The Y&R Update Thursday 7/31/14


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At the Abbott home, Billy feels like a fool over this business with Stitch’s identity. He treated Jack badly too, and he’s sorry. He understands that Jack withheld information in order to preserve Kelly’s trust. One can’t have a relationship without trust. Just ask Billy. While they talk, Chelsea calls and leaves Billy a message. She apologizes for digging into Stitch’s past when he told her not to.

Kelly runs into Ben at the athletic club door and expresses regret for what he’s going through. She never meant for it turn out this way. (It seems everyone in Genoa City has something to apologize for today.) Ben is not OK, but he doesn’t blame Kelly. She points out the silver lining: At least everything’s out in the open now.

Avery understands why Stitch was so secretive about his murder conviction, and she tries to explain this Dylan as he paces her apartment. He feels betrayed. The doorbell rings. Victoria doesn’t see Dylan when she barges in, requesting legal advice from Avery. What are her plans? he asks.

Michael and Lauren dine at the athletic club and contemplate their soon-to-be-empty nest. Fen is off to Arizona State University this fall. Although they’re sad to see him go, they’re optimistic about the future.

Doctor Barton Shelby’s hospital ID was stolen at Crimson Lights, and the perpetrator used it to hack the hospital computers. He demands justice. Kevin listens from his desk at the police station.

Jill pays Billy a visit. They talk about Stitch and what Victoria’s reaction might be to discovering his shady past. Billy is hopeful about his marriage. He overheard Victoria say she didn’t care about the father’s identity. The baby is hers. He assumes then that Stitch is out of the picture for Victoria, romantically, leaving the door open for Billy. Jill nods but tells him to prepare for disappointment.

Ben/Stitch laments his missed opportunity with the fair Victoria. She might be able to forgive him, Kelly suggests. Jack appears and greets Kelly. He’s not sure what to call Ben. Ben leaves in a huff.

Victoria questions Dylan about Stitch’s background. Not much to tell, Dylan says. He was a likeable guy in Iraq. It’s unbelievable that he could have murdered his own father. Despite that, Dylan thinks he’s a good man. No, Victoria counters, he’s a good liar. After Dylan leaves for work, Victoria and Avery talk legal rights regarding the baby. Victoria no longer wants to know who the father is and doesn’t plan to have the paternity test. Can either man force her to do so? The short answer is yes. Victoria realizes that she’ll have to determine the father eventually. She senses that Avery is advocating for Ben and threatens to find another lawyer. Avery denies it. She agrees to represent Victoria and see to it that no one forces her to take a DNA test until the baby is born.

Stitch finds Dylan at the coffeehouse and apologizes for lying. Dylan fumes. He’s sick of being lied to—by Ian, by Chelsea, and so on. Stitch has the nerve to ask whether they’re still friends? Dylan doesn’t even know his real name. Obviously he’s not as good a judge of character as he thought he was. Stitch disagrees but fails to elaborate. He just wants to put his past behind him. Avery arrives. In a private conversation with her, Dylan suspects there’s more to Stitch’s story, but he doesn’t trust Dylan enough to tell him.

Kevin breezes into Chelsea’s penthouse with a file full of information on Stitch. It goes beyond murder and identity theft. Stitch lied on his med school application about his felony.

In the club dining room, Jack and Kelly disagree about Victoria’s future with Ben. They shift to discussing their relationship. She has trepidations. She has plenty of baggage, which isn’t a problem for Jack. He has his own, and he’s ready for whatever may come. He loves her. She asks to be taken home.

Victoria isn’t happy to see Billy at her door. He’s come to spend time with Johnny, but she steels herself for a certain amount of gloating. He has no such intention. As they talk, she gasps. The baby moved. Billy asks for a feel. Victoria keeps up her guard. Johnny is napping now. Billy should call before he comes next time. Billy ignores her and reveals that he overheard her at the hospital—that she doesn’t want to know who the father is. They can agree that Ben is to have no contact with Johnny, correct? Victoria is flip and evasive. He tells her she’s beautiful and leaves without a fuss.

At the club, Jill and Lauren discuss the boutique expansion, but Lauren is distracted. Jill learns of Fen’s impending departure for college and tells Lauren that she has to let her baby grow up. Not to say that mother’s don’t worry, though. Jill still worries about Billy.

Kevin returns to the station and gets harassed by Detective Harding for his absence. The detective doesn’t mince words. If it were up to him, Kevin wouldn’t work there, but because he is, and he’s a computer whiz, Harding puts him on Dr. Shelby’s case. Kevin dismisses the hospital hacking as the result of a weak firewall, but he’ll humor the detective and look into it. Michael arrives and asks for a word with Kevin. While they step out of the office, the detective takes the opportunity to search Kevin’s desk and comes up with Dr. Shelby’s ID. In Michael’s presence, Harding thrusts the ID in Kevin’s face and arrests him.

After lovemaking, Jack asks Kelly how her dad’s murder affected her. It was a nightmare, of course. She shut out her brother for years. And her mom? Kelly hasn’t completely forgiven her either. She took Ben’s side in the matter. Kelly scoffs. In spite of her grudges, she managed to move on with her life—until recently, that is. She’s interrupted by an alert from work. While she tends to it, Jack goes downstairs.

Avery is slow to condemn Stitch. Still, Dylan is humiliated and questions his own judgment. She says lots of people make mistakes and are worthy of forgiveness, the McEvoys, who raised Dylan, for one example, and Nikki, who has been a tremendous support for him, for another.

Ben appears at Victoria’s door. He doesn’t give a hoot about what anyone else thinks of him; only her opinion matters.

Billy goes to Chelsea’s and unloads. Things haven’t been going at all well since Stitch’s lies were exposed. Timidly, she says there’s more. She sat on the information about Stitch’s false identity to prevent his reunion with Victoria, thus giving Chelsea a chance with Billy.

On the couch downstairs, Jack holds a bottle of Phyllis’s perfume. Kelly finds him and asks him whether he feels guilty. Yes, he does.

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