Thursday Y&R Update 9/20/18

The Y&R Update Thursday 9/20/18


Written by Ellen

Victoria and Victor talked business, over breakfast at the Club. She explained that, due to their losses in the real estate department, they had to restructure their debt. Victor reminded her they discussed this weeks ago and agreed to mezzanine financing. Victoria revealed that she talked to the tax attorneys and they decided on subordination agreements instead. Victor told her to change things back. Victoria protested that it wasn't that easy, and Victor told her to make it happen – she was the COO. He noticed her nervously scratching her arm and asked if she was okay. She made up an excuse. Nate walked over to check in on Victor. Victor was following the regimen Nate created for him. Victoria felt that Nate's visit was unnecessary, since Victor was clearly fine. Nate said that he always gave his patients his all. Nate departed, and Victor told her that he was a great doctor.

At the Club, Devon told Nate how worried he was about Lily. Nate was sure that Devon's visit lifted her spirits. Devon was glad that Charlie pushed him to go.

At Dark Horse, Jack asked Abby to bring him a sample of Victor's DNA. Abby wasn't comfortable going behind her father's back and getting caught in the middle. She was apologetic, but she refused. Jack told her he wasn't giving up until he knew the truth.

Jack went to the Club, and he saw Victor and Victoria leave their table. Jack wrapped Victor's fork in a cloth napkin and pocketed it. Devon saw Jack and asked what he was doing. Jack pretended it was his table and that he was acting on autopilot when he took the napkin. Devon assured him it happened all the time. Jack put the napkin back, and he watched as a waiter cleared the utensils from the table. Later, Jack thanked Matt Miller, Victor's brother, for coming. Matt was surprised Jack called. Matt happened to be in the area because he'd been visiting a friend in Madison. Matt mentioned that it'd been a long time since he was in Genoa City. Jack assumed Matt and Victor hadn't remained close. Matt said the and Victor weren't on bad terms, just no terms. Jack brought up Albert's photo. Matt thought it was ironic that Abby was reaching out to the public trying to identify her own grandfather. Jack explained he had reason to think Albert might be his father. Jack told Matt the entire story and asked for a DNA sample. Matt he was hesitant, because he didn't want to do anything to upset Victor. He understood why Victor didn't want another reminder of Albert.

Victor walked in and demanded to know what the hell Matt was doing. Jack explained that he invited Matt to have a drink. Victor asked Matt why he agreed to meet with this bastard. Matt clarified that he met with Jack without knowing what he wanted. Victor argued that Matt knew that whatever it was wouldn't be in Victor's best interest. Matt said he hadn't offered to help Jack with anything, but Victor accused him of being disloyal to his brother. Jack wondered if Victor would ever extend any brotherly loyalty to Jack. Victor called Jack delusional. Matt asked if Victor wasn't curious about whether Jack was family. Victor snapped that he knew everything there was to know about Jack. Victor stormed off. Matt suggested that maybe Victor was right – perhaps they should drop it. Jack said he couldn't do that.

Charlie dropped by Shauna's with a birthday gift. She told him she couldn't let him in because Devon wasn't there. Charlie wondered what Devon got her. Shauna admitted she didn't tell Devon about her birthday. They stepped into the hallway. Charlie got Shauna a keepsake to commemorate their prom night. They thought about the special night Hilary put together for them. Nate arrived. He noticed the birthday wrapping paper, then he congratulated Shauna on turning 18. Charlie and Shauna left for Crimson Lights. When Devon got home, Nate told him the news. Devon wondered why he didn't already know it was Shauna's birthday. He assumed she told Hilary. Nate suggested that Shauna didn't say anything because Devon had so much going on. Devon knew what she was going through. When he was in foster care, he used to do his best not to cause any commotion, especially with parents that he liked. Devon felt that Dru and Neil were better foster parents than him. Nate reminded Devon that Neil and Dru forgot Devon's first birthday with them. They recounted the story of Devon going to the zoo that day, because his grandmother used to take him there, getting stuck in a lion's cage and being rescued by Malcolm. Nate suggested that Devon have the chef at the Club whip up a fancy cake. Devon thought they could do much better than that. Nate got a text from Victoria challenging him to try and help her. Nate told Devon that he had to go try and help a difficult patient.

Sharon was dismayed when Rey walked into Crimson Lights. Rey congratulated her on her graduation, then he offered her a job at the GCPD as a victim's liason. Rey explained that the work involved coordinating with social services, and providing legal and emotional support. He'd worked with liasons before, and he remarked that it literally saved lives. According to Rey, most cops got so caught up in the crime-solving aspects of their work that they forgot about the human aspect of things. Sharon noted that the police gave families closure, which was a huge help. Rey told her that the police needed someone like her. Sharon realized that this job would require working closely with the police as well as the victim. Sharon said she'd think about it. Rey revealed that he already talked to Paul and the job was hers if she wanted it. Sharon declined. Rey asked if she turned down the job because she didn't want to work with him. Sharon wasn't sure she wanted to take her career in this direction. Rey told her it wasn't much different than the crisis line – helping people that might otherwise fall through the cracks. Sharon told him that she'd talk to Nick and the rest of her family and see what they thought.

Sharon brought Shauna a birthday muffin with a candle, then she departed. Shauna made a wish, but she wouldn't share it with Charlie because if she did, it wouldn't come true. Mattie took Shauna off for a spa day and told Charlie to call Devon. Afterward, Shauna and Mattie went back to the penthouse. Shauna had a lot of fun at the spa, but she was uncomfortable because it cost so much. Mattie said that it was Shauna's birthday. Mattie was happy she had someone to go with, since she usually went with Lily. The girls talked about missing their mothers. When Shauna went inside, she found a surprise party waiting for her. Devon said that if he'd known sooner he would've invited her parents. Shauna told him they wouldn't have been able to come since they just got new jobs in Colorado. Devon said that he was going to talk about what a great girl Shauna was and how glad he was that she came into his life, but instead he'd let Hilary do it. He revealed that Hilary wrote a list of Shauna's qualities back when she was trying to convince Devon to let her move in. Hilary said that Shauna was a great kid who deserved a break. Hilary felt that she and Shauna could help each other. Devon told Shauna that the world was a better place with her in it. Charlie and all of Shauna's friends hugged her. Shauna enjoyed the party, but she was worried about Charlie. Charlie assured her that he was having a great time, because he knew Lily would be mad if he moped instead of having fun with his friends. Mattie came over and gave Shauna another gift – a voter registration form.

Victoria changed her mind and texted Nate to cancel, but it was too late. He arrived and they talked. She told him she'd been working out, for stress relief, but it wasn't working. Nate thought that was because, in her case, the stress was a symptom of the real problem. He explained that treating symptoms could make you feel better, but you wouldn't get better until you got to the root of the issue. He advised talking to someone, but she wasn't interested in seeing a therapist. Nate thought he had an idea to help that didn't involve talking to anyone. Nate noted that JT made her feel like she wasn't in control of her own life. Nate wanted to give her that control back. He was confident that her fear would go away if she felt that she could protect herself. He wanted to teach her some self defense moves. Victoria told him she wasn't a violent person, but he explained that this was about empowerment and would make her feel strong again. She agreed to do it. Nate had a gi for her, and one for himself. After they dressed in their martial arts jackets, Nate guided Victoria through some deep breathing techniques for relaxation, then he helped her into a lunge stance. She wobbled, and he caught her. Nate talked about the tenents of martial arts, and he joked around and made Victoria smile. She asked him to teach her how to do a high kick, and he did. Victoria got a text from Sharon and told him Nate she had to go help her friend with wedding stuff. She was going to give Nate back the jacket, but he told her to keep it. She smiled and agreed, then she left.

Nate returned to Devon's for the party. Shauna hugged Nate, leading him to realize she wasn't mad that he told Devon it was her birthday. Shauna wasn't angry at all – this was the best birthday she ever had. After the guests left, Shauna told Devon that she couldn't have asked for more. They talked about Hilary. Devon was sure she would've thrown a better party. Shauna said his party was perfect. Shauna noted that now that she was 18, she was old enough to live on her own. Devon asked if that was what she wanted. Shauna replied that it was Hilary's idea for her to move in, and she didn't want Devon to feel obligated. Devon asked if she didn't mention her birthday because she was afraid he'd ask her to move out. Shauna assured him she'd understand if he did. Devon told her that it never crossed his mind – they were family and there was no expiration date on that. He gave her a card and told her it was her birthday gift. Shauna told him she couldn't accept this – college costs a lot of money. Shauna had a plan to go to a community college and save up and apply for scholorships. Devon told her that they'd call this the Hilary Curtis Hamilton Memorial Scholorship, and Shauna would be the first recipient. It covered all expenses to any four year university of her choice. Shauna was grateful and elated because she never dreamed that she could go to the kind of colleges that Devon was talking about. Devon said Hilary had been very excited about Shauna's future, and he was too. Shauna hugged him.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Victoria about Rey's job offer. She thought it was clear that she shouldn't accept. Victoria was sure that Rey was trying to get information out of her. Victoria told Sharon to take the job so that she could keep an eye on the investigation and throw Rey off the trail. Sharon didn't want to go to work every day and lie to her coworkers. Victoria said it'd be better than going to prison. Later, Sharon told Rey that she was going to take the job. She knew it would be challenging, but she thought it'd be good to go out of her comfort zone. He welcomed her to the force and they smiled.

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