Monday Y&R Update 1/21/19

The Y&R Update Monday 1/21/19


Written by Christine

Cane asked Mattie to look after the house tonight while he went to visit Lily. Mattie quizzed Cane about his sudden trip, and she didn't buy his explanation that he just missed Lily. Cane tried to avoid the question, and Mattie told him that the family had dealt with enough lies. Finally, Cane told Mattie that something private happened when he last saw Lily. He said relationships had bumps in the road and it was hard work doing it long distance. Mattie was sympathetic, and she promised to do everything she could to help. He said she'd already done enough, but she decided to go with him. Cane appreciated that, but he had to go alone. Mattie realized things were bad, and she decided that she didn't want the details. She asked him to promise that everything was going to be okay. They hugged.

Lily was surprised when Billy visited her. She mentioned that he hadn't seen her since she went to prison. He complimented her on how she looked, and said he borrowed the Jabot jet because the visit was long overdue. She asked him for the juicy gossip. He told her that Victor was charged with JT's murder. She heard about that on the news. She asked if there were any scandals in Genoa City – things she couldn't find out on television. He told her about Fen's music career. She asked why he came. He said they were friends. She knew he was keeping something from her, and she asked him to be honest. She asked about her relatives, one by one, and he assured her that the were fine, until he got to Cane. She mentioned that their last visit didn't go well, and she blamed herself for that. Lily knew Billy wasn't Cane's biggest fan, but she said that his love and support was getting her through every hellish day in prison. Billy said he shouldn't have come, but Lily told him she'd learned the hard way that it was never a mistake to tell the truth. He admitted that he walked in on Cane and Victoria kissing. Lily said there was no way Billy saw that. He agreed with her and started to leave. Lily stopped him and asked him to tell her again. He repeated what he said. Lily was stunned because Cane and Victoria hated each other. She wondered if he'd been cheating on her the whole time. Billy clarified that Victoria said it hadn't gone beyond kissing. Lily assumed it was a drunken mistake, but he stated that Cane and Victoria were sober and that Victoria said it wasn't their first kiss. Lily questioned what would've happened if Billy hadn't walked in on them. She felt like she was going to be sick, and she wondered why they would do that. Billy didn't know, he said that yesterday, Victoria said she loved him, and he thought they were going to get back on track. Lily felt like a volcano was raging inside her, but she knew she had to stay calm because if she acted out, the prison would lengthen her sentence and take her privileges. Billy regretted coming, but Lily said she had the right to know. She said that if she were on the outside, this would've broken her, but in prison, she had to be tough. He asked what she was going to do. “I'm gonna survive this. By any means necessary,” she replied.

Later, a guard told Cane that visiting hours ended a half hour ago. Cane said it was an emergency – he had to see Lily. The guard told him that Lily couldn't have anymore visitors today. Cane protested because no one else had visited her. The guard looked at the visitor's log and told Cane that Billy Abbott visited.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo surprised Abby with her favorite flowers. Rey walked over and said “take some advice from your older brother, when you find the right woman, Rey paused to look at Sharon, “Don't let her go.” Abby glared at Rey and brought up him arresting her father for something he didn't do. Rey thought they could be cordial, despite their disagreement on the matter. Rey mentioned that Victor was out on bail, and Abby was miffed because, yet again, she was the last in the family to know. She said goodbye to Arturo and left. Rey noticed the bouquet and recalled that Arturo used to hate flowers because their dad used to give them to their mom to cover up his indiscretions. Arturo said he bought them because Abby liked them. Rey was happy for Arturo and Abby because Abby seemed like a good woman. Rey was concerned that his involvement in JT's murder investigation would create friction in Arturo and Abby's relationship. Rey was glad that Arturo was in his life again, but he understood if Arturo had to take a step back. Arturo told Rey not to worry about him and Abby, because they were solid. Arturo admitted he was thinking about settling down. Rey said that when you grew up with a father like theirs, you either got married and took your vows seriously, or you never committed. Arturo wished he could take the affair with Mia back. He apologized. Rey admitted that Arturo broke his heart, but the important thing was that they got through it, and it was in the past, never to be repeated.

Arturo said that he'd missed having Rey in his life. He praised Rey for sacrificing to take care of the family after their dad left, then he apologized for giving Rey a hard time back then and not giving him the respect that he deserved. “You were more of a father, more of a role model to me than Dad ever was,” Arturo said. Mia walked in just as the brothers hugged. She came over, and Rey mentioned that the family might be growing soon – Arturo brought Abby flowers. Rey left for work. Mia suggested that Arturo bought the flowers to assuage his guilt over the other night. He said there was no other night. Mia laughed and said he was cute when he lied. He ordered her to back off, because he was happy with Abby. She asked how long he thought that would last. He was certain it would last, because he loved Abby. Mia said she loved Rey, but for some reason, when she and Arturo were alone... Arturo told Mia to work on her marriage, because Abby was the only woman in his life. He stormed out. Mia picked up the flowers and smiled. Abby returned for the flowers, and she crowed about how sweet and attentive Arturo was. Mia told Abby to enjoy it while she could, because the last thing Arturo wanted was to settle down. Abby said Arturo had changed. Mia said that when Arturo came over the other night, to fix the heat, and it was just the two of them, it felt like old times. Abby tensed up. Mia said it was never good when your boyfriend kept things from you, and she suggested that Arturo bought the flowers because he felt bad. Abby told Mia to spend more time with her own man and stop worrying about Abby's. Mia said she wasn't worried, but maybe Abby should be. Abby suggested Mia must have someone's nose hairs to pluck, then she stormed off. Mia laughed.

Abby arrived at Dark Horse and told Arturo what happened. He started to apologize for not telling Abby he'd fixed the furnace. Abby wasn't angry with Arturo; she said he fixed hundreds of things, and she didn't need every detail. She was angry with Mia for twisting his good deed into something more. Arturo told Abby to ignore Mia. Abby repeated what Mia said about old times. Arturo said that Abby was his future, and his everything. They hugged and kissed.

Arturo went to Mia's and confronted her. He asked why she went to Abby. She said she was trying to protect him from Abby. Mia contended that Abby saw Arturo as a novelty item, the boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks, and she'd throw him away when she was bored. He disagreed. Mia asked if what he had with Abby compared to what he had with Mia. She said that if he didn't, it would be a mistake to be with Abby. Arturo said that Mia was his mistake, not Abby. Mia asked why he came over instead of saying this by text or email. She believed that he came because he wanted to be close to her. She moved just inches away, and reminded him that he'd said there'd always be something between them. Arturo warned Mia that if she kept threatening his relationship with Abby, he'd come clean to Rey. Mia didn't believe he'd do that, because if he did, he'd lose Rey forever. At that moment, Rey came home. Arturo was about to tell Rey everything when Mia interrupted and said that Arturo was there to talk about the furnace. Mia changed the subject and professed that she'd never loved anyone the way she loved Rey. She said she wanted to prove to everyone that he was the only one that mattered to her and that nothing could tear them apart. She asked him to marry her again. He said nothing would make him happier. They hugged, and he smiled at Arturo.

Phyllis called Sharon with a business proposition. Sharon wasn't interested. Phyllis told her that was a mistake. Sharon arrived at Phyllis's office. Phyllis warned Sharon not to run to Victoria and Nikki to rat her out. Sharon didn't even know what this was about. Phyllis thought things had changed since Victor's released, and trusting the the Newmans could land her and Sharon in prison. Sharon thought Phyllis was being paranoid. Phyllis noted that Nikki already confessed to Nick, and she thought Nikki would likely confess to Victor next. Sharon disagreed, because Nikki had made them a promise. Phyllis said Nikki had been ready to confess at JT's memorial, until Phyllis stopped her. Sharon disapproved of Phyllis's methods. Phyllis said she'd apologized, but Reed needed to face some truths, just like Sharon did now. Phyllis said that the entire Newman family would do anything they could to keep Nikki out of prison, including pinning JT's murder on Phyllis and Sharon. Sharon realized that Phyllis made a good point, but she noted that Nikki only implicated herself and Victoria. Phyllis didn't think it'd take much for Nikki to tell the whole story. Sharon didn't think Nick would let anyone set up the mother of his children. Phyllis didn't think Victor would give Nick a vote. Phyllis felt that she and Sharon were a team. Sharon believed that if she and Nick were still together, he would've told her about Nikki's confession, but with Phyllis, the trust wasn't there. Sharon remarked that it was hardly the basis for a strong committed relationship. Phyllis stated that they had bigger issues right now. Phyllis asked if Sharon would continue to trust the Newmans. Sharon said she'd never trust Victor again, but she saw Nick and Victoria's cars at the ranch. Phyllis thought it was telling that Nick was over there welcoming home the father that he detested. Sharon still trusted Nikki and Victoria, and she didn't think there was proof that the Newmans were conspiring against her and Phyllis. “I may not trust Victor, but there's one person I trust even less than him. You,” Sharon snapped. Phyllis insisted that she was trying to help Sharon. Sharon believed that Phyllis would double-cross her in a heartbeat to save herself.

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