Monday Y&R Update 3/19/18

The Y&R Update Monday 3/19/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

From home, Victoria calls J.T. and leaves a message. She apologizes again and needs his advice about her dad.

Meanwhile, J.T. meets Paul in a parked car. Paul expected J.T. to deliver evidence of Victor’s global price fixing by now, and he’s disappointed. J.T. reacts by criticizing his boss and then asks for more time to produce the goods---not a very smart move, but Paul eventually grants him one more chance. He must work fast, though, and not get caught.

All the while, at the ranch, Victor instructs Reed in chess.

At Crimson Lights, Nick expects Phyllis to give him grief about living with Sharon, but Phyllis can see that something else bothers him and offers to listen. He begins: It’s about his mom . . . Phyllis finishes his thought: and her hot, young lover?

Billy runs into Lily in the athletic club foyer and congratulates her on escaping from Newman Enterprises and starting her own modeling agency. He offers to buy her a celebratory drink, but she has to take a rain check. She has a busy day ahead. Soon she’ll be swamped with modeling prospects. She nips up the stairs. Billy considers what she just said and follows.

At home, J.T. is at first cool to Victoria. She doesn’t want to talk about Victor for a change. She knows her lying to protect J.T. was the wrong thing to do and she’ll never do it again. J.T. forgives her. Surprisingly, J.T. now wants to talk about Victor. Victor gave Victoria an ultimatum to either accept a demotion or leave the company. She thinks leaving Newman might be best for her relationship with J.T., but he tells her not to overreact. She should stand her ground, and he’s sure she’ll prevail. This pleases her. J.T. shuffles through the day’s mail and finds an invitation to the Walnut Grove centennial party. As if he’d even consider going. Victoria thinks he should go and offers to accompany him. It will be fun, she says. He’s not into it.

Billy peeks into Lily’s office, where Charlie and Mattie are busy preparing for the modeling auditions. He pretends to have come to talk to Lily about the Walnut Grove bash, but she soon realizes the reason for his visit. She invites him to stay and give his input on the models. He doesn’t need much persuading.

In a private booth at Crimson Lights, Phyllis tells Nick what she knows. She saw Nikki slip upstairs at the club with a handsome young man and then saw her descend those stairs the next morning, wearing a smile and the same clothes she’d had on the night before. Nick flinches. What to do? Phyllis suggests he just let her be happy, but Nick can’t. If Victor finds out, there will be hell to pay. So keep it a secret, Phyllis says. She predicts the novelty will wear off eventually. Now about Nick and Christian: How are they doing without Chelsea and Connor? It’s tough, but it is what it is. Despite the shock of discovering Christian’s paternity, Nick is content to care for Adam’s son. It’s what Adam would have wanted, but Nick would like to keep that information between him, Sharon, and Phyllis.

At Hamilton-Winters: Privately, Charlie and Mattie ask Lily whether she told Billy what to expect. Not yet, but she will. Just a heads-up, the models will be topless. Is Billy comfortable with that? No problem. The hopefuls file in---all men, each wearing only faded blue jeans.

To spare Victoria a meeting with her father, J.T. offers to pick up Reed from the ranch. When he gets there, Victor won’t let Reed leave before they finish their game of chess, despite Reed’s attempts to weasel out of it. J.T. is more than willing to wait. While the game continues, he sneaks upstairs, dons a pair of gloves, and lets himself into Victor’s study. There he searches the desk for incriminating contracts but comes up empty. Ultimately he finds the safe and takes a quick photo. Victoria calls just then. He answers and assures her that her dad is on his best behavior and J.T. and Reed will be home soon. Meanwhile, Victor calls checkmate and the game is over. While Reed studies the board to discern his error, Victor slips away and catches J.T. in the upstairs hall. J.T. evades interrogation about what he’s doing there, thanks Victor for schooling Reed in chess, and leaves with his son.

Lily thanks the models as they leave the office. She asks Billy’s thoughts and teases him. Charlie and Mattie consider their work done, but not so fast, Lily says. There’s lots of behind-the-scenes work to do. Billy backs her up. Lily jokes that she might lure him away from Chancellor Industries after all.

Nick thanks his mother for meeting him at the club. At first she’s concerned about the urgency, but when she learns it’s about her extracurriculars with Arturo, she breathes a sigh of relief. Nick mustn’t worry. They’re being discreet---or thought they were---and she and Victor have “an arrangement.” Nick is horrified. She’s sorry to disappoint, but the vow renewal was for practical purposes only. There’s no romance, and Nikki is OK with it. Nick is still worried that she might be hurt, by either Victor or Arturo.

Charlie and Mattie return to Lily’s office and present her with a nameplate for her desk. Seeing her in action made a favorable impression. She’s touched and insists on a group hug.

Reed obviously isn’t into chess and unwinds all the way home by listening to music on his headphones. J.T. doesn’t take it personally. Victoria joins them in the living room. As soon as Reed goes up to his room, Victoria announces her decision to remain at Newman. J.T. is right. He not only promises full support, but he suggests they spend more time outside the office with her old man. She misinterprets his reason for wanting to and goes along willingly. In fact, she arranges a dinner at the ranch---because J.T. insists they meet on Victor’s turf---for tomorrow night.

Phyllis finds Billy downing drinks with the male models at the club bar and joins them.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Paul takes J.T.’s call. Victor’s safe has been located and it’s crackable. By this time tomorrow, he’ll have the evidence.

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