The Y&R Update Thursday 4/23/15


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

In Abby’s suite, she and Ben assess their night together. Was it wrong? Absolutely not.

Imposter Jack breezes into Ashley’s lab and announces Victor and Victoria’s impending arrival to talk about the future of the company. Ashley fumes. If she can’t cooperate, she’s free to leave. Victor arrives and corrects Jack. Ashley is the best, so naturally he wants her to remain.

At the penthouse, Chelsea listens as Billy vents. Jack has lost his soul. The topic of conversation is the same at the athletic club bar. Phyllis is mildly troubled about Jack and Victor’s alliance, but her real concern is Jack’s drinking. Kyle doubts her, but it’s true. Jack confessed, saying it was in celebration and a one-time thing. Kyle continues to try to make sense of his dad’s behavior. Does he have an endgame? He implied it, and Phyllis trusts him. Can Kyle?

Victor dislikes Ashley’s sarcasm but hopes she’ll come around. The new logo he unveils doesn’t help: Newman-Abbott. Jack stands by, disengaged, as Ashley attempts to take the high road. She’s willing to work with Victoria. Not *with* Victoria but *for* Victoria, Victor says. Victoria beams.

Billy wonders where Gabriel is. He hates Victor as much as any Abbott, but he’s nowhere to be found. Oh, well. Billy is off to circle the wagons. He kisses Chelsea goodbye. No sooner does he leave than she dials Gabriel and leaves a message: Hurry back. We—Jack and Jabot—need you. Gloria startles her. Need whom?

Ben and Abby linger in bed and continue their discussion. He didn’t “hate” Abby, although he thought she was a spoiled brat. Now he thinks she’s sexy. Abby wants to talk practically about Victoria, but he’s not interested. They weren’t meant to be. Simple. Abby resists his romantic overtures and says they need to get to work. Ashley has left many messages.

Victoria is the new COO to whom Ashley will report. Jack lends no support and Victoria questions her ability to lead.

Chelsea deflects Gloria’s question and apologizes for holding their meeting in her home. She’s having nanny problems. They discuss the turmoil at Jabot. Jack is no John Abbott, Gloria says wistfully. She advises Chelsea to watch her back, or, better yet, to fight for her territory. She has to assume that Victoria won’t cut her any breaks, given their common history with Billy.

Ashley is insulted but intends to stay and defend her father’s legacy. Victor is pleased. Privately, “Jack” complains to Victor about Ashley, although he’s enjoying his time with Phyllis. Victor tells him to straighten up. He’s doing and saying things the real Jack Abbott would never do or say, not to mention wearing things he’d never wear. Furthermore, Jack will not have lunch with Phyllis alone. Victor is calling the shots. Meanwhile, Victoria claims Ashley’s office and announces her intention to redecorate it. Abby and Ben arrive. Abby is unsettled by Victor and Jack’s chumminess but is determined to make the best of things. Ashley emerges from her old office with a box of her things. Victoria follows, scowling. She intends to meet with each of them today, individually, for status reports. Ben is called first. It hasn’t even been a day since they broke up and he’s already found her replacement. No matter, but at work she expects professionalism. Outside the office, Abby assures her mother of her loyalty.

Billy catches up with Phyllis and Kyle at the club and tries unsuccessfully to recruit their help changing Jack’s mind about the partnership with Victor. Once done, it’s not easily reversed. Phyllis won’t abandon Jack and neither will Kyle. Billy’s begging is cut short by Victor and Jack’s arrival. Victor invites Billy to dine with them but he declines. Kyle asks a minute with his dad. Is Jack OK? Sure. Does he have something up his sleeve regarding Victor? Doesn’t Jack always?

Chelsea doesn’t fear Victoria, but she should. Gloria will watch Connor while Chelsea fights for what she’s earned.

Abby enters Victoria’s office and tries a soft approach. Victoria remains stone-faced. She’s not pleased with Abby’s shenanigans with Ben, but they’re sisters and always will be, and this is a place of business. In the lab, Ashley needles Ben about his bed-hopping. He has to realize that Victoria will make his life hell. He agreed to remain with Jabot until the launch of the new product, but Ashley gives him an out. Ben discounts Ashley’s dire predictions, citing Jack and Victor’s truce. Ashley scoffs.

Billy is disgusted by Jack and Phyllis’s public displays of affection not to mention Victor’s very presence, so he takes his leave as the others move to a table.

Chelsea marches into Victoria’s office and presents proof of her clothing line’s profitability. She understands that Billy is persona non grata at Jabot, but she doesn’t intend to be manipulated and is prepared to take her designs elsewhere. Brava, says Victoria. However, her monologue was for naught. Victoria is an astute businesswoman and has no intention of cutting Chelsea’s line. Chelsea is dismissed for now. Back in the lab, Abby and Ben discuss Victoria’s demeanor. Abby takes responsibility. She and Ben hurt Victoria by revealing their romantic relationship so soon. But then again, Abby has never been one to delay gratification. She and Ben kiss while Victoria watches through the window.

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