling his media division. “You tell that SOB to give me a call and I want to negotiate,” he said. The call ended.

At Society, Lily asked if Victoria would like to join them, and she declined. Billy got a text saying Newman was making a move on Cyaxares Media. He asked why Victoria would do that when Newman wanted to get out of the media business. Her takeout order was ready, and she seized the opportunity to end the conversation and leave. Billy told Lily that Victoria seemed surprised by the news. Lily didn’t notice. Billy said it didn’t make sense – Victoria didn’t want to be in the media business. Lily thought it was personal – Newman had the resources to buy any company it wanted, and Victoria was choosing to compete with Billy directly? He thought Victoria was caught off guard, and he thought he knew why. Billy repeated what Victoria said about Victor being on the warpath. Lily found it hard to believe Victoria didn’t know what Victor was planning. He thought Lily was underestimating Victor. Lily thought Billy was underestimating Victoria. She said they had to be prepared for not one, but two Newmans coming after them.

Victoria went back to her office and confronted Victor about pulling a move like buying a company behind her back. He said she might be CEO, but he still owned the company. She felt he did this because he still didn’t see her as the true CEO, and he didn’t trust her feelings about Billy. She said he was as controlling as he’d ever been. “You bet,” he replied.

At Jabot, Kyle went online and looked up a picture of the toddler who might be his son. The soft focus picture obscured the boy’s features, so he couldn’t tell if there was a resemblance. Summer walked in and asked who the kid was. Kyle pretended it was the son of a friend of his from college. Summer was there because Kyle had wanted to talk yesterday, and he said he didn’t remember what he’d wanted to say. She had to fly to L.A. tomorrow to meet Bill Spencer, and she wanted Kyle to go with her. He said he couldn’t because he had a big meeting tomorrow. That, combined with what Sally told Summer, made her feel like the universe was telling her not to go. She said Sally warned her about Bill Spencer and how ruthless he could be. He got a phone call rescheduling his meeting. She was excited because it meant he could go to L.A., but he said he still needed to stay in Genoa City for other things. She said okay, but if she didn’t know any better, she’d think he didn’t want to go. He said nothing could be further from the truth. She understood. He said he’d go next time. She went to get them some coffee. He looked at the picture of the little boy again, then he arranged for a flight to NY tomorrow morning.

Gloria and Lauren were at Crimson Lights. Gloria was glad Lauren came to her senses and hired her. Lauren started to give Gloria instructions on the job. She stopped because she felt Gloria should be writing this down. Gloria said her mind was a steel trap, but she relented and said she’d write it down. Sally came in, and Lauren introduced the ladies, but Sally said they’d met once. Gloria replied that it was twice. Lauren thanked Sally for helping Gloria get up to speed. Sally promised to help out if Gloria had questions. Gloria wasn’t enthused. Gloria mentioned that she had some scheduling conflicts to run by Lauren, and Sally said she’d found it was best to keep a flexible schedule, since Lauren was busy.

Sally went over Gloria’s duties, and Gloria wasn’t interested. Sally theorized that this position was a step down for Gloria, and she acknowledged it wasn’t easy to take a job you felt overqualified for. Gloria said she was overqualified, just as Sally was when she took on the job. She’d done her research, and she knew Sally used to be a designer in L.A. Gloria said Sally worked hard and got a promotion, and Gloria could do the same. Gloria said one day, she might be in a position over Sally, so in other words… “In other words, don’t be so patronizing,” Sally said. Gloria said exactly – she had a world of experience, and she liked to keep track of everyone who’d been naughty and nice. Sally said that Gloria reminded her of her great aunt Sally – they were driven, ambitious and lacked patience for those who got in their way. Jack walked up and said what a nice surprise.

Sally said she was just giving her replacement as Lauren’s assistant a few pointers. Gloria stated that she’d once been Jack’s executive assistant, and he relied on her for everything, personal and otherwise. Jack clarified that Gloria was Jabot’s receptionist, a long time ago, and he suggested they not bore Sally with ancient history. Gloria left to handle something for Lauren. Jack was surprised Lauren hired Gloria. Sally thought Gloria seemed like a handful. She was also surprised that Gloria made that “and otherwise” comment about her past with Jack. He said it had been a strange and brief time. Sally said maybe it meant more to Gloria. She said that Gloria became territorial when Jack arrived. Jack asked if Gloria had been trying to protect him from Sally or the other way around. Sally didn’t know. He said the important thing was it was in the past. He told her that if she stuck around, she’d run into one or two ladies he’d been close to. Some of his exes were good friends, and others he tried to keep in the past. She asked which category Phyllis fell into. She’d picked up something between them. He said nothing got by her.

Jack revealed that he and Phyllis were married twice. He thought that Phyllis and Sally had something in common – when they walked into the room, everyone took notice. Sally said no they don’t, but he said it was true – it was part of who she was, and the same was true for Phyllis. She asked if it was Phyllis’s abundance of personality that split them up. He said no - you couldn’t separate someone’s personality from who they were. He said mistakes were made, and it was painful when it ended. In his youth, he was called a womanizer, and more recently he was called a hopeless romantic. He thought a romantic had a harder time when things ended badly. She thought labels were pointless, since everyone was more than just one thing. She loved being different things to different people. He thought that every side to her personality was pretty spectacular.

Jack invited Sally to dinner. Summer walked in, and Sally saw her. “Yes, Jack. I would love to go to dinner with you,” she said. He saw Summer and said hello, then he left. Summer walked over. Sally asked if Summer had something to say or if she just wanted to interrupt Sally’s talk with Jack. Summer said she was going to L.A. to meet with Bill. Sally asked if Summer wasn’t listening when she warned her. Summer heard it, but she decided to consider the source. Sally made that warning because she wanted to prove she was sincere. Summer suggested Sally just wanted to wreck the deal she was making with Spencer Publications. Sally said that Bill wrote hateful things about her line, he set fire to her Spectra building and blew it up while she was still inside, then he reneged on his promise to rebuild. Sally said she had a dinner to get ready for, and Summer had a trip to meet a power-hungry bastard.

Summer went back to Jabot and told Kyle she didn’t order the coffee because she talked with Sally, and she was too upset afterward. She relayed what Sally said about Bill. She thought she should hold off on the L.A. trip until she got more information. He stammered that he thought she was overreacting. He said it wasn’t like Bill Spencer, the successful businessman, went around attacking people he was trying to make a deal with. She thought that made sense, but at the same time, something felt off. He said she didn’t have to make a deal, but she should just meet with Bill. He told her not to throw away a great opportunity because of Sally. She said she didn’t leave until morning, so he had about sixteen hours to make her feel like it was still Valentine’s day. He vowed to make every second count.

At Society, Jack told Sally she looked fantastic. She asked if this was a date, and he said yes. She smiled.

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