Monday Y&R Update 11/12/18

The Y&R Update Monday 11/12/18


Written by Christine

Sharon arrived at work and greeted Rey. He told her he didn't have time to chat and suggested that one of the other detectives might have something for her to do. Sharon's temper flared, and she snapped that Rey talked her out of quitting and now he was pretending she didn't exist. Nick walked in. Sharon thought he was there to see her, and she spat that she didn't intend to discuss their personal issues at work, or anywhere else. Nick was actually there at Rey's request. They went into an interrogation room.

Rey asked when Nick last saw JT. Nick said it was at the hospital, just before JT and Victoria went to Hawaii. Rey noted that Nick's plan to impersonate JT would've fallen apart if the real JT showed up. Nick clarified that he didn't put his plot into motion until after JT had been gone for months. At the time, Nick assumed JT was off the grid. Rey suggested that Nick may have made sure that JT wasn't going to resurface. Nick said he had nothing to do with JT's disappearance or death – he'd wanted JT to go to prison. Nick asked if they were finished, and they were, so Nick left.

Nick demanded to know what Sharon said to Rey about JT. He didn't appreciate being treated like a murder suspect. Sharon denied any involvement in the case, and Nick believed her. Nick felt that Rey was out to get him. He told Sharon to warn her new friend that if he went after Nick, or his family, there would be a problem. After Nick left, Sharon went to the interrogation room and confronted Rey about questioning Nick. He told her she wasn't on the case. She asked if that was all he was going to say. He told her again that he was busy. She told him that Nick accused her of siccing Rey on him. She didn't think Rey could actually believe Nick killed his own brother in law. Rey noted that Nick had a motive, since JT tried to kill Victor. Sharon asked if Nick was a suspect. Rey said Nick wasn't charged with anything. Sharon demanded to know if Rey planned on accusing everyone who had a problem with JT of being a killer. Rey asked why Sharon was so worried about this, and she told him that Nick was the father of her children.

Sharon thought that Rey should've given her a heads up if he was planning to speak to Nick. Rey moved in close and asked if that was the only reason she was upset. Sharon told him it wasn't a good idea to insinuate that she was a hysterical female. She accused him of deflecting, then she charged that the only person getting emotional was him. He asked how he was getting emotional. She told him he'd shut her out and was shutting her down. She said he convinced her to stay at the job and told her everything would work out, but now he couldn't bear to look at her. She said he went from telling her how valuable she was, to treating her like a nuisance. He admitted he didn't want things to be like this. Sharon told him to fix it because she didn't want to lose this friendship, on top of everything else that recently disappeared from her life. “Please, don't shut me out,” Sharon said. Rey suddenly kissed Sharon. The door opened, and Sharon and Rey pulled apart. It was Nikki, there at Rey's request. A wide-eyed Sharon announced that she'd get back to work, and she left the room.

Since Rey already had the information he'd requested about the park, Nikki didn't understand why she was there. Rey had been unable to reach Victor, and he thought Nikki might be able to help. Nikki noted that he could've asked this on the phone. According to Nikki, Victor was in Singapore on business. Rey thought that was convenient. Nikki clarified that Victor left well before Rey declared Chancellor Park a crime scene. He asked if she had proof that Victor was gone. She agreed to have the office send whatever he wanted. He noted that she was very calm. She told him that her husband was a high profile man who'd been accused of all sorts of things. She mentioned that he seemed to have focused on her family. He stated that JT made life hell for Victoria and tried to kill Victor. Nikki accused Rey of blaming the victims. Rey felt for Victoria, while he didn't have kids, he sometimes felt fatherly toward Lola, and if anyone ever hurt her, then came after him, he might... Nikki thought the police commission would be interested in knowing that Rey was willing to murder someone. She told him that her husband wasn't a killer. Rey told her to have Victor call him. Nikki asked what if she let Victor set his own schedule. He told her that he'd have to track Victor down himself, and he insinuated that he'd let the press know. Nikki agreed that she'd pass along the message.

Nikki went into the squad room and spoke with Sharon. Sharon was relieved when Nikki revealed that Rey only asked about Victor. Sharon said that Rey hadn't said anything to her about JT, and there was no indication that he planned to. Nikki was happy to hear that and glad that Sharon kept her job at the station. Nikki left. Sharon went back to the room and asked Rey what happened before. He apologized. She said she didn't ask for an apology, but he felt she deserved one since he shouldn't have done that. She asked why he did – she reminded him that they made an agreement. He said he couldn't look at her today because he couldn't hide his feelings, even though they were wrong for so many reasons. She admitted she couldn't stop thinking about him either, but she thought they had to stop going back and forth and make a real decision. He told her to come to his place tonight and talk. She was hesitant, but he didn't think this was a conversation for a public location. He assured her that he'd understand if she didn't show up.

At their place, Tessa said Mariah's presence made this house a a home. Tessa kissed Mariah's neck. Mariah mentioned that she had a crick in her neck. Mariah had to go to work, but she promised to organize the apartment and properly put her things away once she got back. Later, Mariah returned, and found she had the place to herself. She began tidying up and she went into the closet and opened a duffle bag that may have been the one Tessa had hidden money in. Mariah opened it and put some clothes inside. Tessa came home before her shift to drop off some groceries because she wanted to make dinner for Mariah. Mariah showed off the organized closet and mentioned that she put some of Tessa's clothes in a duffle bag. Tessa was fine with it. Mariah had a surprise – she thought the mattress was the source of the crick in her neck, so she bought a new one, and the delivery guy already brought it over. Tessa nervously asked what happened to the old mattress. It was in the dumpster. Mariah was taken aback when Tessa went off on her for throwing the mattress away without permission. Tessa rushed outside.

In Phyllis's office, Kyle noted that the launch for the Jabotiques was coming together nicely, but he had concerns. The majority of their loose cash was being spent on R&D, so how were they covering the bills for Jabotique launch party? Phyllis said she had it taken care of. Kyle kept questioning Phyllis, and she called him annoying. Kyle shifted gears and suggested they post about the launch online to maximize their exposure with Millenials. Phyllis approved the idea. Kyle said he had to pay for promotional posts. Phyllis said that she had a potential partner who was willing to underwrite all the expenses. Kyle surmised that it was Dark Horse, and he was surprised that she'd get Nick to foot the bill for Billy's brainchild.

Phyllis called Victoria and revealed that Rey brought Nick in for questioning. Nick already told Victoria about it, and she wasn't concerned because he wasn't involved in JT's disappearance. Victoria said that Rey was just zeroing in on her family – Nikki was at the GCPD now and Victoria had an appointment with Rey later. Phyllis was concerned because Rey had called in 50% of the people involved in JT's disappearance and annoyed that Victoria didn't tell her about this before. Victoria said she was respecting Phyllis's wishes and keeping her distance. Victoria didn't think it was a big deal that she and her mom were called in because Nikki owned the park, and the police believed Victoria was the last one to see JT before she helped him escape. Victoria said to relax – Rey was on the wrong track. Phyllis said he better stay that way. Victoria hung up the phone, and she looked troubled.

Kyle met with Mariah at the Club. She told him she'd moved in with Tessa, and she felt like an idiot who didn't know how to be in a real relationship. She filled him in on what happened. Mariah didn't understand why her attempt to do something nice backfired and made Tessa angrier than Mariah had ever seen her get before. Kyle learned, from his experience with Lola, that sometimes a gift could make a person feel like a charity case. He brought up the time he offered to help Lola finance her restaurant and she turned him down. Mariah reasoned that a restaurant was a lot different than a mattress. She added that she wasn't the same thing as an Abbott. Kyle countered that Mariah was on TV and she was Newman-adjacent, and Tessa wasn't. He said he and Mariah could say it didn't matter, but it wasn't their call – Lola felt how she felt, and he had to respect that. Mariah thanked Kyle, kissed his cheek and left.

Victoria met with Rey in the interrogation room. She said it was a shock to hear about JT on the news and she noted that her son could've found out about his father that way. She thought it was rather heartless of Rey and that he should've thought about JT's loved ones. Rey apologized and hoped providing justice on JT's behalf would make up for some of that. Rey wanted to hear about the last time Victoria saw JT. Victoria recounted the cover story. She said JT came over, and she took him upstairs without anyone seeing him. The truth about what JT did to Victor came out, and she was furious, but heartbroken because she loved JT. She said she gave him about $700 to leave town because she didn't want Reed to see his father in jail. Rey asked if she normally had that kind of cash lying around. She said she took it out for the trip to Hawaii and didn't get the chance to spend it. Rey questioned how it was that none of the guests heard anything, even after she learned JT almost murdered her father. Victoria said it happened so fast and the night was a blur. She said she hadn't heard anything from him since then. Rey said he was trying to understand how no one saw JT, coming or going. She said they were quiet and careful.

Rey said there was evidence that JT was in the park that night – the watch – and there was a clear indication that he lost the watch after he was at Victoria's place. Victoria asked if that was the significant evidence he mentioned in the press conference. He admitted it was partially that. She asked if it was DNA, and she asked if that couldn't have come from the watch. He said he couldn't deny or confirm anything. She noted that whatever the evidence was, he felt comfortable announcing that JT was dead. He said they were certain that JT was deceased, but he couldn't tell her why. He thanked her for coming, and she left. He called someone and told them that Victoria stuck to her original story. Rey said Victoria had a tell – she asked about DNA and the watch, which was unusual. According to Rey, most people would want to know how the person was killed and if they could see the body. Rey believed Victoria didn't ask because she knew there was no body to be found.

Kyle grinned and told Lola that he had a big day watching boxes be unloaded from a truck – he was a very important executive. Lola smiled and noted that he told her that the day they met. He realized he was never going to live that down. He mentioned that Mariah and Tessa moved in together, and Lola excitedly suggested she and Kyle get them a housewarming gift. Lola rethought that and said that she should get them a gift. Kyle assured Lola that he liked the idea of a joint gift from both of them. He started to mention that he got Mariah and Tessa together, and Lola told him she already knew. Kyle realized he talked about himself a lot. Lola told him that he bragged about himself. She apologized for teasing him, and she promised to stop, but she thought he was so cute.

Kyle asked about Lola's day. The truck was doing well, but she needed more people to order from her delivery service now that the weather was getting cold. He was confident that they would. She agreed, but she wasn't sure she could compete with the larger companies who had fancy apps and marketing. He told her that she could make anything she wanted happen. She asked about the rest of his day. He said he pretended to tolerate Phyllis, and he was glad that she was giving him more responsibility, which was better than making him twiddle his thumbs. He said there was something he couldn't fix on his own, and he could really use her help.

Later, Kyle asked if Lola if she was turning him down. She told him that he couldn't possibly be this pitiful – going to a party alone couldn't be his emergency. She added that this wasn't any party – it was a work party where he'd have to impress his boss and schmooze with random business types. He admitted she was right and said the only way he'd have any fun was if she suffered with him. She told him that fancy events weren't usually her thing, but she would go. He promised that it would almost be fun. She said she'd be with him, which was good enough for her.

Nick met with Victoria and Nikki at Newman, and he was annoyed that Rey had dragged them all down to the station again. He thought it was harassment. He felt that Rey had a made a huge leap to accuse him of murder just because he impersonated JT. Nick said he knew what he did, and he knew what it did to Victoria, but he had nothing to do with killing JT. Victoria assured Nick that no one thought he did. Nikki said that Victor was higher up on the suspect list, which was absurd. Nick wasn't so sure it was a bad theory. Victoria noted that Victor was incapacitated after what JT did and it took him weeks to recover. Nick suggested that Victor used a hitman. Nick said JT hurt Victoria, and he tried to kill Victor twice. Nick didn't think there was any way Victor would let that go. Nikki said she knew Victor better than anyone and she was positive he had nothing to do with this. Nick felt Rey was determined to pin the murder on a Newman. Nick thought it was time that the Newmans put their differences aside, unite and protect themselves.

Nick went to Jabot and told Phyllis that Rey had it out for the Newmans. She called Rey a sleaze. She recalled the way he kissed up to everyone when he arrived and said that anyone who couldn't see that he was full of garbage was a sucker. Phyllis asked Nick to co-sponsor the Jabotique launch party. According to Phyllis, the synergy would be good PR, and she admitted she needed Nick's money. He grinned. She said Jabot had been sucked dry, and she refused to throw a half-assed event. He admitted that part of the reason her expenses were so high was because he raised her rent. She asked if he did it to stick it to Billy. He said Jack wanted to stick it to Billy, and he went along for the ride. She asked if he'd lower the rent for her. He said no, because she was paying market value.

Phyllis asked Nick to be her date for the party. He asked how much of this was about him and how much was about Billy. Phyllis knew it would annoy Billy, which she considered a bonus. Phyllis said that people thought she couldn't lead Jabot, just like people thought that Nick couldn't make Dark Horse happen. She wanted them to walk into the party together, have their picture taken by the press, and instantly, they'd become a power couple – a force to be reckoned with. Nick aksed if she wanted to be a couple. Phyllis said she'd back off if Nick wasn't into it, but she wasn't opposed to it. Nick thought that the way she put it was really sexy. He closed the blinds. He liked the idea of walking into the party with her – people would judge them, but they'd make it clear that they'd live their lives the way they warned. They kissed.

Back at Newman, Nikki said that Rey would want to talk to Victor as soon as he returned. She knew that Victor would be himself during the interview, which meant Rey would become even more suspicious. Victoria noted that Victor didn't know anything. Nikki said that Rey didn't ask to speak to Sharon or Phyllis, which must mean he didn't figure everything out yet. They discussed the blackmailer. Nikki had thought she might hear from them after the press conference. Victoria said the blackmailer might realize there was too much at risk and they'd be implicated too, especially if they moved the body.

Mariah went home. She found a bottle of wine, two glasses and a note that said “Sorry I flipped out and left. Wine and talk later?” Mariah went outside to throw something in the dumpster. Tessa was already at the dumpster, crouched over the old mattress. Mariah looked stunned. She hid and watched Tessa pull wads of money out of the mattress and stuff it into a duffle bag.

A woman continually buzzed Rey's place – his wife, Mia. He let her in and asked what she was doing there. She said she missed him – he was only supposed to be gone for a few weeks, and now he'd rented an apartment, as if Genoa City was his home. She thought a husband and wife should be together, so she quit her job and relocated. He reminded her that they agreed to separate. She said they'd split temporarily to think things through, and she knew what she wanted – to be with him. Mia believed Rey wanted her too, and she touched his face and told him everything would be okay. Mia went to the restroom and Sharon arrived. Rey told Sharon he couldn't do this. Sharon said it was fine, she understood. He told her that she didn't. At that point, Mia returned and joined Rey in the doorway. Rey introduced Sharon as his landlord and told Sharon that his wife, Mia surprised him. Mia thought it was more romantic that way. Sharon was clearly thrown, but she came up with an innocent cover story about household repairs. Mia complimented Sharon's dress and assumed she was going somewhere nice. Sharon faltered then said she was going on a date, then she left. Sharon went downstairs and looked shaken.

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