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Written by Ellen
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In the dining room, Cane, sporting a black eye, scolds Lily for not being honest with him with about Devon and Hilary from the beginning. One more thing, she adds: Colin knows about Devon and the hooker and has been blackmailing him. Colin is scum, to be sure, but she doubts he had a hand in Hilary’s disappearance.

Victor is confident that he’ll win visitation rights with his grandson and tells Nikki so in his office. She thinks his methods are extreme. Make no mistake, Victor will keep Chelsea and, more important, Connor in Genoa City. Gabriel Bingham can take a flying leap. Nikki warns him against pushing too hard.

Chelsea and Gabe (Adam) appeal to Paul at the police station. He tells them in no uncertain terms that if they leave the country against a court order, they’ll be arrested.

At home, Sharon promises Dylan that she’ll take her medications as prescribed from now on.

On the club roof, Colin arrives with Jill, back from Hong Kong. She comforts Devon and is astounded at Neil’s show of goodwill. Has he really forgiven Devon for sleeping with Hilary?

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Mariah bicker like an old married couple. Kevin wants a full relationship with her, but she’s not up to it. Romantic failures abound.

Neil claims to have worked through his issues—for Devon’s sake. And Devon is grateful. Colin listens with amusement. Michael arrives and, after greeting Jill, takes Devon aside. He’s headed back to the Virgin Islands.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chelsea’s attorney advises her to propose a compromise—visitation every two weeks, instead of every week. This would allow her to return to France with Connor, from where it will be easier to fight Victor. She tells him to proceed, but it doesn’t go as planned. In his office, Victor rejects the attorney’s offer and insults him to boot. Chelsea receives the news via phone and is disappointed, not to mention terrified. Adam tells her to go back to the hotel to relax while he speaks with Victor.

Nikki runs into Neil in the club foyer. She begs his forgiveness but it’s not forthcoming. How could she think so low of him, that he’d do harm to Hilary? Being investigated by Victor’s goons was the last straw. Neil wants nothing more to do with Nikki. She weeps and apologizes, to no avail. Neil is unaffected and takes an incoming call. He’s delighted to hear from Gwen. Does she have dinner plans tonight?

At the police station, Devon asks Paul to send one of his officers to the island. Impossible. Paul can’t insinuate himself into another department’s investigation. Michael suggests he send someone who isn’t officially on the force. Devon is granted permission to approach Dylan.

Mariah drops in on Sharon. In private, Dylan thanks her for tipping him off. Sharon was, in fact, off her meds. Mariah shrugs it off. Sharon descends the stairs and Dylan leaves the ladies to talk. Now Sharon thanks Mariah for going along with her story. She knows Mariah is uncomfortable lying, but good news: It’s no longer necessary. Sharon is pregnant again.

Jill and Lily catch up over drinks on the rooftop while Cane has a word with his dad. Predictably, Colin denies involvement in Hilary’s disappearance. Cane isn’t buying it but promises to keep silent for now—for Devon. Colin shouldn’t get to comfy.

Victor had been expecting a visit from Gabriel. The argument heats up quickly. Victor is concerned about Connor. Family is everything, he bellows. Gabriel disagrees: Love is everything. But Victor wouldn’t know anything about that. Victor listens to Gabriel’s rant for a few moments and eventually fights back. Victor guarantees he’ll win the court case, and Gabriel will never see Connor again.

In her suite, Chelsea packs. As she does, she phones her mother, who is babysitting, and orders Connor prepared for immediate departure.

Michael and Kevin stand by in Paul’s office as he makes anniversary plans with Chris. Who’d have believed it? He married Chris on Katherine’s advice, and they’re going strong two years later. After he leaves, Kevin is cynical about lasting love. Look at Michael and Lauren. Michael disagrees. Love is possible. He urges Kevin to put his failed relationship with Chloe behind him.

Mariah has a similar conversation with Sharon. Sharon is living in a dream world. She likely isn’t pregnant, just wishful thinking. Sharon won’t allow Mariah to dash her hopes and encourages Mariah to have some for herself. No thanks. Mariah’s not interested in setting herself up for more disappointment.

On the patio, Dylan refuses Devon’s request because of family obligations. Neil overhears and asks Devon’s next move. Neil would offer to go to Virgin Gorda for Devon but it would create a sensation, him being Devon’s dad and Hilary’s ex-husband. Devon understands and again praises Neil for his support. Inside the coffeehouse, Sharon learns that Dylan turned down Devon. She suspects he did so because he fears leaving her unattended, which is unnecessary.

Nikki returns to Victor’s office. He’s unsympathetic about her troubles with Neil and advises her to move on to other concerns such as her family. It dawns on her that Victor ordered Neil to avoid her, and she’s not happy about it. They have a big blow out and she leaves.

Jill and Colin discuss her trip and what Colin has been up to in her absence. Jill received a call alerting her to a large deposit into their account. Clearly Colin has been busy. Yes, he won at gambling.

Adam returns to the hotel and finds Chelsea standing in the middle of the room, bag slung over her shoulder. Good idea. He moves to pack and realizes that she intended to go without him. Yes. Adam can’t risk arrest. He’d be fingerprinted and identified as Adam Newman. He protests.

Mariah marches up to Kevin’s desk at the station and proposes they move ahead as a couple. Both are hesitant at first but decide to give it shot. They’ll start with a date tonight, Katherine’s memorial and something afterward. It’s an odd choice of activities, but suitable for the likes of them.

Cane, in Lily’s presence, offers to go to Virgin Gorda for Devon. Simultaneously, Neil enters what appears to be a boathouse and checks an IV. It’s attached to Hilary, who lies unconscious.

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