The Y&R Update Thursday 7/28/16


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Mariah treats the family to doughnuts for breakfast. Sharon and Dylan are glad she changed her mind about moving out of their home. Kevin and Natalie pay an unexpected visit. Kevin wonders why Mariah isn’t at his apartment, as planned. She feels wanted here. Getting down to business, Kevin presents Dylan with a security tape from the bus station in Spring Grove, showing Victor’s suspected accomplice. Dylan thanks him and takes off to pursue the lead. Natalie alludes to the good time she and Kevin had on their road trip. She can’t resist rubbing Mariah’s nose in it. Kevin cuts her off and leaves with Natalie. Mariah gripes about Natalie to Sharon. She’s not good for Kevin and is hampering Mariah and Kevin’s friendship.

Michael visits Adam in prison. He will not deliver Adam’s request to Chelsea. If Adam wants Chelsea to move on without him, he’ll have to tell her himself. Michael speaks from experience when he says it’s wrong to push away a supportive spouse. He did, but fortunately Lauren wouldn’t accept it.

Chelsea bumps into Chloe at Crimson Lights. Why did Chloe run out on her the other day? She didn’t even say hi to Connor. Chelsea goes on about how grateful she and Adam are for Delia’s gift to Connor—those beautiful eyes. Chloe is evasive and fidgety and even more so when Chelsea spots a sippy cup in Chloe’s bag. Chelsea is stunned to hear it belongs to Chloe’s daughter, Bella. Chloe has kept Bella a secret from everyone, including Esther until yesterday. She gives Chelsea few details about the child’s care while Chloe was hospitalized but says Bella was her inspiration to get better. Now Chloe is back and ready for a fresh start. Chelsea hesitates to ask, but why in Genoa City of all places? It represents so much pain. Chloe has managed to piece her life back together and Genoa City is her home. Her mom and her friends are there. And Kevin, who Chelsea assumes is Bella’s father. Speak of the devil. He and Natalie appear in the doorway.

At the police station, Paul tells Ashley she’s in the clear with the FDA. He criticizes Dr. Neville, to which Ashley takes exception. He’s not just the doctor who saved her life; he’s her friend.

Abby confronts Ben on duty at the hospital. Why did he get rid of all the baby shower gifts without consulting her? He acts as if the baby never existed. He apologizes. He meant well, but they seemed to be painful reminders for her. So ignoring pain is the way to deal with it? Upon hearing he donated the items to the pediatric ward, she storms off. Later, at home, Abby sits on her bed amid a pile of gifts. She rereads cards and reopens packages, wallowing in her misery. Ashley finds her thus. After hearing Abby’s tale, Ashley defends Ben. True, he shouldn’t have acted without her consent, but his intentions were good. And doesn’t Abby think she might be pushing a little too hard to have another child? Nope. Ashley thinks she should reconsider. She and Ben and Max have experienced major upheaval. She’d hate to see Ben and Abby’s marriage end because of it.

At the station, Paul discounts Dylan’s new evidence. It’s still mere conjecture. Besides, Adam took a plea, so the case is closed. Dylan persists. Doesn’t it bother Paul to see an innocent man punished? That’s not the issue. There’s chain of command in police work and Paul angrily demands that Dylan observe it. Dylan is letting his emotions cloud his judgment, and Paul forbids further investigation. Is that clear?

Kevin and Chloe have an awkward reunion. Introductions are made and Kevin agrees to meet Natalie later. He and Chloe head for the coffeehouse patio to catch up. Natalie is horrified to learn from Chelsea that the woman she just met is Kevin’s crazy ex-wife. After Natalie leaves, Michael approaches Chelsea and tells her Adam has something to say to her. On the patio, Chloe seems unconcerned that Kevin was hurt by her sudden departure. She and Kevin were divorced at the time, so she doesn’t owe him an explanation. She seems eager to escape. Before she does, she assures Kevin that she’s put her rage at Adam behind her. Kevin shouts after her as she leaves. Michael stops him from pursuing her and makes allowances for Chloe’s flaky behavior. Kevin ambushes Esther when she walks in and persuades her to tell him where Chloe is staying. He rushes to the motel.

Ashley accompanies Abby back to the hospital, with the box of gifts. Abby apologizes to Ben for flying off the handle. He takes partial blame. They slip into an empty room to talk privately about their mutual love and need to communicate better. Ben blames himself (and Max, his son) for Abby’s fall, the loss of their daughter, and her subsequent grieving. He didn’t know how to handle it, so he shut down. In his view, the gifts were meant for this baby and none other. He promises that someday they will have a child together. Abby agrees that the baby items should go where they’re most needed. She returns them to the pediatric unit.

Back at the station, Paul and Dylan talk about the father-son bond. It makes no sense for Victor to dishonor his with Adam so completely. Dylan thinks the mystery woman on the tape double-crossed Victor and he hopes to prove it. Paul raises his voice again and more firmly tells Dylan to drop the matter or he’ll be disciplined. Dylan is undeterred and leaves in a huff.

At Walworth, Chelsea is on edge, waiting for Adam to speak his piece. He gropes for the right words. Chelsea curses her mother for putting ideas in Adam’s head. Chelsea doesn’t want another man; she’s devoted to Adam. He breathes a sigh of relief. He secretly hoped she’d say that. He needs her. She reaffirms her commitment to free Adam and demands a quick kiss before the guard returns.

At the house, Mariah helps Sharon select a cute photo of Sully to send to Dylan, who insists on one a day while he’s at work because he fears missing a moment. Natalie knocks, interrupting again. She needs information about Kevin’s ex. Mariah is shocked to hear that Chloe is out of the psychiatric hospital and back in town. Sharon deliberately plants doubt in Natalie’s mind about where Kevin’s heart is. Chloe was the love of his life.

Michael pays Paul a visit at the station. He begs Paul to keep digging into Adam’s case but, like Dylan, is told to back off.

Dylan meets Chelsea and Adam at the prison. They’re encouraged by his lead. He assures them he’s on the case.

Through a small opening in her motel room door, Chloe tries to get rid of Kevin. He hears noises from inside and persuades her to let him in. Meet Bella. Kevin considers the girl’s age and the timing of their divorce, but Chloe tells him in no uncertain terms that he is not Bella’s father. She allows him to say hi, though, and he’s charmed. Bella looks much like her older sister, Delia.

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