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Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At Austin’s memorial, Summer accuses Abby of sleeping with Austin and demands that she admit it. Phyllis attempts to calm her.

Sharon invites Dylan to her home to repay him for having her back. God knows no one else in Genoa City does. She’s set a table for two, with a bottle of Chianti, and has water ready to boil for a pasta dinner.

At the hospital, Paul and Chris mourn the death of their unborn daughter. Paul is sorry for doubting Chris and for driving her away after their argument. Chris wants to know what happened. The driver is being questioned at the police station, and she should rest. She can’t, though, and is full of questions, especially after Paul lets it slip that the culprit is a woman. Phyllis? Did she do it on purpose? At her insistence, he leaves to oversee the investigation.

Neil gives his statement about the car accident that put Chris in the hospital. Outside the interrogation room at the police station, Victor demands the truth from Nikki. He strongly suspects that she was drinking and driving, but she denies it and refers him to her breathalyzer test results. He insists he can’t help her until she comes clean.

Dylan humbly accepts Sharon’s praise. She’s particularly grateful for his defending her to Nick regarding Faith. Where is Faith, by the way? At a sleepover, so they have the evening to themselves.

Summer continues to press Abby, who flees on the verge of tears. Nick catches her before she gets out the door. How could she do such a thing to her flesh and blood? Abby snivels that she didn’t do it on purpose and that she was lonely after her relationship with Tyler went south. Nick can’t make her feel any worse than she already does. Back inside the church, it becomes apparent that Summer was the last to know. She’s especially hurt that Kyle kept the affair from her. It figures, though; he never approved of her marriage to Austin. She feels like an idiot and becomes hysterical. Phyllis dismisses the young people. Left alone with the adults, Summer turns to Avery and asks her why people cheat.

Seeing that Dylan is uncomfortable, Sharon assures him that she’s not coming on to him. They briefly discuss the memorial for Austin and why they didn’t attend—Dylan’s troubles with Avery and Summer’s hostility toward Sharon. Finally, Dylan asks for a rain check and moves toward the door. She says OK. She hadn’t started to cook the pasta yet, anyway. As he watches her clear the unused dishes from the table, he reconsiders. To the best of his knowledge, Chianti goes with Chinese takeout too. She smiles and fetches the menus.

Doesn’t Victor trust Nikki? Before he can answer, Neil is released. He looks shaken and leaves. Paul arrives and demands that Nikki be arrested, over Victor’s protests that there was no wrongdoing. No wrongdoing? Chris lost their baby. Victor offers his sympathies but suggests that Paul has lost his objectivity in this case and should recuse himself. Nikki agrees. She can’t give Paul what he needs. Again Paul disagrees. He’d like to hear Nikki’s version of what happened. She agrees to tell it.

Chris’s nurse tries to block Neil from her hospital room, but she’s glad to see him. She’s sure that what happened was no accident. Neil says no, Nikki would never willingly. . . . Nikki? Paul hadn’t told Chris that Nikki was the driver. Chris becomes agitated and paranoid. She thinks Paul concealed Nikki’s identity to protect her. She leaps from her bed then collapses in Neil’s arms. Soon, Neil is sent away by the nurse while Chris continues to rant about who’s at fault.

Summer doesn’t single out Avery. Each of the others, Jack, Nick, and Phyllis, has cheated on someone they professed to love. Why? Avery offers an unsatisfactory explanation: She fell in love with someone else. More questions follow. Whom does Avery blame for that? Avery shrugs and leaves. Immediately, Summer is sorry for being so harsh. Phyllis comforts her. In the church entryway, Courtney, Kevin, Mariah, and Kyle argue about who knew what and when and speculate about who could have been jealous enough to murder Austin.

Dinner is over. All that remains is a bit on Dylan’s chin, which Sharon wipes off, and a fortune cookie, which he leaves for Faith. He bids her goodnight. She sees him to the door, wishes him good luck with Avery, and watches him walk away. She returns to the table and opens a fortune cookie: He who has friends is never alone.

Paul asks why Nikki was driving Neil and correctly guesses that Neil had been drinking. He feels guilty for setting off the chain of events that led to Chris’s predicament and is looking for scapegoat. Nikki gasps when he asks whether she hit Chris intentionally. In the waiting area, Victor summons counsel for Nikki, fearing that her blind trust in Paul might lead her to incriminate herself. When they emerge, Paul gives the impression that he’s releasing Nikki to Victor but then shouts for someone to read Mrs. Newman her rights. Never mind, he’ll do it himself.

Dylan meets Avery at Crimson Lights. She tells him about Summer’s meltdown and interrogation about cheating lovers. Avery had offered a clumsy explanation that probably didn’t help. Dylan finds it interesting that she’s no longer clear about the reasons they got together. She used to be. Perhaps something’s changed. That’s silly. Avery has no regrets about her relationship with Dylan. She loves him, warts and all. They need each other.

Jack, Nick, and Phyllis give Summer time alone, at her request. She approaches the casket, calls Austin an SOB, and rages at him for disrespecting her love and then dying on her.

At the cabin, Abby recalls a time there with Austin. He’d referred to them as a couple. Not a real couple, she’d said. He belongs with Summer. She’s startled out of her daydream when Courtney, Kevin, and Mariah barge in, with Kyle leading the charge. He accuses Abby of killing Austin. Abby pleads innocent and accuses some of the others, citing their possible motives. Besides, Abby couldn’t have wrestled Austin’s body into the armoire, where it was found. For effect she opens the door to it. All are shocked by a message written in lipstick on the mirror: I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED HERE.

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