Monday Y&R Update 4/15/19

The Y&R Update Monday 4/15/19


Written by Christine

Nikki went to Victoria's for a visit. Victoria admitted that she'd been trying to run away from her problems when she went to Las Vegas. However, Victoria said she faced the monster. Nikki knew Victoria meant JT. Victoria continued that once she faced her fears, she was able to put everything behind her and move forward. Victoria gave Billy credit for helping her. Nikki wondered if they were back together. Victoria said they were going to take things very very slowly.

Nikki was curious what made Victoria think the relationship with Billy would be different this time. Nikki felt that Victoria had always been Billy's greatest addiction, more than the gambling. Victoria felt that Billy was different this time. She mentioned that he'd been calm when she hosted the poker game. Nikki wanted an explanation. Victoria lied and said there was a mix up and she just allowed the game to take place in her room. Nikki worried that Victoria hosted the game there to see how Billy would react. Victoria was adamant that she'd never do that to Billy or to anyone else in recovery. Nikki didn't believe the cover story about the mix up and grumbled that Victoria was just like her father, keeping secrets from Nikki because they were afraid it'd break her. Victoria admitted that Victor was secretly in Vegas. She showed her mom the picture. Nikki didn't recognize the guy with Victor. Victoria explained that Victor had been frequenting high stakes poker games, and she thought she could catch him red handed and he'd be forced to tell the truth. Nikki seethed and snapped that Victor had lied to her for the last time.

Nikki recalled that when she got out of prison, Victor spun a fairy-tale that they'd be side by side forever, then he left the very next day. Victoria wanted to believe there was a reasonable explanation. Nikki left Victor voice mail saying she didn't know where he was, what he was doing, or even who he was, at this point, but if he didn't get on a plane, he'd rue the day. Nikki griped about classic Victor – lies, secrets, everything shrouded in mystery. She thought that he was going to try and come up with a cover story. Nikki and Victoria went to Victor's office at Newman and searched through his papers for clues. Victoria wasn't comfortable with invading her dad's privacy, but Nikki felt that she had no other option.

Victoria suggested that the man in the photo was a CEO Victor was wining and dining. Nikki asked why he'd lie if that were the case. Victor called, and Nikki demanded to know where the hell he was. Victor claimed he was in Istanbul. A skeptical Nikki noted that he'd supposedly gone from New Zealand to Vegas to Istanbul in 48 hours. Victor told Nikki to be patient because all would soon be revealed. Nikki wanted to hear more, but he said he loved her and hung up. Nikki found a doctor's bill from Summerlin Nevada, which was right outside Vegas. Nikki decided to fly to Summerlin to find out what was wrong with Victor and to nurse him through it. Victoria looked up the doctor – it was a psychiatrist. They were confused, because Victor would never go to a psychiatrist.

At the Abbott house, Billy was on cloud nine because things were moving forward with Victoria. Traci was happy about this, but she was surprised Victoria was ready to take the next step so soon. He acknowledged that Victoria was sensible and cautious. He talked about how they balanced each other – she cooled him down, and he brought out her wild side. Cane came over, and Billy tried to shoo him off, but Traci let him in. Cane apologized to Billy for what happened at the Club and admitted that the Ashby marriage woes weren't Billy's fault. Billy gave Traci kudos on getting through to Cane. Traci urged her brother to accept Cane's apology. Billy accepted, then he left. Traci asked about Lily. He said that Lily was being released this week, but he didn't sign the papers because Lily meant too much to him. He asked Traci to help him. She didn't want to get involved, because she was worried that she would lose one or both of them as friends. He swore he wouldn't let it happen. He thought she was perfect because she was the glue that held her family together, and she had insight into what people needed. She still said she couldn't. He told her to think of him and Lily as characters in one of her books and help him figure out how to get to a happy ending.

Traci and Cane went to Chancellor Park, where she warned him that she was not a miracle worker. She noted that he said he wasn't the man Lily deserved anymore. She explained that if he were a character in one of her books, she would want to find out what happened to the man he used to be. He said those weren't easy answers. She told him he'd have to dig deep and be honest with himself – it was the only way to battle the demons inside. Traci recalled Cane saying he had a little trouble with the truth. He said it was because he didn't like hurting people. She chuckled at his justification, then he admitted he lied to protect himself. He said he lied to Lily before kissing Victoria and before cheating with Juliet, and he lied when he and Lily got together because he'd been pretending to be a Chancellor. Traci thought that sounded like more than self preservation. She asked why he lied so much to Lily. He said it was because he didn't deserve her – she was talented, honest, ambitious, and she came from a terrific family. He felt that he was the opposite – his father and brother were criminals, his mother wasn't much better. When he felt like he wasn't living up to Lily's expectations, he lied. He said that lying was second nature. Traci theorized that the lies were bandages on very deep wounds. He said the lies came out and only made things worse. Traci thought Cane made a big step today. They went back to the book analogy, and she said this was her favorite chapter – where it became clear that the character could be redeemed.

At the penthouse, the camera zoomed in on a picture of Neil and Devon. Devon came downstairs, where Ana and Jett were singing a duet. He applauded them. Jett was happy to have a fan club of one, but Devon was convinced that the public would still love to hear Jett sing again. He offered Jett a contract. Jett turned it down because his voice wasn't what it used to be, and he thought his time had passed. Elena came downstairs and overheard Devon opine that Jett's voice was timeless. Devon revealed that Jett's first single was one of the songs that inspired him to get into the music business. Jett agreed to consider the offer.

Jack walked into Society, which was Devon and Abby's new restaurant. It was still in an unfinished state, but Jack marveled at how well things were coming together. Abby thought he'd be even more impressed once it was up and running. He couldn't wait. She was thrilled that all the pieces were falling into place. He wasn't surprised, because he never doubted her. He proposed that the Jabot Collective launching its new line on the restaurant's opening night. He thought it'd be good publicity for both companies. She loved the idea, but she declined because she thought Ashley would see it as a betrayal. She refused to get involved with My Beauty or Jabot until the feud was over. He respected her decision to stay neutral. He asked if he still had an invitation to the grand opening as a proud agenda-free uncle. She assured him that she did, and they hugged.

In the CEO's office, Jack made a phone call and promised big things on the horizon for Jabot. Billy came in and commented on Jack being back in the saddle. Jack mentioned that he'd paid Ashley to cancel her plans for a My Beauty Collective. Billy was sure it was just a matter of time before Ashley struck back. Jack smiled and said he knew. Billy wondered why Jack was smiling. Jack was confident that he could handle whatever Ashley threw at him. “What is it the kids say? 'bring it on,'” Jack announced. “Kids haven't said that in twenty years,” Billy clarified. Jack stated that he and Ashley were getting closer – they were two CEOs on equal footing, and he had a new appreciation for her. He hoped she felt the same way about him. Billy thought Ashley was playing Jack, and he hoped his siblings didn't destroy each other or Jabot. Jack said all Ashley ever wanted was to run Jabot, and now she was charting her own course. Billy noted that she was doing it with Jabot's patents, and he warned Jack not to underestimate Ashley. Jack was sure that Ashley would dial things back now that she had what she wanted. Billy contended that she didn't want Jack's money – she wanted his head on a platter.

Billy mentioned that his gambler's anonymous meeting helped him set his priorities. He realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Victoria. Victoria wanted to take things slow, but he planned to move back into the house and raise the kids with her before she could change her mind. Jack noted that Billy wasn't taking things slow, and he urged him to be careful. Billy thought Vegas was a new beginning – Victoria had her doubts, but they loved each other and they were going to move forward. Jack mentioned that they were moving at different speeds. Billy was confident that it'd work out.

Billy let himself into Victoria's. She wasn't home, so he decided to wait for her. He told himself he'd waited his entire life for this woman, then he pulled out an engagement ring.

Jack went home, and Traci tried to hide something from him. He asked what it was. She told him it was something from Ashley, and she tried to dissuade him from looking, but he insisted. It was an ad for Jack of Hearts featuring Kerry sharing a romantic moment with another man. Jack said that Ashley had ice water in her veins. Traci didn't see it that way – she thought Ashley was hurt. Traci saw the look on his face and she urged him not to sink to Ashley's level. He pulled out his phone and told Ashley that he loved her and said “well played.”

Devon went to Society and he told Abby that things were looking good. However, he wanted to know why she told Mariah that he said he wanted her to promote the restaurant on GC Buzz. Abby brushed it off as a misunderstanding, then she shifted gears and showed Devon the stage where she thought some of LP's artists could perform once the dinner crowd faded and the restaurant turned into a night club. He told her she'd done the impossible – he didn't believe she'd be able to do it, but she did. She gushed that she thought she found her calling.

Devon went home, and Jett and Ana were singing again. He told them that they were going to sing at his new restaurant on opening night. Ana reminded him that she wanted to stay behind the scenes. Jett said he wasn't ready. Devon said it was one night and a couple of songs. Elena was on Devon's side. Devon said there wouldn't be any producers, just friends and family. Jett asked what Devon would get out of it. Devon said he'd get to watch his little sister share a stage with her dad and to watch them blow away the audience. Ana agreed to do it if Jett would. Elena assured him that two songs wouldn't be too much of a strain on his vocal cords. Jett was hesitant, but he did want to sing with Ana, so he agreed to do it. Ana hugged Jett.

Later, Devon and Elena were alone. He thanked her for the back up. She hoped she was doing right by her uncle, and she told Devon that he'd better be doing right by Jett too. Devon said he didn't take advantage of people. Elena didn't want to offend, but she noted that he was a producer. He understood her point, but he said Ana was his sister, which made Jett family. He said he'd never do anything to exploit his family. She believed he meant that. He said he spent time growing up wishing he had a family, and the last thing he'd do is mess it up now. Family was sacred. He asked her to dinner at the restaurant on opening night. She said it sounded like a date. he agreed. She didn't have anything to wear. He promised to take care of all of that. She accepted the invitation.

Arturo showed up at the restaurant, hoping to talk to Abby.

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