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Written by Ellen
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Ben arrives at Victoria’s early in the morning and showers her with gifts.

Chelsea is also up early. Billy descends the stairs and catches her talking on the phone. She hangs up abruptly and isn’t forthcoming with details. He persuades her to tell. It was about Adam’s estate. She knows Adam isn’t Billy’s favorite person, but she’s saddened by the finality of it. Meanwhile, Sage tracks Adam to his club suite. Coming back to Genoa City is a bad idea.

Nick and Noah stock the bar and conversation turns to the custody battle. When Noah tries to get Nick to back down, for Faith’s sake, Nick assumes that Sharon put him up to it. Nick claims he’s protecting Faith. Mariah arrives and says the one she needs protection from is Nick. He’s not acting in Faith’s best interest. At least the three of them agree that Faith takes top priority. Nick refuses to back down, though. He’s glad that Noah and Mariah support Sharon. She’s going to need them.

Jack is unwilling to rehire Sharon. He’s bitter about what she did to him and Summer. But Phyllis had no right to fire Sharon, she protests; only Jack can do that. And losing her job at this point might prevent her from gaining custody of Faith. Sorry, fashion is Phyllis’s department now. She can staff it as she sees fit. Jack agrees to give Sharon a job recommendation, but he won’t ever forgive her.

Fen meets Summer on the Crimson Lights patio. They talk about old times, and he invites her and Austin on a ski trip. Summer doesn’t know if Austin is a skier. Fen notices that she doesn’t seem to know much about him and all. She’s defensive.

Chelsea shows Billy the christening gown she made for Katie. He suggests they deliver it now, together.

Adam is being reckless, and Sage is concerned about Constance. Adam suspects there’s more to it. Sage seems to have had a special bond with Gabriel, so now she’s clinging to Adam, who bears Gabriel’s face. He crassly tells her to get over it. The guy is dead. Adam has a plan: He’ll re-win Chelsea as Gabriel Bingham and eventually reveal his true identity. He’s delusional. If he does that, he’ll be held accountable for killing Delia. The reality is that Sage is Adam’s lifeline. She’s the only one who knows he’s alive, and he needs her and owes her. Adam is undeterred and leaves.

Chelsea and Billy enter the house to find Ben holding Katie. This is becoming a habit. Victoria says get used to it. She and Ben are seeing each other. Billy doesn’t want to argue. In fact, he wants to call a truce with Ben. He misjudged him and regrets ruining his life. Furthermore, as Chelsea said earlier, they’re building one big, happy family. In keeping with this, Chelsea presents Victoria with the gown. Victoria is touched.

Mariah advises Nick to forgive. Forgiveness can change the universe. As she speaks in Sharon’s defense, Sharon appears.

Fen apologizes. He’s protective of Summer, like her dad. Which one? Well, Nick, of course. He’s always been Summer’s father. They commiserate about their parents and are grateful for their enduring friendship.

As Noah praises Mariah for having Sharon’s back, Nick and Sharon argue audibly. Sage lurks in the doorway and listens.

Jack comes home and calls out to Phyllis. No answer. He’s startled to find a strange man in the living room. He panics and starts to dial the police. Adam identifies himself.

Mariah takes Sharon aside and coaches her. Noah shakes his head in disgust at Nick and walks away. Nick spies Sage and feels the need to explain his behavior. He wants her to think his life was worth saving. He asks about her family life. She demurs. He’s due to pick up Faith and has to run but hopes she’ll come back again.

Back home, Chelsea and Billy agree it was a good visit, and they’re glad to be together. She can see that something is still bothering him, though. Yes. Seeing Katie reminds him of Delia. Delia always wanted a little sister. Now she has one whom she’ll never meet. But maybe she can. . . .

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