Thursday Y&R Update 2/25/21

The Y&R Update Thursday 2/25/21


Written by Christine

Phyllis and Nick went to the hotel after spending the night at his place. She figured that was their last sleep over at his house for awhile. She suggested he bring Faith to the hotel for a spa day, and he thought that was a good idea. They talked about Sharon’s situation, and Phyllis put all the blame on Adam. She said Sharon tried to move on, but Adam was trying to sabotage her marriage to Rey. For Faith’s sake, Phyllis hoped Adam failed.

At the cottage, Sharon wanted to cook breakfast for Faith, but she wasn’t interested. Faith assumed Rey left for work already, and she was sorry she missed him. Sharon didn’t correct Faith, but she looked at a text Rey sent the night before letting her know he was spending the night at the station. After Faith went upstairs, Nick came by to pick her up. Sharon would miss Faith, but she thought Nick was right – it was for the best. He thought this would give her and Rey a chance to work things out. She confided that Rey didn’t come home last night, and she asked him not to tell Faith. He said he wouldn’t. She said Rey got the wrong idea about the kiss. Nick felt it was a lot more than one reckless kiss. She didn’t want to argue with him about Adam. She said he knew she’d been pushing Adam out of her life since before the photo was taken. He was irritated when she mentioned that Adam came over last night, and she asked him to leave. Sharon thought that the only reason Adam came over was because he wanted to check on her after Rey got in his face. She thought that Rey should be talking to her, not Adam. Nick mentioned he talked to Rey too and encouraged him not to give up. He urged Sharon to keep trying to reach Rey and Faith. She said she must’ve done something to mess things up with Faith, because in the past, Faith would’ve trusted her enough to say who was bullying her. Nick said they’d find out who the bullies were, with or without Faith’s cooperation, and they’d put a stop to it. Sharon was worried that the bullies would retaliate. The last thing she wanted was to make things worse for Faith. He thought they had to do something to stop the bullying.

Faith came downstairs with a big suitcase, and Sharon said she thought it was only going to be for a little while. Faith didn’t know how long it’d be. Nick took the bag to the car. Sharon said she’d miss Faith. Faith pointed out that she’d been gone before. Sharon said this time felt different, but she understood. She liked that Faith felt comfortable advocating for herself. Faith said Sharon was such a therapist. Sharon promised to do everything she could to work things out with Rey. Faith hoped it worked. Faith looked for her phone. Nick came back inside. He had it, and he wouldn’t give it to her until she named the bullies.

Faith said that if she named names, it’d only make things worse. Sharon tried to be supportive, but Faith said if Sharon really cared, she wouldn’t have forced Jordan out of her life. Jordan was the only one who stood up for her. Nick said that was his and Sharon’s job. Faith wished they’d stay out of it. She said she wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone, including her sisters, without her phone. He said he’d get her a new phone with a new number, and he’d hold onto the old phone and see any nasty texts that came in. Faith knew there was no talking Nick out of it, so she went out to the car. Sharon wanted to know if Nick got names, since one of them would likely be from the person who took the picture. He promised to keep her in the loop, and he said not to worry about Faith, because he’d spend a lot of time with her. He told her to focus on making things right with Rey.

Nick brought Faith, and her new phone, to the hotel. Faith seemed excited when Phyllis surprised her with the spa day. Nick had Faith hang out in the lounge while she waited for her spa appointment. Phyllis wondered about Faith getting a new phone, and Nick explained what he was doing. Phyllis suggested maybe the bullies were just immature, like Summer was when she bullied that boy. Nick said he’d keep that in mind. He knew there was more going on with Faith than bullying, thanks to Adam. He said Faith didn’t feel like she could trust Sharon to be on her side, and it didn’t help that the picture was popping up everywhere. Phyllis said she and Sharon had their issues, but she was a very good mom.

At the Chancellor house, Abby was shocked Devon offered to be the donor. She talked to Nina about it. She wasn’t sure she and Chance, two privileged white people, knew anything about raising a biracial child. She knew that the world wasn’t colorblind and that the child would face racism. Nina was sure Abby and Chance would find a way to help their child. Abby wished she could talk to Chance about it. She knew if he were there, he’d ask how she felt. Part of her was thrilled by the idea that one of her best friends in the whole world would be part of her child. She knew Devon would be a role model, but Nina pointed out that all he’d offered so far was to be a donor, and they didn’t know how he’d feel about further involvement. Abby didn’t think she could go through with it unless Devon agreed to be part of the baby’s life. Abby went online and found some articles on raising a child of a different race. Nina thought Devon was lovely, and she liked that he was connected to Katherine. Abby said having a child who was biracial and a donor that the family knew could raise a lot of questions. Nina asked if Abby was adopting, would she only consider a white child. Abby said not at all. Nina noted that the questions would be part of Abby’s life one way or another, then. Abby felt lucky to have friends like Mariah and Devon that were willing to help, and she thought Katherine would give them her blessing.

Abby had Devon over. She noted that they’d never talked about race before, and she wanted to know his honest feelings on white parents raising a biracial child. He admitted he hadn’t given much thought to it until now. When he first considered being a donor, it did cross his mind, and some concerns popped up. She asked if it might be unfair – would the child feel like an outsider in their own family? He didn’t think so. He noted that Lily’s kids didn’t have the same skin color as their father, but they always felt they belonged. He thought that as long as the child had role models who looked like them and could help them navigate life, they’d be fine. Abby said she, Chance, and the child would need Devon. When the child was old enough, she wanted them to know he was the donor. “Are you ready to be a part of this family?,” she asked with a laugh. He was honored to be.

Mariah joined the crew at Abby’s, and they all toasted to soon-to-be Baby Chancellor. Afterward, Abby said they needed to discuss the legalities – they’d all need their own lawyer. Nina said they’d pick up the tab. Devon appreciated it, but he could pay his own way. Mariah said she’d take Nina up on that. Nina had already consulted Christine. Abby said the baby would be surrounded by love from the beginning.

Mariah went to Crimson Lights. She’d seen the photo, and she wanted to know why Sharon kissed Adam. Sharon said he kissed her, but she didn’t want to talk about it. She wanted Mariah to believe her though – it didn’t mean anything. Mariah asked how Faith was. Sharon’s voice broke. She said Faith was upset, confused and living with Nick. Mariah said she’d go by his place and check on Faith. Sharon was glad. She changed the subject and asked what was going on in Mariah’s life. Mariah brought Sharon up to speed on the baby front. Sharon thought what Devon and Mariah were doing was incredibly generous. Mariah said she’d never felt more grounded or excited. Sharon hoped Mariah was being realistic about what a surrogate involved. Mariah could handle the morning sickness and the lack of sushi and wine. Sharon wasn’t talking about the physical changes. Before she could say more, Rey texted that he was coming home. Sharon said all she could do was open her heart, and she prayed that was enough.

Naya arrived at the hotel and greeted Amanda warmly. She was glad to hear from Amanda, especially after the way things ended last time. Amanda noted that she cut things short because Naya wanted to keep their meetings secret from her family. Naya was sorry she hurt Amanda. She understood how Amanda felt. Amanda didn’t think Naya did know how it felt, but she was trying not to take the decision personally. Naya regaled Amanda with a story from her youth. Her father had pulled out all the stops to convince her to go to Columbia, his alma mater, but she wanted to go to Wheaton. Amanda smiled and asked if Naya was happy with her choice. Naya said the school was wonderful – she made friends, got good grades, fell in love. Amanda added that Naya got pregnant. Naya said she was so young and unprepared for everything that happened. Amanda could relate to Naya feeling she had something to prove to her family. She didn’t understand in the same way, since no one pressured her to go to school – most foster kids didn’t go to college at all. Naya thought that was a shame. Amanda said it took a lot of money, support and determination. Amanda worked two jobs, applied for every scholarship she could find, and she got into college and she never let anything shake her. She graduated. Naya bet it was with honors. “Summa cumme laude,” Amanda confirmed. Amanda said she inadvertently followed in her grandfather’s ivy league footsteps and graduated from Yale Law. Naya was impressed. She wished things had been different for Naya. She knew she had nothing to do with Amanda’s success, and maybe she had no right to say this, but she didn’t think she’d ever been prouder of anyone in her life. They both cried, and Amanda said it wasn’t the wrong thing today.

Naya was bowled over that Amanda was general counsel for ChanceComm. She said Amanda accomplished so much against all odds. Amanda had no choice, since she had no relatives or safety net. Naya was sorry – she’d assumed Amanda had a family. Amanda understood Naya believed the story she told herself – that her girls were happy and healthy and doing fine without her. Maybe that was easier than knowing the truth. Naya couldn’t deny that, but she deeply regretted her decision. She said it was possible that she could’ve gotten to know Hilary before she died and made things easier for Amanda. Amanda bristled and asked if Naya was talking about money. Naya said she wasn’t sure. Amanda asked if Naya had to do it all over again, would she have kept her babies? Amanda demanded to know what Naya would’ve done if she’d found out Amanda was living painfully alone without a family. Naya didn’t know how to answer that. Amanda thought that was an answer in itself.

Amanda knew she was asking difficult questions. She was sorry, and she assumed Naya regretted coming. Naya didn’t regret it at all – she said she was learning more about Amanda, and Amanda had every reason to feel the way she felt. Imani called, and Naya had to go, but she wanted to come back and visit again, if Amanda was okay with that. Amanda nodded. Naya said they’d see each other soon, and she left. Amanda smiled through tears.

Devon met with Amanda. She told him about her meeting with Naya. The relationship was fragile, so Amanda was taking it one step at a time. Amanda asked if Abby accepted Devon’s offer. He said they were moving forward with it. Amanda was surprised, because she didn’t think that would happen. He asked why. She knew that Abby had reservations about raising a biracial child. He said that was why Abby wanted him to stay in the picture as Uncle Devon. Amanda asked Devon how he saw this all working out. He thought it’d work out well for everyone. He knew she thought he needed a good lawyer. He was familiar with the process because he went through it with Hilary. He said Abby wanted to make sure his interests were protected, which was why she encouraged all of them to get an attorney. He wanted to hire Amanda. She said they could find some time to discuss his goals and how he saw his role in the child’s life. She noted that the child’s father was currently out of the picture. He said Chance would be back, but she said they didn’t know that. He said yes they did. He said Chance would be the only father, and he’d be the fun uncle, like he was with Lily’s kids. She wanted to know exactly how much he wanted to be involved in this child’s life, because it needed to be spelled out. He said Chance and Abby were his good friends, and they all wanted the same thing. She asked if they’d all want the same thing when the child was two, four, fifteen? He was sure, since Abby wouldn’t agree to this unless he agreed to be part of the child’s life. Amanda said Devon would be doing heavy lifting without any rights. He said he didn’t need rights because Chance and Abby were like family. Amanda said things changed, and people changed. She said a good contract was the best way to make sure the friendship lasted.

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