Monday Y&R Update 2/22/21

The Y&R Update Monday 2/22/21


Written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, on the patio, Amanda told Devon he could help Abby by showing her support as she went through the surrogacy process. At that moment, Devon saw Abby inside and went to talk to her. Abby lamented that Chance wouldn’t be around when she started a family. She knew he was doing something important, but it was hard enough to choose an anonymous donor. She wasn’t sure she should do this. Devon knew it was hard – he saw Hilary go through it. She said Hilary had Devon. She called him a great friend, and she said she was going to go wallow. Devon went back to Amanda and talked about Abby’s woes. He knew what it felt like to have your dreams taken away. It made him think of Hilary and their child. He apologized, but she told him not to ever apologize for being human.

Amanda said one of the first things she learned about Devon was how selfless and generous he was, but she was blown away by his empathy for Abby. He understood why she was ambivalent about finding an anonymous sperm donor, because he saw Hilary go through it. Amanda was glad the options existed. She said the child would be so loved. He said that was why he was so invested in Abby and Chance’s success – it’d feel like a win for all the people who weren’t so lucky.

Sally tried making small talk with Mariah and Kyle in the Jabot boardroom. After Sally left, Mariah said it was clear that Kyle had a problem with Sally. He claimed he was fine, but she said she’d known him too long to believe that. He said he couldn’t talk about this, and she suggested that he’d feel better if he got this off his chest. He closed the door and swore her to secrecy, even with Tessa and Summer. She promised not to tell. He told her about his affair with Tara Locke, the wife of ruthless Ashland Locke. Theo told Sally about it. He said there was more – the part Summer didn’t know. Tara had a three year old son who looked just like Kyle, according to Theo. Kyle was scared of what would happen if it was true and Ashland found out. Mariah said that if this was true, Kyle was a father, and she asked how he felt about that. He saw no point in worrying about his feelings until he knew the kid was his. He’d called Tara, and she told him not to contact him again. Mariah asked if Kyle wanted to be part of his son’s life. He said she was acting like this was a normal situation where he and Tara could work out a custody agreement, but it wasn’t – it was a messed up state of affairs because of Ashland, the Locke Ness Monster. According to Kyle, a guy who crossed Ashland lost his wife, company, assets and reputation, and that was just over a business issue. He asked if she could imagine what Ashland would do if he found the man who had an affair with his wife and found out he child he was raising wasn’t his son. He said if the truth came out, he’d be inviting chaos and destruction into his life and into the child’s.

Mariah noted that Sally had a lot of leverage on Kyle. He confided that he and Summer had a lot of dirt on Sally too. Mariah thought the smartest thing to do was let it go. Kyle knew, but until now, he’d never let himself consider the possibility that he could have a son. The thought of being a dad was weird, but he didn’t hate it. Mariah thought that made sense – he was a good guy, despite evidence to the contrary. He didn’t feel like it. She found it surreal that she was trying to help Abby and Chance have a baby, and he might have a son that he wasn’t even trying for. She got a text and asked if he minded her taking off. He was fine with it. She warned him that secrets could wreck a relationship, and she thought Summer would know something was up with him.

At the Chancellor house, Abby told Nina that she talked with Devon, and it made it made her realize she was ready to find a donor. Nina was sure Chance would love the child with all his heart. Abby settled on a donor, and she was excited to purchase the sample, but then her smile faded. The donor wasn’t available anymore, because he’d already been used by ten families, and that was the donor bank’s cutoff. Nina thought that made sense, because the baby would end up with nine half-siblings. Abby said it wasn’t like they’d all live in Genoa City. Nina knew Abby had her heart set on this donor, but there had to be more than one great choice. Nina suggested they go for a walk to recharge, then they find someone even better. Later, Devon dropped by the Chancellor mansion, and Mariah showed up soon afterward, explaining that Devon asked her to come by. He said that when Mariah said she’d be the surrogate, he had a realization that all the money they had couldn’t change the cards you were dealt, but people who cared about you could make your dreams come true. Devon offered to be Abby and Chance’s sperm donor.

Sally went to The Grand Phoenix. She wanted a larger suite as a treat for getting promoted. Phyllis said there were no larger rooms, but she’d put Sally on the waiting list. “You don’t like me, do you?,” Sally asked. Phyllis replied that she didn’t think about Sally. Sally suggested it was because Summer and Sally got off on the wrong foot, and Phyllis said her daughter could handle her own situation. Sally said she and Summer smoothed things over, and they might become friends one day. She mused that she and Summer were a lot alike. Jack came in.

Sally and Jack rehashed their recent conversations. She was glad he’d been there to celebrate her promotion, and she appreciated his support in her. He believed his support wasn’t misplaced. She said next time, the drinks were on him, and he laughed. She went upstairs to her room. Phyllis told Jack that Sally had an agenda. He said Sally was ambitious, and there was nothing wrong with that. She brought up what Sally pulled with Summer. He said Sally and Summer were working out their differences. He wished Phyllis and everyone else would give Sally some slack. Phyllis thought the fact that everyone else seemed to have an issue with Sally should tell Jack something. She was adamant that Sally was trouble, and he asked where her proof was. He conceded that Sally had a past and made mistakes, like everyone else. He said Sally wanted a fresh start, and Phyllis, Summer and Kyle should know what that was like. Phyllis asked how Jack explained Sally’s meteoric rise at Fenmore’s. He said it wasn’t meteoric – she was a junior executive. He felt that Sally came to town with a lot of past success, started at the bottom, earned her way back, and that was admirable. He urged Phyllis to give Sally a chance.

After Jack left, Sally came downstairs and headed to the door. Phyllis called her over. Phyllis said she saw through Sally’s innocent act, and she knew what Sally was up to. Sally denied being up to anything besides trying to live her best life. “I know what you’re up to. I know you. I wrote the book,” Phyllis said. “Good to know. I’ll be more discreet,” Sally replied.

Summer went to Sharon and Rey’s. Nick told her that Faith got suspended and that some girls planted vodka in her locker. Summer was shocked kids would do that. Rey revealed that Faith had been drinking with an older girl. Summer asked if she could talk to Faith and see if she was telling the truth. Faith came downstairs and said she was telling the truth. She wondered if Summer would be the one person who believed her. Sharon said Faith’s valentine was the best card she’d ever gotten. It meant a lot that Faith said Sharon was always there for her, even when they fought. She just wanted to protect Faith. Faith said okay. Summer took Faith out.

Summer took Faith to Crimson Lights, and they talked about the bullying. Faith said it all started because of the article on Adam. The girls bullying her created a group chat, and it got to the point where every time she got a notification, she felt sick to her stomach. Summer admitted that in high school, she singled out a boy and bullied him online. Faith asked why. Summer said she’d been a jerk, but she got to know the boy and realized how much it hurt him. She wished she could take it back. Summer felt bad Faith was going through this at the same time her mom had cancer and she got a new step dad. She wished Faith had come to her. Faith said Summer couldn’t have helped. Summer said she could’ve tried. She promised not to judge. Faith swore that someone planted the vodka. Summer asked if Faith knew who. She didn’t, but she figured it was someone who knew she’d been drinking. Summer wished Faith had come to her about that too. Faith said she didn’t have a problem – she drank a couple times and she felt horrible afterward. She said she’d been with her friend, Jordan. Summer remembered Jordan. Faith said Jordan was her only friend, and she didn’t want to lose her, so she went along with it. She asked what else she was supposed to do – sit alone and cry? Summer said that if Jordan was a real friend, she wouldn’t pressure her to drink. Faith said that was something adults said, but it didn’t work like that. She asked if Summer had any idea what it was like after everyone had turned on you to have someone older and cooler think you were cool too? Summer knew all too well.

Back at the cottage, Sharon thought that if anyone could get Faith to open up, it was Summer. She said Summer made mistakes, but look at her now – running JCV. Rey thought Faith was special. He loved her like his own, and he wanted the best for her, no matter what happened. He meant it in his wedding vows when he’d promised to be there for Faith. Sharon wondered if he was insinuating that she didn’t mean her vows. He knew she meant it when Adam wasn’t there, exerting his influence over her. She said Adam didn’t control her – she married Rey, and she didn’t want Adam. He said her actions said a different story. He felt that she’d kept a toehold in Adam’s world, which showed she hadn’t actually made a choice of which man she wanted. He wasn’t ready to give up on the marriage, but he said there was no future for them if she continued to allow Adam to be part of their life. She said Adam wasn’t part of her life. He hoped she had the strength to stay away from Adam, because Adam had no morals, and he’d keep trying to bring her back into his orbit. Sharon felt Rey was overreacting. He told her he wasn’t the only one paying for it – Faith was too. He said her daughter needed her.

Sharon demanded to know how Rey could even question her commitment to Faith. He said she knew how it affected Faith to even be in the same room as Adam, and yet Sharon still let him be part of her life. He snapped that she’d let Adam hold her hand. He asked if she had any idea what that would’ve done to Faith if she’d seen that. She pointed out that she told Adam she couldn’t work with Chelsea – she’d done what Rey wanted. It made Rey wonder what Sharon wanted and if she’d ever break free from Adam. At that point, Summer brought Faith home. Summer said she believed Faith. Rey wondered how they could prove Faith was set up. Summer said that Rey was a cop, and this was his territory. Faith thanked Summer. Summer promised she’d always be there for her sister, then she left. Faith went upstairs. Sharon asked how she was supposed to prove that Adam wasn’t an issue anymore. She asked him to please believe her.

Rey wanted nothing more than to believe Sharon, but they’d gone down this road over and over again. They rehashed the point of contention – she continually helped Adam after promising she was finished with him. He was skeptical about the plan for her to treat Chelsea by provoking her into improving. Sharon said that it was actually a textbook treatment. He testily asked if Chelsea improved or if Sharon hadn’t tortured her enough yet. She argued that he had no idea how this therapy worked. He said this treatment put her in Adam’s home, where she could be his shoulder to cry on. He said if she couldn’t see that, they had a problem. She could see that was how he saw it, which is why she’d stepped back. She now knew it was a mistake to help Chelsea and Adam. Rey wanted to think Sharon actually believed that. Sharon wanted Rey to realize she was acting in good faith and actually thought she could help Chelsea. He wanted to believe her. He abruptly decided to leave for work. She said she loved him, but he didn’t say it back. He left. Faith came downstairs. “What happened? What did you do?,” she asked.

Sharon said she and Rey were just having a disagreement. Faith said she’d lived through Sharon and Rey’s arguments and breakups, and she knew what it looked like. Faith got a text – “is it true your mom kissed your psycho uncle?” it said. Next, she received a picture of Sharon and Adam kissing. “Oh my God. You kissed him?!,” Faith exclaimed, sounding distraught. “Kissed who?” Sharon nervously asked. “That monster!” Faith replied, while showing Sharon the photo. “What is wrong with you?” a disgusted Faith demanded.

Summer went to Jabot, and Kyle told her he was trying to figure out what to do. She reminded him that they had a detente with Sally, because if Sally went public with the affair, or they went to Jack and Lauren about what Sally did in L.A., nobody would win. She asked if something changed. Before he could say more, Jack walked in. Summer said they’d talk later, and she left. Phyllis texted Summer wanting to talk.

Summer went to the hotel, where Phyllis vented about Sally and Jack. She said it was like watching a python luring in a puppy. Summer said Sally was good. Phyllis asked how long this had been going on, and Summer said it’d been happening since the day Sally started at Fenmore’s. Phyllis felt bad for Jack – he was single, his mom just died and he was vulnerable. Summer and Phyllis decided to band together and protect him.

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