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Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At the church, guests begin to gather for Katie’s christening. Summer greets Nick and they talk about the last time they were there: Nick was to wed Sharon. Today, though, they agree to focus on the positive. Chelsea and Ben run into each other at the door, both secure in their relationships with Billy and Victoria, respectively.

Billy and Victoria get ready at her house. Johnny descends the stairs and high-fives Billy, just as Delia used to do. They reminisce about her and agree to be good parents to their remaining children.

Victor isn’t attending his granddaughter’s christening? Nikki is outraged. What can he do? Victoria rescinded his invitation. Nikki demands that Victor return the Jabot sample he stole. That’s what caused Victoria to turn on her father. It’s not a surprise, though. He pushes everyone to extremes -- Nick, Dylan, Victoria, even Nikki. How so? he wonders. She reminds him that she’s sleeping in the guest room for a reason. He’s not in the mood to fight, tells her to show herself out of his office, and leaves in a huff. She helps herself to the booze, under the gaze of Katherine’s portrait, and promises she’ll stop tomorrow.

Phyllis isn’t up to facing the Newmans and Abbotts, so Jack will go the church alone. She’s consumed with the thought that she’s not in control of her actions, specifically that she might have poisoned Kelly without remembering.

At Crimson Lights, Avery ties Dylan’s tie. He’ll be attending the christening solo too because Avery has a meeting. After Dylan leaves, she calls Joe. She knows he said he wanted one night with her, but she’s free now. She then goes to the police station, where she asks Kevin to fit her with a wire. She intends to catch the person responsible for Dylan’s problems—her ex-husband. Kevin doesn’t think she should confront him alone. Meanwhile, Joe prepares his suite. He has champagne delivered and tells the steward that he and his guest are not to be disturbed.

After Jack leaves, Phyllis summons her buddy Michael. They talk briefly about his cancer treatment then she asks for his help, not as a friend but as a lawyer. He humors her. If she were tried for first-degree intentional homicide, the penalty could be life in prison. Phyllis is distraught. Chris will bury her.

Nikki stands in the sanctuary, overhearing bits of conversation about the damage Victor has done to Phyllis, Nick, and Dylan. She steps outside for a nip from the plastic bottle she carries in her purse. Billy and Victoria arrive with the children and greet her, but they don’t see her drinking. Inside, it’s getting crowded and the ceremony is about to begin. Victor appears. Victoria begs him to behave. Ashley confronts him about invading her lab, but at that very moment, Jack gets a call from the environmental bureau saying all’s well. The solution is clean, so Jabot can proceed. All take their seats.

Avery enters Joe’s suite and announces that she’s there for Dylan’s sake. Joe is hurt. Did she think this was only about sex? Although he admits it’s been on his mind. He recalls the early days of their marriage when they traveled the world with the goal of making love on every continent. He still has hope. Well, he shouldn’t. From the station, Kevin listens in, against Avery’s wishes. Joe has a surprise for Avery. He bought the necklace that she’d admired on their honeymoon. She can’t accept it. He begs her to indulge him and at least try it on. It would lay nicer if she’d unbutton her blouse a little.

After the ceremony, Victoria thanks her dad for not causing a scene and for putting family before business. Victor claims that he always does, but no one seems to think so. After Ashley has another go-around with Victor, Dylan takes her aside. He advises her to steer clear of Joe, whom she dated briefly. He’s dangerous.

Avery becomes flustered. Joe brought her here under false pretenses. Not so. He merely wants to recapture the past. They used to have lots of laughs together. When was the last time she laughed? She declares their meeting a mistake and bolts, but he’s not discouraged.

Michael assures Phyllis that he’ll help her. He leaves when Summer arrives to tell her mother about the christening. As she talks, Phyllis becomes emotional at the sight of her grown daughter. She’s sure that Summer could fend for herself if Phyllis weren’t around. Summer is dismayed.

Back in his office, Victor talks to someone on the phone about returning the vial of potion to Jabot with a small, barely visible puncture in it.

Kevin meets Avery on the coffeehouse patio and warns her against such “missions” in the future. Alone, Avery reflects on what Joe said about laughter missing from her life. Dylan returns and asks how her consultation went. It will require another meeting.

Jack returns to Phyllis. She’s feeling better. Michael gave her a new perspective. She asks Jack to promise to love her, no matter what. Of course, he will. When he leaves the room to arrange a late lunch, Phyllis grabs her suitcase and slips out the door.

A few family members gather at Victoria’s house. Nikki, showing the effects of her imbibing, slumps in a chair. Victoria hauls out her camera for pictures and after a few shots invites Nikki to hold the baby for one. As everyone gets into position, Nikki wavers and nearly drops Katie. Victoria is horrified and asks what’s wrong.

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