Thursday Y&R Update 11/15/18

The Y&R Update Thursday 11/15/18


Written by Christine

Billy picked Sharon up at the cottage. He told her she looked way too good to help him paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa. She asked if that was his nickname for Phyllis. He thought if Phyllis was going to throw a party to celebrate stealing his idea, the least he could do was attend. Sharon knew he also wanted to irritate his new boss just enough to not get fired. He thought he picked the perfect expert to help him do that. She clarified that help and support were too different things, and she didn't plan to cause trouble. Her goal was to prove how easily she was moving on with her life. Billy hoped he wasn't selfishly dragging Sharon along to this. She assured him that he wasn't. Billy predicted that Phyllis's face would be as red as her hair, which he was fine with, but he wanted Sharon to know she wasn't a secret weapon or a prop – she was great company and he was honored. Sharon said likewise. Sharon added that Billy could be her secret weapon and serve as a visual reminder to Nick that she didn't care that he was with Phyllis. Billy said he and Sharon were an ideal couple, at least for the event.

At Tessa's, Tessa showed Mariah some video of Victoria's garage. Tessa explained that it was from a spy cam. It was a video of Sharon, Victoria, Nikki and Phyllis loading a bulky object, rolled into a rug, into the back of an SUV. Tessa pointed out the date stamp – the night of Victoria's party where Mariah passed out. The last night JT was seen alive. Tessa rewound and so that Mariah could hear that Phyllis said “Come on, we have to get JT out of here.” Mariah was stunned. Tessa said that Sharon and the others took JT to Chancellor Park to bury him. Mariah said she knew for a fact that JT left Victoria's house alive. Tessa asked if Mariah saw him. Mariah didn't, but she remembered hearing a man's voice while she was blacked out, and she went to Sharon about it. According to Mariah, Sharon told her that JT demanded that Victoria help him get out of town, so she gave him money and he drove off. Tessa said she didn't get paid $250,000 because JT got some gas money. Mariah believed Sharon, and she suggested that the video was fake or staged. Tessa said that the four women had no idea they were being taped because JT planted the cameras.

One night, when Tessa was at Dark Horse, Nick transferred a bunch of files to a flash drive, and Tessa's job was to switch out the drives when they were full. Tessa had asked Nick why he was transferring the files. Nick said he was upgrading and didn't want the old files taking up space on the server. Nick left Tessa to work. Tessa noticed a bunch of oddly named files, and she was concerned they were corrupted, so she opened one, not to snoop, but out of diligence. She found a bunch of emails from JT. She said she should've stopped reading them and called Nick, but she was curious, so she kept reading. One email had a link to JT's secret cloud storage account filled with surveillance videos of the outside of Victoria's house. Tessa said JT installed motion-sensitive cameras to record Victoria's comings and goings. Tessa stated that JT was a sicko who was spying on Victoria, not realizing he'd record the moments after his death.

Mariah shakily stated that they could fix this - they'd delete JT's cloud account, get Tessa a new computer, destroy her hard drive and everything would go back to the way it was before. Tessa revealed that she'd saved encrypted copies of the video in a safe location. Mariah looked disgusted and noted that Tessa was protecting her nest egg. Mariah noted that Tessa called herself a grifter, but she didn't mention being a criminal mastermind. Tessa swore she didn't process the implications of the video at first. She found a second set of files and realized JT must've put a GPS tracker on Victoria's car. Tessa called that creepy. Mariah thought it was only slightly creepier than what Tessa was doing. Tessa looked for the GPS files on the date stamp April 13th, the night of the party. She said that after they put JT in the trunk, they drove to Chancellor park, buried him and then went back to Victoria's. Mariah ordered Tessa to stop talking about her mother like a heartless psychotic killer. Tessa hated knowing this, and she hated that Mariah knew, but if they had a shot together, they had to be honest with each other, no matter how ugly.

Tessa said she tried to find an innocent explanation at first, but the more she did, the more the pieces started falling into place. Tessa noted that the four women kept having supposed charity meetings that were always tense. Tessa thought it was odd that Rey was the only customer that Sharon didn't want her chatting with. Tessa explained that she sent letters to the foursome about their secret. Mariah was appalled because Nikki saved Tessa from homelessness, and Sharon had been good to Tessa and her sister. Mariah felt that Tessa had no regard for decency, or her relationship with Sharon's daughter. Tessa yelled that it wasn't easy for her to do this. “Could've fooled me. Oh wait, you did,” Mariah shot back. Tessa said she had no way of getting that cash. She stressed that someone attacked her at Crimson Lights, and she got daily text messages, demanding money, then she thought they were following Mariah. Tessa admitted she didn't pass up the opportunity to break free of the nightmare she was in. Tessa cried that she was sorry; she wished she was the kind of person who didn't do that. Tessa wished she was someone like Mariah – someone like the person Mariah thought she fell in love with, but she just wasn't that girl. Mariah said that she understood living in an nightmare and wanting to break free, because that was exactly how Mariah felt right now.

Tessa said she found another folder for another tracker – this was a personal tracker that people put on their keys or wallet. The transmission was coming from Chancellor Park, and Tessa went there and found a flower garden with a statue on it. She figured JT must be buried down there. Mariah begged Tessa to stop. Tessa thought Mariah needed to hear this. Tessa didn't ask for the $20,000 she needed because she didn't Sharon to suspect her, so she upped it to $250,000 so she'd get enough cash to be secure. She said they sent her $1 just to screw with her, so she sent them a picture of the location in the park. When Rey did his press conference, Tessa figured she'd gotten it right, but she couldn't figure out how JT's files got on the Dark Horse computer. Mariah understood that. She explained that Nick impersonated JT and hacked into Newman and that's why he had JT's files from when he worked there. Mariah said none of this made it clear what happened at Victoria's that night. Mariah thought Tessa wanted this to be true, because while blackmailing people was disgusting, blackmailing four murderers wasn't quite as bad. Mariah cried that these were four women they both knew, and one that Mariah loved.

The distraught Mariah grabbed her keys, stating that she couldn't listen to one more second of this. Tessa moved in front of the door and noted that Mariah asked for the truth. Mariah said even if JT died that night, there had to be more to it than whatever Tessa was thinking. Tessa said she wasn't thinking... but Mariah interrupted and said not to lie to her. Mariah thought Tessa assumed the foursome were drunk on tequila and hating on JT for being abusive, then he showed up and they ganged up on him and killed him. Mariah cried that that kind of thing might be normal in Tessa's world, but Mariah believed there had to be extenuating circumstances, or self defense or something. Tessa asked why not tell the cops. Mariah didn't know, and she said Tessa didn't either. Mariah vowed to find out. Mariah asked Tessa to move. Tessa said she never would've turned them in, even if they didn't pay her. She swore she never would've put Sharon in danger. Mariah yelled that Tessa had been rationalizing all night and it didn't matter. “The only person that means more to me in this world than, you, you decided to torment her. You decided to scare the hell out of her,” Mariah cried. Mariah couldn't forget that. She told Tessa to move, and the tearful Tessa did so. Mariah left.

At the Abbott house, Traci and Jack were ready for the party. He mentioned that their company was in the hands of a non-Abbott. Traci hoped Phyllis didn't blow her chance. Jack was surprised when Traci mentioned that Billy went to pick up his date. Jack wondered who it was, but Traci didn't know.

At Jabot, Phyllis finished up a call just as Nick arrived. She told him that so many people wanted her to fail, especially Billy. Nick said this was her night, and it was already huge. He assured her that by tomorrow, everyone in her key demo would know where the nearest Jabotique was. They kissed. She noted that they were making their debut as Genoa City's newest power couple. Later, Nick told Phyllis that someone must have seen him leaving the police station, because a crime reporter kept calling for a statement. He admitted he accused Sharon of pushing Rey to interrogate him, and she'd denied it. Nick decided to focus on making this a night to remember. Phyllis agreed.

At the Club, Lola introduced herself to her servers. Although the menu was finger foods, she wanted everyone to walk out feeling like they had a four star meal. Kyle watched Lola give her speech, and he applauded. He appreciated her doing this with zero notice, and he knew she was going to be a success. She told him she was busy now and while she adored him for giving her the opportunity, it would be a disaster if he didn't be quiet and let her work. She blew him a kiss and left.

At their place, Mia showed off her dress and told Rey that it was for Jabot's big party. She announced that she bought him a suit too. Rey slouched on the couch, with a beer, and told her it wasn't their scene. She told him he didn't get to define her scene. She thought limits were boring, and she preferred a sexy plus one on her arm. She asked if he really wanted her mixing it up with the fanciest people in town all by herself. He didn't respond, so she headed to the door. He stopped her and said he'd go change.

Abby and Arturo arrived at the Club. He was quiet, and she asked what was going on with him tonight. Mia and Rey arrived, and she steered him over to Abby and Rey. Mia and Abby chatted and complimented each other's dresses. Abby smiled and teased that Mia was stealing the spotlight from her clients. Mia said in Miami, it was every woman for herself. Arturo told Abby that Mia spoke from experience.

Lauren and Phyllis posed for pictures on the red carpet. Lauren went to get Kerry. Kerry was nervous about talking to the press, but Lauren insisted. Lauren and Kerry joined Phyllis, who made an introductory speech. Phyllis promised the dawn of a new era for Jabot. Lauren and Phyllis talked about Jabotiques, which they described as retail hot spots that were a bold leap forward. Billy and Sharon arrived. Phyllis said she was glad to be kicking off her tenure as CEO with this exciting and original concept. Everyone except Billy and Sharon applauded. Billy quietly grumbled about Phyllis taking credit for his innovation. Sharon was pleased that when Nick spotted her with Billy and frowned. Billy suggested they give him a show. He and Sharon toasted, and Phyllis saw them together.

Sharon thought it was just like Phyllis to shamelessly take credit for Billy's idea in front of the press. Billy said he was tempted to set the record straight. Sharon said it would've ended up being gossip fodder, and people would accuse him of sour grapes. Billy agreed, and he went to get them some food. Rey came over. They talked about not expecting to see each other there. Mia joined Rey and asked if Sharon was there alone. Sharon revealed that she was there with Billy. Mia said that was good, then she excused herself and Rey.

Nate loved the food, and Jack told him that Kyle's girlfriend made it. Kyle gushed that Lola was as incredible as her food, then he went to find her. Across the way, Traci told Phyllis that it was the party of the year. Phyllis said the compliment meant a lot to her. Traci left to mingle. Billy walked up. Phyllis asked where his date was. He asked her where his credit was for the idea she stole. Phyllis said she didn't have time for this, but Billy insisted hat they talk. He asserted that this wasn't about him being bitter – it was about her feeding revisionist history to the press. He said that he actually appreciated her building off his idea, but he still worked at Jabot, so it sucked that she pretended he didn't exist. Considering how important the Jabotiques were to her success, he thought the decent thing to do was acknowledge she inherited the concept. She countered that she re-imagined the concept and added desperately needed items, to take his liability and turned it into her asset.

Phyllis stated that she was establishing a new regime to attract venture capital, and they needed confidence that a steady hand was at the helm. She thought they both knew that splitting the credit wouldn't help, especially with Billy's track record. He conceded that he had some personal issues, but he made an innovative decision while he was CEO – the boutiques. He didn't think it was selfish to want credit for that. He brought up his future career and said he thought it was important that people knew the idea originated with him. She warned that if he forced the issue with the press, she'd lift her self-imposed gag order about why he was no longer CEO. He said that was as low as it could get. She thought having revenge-sex with her daughter was even lower.

Nick asked Sharon to tell him that wasn't a real date. Sharon told him to draw his own conclusions. She noted that she and Billy shared something unique and personal – betrayal was very bonding. Nick asked what Rey thought of that. She said Rey was her coworker and tenant, that was it. She told him that his childish jealousy was beneath him. She felt that if he and Phyllis could put on an obnoxious spectacle in front of the press, why shouldn't she come with Billy? Nick surmised that Sharon's motive was to put on an obnoxious spectacle of her own. Sharon's temper flared, but Phyllis stepped in and took Nick elsewhere. Billy joined Sharon and asked what happen to their cause-no trouble pledge.

Phyllis told Nick that it irritated her that Billy and Sharon came together, but there was press around. Nick understood. She said that power couples didn't get into fights with their exes.

Mia asked Rey if he wanted to show the crowd what real dancing looked like. He wanted a drink. She reminded him she brought him champagne, but he'd rather have a beer. He walked away. Lauren and Michael walked up, and Mia asked if she could borrow Michael for a dance. Lauren didn't mind.

Esther told Jack that she was having a complimentary facial at Jabotique tomorrow. Esther hoped they didn't use live bees in the pollen facial. Kerry walked over and assured her that they did not. Jack introduced them. After Esther left, Jack said he saw Kerry on the red carpet and wondered who the new spokes-model was. Kerry admitted she hated red carpet events. Jack asked Kerry to dance, and she accepted.

Mia and Michael finished their dance and they both had a good time. Mia said she'd only seen one other lawyer dance like that – Richard Gere in the movie, Chicago. Michael asked Lauren if she heard that. Lauren laughed and said she heard and saw plenty. Michael noted that Mia asked and Lauren said it was okay. Lauren reiterated that she was fine with it.

Mia was alone when Abby walked up and asked if she had any advice on helping Arturo and Rey reconcile. Mia advised Abby to stay out of it. Abby mentioned that her family had a rough year, and so she really wanted Rey and Arturo to work things out. Mia said Abby had a kind soul, but she didn't know the whole story. Mia was about to tell Abby everything when Arturo appeared, grabbed Mia's arm and pulled her away. Devon came over and talked to Abby. Lily told him that Abby wrote her. Lola was walking by, and Abby did introductions. Lola knew Devon was the owner, and she praised his kitchen manager. Lola asked if Abby had seen Kyle. Abby hadn't. Lola said she and Kyle hadn't talked much tonight, and she hoped that he understood. Abby was sure he did.

Mia demanded to know what Arturo's problem was. He told her that he and Abby had something great going and if Mia thought she could mess with that, she was in for a nasty surprise. Mia felt that Arturo flipped things so that he became the innocent one, and Mia was the nightmare. Arturo felt that it was the truth. Mia disagreed, and she said she'd tell her side to anyone she felt like, without his permission.

Nick advised Phyllis to bask in the glow of success for the rest of the night. He felt that the party was a hit, and Dark Horse was co-hosting the best party in town. Nick suggested a private party upstairs. Phyllis was tempted, but she thought they had to stay at the party. They went to dance. Kerry and Jack had fun dancing, then she said she to go home because she had an early morning in the lab. He offered to drive her home, but she said Phyllis had arranged for a driver. He walked her to her car instead. Billy told Sharon there was room on the dance floor for another hot couple. They danced while Nick and Phyllis did the same. Phyllis and Sharon locked eyes.

Rey was with Lola. He watched Sharon dance with Billy, then he Mia stalk off, with Arturo on her heels. Lola tried to stop Rey, but he rushed over, grabbed Arturo and ordered him to stay away from his wife. Arturo suggested that Mia might stop playing her games if Rey paid attention to her. Mia asserted that this was unfair. Rey thought what happened was all Arturo's fault. Arturo disagreed. Mia said that Miami was ancient history. Mia recalled that Rey was always too busy for her – she always came second place to his job. She said she never would've touched Arturo if Rey hadn't ignored her. “You're the reason I had an affair with Arturo,” Mia yelled, then she ran out. Sharon and Abby stared.

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