Friday Y&R Update 6/22/18

The Y&R Update Friday 6/22/18


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Phyllis comes home early from her trip and means to surprise Billy at the office, but he’s not there. He’s at home, surveying the damage from last night. There are empty beer bottles and poker chips strewn all over the living room. Summer agrees to keep it their little secret.

In her office, Victoria continues to work amid boxes of sensitive Newman documents from an anonymous sender. Victor enters with Abby and asks for news. Victoria has none. Victor is focused on one suspect: J.T. Victoria thinks it’s a mistake to jump to conclusions. Abby suggests calling the authorities, but Victor doesn’t want to go public. He promises to punish J.T. severely if he is the culprit.

Sharon and Nick discuss how others will react to their news at the party today. Sharon thinks she can safely strike Phyllis, Nikki, and Summer from her list of potential bridesmaids. Nick prefers to focus on the positive. He is sure Mariah and Faith will be happy, although Sharon has doubts about Faith. Nick knows it won’t be easy, but they along with Christian will be a family.

Billy is somber as he cleans up. He refuses a cup of coffee from Summer but accepts her help. She doesn’t understand the big deal. He sure looked happy when he won that big pot last night. In fact, she hasn’t seen him so happy since she returned to Genoa City. Billy is ashamed. He tells her the ugly details of his gambling addiction. He can’t understand why he’d risk everything---Phyllis, his kids, his job---for an adrenalin rush. Summer thinks he’s being too hard on himself, but she promises never to mention it again. He asks how she got into poker. She learned in a bar in Belize and liked the challenge, so she continued to play. Billy says there are better ways to get her kicks. She thanks him for the advice and goes upstairs to get ready for work. He spots a poker chip on the floor and stoops to pick it up. Phyllis comes through the door at that moment and jokingly tells him there’s no need to bow. She comments on his ragged appearance and asks what she missed while she was gone.

In Victoria’s office, Abby is sorry for dredging up painful memories by mentioning Ashley’s theory about J.T. She says Victoria looks as though she could use a little R & R, and Nick’s party should be just the ticket. Speaking of the party, Victoria asks whether Abby will bring Arturo. Nikki will be there, just so Abby is aware. Abby glances at an incoming text from Arturo asking why she left in such a hurry last night and says she and Arturo aren’t serious, despite their appearance on Father’s Day. Abby returns to the subject of J.T. She hopes he is caught for Victoria’s and Reed’s sakes. They deserve closure. Just then Mac appears at the door. She has news about J.T. she’d like to share with Victoria in private.

Billy distracts Phyllis and kicks the errant poker chip under the sofa before she sees it. From the top of the stairs, Summer watches them leave for the office.

Mariah surprises Nick and Sharon at home. She guessed the reason for the party and decided to deliver her engagement gift in person with a speech about what an inspiration they are. They deserve to be happy with each other and with Christian. Mariah is embarrassed by her show of emotion, and they share a group hug.

At Newman: Mac presents Victoria with a copy of J.T.’s credit card bill. He’s racked up charges in Montana, South Dakota, and most recently Fort Dodge, Iowa, and the credit card company says they are legit. She already told Paul about them and is surprised he didn’t inform Victoria. Victoria explains that Paul and certain others think Victoria might be hiding J.T. Mac doesn’t believe it for a second. She knows firsthand the hell Victoria endured with him. Mac and her children need closure, and she’s sure Victoria and her kids need the same. In fact, Victoria deserves more than that. She deserves justice.

Summer reports to Billy’s office and gets the chance to say hi to her mom. They’ll catch up at Nick’s mystery party.

Nick and Sharon arrive at the pool deck with Mariah and prepare to greet their guests. Nikki is first, and she’s early because she wants to speak with her son in private. She sympathizes with him about losing custody of Christian. She also apologizes for Victor’s boorish behavior will smooth things over between the two of them eventually. Nick tells her not to waste her energy.

At Newman: Mac thanks Victoria for her time and compassion and marvels at her ability to cope. Victoria downplays her heroism but agrees J.T.’s disappearance is hard on the kids. They must protect their families at all costs.

Phyllis, Billy, and Summer are the next to arrive at the pool. Summer runs into Mariah at the bar. They insult each other as is their routine but eventually sit down together for a drink. Nikki is glad to see Abby without Arturo. Abby takes offense. Nikki explains that she doesn’t want to see Abby get hurt. Billy and Victoria talk briefly about the kids’ summer schedules. Both are a little weary and look forward to forgetting their troubles, at least for the afternoon. Across the deck, Nick tells Nikki, Phyllis, and Summer that living well is the best revenge against Victor, and that’s his plan. Abby gets off the phone with Victor and runs to Victoria with the latest. The boxes were delivered from Fort Dodge, Iowa, and guess who paid the shipping? Victoria guesses correctly.

Phyllis, Nikki, Summer, and Victoria huddle in a corner of the pool deck and agree that it’s impossible J.T. survived. Nearby, Summer sidles up to Billy and assures him they are cool about his relapse last night. Although, if he thinks he can handle it, there’s another game coming up. Nick announces to the crowd the reason for the party. He and Sharon are getting married! Again! Tepid applause and nervous smiles follow. Then Victor appears unexpectedly and speaks. He mockingly congratulates them and thanks them for ensuring permanent custody of Christian. Nick remains poised but promises his dad a fight and certain defeat. Victor smiles.

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