Monday Y&R Update 9/17/18

The Y&R Update Monday 9/17/18


Written by Ellen

At the Abbott house, Kyle asked Jack if the photo had produced any leads on his biological father. Jack claimed he'd come to realize that the photo was just a photo, and it probably wouldn't provide any answers.

Nick stood in his office and stared at an article on his arrest. Summer dropped by, and Nick assumed she was taking pleasure in his arrest after the grief he gave her about her own arrest. Summer insisted that she was on his side. Nick was skeptical since he had to bribe her to keep her from torpedoing his life with Sharon. Hurt, Summer asked if she lost her father when she took the check. Nick assured her that he loved her and would always be there for her, but he didn't always like her behavior. Nick asked what was going on with her. Summer admitted that she took someone for granted repeatedly until he cut her off for good. Nick told her to try apologizing; if the person didn't accept, at least she'd get closure. Jack arrived and tried to leave after realizing he was interrupting, but Summer said she was just leaving.

After Summer was gone, Nick surmised that Jack had questions about his arrest. Jack admitted he had a few. Nick revealed that he impersonated JT and hacked Newman. After hearing the whole story, Jack had a feeling that the truth would come out someday. Jack warned Nick that although he had immunity from Chris and Paul, the feds might not give him the same deal. Nick thought Jack had a point, and since the stolen files had served their purpose, Nick decided to hire someone to wipe all the data. Jack thought that taking over JT's identity was a Victor-move. Nick was getting tired of the comparisons to his father. Jack felt that all men measured themselves against their fathers, and in Jack's case, the man he thought was his father. Jack said that even Victor did it. Nick opined that Albert Miller was a low bar that anyone would compare favorably to.

Jack was sorry for bringing up painful memories. He knew that it had been difficult for Nick and Victor to confront Albert in his nursing home. Nick recalled that Albert had been unapologetic about abandoning his own family. Nick thought Victor would've have been better off if he'd gone on thinking that Albert was dead. According to Nick, Victor had been hurt because Albert didn't respect Victor's acomplishments. Nick thought the lasting image of the hatred in Albert's eyes got seared into Victor's head forever, and it fueled Victor's later actions. Nick called it ironic that Victor, who vowed to be different than Albert, had ended up being alienated from his own son. Jack thought the whole thing was a shame. Nick said that the brief meeting with Albert was so toxic that it affected Nick, and the rest of his family for years afterward. Nick hoped he never heard the name again. Nick left, and Jack looked at a photo of young Albert on his phone. Nick returned. He noticed Jack was rattled and asked about it. Jack said he wasn't used to feeling bad for Victor. Nick said that he and his dad bonded over the visit with Albert, but it didn't last. Nick said that Victor got a raw deal and had a bad father, but that was no excuse to perpetuate the cycle.

Billy summoned Ashley into his office, then he apologized because she'd felt marginalized since he took over as CEO. He acknowledged that she was integral to the company's success. He noted that she'd been riding him about taking too many risks. He promised that he heard her and conceded that she had a valid point. He mentioned that he'd been going over the books looking for ways to save some money. Ashley warned him that making cuts in the wrong places could do more harm than good. Billy finally felt that he'd be able to make his own contributions, and he hoped to one day garner the love and respect in the office that Ashley did. He told her that he wanted to make her proud and asked if she'd allow him the chance.

Kyle arrived at work. He called an old friend from NY and asked them to send him some information on a betting syndicate in Manhattan. As he stared at Billy's office, he said that the information wasn't for him, but for someone else.

Billy was busy at work, running calculations, when he received an email inviting him to the “Winner's Circle” which was supposed to be an amazing opportunity, exclusively for elite gamblers. Joining required a modest fee, but it claimed to guarantee huge rewards. Kyle walked in, and Billy closed his laptop. Kyle wanted to discuss Billy's decision to pull the funding for the subscription fragrance service. Billy assumed Kyle was upset, but Kyle clarified that he thought it was for the best. Billy was surprised, because Kyle had been all for it at first. Kyle felt that the project had moved too slowly and been too cautious, which pretty much guaranteed that one of their competitors would beat them to the punch. Kyle said that when an opportunity like that came along, and you spotted the potential, you had to go all in. Billy agreed, which is why he was doing just that with the Jabotiques. Billy said that right now, they couldn't afford to risk anything else. Billy assured Kyle that there would be other projects, then he left his office. Kyle was irritated when Summer walked in. She apologized, said she felt terrible for hurting him, and she promised to change the way she treated him if he still wanted to be in her life. “God knows I need someone to help me figure out why I'm such a mess,” she added. Kyle asked if she thought he should be that someone. Summer noted that no one understood her like he did. Kyle agreed, but he felt that she didn't understand him at all. He tried to leave, but she pleaded for him to explain what he meant.

Kyle felt that Summer saw what she wanted to see – she wanted to compete with Phyllis, so she convinced herself that Billy wanted her. Now she wanted comfort, so she convinced herself that Kyle was warm, and safe, and her BFF. Kyle said that wasn't who he was. He told her that his world didn't revolve around her. He had goals and was probably going to push too hard, cross some lines and go too far as he worked to accomplish them. Summer said that sounded like her. Kyle said he thought they'd be good together because they were two people with the same drive, the same killer instincts. Now he realized they'd probably rip each other to shreds, so he thought it was better to walk away. Summer swore she learned her lesson and said she didn't want to lose him. Kyle didn't think people could change. Summer noted that if Kyle was right, that must mean he still cared about her. Kyle said he couldn't turn off his feelings, but they both knew it wouldn't end well, so he thought they should just move on separately.

Abby strode into the GCPD and up to Rey's desk. He finished up a call, and she announced that she needed his help. Rey assumed this was about his brother. Abby clarified that Arturo never talked about Rey, and she was no one's messenger. Abby snapped that instead of promoting the launch party, she was doing damage control because of Rey's jerk-like stunt. Rey argued that Nick's arrest wasn't a stunt. Abby countered that Rey hijacked her event. Rey wasn't fazed. He assumed Abby could spin this, since Nick wasn't charged. Annoyed, Abby showed him an article titled: Nick Newman: A Startup In Meltdown? - about Nick's arrest. Rey noted that the article said Nick was released shortly after his arrest. Abby countered that it was in the eighth paragraph. She wanted the police department to release a statement clearing Nick's name. Rey said he wasn't authorized to release a statement like that, and as much as he liked Nick, he couldn't give the Newmans special treatment.

Abby stated that Rey could've arrested Nick later in the evening, after the party, but instead he chose to embarrass Nick at the most important event in his life. She hoped he was happy. Rey said that he took no pleasure in other people's pain. He admitted that he could be single-minded about his job and that he might have done things differently if he had to do it all over again. Abby noted that this article could hurt Nick's employees, including Arturo, who was the construction chief. Rey promised to ask the GCPD's communication office to a statement. However, Rey said he wouldn't drop his investigation of JT. Abby said that they all wanted JT caught and punished. Rey was glad Abby was protective of her family. According to Rey, they had that in common.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo introduced Abby to Lola. Abby stuck out her hand, but Lola pulled her into a hug. Lola felt like she knew Abby because she followed her online. She gushed about Abby's food posts and invited Abby to come to her food truck for a meal on the house. Abby assumed Lola wanted her to post about the food truck online. Lola grinned. Abby was happy to give Lola free publicity, especially since Rey was doing her a favor. She told brought everyone up to speed. Arturo was sure that Rey had an ulterior motive for helping Nick, and he warned Abby not to let her guard down. Arturo mentioned that Rey had been pressuring him to help him reconnect with Lola. Lola revealed that she called Rey this morning. Arturo was upset. Lola reminded him that he said she could make her own decision, and Arturo said he didn't have to like it. Abby asked when Lola last talked to Rey. “Not since,” Lola suddenly stopped, and she and Arturo shared an intense look. Lola finished by saying not since they got to Genoa City. Lola said she called Rey because she wanted to see him on her own terms. Arturo warned her that Rey would want things his way or the highway. Abby didn't get that impression from Rey, and she asked if he could've matured. Arturo told her that she didn't know Rey like he did. Abby said that was because Arturo refused to tell her what happened between them. Arturo felt that he'd already spent too much of his life talking to and about Rey.

Rey arrived, at Lola's invitation. Lola urged Arturo to stay, because they had to start somewhere. Arturo disagreed, and he was angry with Lola for not respecting him enough to make his own decision on Rey. Arturo and Abby left. Rey couldn't believe how much Lola had grown up, however, he sighed that Arturo was still stubborn. Lola said it wasn't Arturo's fault – she ambushed him. Rey asked if Lola regretted meeting with him. Lola hugged him.

Abby and Arturo went to Dark Horse, and Jack overheard their disagreement. Abby didn't understand why he wouldn't want to reconcile with his brother. Arturo wished she'd trust his judgment because he didn't make the decision lightly. They went into Nick's office, and Arturo asked Nick if he'd ever forgive and forget everything that happened with Victor. Nick said no.

Abby joined Jack in the conference room. He asked if she was okay, and she said that she and Arturo were fine, but they had a difference in opinion. She asked Jack what he was going to do about the photo. Jack was convinced that Albert was a monster, so he thought it might be best to leave it alone. He told Abby not to tell anyone else about this.

Ashley met with Andrew at the Club. She was surprised he wanted to meet in public. Andrew began to explain that there was a problem. As they began to talk, Neil walked in, and he saw Ashley put her hand on Andrew's. He turned away. Ashley noticed that Neil saw everything. She went over to explain, but he assured her that although he hoped they'd be exclusive some day, they weren't now, and she was free to see whomever she wanted. Ashley escorted Neil back to her table and she introduced him to Andrew, a chemist doing work for Jabot. Neil relaxed. After some chatting, Neil left.

Billy went to Victoria's office to drop off Katie's toy and ask Victoria to lunch. She couldn't because of work. She asked if things were okay, and Billy said everything was fine. Ashley called and blasted Billy for sending a termination letter to Type A Consulting, basically cutting off the funding for Ashley's R&D project. She accused Billy of lying earlier when he said he respected her. Billy clarified that he wasn't canceling the charge, just putting it on hold until... Ashley told him to save his breath, because she should've known better than to give him the benefit of the doubt. She hung up.

Billy and Victoria talked about the climate at Jabot. Victoria gathered that none of the board members supported Billy except Phyllis. He explained that they installed him as a figurehead and wanted Ashley to run the company behind the scenes. Victoria thought it was predictable that the board freaked out when he started making his own decisions. Billy noted that Victoria never treated him that way when they worked together. He said she'd waited until he messed up before she freaked out. Billy said that his ideas were home runs. Billy felt that people were just upset that he hadn't called a vote to remove the blood Abbott clause and stepped aside so Ashley could run things. He thought that no one had faith in his abilities. Victoria said that people might be concerned about his personal choices. She asked how much the board members knew about his gambling.

Billy said he wasn't keeping his gambling a secret this time – Phyllis knew. Victoria could tell that Billy wished Phyllis didn't share this with her. Billy said he felt that way because Victoria couldn't be objective. Victoria noted that his gambling almost got them both killed. Billy conceded that addiction was a disease, but he told her that some diseases were manageable, like diabetes. Billy was glad that Phyllis understood him. Victoria was certain that Phyllis was scared to death. Billy knew Phyllis would never say that to Victoria. Victoria said she didn't have to, because Victoria knew what it was like to desperately want to know what was driving your loved one so you could try to protect him from himself. Victoria said that eventually you realized that you couldn't. Billy regretted coming, and he said he'd add her to the list of people waiting for him to fail.

Back at the Club, Ashley told Andrew that she'd be paying him from her personal account from now on. Ashley left, then she dropped by Neil's house because she thought he needed some reassurance about where they stood. Neil said he should've known Ashley wouldn't hide anything, since she'd been completely honest from the beginning. She asked if there was anything else she could do, and they kissed. Later, they cuddled in bed, and she asked if he ever felt like he spent his whole life putting fires out. He suggested that she needed a weekend trip. She loved the idea, but there was too much going on right now.

Billy paced around his office, then he gave in and rushed to his computer. He replied to the Winner's Circle email and said “I'm in.”

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