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Cane and Lily make up in his suite. Afterward, Cane wonders what’s next.

Natalie meets Kevin and Mariah at Crimson Lights. She’s been slaving away on her program and complains about Victoria, who’s in charge of the project while Victor is away. Victor is away? Kevin is concerned. Natalie is unspecific about how Kevin and Mariah figure into her deal and leaves abruptly, still clutching her coffee mug.

In Victor’s office, Luca turns the tables on Adam. He’ll announce to the world that Victor’s grandson hit Billy and fled the scene. Adam is stunned. He doesn’t believe it. Believe what? Chelsea asks as she enters. Luca leaves them alone. Adam’s plan blew up, didn’t it?

At Top of the Tower, Noah didn’t confess. He merely said he was sorry about what happened to Billy. He had to say the words, even if Billy and Victoria don’t fully understand. That’s noble of him, but Marisa urges him to keep quiet. At the table, Victoria is hopeful about Billy’s vague memory flashes but cautions him about seeking revenge. It will destroy him, just as it did when Delia died. This is different. Billy is focused. Victoria suggests he focus on their children and returning to Jabot while she focuses on Natalie.

Lily and Cane agree the sex was good, but problems remain. She needs his forgiveness and trust, which he’s unable to give.

Luca approaches Marisa and Noah at the Tower. His meeting with Adam went well. Remember how Noah wanted in on Luca's plot against Victor? Well, he is, in a way.

Adam pours himself a whiskey and deflects Chelsea’s questions. She won’t let up. Marisa told her enough to make her fear the worst. Adam is testy and orders her home. She congratulates him. He’s turned into his father.

Natalie finds Billy in her suite and takes up arms, or rather a wine bottle, against him.

Anita greets Chelsea at home. Connor was a little angel while she was gone. Chelsea vents about Adam’s chronic lying. She doesn’t know the details, but Adam has taken a tremendous risk for Victor, and Victor’s nowhere to be found. Anita concludes that Adam is cheating. Chelsea scoffs.

Noah meets Adam in Victor’s office. It’s true: Noah hit Billy. Adam learns that Victor knows and has been covering all along. He’s angry about being left out of the loop. Luca is making threats.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Marisa isn’t pleased that Luca used Noah as a lifeline and slaps him across the face. Inside, Kevin and Mariah speculate about Natalie’s intentions. Kevin suspects another player. They head to the club to investigate.

Billy means no harm. He’s bankrolling Natalie not for monetary return but for personal redemption. Victoria knocks and he hides. Victoria demands a status report. Natalie gives it, as if a commoner like Victoria would understand. But Victoria is no pushover.

Luca shows Marisa who’s boss. He restrains her, calls her ungrateful, and expects to see her later. He leaves her on the patio.

Noah didn’t know he’d hit Billy until Marisa, who witnessed it, told him. Marisa knows? It’s even worse than Adam thought. Noah is willing to sacrifice himself but Adam won’t allow it. He’s been in Noah’s position.

Anita tells Chelsea to relax. Adam has never been a boy scout and Chelsea wouldn’t have him any other way. Chelsea admits as much.

Lily and Cane dress. Both remember that today is the anniversary of his marriage proposal. A lot has happened since then. Lily suggests getting back to the party at which point Cane realizes the party was a setup. Jill and Colin’s public argument was an act to reunite Cane and Lily. They fell for it, maybe because they wanted to, but nothing has changed between them. Or has it? Lily gives Cane a little kiss goodbye, which turns into a big kiss.

From his hiding place, Billy texts Victoria, requesting a meeting. She goes but promises to be back tomorrow. Natalie can hardly wait. Victoria is glad to run into Kevin and Mariah in the club foyer. She needs his help wrangling Natalie. Kevin sees it as a conflict of interest and begs off.

Adam frets. Victor won’t like this a bit. Noah can do them all a favor by remaining silent. Noah asks Adam how he survived Delia’s death and the aftermath. It wasn’t easy, but his situation was different. Noah didn’t kill anyone. Yes, but Adam eventually cleared his conscience. Adam tells Noah to forget about coming clean. The ugly truth is that secrets are part of life.

At that same moment, Chelsea tells her mother how much she hates secrets. She worries about the consequences for Connor. Whatever he decides to do in life, she hopes it doesn’t involve Newman Enterprises.

Luca swaggers into Victor’s office and demands that Adam return the evidence against Luca’s dad. He’s staying put and expects to take on greater responsibility at Newman. He leaves the office so that Adam can call Victor.

Kevin and Mariah loiter in the club dining room. Kevin sees Billy descend the stairs and meet Victoria. He might be Natalie’s other partner.

Noah confronts Marisa on the coffeehouse patio. How could she have told Luca, of all people? What’s his next move? Don’t worry. He won’t harm Luca. He intends to confess to the police.

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