Thursday Y&R Update 4/18/19

The Y&R Update Thursday 4/18/19


Written by Christine

Victoria grumbled about Phyllis making a racket, as she let her in. Billy added that she was scaring the kids. Phyllis said she missed the kids and asked how they were, but Billy told her to give him a break. Phyllis noted that he wanted to pretend they didn't hang out with his kids every weekend for months. He demanded to know what she wanted. She insisted on speaking to Billy. He wanted her to leave, but Victoria realized that wasn't going to happen, so she urged Billy to talk to Phyllis. Phyllis and Billy left, and a pensive Victoria stared at the engagement ring. She texted her dad that she missed him and could use his advice, and she asked him to come home. She flashed back to several tense moments with Billy over the years, times when he'd tried to win her over, and she'd pushed him away, a time when he accused her of being cold-hearted, and the moment when he was so afraid of hurting her again that he encouraged her to move on with someone else. Next, she remembered happier times, like Jamaica, burning cookies, asking Billy to move in with her, and telling him that if she had to do it all over again, she wouldn't change a thing.

In Phyllis's suite, Billy told Phyllis that her compulsion to come between him and Victoria was pissing him off. She told him that he had to be held accountable for what he did to Summer. She revealed that Summer broke down in her arms tonight. Billy said it was probably one of the worst things he'd done, and be believed Phyllis and Summer knew he regretted it. Phyllis sarcastically told him it was all forgiven. That wasn't what he meant. Phyllis said Billy slept with Summer to hurt Phyllis, and he was still doing it by throwing her under the bus at Jabot. He contended that what happened at Jabot was on her, but she argued that Kerry fooled everyone. She noted that he cheered on every bad thing that happened in her life, especially Nick leaving her, and she added that she never told Nick and Jack what he did. He said he didn't want to hurt her anymore or rejoice in her misery. He just wanted it to be over. She thought he should make retribution.

Phyllis told Billy how she missed out on the opportunity to run Fenmore's with Lauren. He didn't see what that had to do with him; they weren't together anymore, and he asked what she wanted him to do. She reminded him that she supported him when he wanted to be CEO, she bailed him out when he was gambling, she kept his secrets and defended him. He asked if she wanted cash for that. She wanted capital to start her own business. He asked if she was threatening to expose what happened with Summer. She said that Summer didn't deserve that, even if he did. He asked what she was saying. She said if he wouldn't help her, she'd get the money, but she didn't want to fight him or anyone else anymore. She wanted to be finished with them all forever. “Just me and my company. My future in my own hands. I am offering you a way to make amends,” she stated. He asked how much money she needed. After he left, she typed something on her computer.

Billy went back to Victoria's. She asked what was up with Phyllis, and he admitted that she asked for money for a business. Victoria assumed Billy said no and that Phyllis got angry. Billy tried to change the subject, but Victoria said it was odd that Phyllis expected him to write her a check. He called Phyllis delusional. She asked if Phyllis thought he was in love with her. He said no and that Phyllis hated him. Victoria couldn't make sense of why Phyllis would act this way, and Billy stated that it was Phyllis. Victoria noted that Phyllis cheated on Billy, ruined his father's company, testified against the mother of his children, and now she expected him to make nice. She said Phyllis made her crazy. He asked if she looked at the ring and thought about the ways they could be great for each other. She said she did, but she also thought about what a disaster it could be. He promised it'd be different this time. She was sorry, but she couldn't give him an answer right now. She reminded him that she wanted to take things slow. He felt that they'd been taking things slow for the last four or five years. She noted that this was since the divorce, and she complimented his creative math. She just wanted to get it right. If they did this, she didn't want either of them, or the kids to get hurt. She gave him the ring to hold onto. He said they knew where the landmines were, so they could be avoided, and they knew how to lift each other up and support each other. He wanted to be a family, and he accepted that she needed time, as long as she wasn't saying no. She assured him that this wasn't a no, and they shared a passionate kiss.

At the cottage, Mariah and Tessa showed Sharon and Rey a copy of the note that was attached to the brick thrown through Crimson Light's window. “Give up the gossip, you're ruining people's lives,” it said. The original was with the police, along with the brick. Rey thought it was a long shot, but he hoped the police could get prints off it. Sharon said she'd make sure the police got the security footage. Sharon theorized that this could be connected to the time Tessa was attacked at the coffeehouse. Mariah dismissed the suggestion because the note was directed at her and those people hadn't bothered Tessa since she paid them off. She asked Sharon not to go down that road. Sharon apologized if it sounded like she was blaming Tessa. Rey asked if Mariah ever got any other messages like this. Mariah said most of the comments from the viewers were innocuous, but she admitted that she didn't go through every email. Tessa volunteered to look through them and see if she could find a connection. Sharon thought one of the neighboring businesses may have caught something on camera. Mariah appreciated everyone's help, but she said it was probably a one time deal and the culprit was going to get away with it.

Rey finished a call with the detective on the case, then he let Mariah and Tessa know that a cop would be patrolling their neighborhood tonight. Sharon thought they should just stay at the cottage tonight. Mariah didn't think that was necessary, and she felt that Sharon was being overly cautious. Tessa agreed with Sharon. Mariah joked that Tessa and Sharon were bonding. Sharon thought Devon should be notified. Rey agreed, noting that Devon might want to contact his own security team. Mariah refused to disrupt her whole life over a nasty note. Sharon didn't want Mariah to be scared, but she wanted her safe. Rey suggested that Mariah alter her daily routine in case she was being followed and to stay aware. Mariah wasn't interested in being paranoid. She wanted to go home and be in her own bed, and she turned down Rey's offer of a ride home. Mariah and Tessa left, and Rey comforted the worried Sharon.

Sharon asked Rey not to take the job for Nikki. Sharon was sure Nikki was very warm, complimentary and persuasive. Rey realized Sharon thought Nikki was snowing him, but he said he read Nikki, and she was legitimately worried about Victor. Sharon said that Nikki always worried about her family, and sometimes it was for the right reason, like with Victoria. Sharon said that wherever Victor was, he wouldn't appreciate Rey interfering. She stated that Victor was able to take care of himself.

Sharon figured Victor was likely doing something shady, and she didn't think Rey should get involved. He felt that he owed Victor for accusing him of murder. She maintained that this was the wrong way to work through his guilt. She warned him that Victor was manipulative and took advantage of anyone who wasn't family. He changed the subject and started flirting. They kissed, and as they undressed, Sharon brought up the time in the hotel room. He said it was painful, being alone with her, close enough to touch her, without being able to. He picked her up and took her to the bed. Later, they cuddled, and she sensed that he was going to take the job offer anyway. She said she selfishly didn't want him to leave. He promised not to stay longer than necessary, because this was where he belonged. They kissed.

At the penthouse, Jett did vocal exercises, while Ana watched. He was worried that his voice would give out during the performance on opening night, and he'd blow his chance at a comeback. Ana assured him that Devon could find another act. Jett sensed that Ana was just as nervous about this performance as he was. She said maybe it wasn't the right time for either of them, and that was okay. Jett wondered how they should tell Devon. At that moment, Devon came in, and he was excited about the upcoming performance. Ana noted that she and Jett didn't have much experience singing together, and she proposed that it'd be best for the restaurant if Devon brought in more seasoned performers. Devon accepted this because he respected his artists and wouldn't force anyone to do something they weren't comfortable doing. He opened up a promotional poster he'd had made for Jett and Ana and said it was too bad they had to let the photo-shoot they did earlier go to waste. Jett told Ana that she looked beautiful in the poster. Devon had already started advertising for the concert, and he read Jett some messages from his fans who were eager to hear him sing again. Devon understood that Jett was nervous, but he felt that this could be a great night for Jett, Ana and the fans. Jett and Ana agreed to do it.

Later, Elena enlisted Ana to help her choose an outfit for the opening party. Ana didn't think any of Elena's dresses worked. Elena admitted she didn't have anything because she'd been so busy with medical school that it didn't leave time for much of a social life. Ana suggested they go shopping, but Elena didn't want to buy a dress that she'd only wear once. Elena said she'd borrow something from a friend. Ana noted that Elena never mentioned her friends before. Elena showed off another dress. Devon came in and Ana told him what was up. He offered them money to get dresses, but Elena declined and rushed upstairs. Ana told Devon that Elena was proud and wouldn't take handouts. Devon realized he made a mistake, but he thought he was offering a gift, not a handout. Ana thought Elena had the money, but believed it'd be a waste to spend it on one dress. Devon had an idea.

Elena came downstairs, and she felt bad that she'd been uncivil to Devon after he opened his home to her. Ana assured her that Devon understood. Devon came downstairs with a bunch of dresses – gifts people sent to Hilary that she never wore. Elena thought they were beautiful, but she didn't want to take something that Devon obviously wanted to save. Devon said he wouldn't have offered them if he wasn't okay with this. He thought that Hilary would've offered Elena the dresses too, since Hilary was very generous. Elena was touched and grateful.

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