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Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Abby and Victoria leave birthing class at the hospital. Victoria is having second thoughts about not involving the father. Abby wonders whether Victoria is hoping for one man over the other.

Ashley is triumphant. Her experiment proves the merit of her love potion. Ben can attest that it works.

At home, Chelsea works feverishly on a new dress. Billy arrives with sustenance and support. She’s caught off guard when he says he loves her. He leaves her to work and Chelsea berates herself for not responding.

Lily and Devon work at the club. She’s eager to see Dad and Hilary, who are due to arrive any minute now. Devon tries to make a graceful exit, but it’s too late. Lily rushes to greet them and Devon follows. While Neil and Lily talk privately, Hilary returns Devon’s phone. He has good memories of their time in New York. Meanwhile, Neil tells Lily how deeply he loves Hilary. Lily knows and accepts it, and she intends to tell Hilary today while the two of them have lunch.

Ashley wipes off the compound lest someone attack her in a fit of lust. It must be powerful stuff for Ben to have kissed her despite the odor. Victoria and Abby round the corner and hear only that Ben kissed Ashley. Is there anyone he hasn’t kissed?

So who is the blonde in the Abbott living room, Phyllis wants to know. Jack introduces Kelly as an event planner from the athletic club, who also happens to be a friend of Billy’s. Is Billy planning a party? No. Well, Billy sure needs a friend, Phyllis says, and peppers Kelly with questions. When she learns that Kelly has recently moved to Genoa City, Phyllis asks where she’s living. The club. It must be tedious to work there and live there as well. Kelly, no longer able to take the pressure, tells Phyllis that everyone is glad to have her home and bids her goodbye. Jack offers to see her to the door, but Phyllis stops them. Who is Kelly, really?

Devon refuses Neil’s lunch invitation. He’s too busy. Neil teases the billionaire who can’t take a little time off—and who didn’t bring home any souvenirs from the car show. What restraint! All the while, Devon thinks about his roll in the hay with Hilary in New York. Across the dining room, the girls chat awkwardly while they eat. Lily tells Hilary that she and Neil have her full support, but Hilary is distracted by thoughts of Devon. She becomes flustered and hurries to the ladies’ room.

Ashley assures the girls that she and Ben are talking business. After Ashley and Abby leave, Victoria tells Ben about the birthing class, which was full of expectant couples. She felt out of place. She wishes things had turned out differently with Ben. He apologizes but doesn’t regret the months they spent together. Can’t they try again?

At Crimson Lights, Ashley and Abby talk about Ben and whether or not he kissed Ashely. Ashley says only that she confirmed the worth of her new project. As marketing director, Abby demands details. She’s stunned to hear it’s a love potion and considers the possibilities.

Anita catches Chelsea smiling and dancing while she works. It’s about time. Now all she needs is Billy. Knowing that her mother is lobbying hard for a relationship between the two of them, Chelsea makes the mistake of telling her that Billy professed his love and she didn’t reciprocate. She’s haunted by memories of Adam.

Jack all but confesses until he realizes that Phyllis thinks Kelly’s greatest sin is breaking up Billy and Victoria’s marriage. Kelly bolts, and Jack warns Phyllis not to interrogate others. How else is she to learn what’s happened in her absence? No one will tell her anything. Billy arrives and greets Phyllis. Strange as it sounds, they’re glad to see each other. Phyllis reveals that she knows about Kelly’s role in his divorce. Billy, trying to determine just how much she knows about Kelly, says as little as possible.

Lily approaches Neil and Devon at the bar and tells them about Hilary’s quick exit. Just as she’s about to check on her, Hilary reappears and gives Neil a peck. She thanks Lily for the lunch invitation, but she’s feeling the effects of the whirlwind trip and wants to go home. Before she and Neil leave, Lily publicly apologizes for mistrusting and mistreating Hilary. Once alone, Devon says that was big of her. Lily recounts the events of the last hour or so, including Hilary’s sudden trip to the ladies’ room, and concludes that she’s pregnant.

Victoria can’t ignore the past. She shivers and Ben offers his scarf, for the second time today. He’s sorry that he—or Billy—couldn’t have been with her at the class. She confesses that she’s been thinking about Billy lately. Their relationship is stable, but he’s moved on, romantically. She rests her head on Ben’s shoulder and begins to loosen up, but the mood is broken when a policeman arrives to arrest Ben Rayburn.

Billy says he’s not in the mood to talk; besides, he needs to get ready for work. Phyllis won’t drop the subject, though, and quickly forms an unfavorable opinion of Kelly. Jack refuses to engage and leads her upstairs to the bedroom, where he commands her to rest. She loves him for caring. She missed him. She kisses him but pulls back, saying she’s overwhelmed. After Jack leaves her, instead of napping she whips out her tablet and reads about the accident that put her in a coma.

Billy returns to Chelsea’s, and Anita takes her cue to leave. He had to escape the weirdness at home. She’s pleased that he considers her home a safe haven and wastes no more time in asking him to move in with her.

Ashley is outraged that Abby wants her to use the potion to get close to Ben. Why the change of heart about him? Abby is starting to see him in a different light. Also, he’s an obstacle to Billy and Victoria’s reconciliation.

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