Friday Y&R Update 2/26/21

The Y&R Update Friday 2/26/21


Written by Christine

Nick and Rey bumped into each other at Society. Nick said Faith chose to move in with him for awhile. Rey wanted more than anything to work things out with Sharon. He was going to be meeting with her later, but he was here to talk to Lola before he went back to the ranch. Nick was there to ask Lola if she knew who took the picture of Adam and Sharon. He offered a listening ear to Rey. Rey loved Sharon and hoped they could move past it, but given that it was Adam, he wasn’t sure if that was possible. Nick knew Sharon hated how much pain she caused Rey and Faith, and he thought if Rey lead with that, there was a shot of Sharon walking away from Adam for good. Rey wasn’t sure he’d be able to convince Sharon when Nick couldn’t. Nick said he and Sharon each had their own history with Adam, so every time he told her to stay away from him, she knew he was bringing his own baggage to the table. Nick said he got tied up in all the horrible things Adam did to Sharon and everyone else, so when Adam stepped out of line, all Nick could think about was wanting to hurt Adam. Rey said to join the club. Nick said Rey was different – he wasn’t as much of a hothead, and he wasn’t part of this epic family battle – he was just focusing on Sharon and their marriage, and he wanted to be happy. Nick thought Sharon wanted that as badly as Rey did, and he didn’t think she would’ve made it through her cancer without Rey’s love and support. Nick stated that when Sharon got the all clear from her doctor, Rey was the one Sharon chose to spend the rest of her life with, and he thought that Rey was the one person who could put an end to the thing between Sharon and Adam. Nick was afraid that if Rey couldn’t do it, no one could.

At the hotel, Sally asked Phyllis if the large suite was available, and Phyllis said no. Jack arrived to pick Sally up. Sally flashed a smile at Phyllis, who looked annoyed. Phyllis asked where they were going. Jack was taking Sally to the dealership to get her new car. Sally explained that her old one died, and she decided to treat herself. Jack felt Sally deserved to drive in style. They left. Nick came to pick up Faith, but Phyllis said the spa treatment wasn’t finished. Nick needed to talk to Faith about the fact that she didn’t tell him or Sharon she was still being bullied. He was convinced the harassment lead to Faith’s drinking, which happened because the kids found out about the baby switch. He blamed Adam for all of this and added it to the list of ways Adam hurt them. Phyllis thought Nick should let it go for now and enjoy spending time with Faith and Christian. She felt that Faith deserved a break, if only because of the picture of Sharon and Adam.

Phyllis vented to Nick about Sally. She said he should’ve seen Sally fawning all over Jack, and Jack was smiling ear to ear. Phyllis thought it was pathetic, and she didn’t know why Jack couldn’t see it. Nick asked why Phyllis cared so much. She said Sally was over being a pain in Summer’s butt, so now she was moving on to Jack. She thought someone had to do something about that, and she said she talked to Summer about joining forces. Nick stated that Summer was fine, and if she needed their help, she’d ask, and Jack was a grown man who’d been around the block more than a few times. She said Jack was sad, lonely and vulnerable after his mom’s death, and she thought they had to help him. She didn’t want to see him get hurt. He thought Phyllis should stay out of it, because Jack was a big boy.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon texted Rey that she was looking forward to talking with him. Jack arrived, and he said he didn’t expect to see her working there tonight. She asked if that was because of the photo of her and Adam that was all over the internet. He didn’t judge; he knew she and Adam had a complicated history. He wanted to make sure she was okay. She was, and she said the photo was misleading – there was nothing going on between her and Adam. Sharon said Adam loved Chelsea, but he felt overwhelmed and acted in the moment. She mentioned that the photo seemed to be the work of mean-spirited kids. He asked how Rey was handling it. She said they had plans to talk later, and she was sure they’d work things out. Sally came in and said she’d been programming her car. Jack said coffee was on her, and Sally said it was her treat next time. Sally went out to the patio. Sharon noted that Jack and Sally seemed close. Jack said he guessed.

On the patio, Sally boasted about all the features of her car, but then she got self conscious because she realized Jack probably had the same bells and whistles in his car. He told her she should feel proud, and he thought he got a good price. She said she’d spent a lifetime negotiating to get what she wanted, and she’d gotten good at it. He said he was impressed. She wanted to properly thank him for lending her a hand. He suggested they go driving in the countryside, and it could double as a winter driving lesson. She liked the idea. She said she’d buy lunch. He knew a bread and breakfast where they could get french toast. She said it was a date – their second, since they’d had their first. She said no one in town was as handsome or charming as he was, and she enjoyed hanging out with him, so she hoped there would be more dates, unless that wasn't what he wanted.

Sally was okay with it if Jack didn’t want to date. She said she had her own quirky way of doing things that tended to drive people crazy, and she wasn’t good on delayed gratification, and she found it virtually impossible to keep her opinions to herself, so she could see how that was unappealing. Jack said he liked spending time with Sally and he wanted to see where it lead, but… She understood he wanted to keep things casual and see where they lead. She thanked him for the favor. He said she didn’t have to because he had fun and his New Year’s resolution was to have more fun. He looked forward to their next outing, even if it wasn’t a date. After Sally left, Jack talked to Traci on the phone. She was in NY. She asked how he was, and he said it was the best day he’d had in ages.

Sally went to the hotel and stood by the bar. Nick was in the lounge, and he noticed Sally staring at him. He smiled. Phyllis was on her way to the elevator, when she saw Sally with her eye on Nick. She went over and asked if she could assist Sally. Sally wanted to check out, since there were no suites available, and it seemed that the waiting list was indefinite. She was going to the Athletic Club. Phyllis suddenly found an available larger suite for Sally. Sally went back upstairs. Nick walked over and noted that Phyllis decided to play nice. Phyllis wasn’t playing nice – she just wanted Sally to stay, so she could keep an eye on her.

Sharon and Rey talked at home. He wasn’t proud of storming out. He said Adam got under his skin. He acknowledged that the kiss was an impulsive mistake on Adam’s part, but he said it could be considered assault, and Sharon could press charges. She didn’t want to. He said he considered arresting Adam. She said she heard. He asked how, and she revealed that Adam came to the house. He wasn’t happy that Adam showed up after he’d explicitly warned him to stay away. She said she told Adam to leave, and he did. She understood he was angry, but she was glad he didn’t arrest Adam, because that would’ve been an overreaction and would’ve only antagonized Adam. She said she was already doing everything she could to distance herself from Adam. He said it was tempting to get Adam off the street for awhile and sent a message to stay away from Sharon. He admitted it wouldn’t solve the larger problem – Adam was always present in their marriage, and they had to solve that. Rey said he loved Sharon and he promised to be there for her in good times and bad, and he refused to let Adam or anyone else come between them. She was glad to hear that because she was willing to do whatever it took. He thought they should start with couple’s therapy and figure out the real reason she hadn’t been able to let go of Adam.

Rey didn’t doubt Sharon loved him or that she wanted the marriage to work, but he believed Adam was part of her psyche and that he represented something she was addicted to – a darker more reckless side. He said that was why she was drawn to Adam, but it was unhealthy for her and everyone around her. She said she may have had tendencies like that years ago, but she wasn’t the same person and she’d worked hard to become the person she was today. He said she was an incredible, strong, smart caring woman, but it was like she lost all sense of reasoning around Adam. She thought he was overreacting. He asked her to think about what Adam did to her, her family, his own family and how many times she’d forgiven him or, even worse, been drawn to him emotionally. He knew it was hard to hear, and it was harder to say. He’d studied that photo, and he noticed that while Adam may have initiated the kiss, she didn’t stop it. He said her hands were on Adam’s shoulders, not his chest to push him away. He said the evidence suggested she gave in to the kiss. She was adamant that he was wrong. He told her to look at the picture and study it. He held his phone up for her to look, but she wouldn’t. She said she didn’t need to study the kiss because she was there, and she knew what happened. She yelled that instead of him believing what she was saying, he was hurling hurtful accusations and saying they needed professional help, because she was suffering from some kind of Adam-induced psychosis. He told her that wasn’t what he said, and he added that he was just trying to help. She asked how he could possibly believe this would help. She knew they had serious issues, but she thought he should listen to what she said and reevaluate. She thought he’d come to see it her way and realize they could figure this out on their own. He thought they needed an objective professional, and he said perhaps he could accept it if she wasn’t up for it, but she had to know that her dynamic with Adam was a real obstacle. He was just searching for a way for them to overcome it together.

Chloe dropped by the penthouse, unexpectedly, to see Chelsea. Adam said it wasn’t a good time, since the nurse had just gotten Chelsea settled in for the night. Chloe spotted Chelsea in the living room and noted that she was still awake. Chloe asked for privacy. Adam said it wasn’t a problem, but he lingered in the room. He said Chelsea tired easily, and it had been a trying day, so he asked her to keep it brief. Chloe promised not to do anything to tire Chelsea out. Chloe just got home from a Valentine’s Day trip with Kevin. Adam went upstairs. Chelsea started crying, and Chloe was concerned. Chelsea internally said she wanted Chloe to get her out of here. She said to herself that she couldn’t stay with Adam one more second, because he broke her heart.

Chloe was concerned, and she wished she knew what was going on in Chelsea’s head. Chelsea moved her hand. Chloe was amazed and asked if she should call Adam. Chelsea fluttered her eyelids. Chloe tried to figure out why Chelsea didn’t want Adam to know about this breakthrough. She asked if something happened. Chelsea said Sharon happened again. Chloe asked Chelsea yes or no questions to get to the bottom of what was going on. Chelsea signaled that she didn’t feel like she was in physical danger. Chelsea moved her hand again and looked at the phone. Adam returned, and Chloe pretended everything was great. She said she’d just been talking about her vacation, and she said she’d be there for Chelsea no matter what. Chloe tried to get more time with Chelsea, but Adam wouldn’t go for it, so Chloe promised Chelsea she’d be back soon, and she said she’d bring the book they talked about. In the elevator, Chloe texted Kevin that she thought Chelsea needed help. Back inside, Adam left the room to get the nurse, and Chelsea clenched her hand into a fist.

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